Sunday, 29 April 2018

UKIP Leader Claims Islam ‘Inherently Anti-Semitic,’ Labour Pander to Muslim voters

'UKIP's leader has said Islam is "inherently anti-Semitic" and the Labour party has a problem with anti-Jewish prejudice because they rely on Muslim voters.

Gerard Batten MEP made the strong, controversial statement on ITV's main Sunday morning politics show, shocking presenter Robert Peston, who said he wanted to "challenge" him — before promptly ending the interview.'' 

I wonder what aspect of Gerard Batten's statement Robert Peston was going to challenge. Was it that Islam is 'inherently antisemitic'? I wonder if Robert Peston has read the Koran. Or was it the claim that Labour relies upon Muslim voters in certain areas? It would be interesting to know which angle Robert Peston was going to take and why he didn't. 

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