Monday, 30 April 2018

BBC identity politics re Sajid Javid's appointment as Home Secretary

The BBC headline here following Sajid Javid being appointed Home Secretary has just one sentence as the lead-in:

'The son of a Pakistani bus driver replaces Amber Rudd after she quits amid the Windrush scandal. 

Some thoughts:
The BBC have got their scalp. 

The BBC can now now move on to going for Theresa May's scalp. 

Isn't the assumption that Sajid Javid has achieved nothing in his life other than having a father who was a Pakistani bus driver not a little racist? Has he not achieved success off of his own bat as well. 

Surely Sajid Javid's father was a bus driver in this country and so would less racistly be described as a bus driver of Pakistani heritage. 

Why are the BBC obsessed with politicians who are the sons of 'Pakistani bus drivers'? Sadiq Khan and Sajid Javid.

I quite like Sajid Javid, he came over well in the Labour antisemitism debate and although a Remainer is not a Remoaner and has seemed to be working towards Brexit rather than trying to derail the process like others. So whilst this doesn't address the pro Remain majority in the Cabinet it is a slight move to realism. It also boosts the likelihood that Sajid Javid becomes the next, or next but one, Conservative Party leader. The Conservatives will then have had two women leaders and one BAME leader, whilst the Labour Party seem to prefer being lead by the intellectually challenged.

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