Wednesday, 25 April 2018

BBC spinning for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party

This BBC report continues to spin on behalf of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party, emphasising the Jeremy Corbyn side of the argument.

Here's the other side:

'Jonathan Goldstein of the Jewish Leadership Council said Mr Corbyn "engages in conversation until you ask him to do something".

Mr Goldstein told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "When you ask him to do something he has this habit of staring and just shrugging."

He said Mr Corbyn seemed reluctant to "call out" people he knows and did not want to "own the words" around the anti-Semitism claims.'

That's because Jeremy Corbyn seemingly has more loyalty to the antisemites in the Labour Party than to a load of moaning Jews. The BBC by their incessant lies about Israel have poisoned the atmosphere against Jews, Jeremy Corbyn's issues are as much the BBC's. 

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