Monday, 30 September 2013

The most ignorant or deliberately offensive tweet ever? It's @Wotsit4

 wotsit4 (@wotsit4) tweeted at 0:31 PM on Mon, Sep 30, 2013:
@notasheepagoat were it not for zionists there'd be no Middle East problem

So is @wotsit4 someone with no knowledge of the thousand plus years of enmity between Shia and Sunni, the various and many different types of sectarian fighting amongst Muslims in the Middle East or indeed any cognisance of the realities of Middle East affairs, or is @wotsit4 someone with a real problem with Israel and the desire to blame the Jews for everything.

Either way not my sort of person.

You won't be surprised to learn that I have yet to receive a reply from @wotsit4 to my question, maybe he's ashamed of his ignorance or embarrassed for having his prejudices uncovered.

Quite a good line from George Osborne re Ed Miliband

"If you want to know the consequences of an Ed Miliband premiership, just look at the plan of the man who knows him best.
His brother - David Miliband:
1. leave Parliament
2. leave politics
3. leave the country
4. dedicate your life to 'International Rescue'
David and Ed Miliband, the greatest sibling rivalry since the Bible - Cain and not very Abel."

Why did the al-Shabaab Islamist terrorists separate Muslims from non-Muslims before killing the non-Muslims?

David Wood of Answering Muslims has his theory as to why whilst Western leaders and the media assure us that the recent terrorist attack at a Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya has nothing to do with Islam, and that the terrorist group al-Shabaab is violating the commands of Allah and Muhammad, opening the Koran shows us otherwise. He also believes it's clear that Islamic history has been repeating itself for fourteen centuries.

Why did she choose me?

This email came to me on gmail and was not picked up as spam, maybe it's genuine?

Assalam Alaikum...I am Mrs Aidah Abdul Basir!!

15:00 (21 hours ago)

I am Mrs Aidah Abdul Basir, a Muslim woman.I have picked you for an inheritance.I am aware that this is certainly not a conventional way of approach to establish a relationship of trust and confidence, but you will realize the need for my action.Please contact me on my private email for more details:<>
The information transmitted is intended solely for the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of or taking action in reliance upon this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. If you have received this email in error please contact the sender and delete the material from any computer.
By replying to this e-mail, you consent to SunTrust's monitoring activities of all communication that occurs on SunTrust's systems.
SunTrust is a federally registered service mark of SunTrust Banks, Inc.

German patriotism is apparently verbotten

The re-elected German Chancellor Angela Merkel is unwilling to wave the German flag, would she have preferred the flag of the EU?

And another attack by followers of the 'religion of peace'

This time in Nigeria where Islamist terrorists (or as the BBC describe them, gunmen) have attacked a college in north-eastern Nigeria, killing up to 50 students.The students were shot dead as they slept in their dormitory at the College of Agriculture in Yobe state.

The BBC tell me that:
'North-eastern Nigeria is under a state of emergency amid an Islamist insurgency by the Boko Haram group.

Boko Haram is fighting to overthrow Nigeria's government to create an Islamic state, and has launched a number of attacks on schools.'
I tell the BBC, stop pussy footing around, call terrorists terrorists and realise that even if we in the non-Muslim world don't want to  at war with Islam, it seems that they are at war with us.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

BBC News pro-Pakistani bias again

There's a peculiar sentence in a BBC report on the upcoming talks between India and Pakistan.
'Delhi has also blamed Pakistan-based militants for the deadly attacks in Mumbai in 2008, urging Islamabad to punish the perpetrators.'
Two points, first Delhi has not blamed Pakistan-based militants, they have blamed Pakistan-based terrorists for the Mumbai attacks. Second the BBC's report makes it sound as though there was doubt as to whether the terrorists were from Pakistan, is that the case, I thought it had been determined beyond doubt that Lashkar-e-Taibar was responsible, indeed the only terrorist captured alive admitted this.

In fact there is much evidence linking the attack to Pakistan's ISI (Pakistan's premier intelligence agency) whose involvement with Islamist terrorist groups including Al Qaeda is well documented.

The trouble with the BBC is that they are not an impartial news reporting organisation. In the Indian subcontinent, as elsewhere in the world, the BBC take sides in disputes. In this instance the BBC is firmly pro-Pakistan and anti-India. This stance can be explained first by the BBC's love of anything Islamic and second by the BBC's large number of staff who are of Pakistani-heritage.

More from the distinctly biased BBC here

Saturday, 28 September 2013

' The real villain of the period was not McBride. He was just the vicious little monkey. The organ grinder was Gordon Brown, the man who prated about his "moral compass" while allowing his smear merchant to trash the characters of colleagues. In the end, the reputation it most fouled was his own. Which is a sort of justice.'

I wish I could write as well as Andrew Rawnsley.
'It was Brown who created and presided over the brutish, treacherous, gangland culture in which his hitman operated. Even McBride laughs at his former capo's "comically irrational outbursts" and propensity to "unleash a tremendous volley of abuse, usually just a stream of unconnected swear words". Then there is Brown's default response to things going wrong – which is to blame someone else. "Blair!", roars Brown about a self-inflicted blunder. "Blair made me give him the figures. Why has he done this to me?"

