Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Journalist Melanie Phillips warns of ‘perfect anti-Jewish storm’

Are you British and Jewish? Then you need to read this article and prepare an exit route from the UK, because if the Labour Party win the next General Election then it will be time to leave.

'Journalist and author Melanie Phillips has warned of a "perfect anti-Jewish storm" in motion during a powerful Yom HaShoah lecture.

Describing interconnected threats to British Jewry as existing "on the left, right and in the Muslim community," Philips argued there were "unmistakable echoes" of the 1930s, and that many in the Jewish community were refusing once again to acknowledge "the true nature and extent of the gathering threat." 

Delivering a powerful riposte against Labour under Jeremy Corbyn, Philips further added that the Left had "become the enemy of the West and the enemy of the Jews," and that the difference between anti-Zionism and antisemitism was "bogus" since both concepts were "umbilically connected." 

Casting an eye over current affairs, Philips argued that since Jews were only safe "when a country felt strong", the increasing rise of nationalism accompanying Brexit offered a "slimmer a hope" that Jews would be better protected in future. 

However, she criticised Britain's "failure to identify and tackle Islamic extremism", which was leaving the Jewish community as "collateral damage." On this, Philips criticised Jewish leadership organisations and called on them to "call out anti-Israelism for what it is, teach British people what lies about Israel exist, and talk more about Muslim antisemitism." 

Melanie Phillips was speaking at St John Wood's synagogue on Thursday night, delivering The Simon Wiesenthal Centre Memorial Lecture on the occasion of Yom HaShoah. '

Sorry guys but prepare for the worst, sadly the time for Jews to have to leave the UK is nearing. 

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