Saturday, 21 April 2018

"With a heavy heart I have to terminate my Labour Party membership"

Read this and try to understand why Jews are fearful. 

'This week, after agreeing that there would be a meeting with the JLC and Board of Deputies to discuss antisemitism in the party and how to move forward, a number of people in the Jewish community from a whole host of contentious and mainstream organisations, received emails from the Leader's office inviting them to a round table to discuss the same thing the next day.

By doing this, the Leader's office are trying again, as they previously had done with Jeremy Corbyn's attendance at the Jewdas seder, to turn the attention from antisemitism in the Labour Party, to infighting and fractures in the Jewish community. For a brief moment two weeks ago, that tactic worked and the news stories were no longer purely about antisemitism, but about who the "establishment" accepted was part of the Jewish community.

To use the same tactic again is something I cannot stand for. I will not be part of a party who pedal the line "we have more in common than that which divides us", whilst they quite literally seek to exaggerate and highlight the divisions in the Jewish community to divert the conversation away from dealing with antisemitism. No other community in this country would be treated this way by a mainstream political party. Encouraging in-fighting and highlighting divisions to discredit, undermine and divert serious conversations about antisemitism. This is a tactic straight out of a 1930s Germany play-book, and I cannot and will not be part of a party that uses that tactic against a religious minority. Against my community. Against my religion. Against me.'

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