The real villain of the period was not McBride. He was just the vicious little monkey. The organ grinder was Gordon Brown, the man who prated about his "moral compass" while allowing his smear merchant to trash the characters of colleagues. In the end, the reputation it most fouled was his own.

Which is a sort of justice.'

More here

The Islamist plan to mount a major terrorist operation in London

From the Long War Journal:

'A document found after Somali troops killed Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, al Qaeda's former leader in East Africa and a senior Shabaab commander, details a plot to conduct multiple Mumbai-like attacks that target civilians in London. The plot highlights how al Qaeda and Shabaab seek to strike civilian targets outside Somalia, and foreshadowed Shabaab's attack on the Eastgate Mall in Kenya this week.

The document and several others found in Fazul's possession after he was killed by Somali troops at a checkpoint in Mogadishu in June 2011 were obtained by the Toronto Star. A copy of the document was also obtained by The Long War Journal. The Canadian newspaper reported that "dozens of documents, Internet frame grabs and media reports in English, Arabic, Somali and Swahili, along with more than 50 video clips" were also found in Fazul's car.

Fazul's document detailing a plot in London is titled "International Operations." In the opening paragraph, he notes how Shabaab's external terror teams are to emulate "the tactics used by our brothers in Mumbai." In the Mumbai attack, small teams of Lashkar-e-Taiba fighters armed with assault rifles, grenades, and bombs fanned out across the city and attacked civilians. More than 170 people were killed during the Mumbai siege, which lasted for three days. Shabaab targeted train stations, a theater, two posh hotels, and a Jewish center during the attack.

"Our objectives are to strike London with low cost operations that would cause a heavy blow amongst the hierarchy and Jewish communities using attacks similar to the tactics used by our brothers in Mumbai," the first paragraph of Fazul's memo said. "These will either be many individual random untraceable operations or the group will be trained to cause maximum damage to a single target."'

So what do Islamist terrorists have in store for London?

'Fazul said that the "first target" in London would be "Jewish communities with tens of thousands of Jews crammed in a small area" in the Golders Green and Stamford Hill neighborhoods of the city.
"Our plan is to hit the elite of the Jewish community by targeting the most expensive restaurants on the Jewish festival of HANNUKAH and then moving around the Golders Green shooting random Jews while throwing petrol bombs into crowded places and groups," the document said. "This will be in retaliation for the crimes committed in Gaza a gift to the Palestinian people and a show of solidarity to our brothers and sisters in Palestine."

The "second target" was the Eton School, "where the most powerful elite from royalty to business tycoons send their sons to study." The attack was to be carried out on "induction day or an open day ... as we can kill the parents and their children aged 16+."

"This will strike a heavy blow at the 'who's who'' of the political and business world," the document said.

Shabaab's "third target" was "the Ritz Hotel or Dorchester," two upscale hotels in London.

We plan to hit this Hotel on New Year's, Valentine's Day or even Hanukkah," it said. "The plan is to hit the hotel when it's fully booked to ensure maximum casualties."

Shabaab planned to kill "top diplomats, ambassadors, celebrities, millionaires and many key players from all around the world" who are known to frequent the hotels.

In one plan, the Shabaab fighters were to book a room, set one of the bottom three floors aflame with "petrol bombs," and then block the exits and elevators. Then, "the martyrdom seeker would then make his way to the exits and start killing any one fleeing the area."

Another option was for Shabaab fighters to sweep the hotel with gunmen, who would also throw petrol bombs as the advance. A third option was to set off a fire alarm and then attack the guests as they gathered outside.

"These methods are all designed to cause maximum damage," the document noted.'
But could Islamist terrorists carry out such an attack in London? Do they have the manpower and the weapons? Well obviously there is the man power but weapons?

'Fazul detailed the training, equipment, and logistical support in both Somalia and England needed to carry out the London attacks.
"Each martyrdom seeker will be trained in Somalia preferably for 2 months and he will only know his mission. The men we plan to send back will not know any other mujahideen involved only his own mission or they would be trained as a group depending on the type of operation they will carry," the document stated.

Additionally, the "brothers will be pushed through many battles to see how they react under pressure and they will be analyzed to see if they can keep their composure."

Fazul notes that the group is in "a race against time as the brothers [who would conduct the attacks in London] must be sent back before their visas expire." This is an indication that Shabaab would use Brits to conduct the attacks in London. Shabaab would have an ample pool of Brits to recruit from. In August 2013, the head of MI5 estimated that "as many as 100 Britons of Pakistani, Bangladeshi and West African backgrounds are said to have travelled to Somalia," to train and fight with Shabaab, The Telegraph reported.

