Saturday, 7 April 2018


Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party's problems with antisemitism are pretty much beyond parody but the FT have had a good go:

'And so it came to pass that Moses went to Pharaoh in Egypt and said: "My people are slaves; they are held in bondage and forced to labour in terrible conditions." And he said to Pharaoh: "Let my people go." 

 And Pharaoh said: "How dare you accuse me of slavery. This is a vile smear. I have been an anti-slaver all my life. I would not tolerate slavery in my country." And Moses said: "Well, what about those slaves over there?" And Pharaoh replied: "Well OK, there may be pockets of slavery but the idea that Egypt has a systemic problem with it is frankly offensive."

So Moses pointed to Pharaoh's palace, which was built by slaves, and to his barge, which was rowed by slaves, and to the pyramids, whose construction definitely had a slavish dimension. So Pharaoh's office issued a statement making clear that he had never actually seen any of these slaves, but if he had he would certainly have challenged it because "he has been an anti-slaver all this life". 

They added that Pharaoh thought the slave masters were really comrades from Oarsmen for Palestine. Pharaoh added: "I regret not looking more closely at their terms and conditions." But his friends and supporters in Phomentum urged him to harden his heart, saying he was a saintly man who was fighting for the oppressed and that Moses' claims were patently a "smear" against someone who had been an anti-slaver all his life. And they said that allegations of slavery were being "weaponised" by Pharaoh's enemies to undermine his leadership. And they warned that Moses was backed by "powerful forces" like the Rothschilds and George Soros.'

Do read the whole piece, parody with a bite. 

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