Tuesday, 17 April 2018

MPs to hold second debate on Syria strikes

The BBC are conflicted over the airstrikes on Syria. They, as a reflex, oppose anything done by a Conservative government. They generally oppose Britain using military power. They support the concept of the Arab Spring and the Iranian Shia revolutionaries. But they also support anyone who stands up to Israel, like President Assad, who was described on the BBC back during the Arab Spring as safe in power because he was seen as a strong leader who stood up to Israel - remember to the BBC the ultimate bad guys are the Israelis. 

Meanwhile hidden away in the BBC report is this nugget:

'Monday's debate ended with a vote, forced by the SNP, on whether the House had sufficiently debated the matter of Syria.

The government won the motion by 314 to 36 votes, a majority of 278, with Labour abstaining.'

For what it's worth I'm against bombing Syria because of their use of chemical weapons. I'm not 100% that the Assad regime did use them, I don't trust the Islamist propaganda (it reminds me of Pallywood) and no good will come of it. However Jeremy Corbyn and his cabal arrive at their position via a reflex opposition to British military action, a support for any ally of Russia and opportunism. 

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