Monday, 23 April 2018

St George's Day: What are your questions? per BBC News

Is this really the only article on the BBC on St George's Day? The BBC seem happy to celebrate, or report the celebrations, St Patrick's Day and St Andrew's Day, even St David's Day but St George's Day, no? Because in BBC land St George's Day is only celebrated by racists and anyway St George wasn't English anyway so there! 

Please do note that you will be told by lefty types that St George was a Muslim. If told this, ask when he was born and when he died, the answer is AD 256–285 to 23 April 303 AD. Then ask them how someone who died in 303 AD could be a Muslim when the Islamic prophet Muhammad lived from 570–8AD to 632 AD. The lefty type won't be happy because they prefer prejudice to facts. 

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