Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Year-long wage squeeze nearing an end per BBC News. Unemployment news hidden away

Whilst the BBC leads on the 'Windrush generation' apology, clearly a massive story, the good economic news gets buried. Look down the main news home page and you'll find a piece from the Business pages that's headlined 'Year-long wage squeeze nearing an end', read down that article and you'll find all that the BBC have to say about unemployment falling:

'Meanwhile, unemployment in the latest three-month period fell by 16,000 to 1.42 million, with the 4.2% unemployment rate the lowest since the three months to May 1975.' 

Rather good news I would have thought, and that's why the BBC have hidden it away. 

Unemployment down, stock markets up, Sterling almost back to pre Brexit levels - remind me what happened to the economic collapse that we were warned would follow a Yes vote? 

BBC article here

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