Friday, 27 April 2018

The origins of Labour’s racism per Rod Liddle in The Spectator

This Spectator article by Rod Liddle is a must read. It sums up nicely the Labour Party's antisemitism problem. 

This extract is most pertinent, especially the fact about the BDS's boycott of Israel being a boycott of Israeli Jews not all Israelis. This I was not aware of, will a BBC interviewer raise the question with all members and supporters from the Labour Party? 

'... the rising tide of anti–Semitism within Labour was a consequence of its growing Muslim membership and also the radical, white, pro-Palestinian far left (which of course now runs the party). We know why the Muslims are anti-Jewish — it's all there in Muhammad's hadiths and in the Quran. But how have the whiteys got themselves transformed into racist bigots?

It has been a gradual journey for them, I think. It began with the left's Cold War allegiances (anti-Israel and anti-western) and was sharpened by the often virulent anti-Semitism which came out of the black liberation movement in the USA during the 1960s and 1970s, especially the Nation of Islam, which counted the now-revered (by liberal idiots) scumbag Malcolm X. And it is honed today by the poisonous stuff these halfwits pick up when they are hanging around the various pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel campaigns, both online and, weary-ingly, outside the Israeli embassy.

Take just one example: the BDS movement. This stands for Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions, and it aims to denude Israel and Israelis of money, prestige, recognition, employment and, in the end, its existence. The BDS will tell you that it is anti-Zionist, not anti-Jewish. But it is explicitly anti-Jewish. One of the things it has been quite successful in campaigning for is stopping Israeli academics taking up posts, or speaking, in western universities. It has been successful in this because paradoxically, you might think, our universities are stuffed with some of the most stupid people on God's earth and they have been cheerful signatories to this racism.

But BDS does not actually mean 'Israeli' academics. It means only Jewish academics. It is quite clear about this. Arabs who live in Israel are specifically exempted from their repulsive bullying: the boycott is just for the Jews. And the British far left, not terribly bright, goes along with this business and eventually starts parroting it itself, eventually recycling the old conspiracy myths, the blood libel, the Jews controlling everything.'

Rod Liddle article here  A lack of interest in asking Labour Party supporters of BDS about the organisation' s apparent antisemitic policies all over the institutionally anti Israel BBC. 

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