Once in Somalia, the recruits are to be kept in a "safe house" and "will have absolute minimal contact with brothers in Somalia." Training includes reading the Koran, weapons instruction, hand-to-hand combat, counter-surveillance, reconnaissance, and signals security. Fazul even names "Khattab Masri" (likely an Egyptian) as a candidate to train recruits on hand-to-hand combat.'
So how long has London got before Islamist terrorists go on a killing spree? Could it be as soon as Channukah this year? That starts on the evening of Wednesday 27th November, in case you are interested. I wonder if trade in Golders Green is affected this year by these rumoured threats?

Who's to blame for increased energy bills?

So British Gas profits account for some 4.1% of the bill but the cost of government environmental policies, as introduced by Ed Miliband during the last Labour government accounts for some 9.4%. Now where could we make the largest savings?

Arctic Ice Cap Growing at Tremendous Rate

Putting the truth of climate change into the public arena.
'Six years ago, the BBC reported that the Arctic, due to global warming, would be ice-free by this summer. That, clearly, has not happened. What has happened, instead, is that the Arctic ice cap has grown at a tremendous rate, by almost a million square miles. In other words, it has grown by a whopping 60%, due to constantly repeating periodic ocean cycles.

What explains the rapid growth of the Arctic ice cap?

The Arctic summer has been a chillier than usual one, which has helped the ice cap rebound from its record low just a year ago in 2012.

This is the time of the year when the fall refreeze of the ice occurs, but already, an ice sheet that is over half the size of Europe extends between the Canadian Islands to the northern shores of Russia.
Pack-ice has blocked the Northwest Passage the entire year. Over 20 yachts that had planned to traverse it haven't been able to, as they've been left ice-bound. Some of the yachts are stuck at the passage's eastern end located in Prince Regent Inlet. The other yachts are stuck at Cape Bathurst, further to the west.'

More here but not on the warmist believing BBC.

Kenya mall attack torture claims emerge from soldiers: 'Eyes gouged out, bodies on hooks, fingers removed' | Mail Online

'Soldiers told of the horrific torture meted out by terrorists in the Nairobi mall massacre yesterday with claims hostages were dismembered, had their eyes gouged out and were left hanging from hooks in the ceiling.

Men were said to have been castrated and had fingers removed with pliers before being blinded and hanged.

Children were found dead in the food court fridges with knives still embedded in their bodies, it was claimed.'

Words all but fail me as to the way these Islamist terrorists acted. What's scarier is that there are people who'll excuse their actions because of perceived inequalities or Kenyan involvement in Somalia. There's no excuse, none.

What's even worse is that I can guarantee you that in this country, in the UK, there are young
Muslims wondering if/how they could replicate such an act and where, my money would be on Brent Cross, after all lots of the hated Jews shop there.

More here

Real ethnic cleansing

'Last Sunday, September 22, in Peshawar, Pakistan, Islamic suicide bombers entered the All Saints Church compound right after Sunday mass and blew themselves up in the midst of some 550 congregants, killing, according to the latest count, nearly 90 worshippers, including many Sunday school children, women, and choir members, and injuring at least another 120.

The now destroyed Protestant church was built in Peshawar some 130 years ago. The Taliban claimed the attacks.

According to Margrette, a parishioner who survived (though her sister's status was unknown), "I heard two explosions. People started to run. Human remains were strewn all over the church."

Armed attacks on churches are hardly uncommon in Pakistan, even though Christians are less than 2 percent of the population, while Muslims are 97 percent. In 2001, Islamic gunmen stormed St. Dominic's Protestant Church, opening fire on the congregants and killing at least 16 worshippers; most women and children. Last Christmas, "when Christian worshipers were coming out of different Churches after performing Christmas prayers, more than one hundred Muslim extremists equipped with automatic rifles, pistols and sticks attacked the Christian women, children and men."
The attack came in response to fatwas condemning Christmas celebrations.

As for Muslim mob violence (as opposed to preplanned terrorist strikes) this is a common fixture that regularly flares up against Pakistan's Christians and other minorities, most often in the context of "blasphemy," that is, offending Islam or its prophet. A few months ago, in March, because one Christian was accused of blasphemy, some 3,000 Muslims attacked the Christian Joseph Colony of Lahore, burning two churches  and 160 Christian homes.

According to one Christian eyewitness, "The police was doing what it does best -- nothing! Their bias towards Christians is quite evident, because when the Muslims were raiding our church and property, they just watched, but when we confronted them, they started hitting us with batons and used live ammunition to deter us." '
What Islamists are doing to the tiny Christian population in Pakistan is disgusting. But what's worse is the way that politicians and the media in the West is minimising coverage of the story. It is truly vile that the BBC obsess over the way Israel treats Palestinians and over a supposed rape problem in India whilst giving Pakistan a pretty easy ride.

Interestingly Israel is the only Jewish State in the world, albeit one with a 25% non Jewish population and India is a predominantly Hindu country, albeit one with a 20% non Hindu population. In both countries by far the largest second religion is Islam. Meanwhile in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is 97% Muslim.

How the BBC can attack the supposed mistreatment of religious minorities in Israel and India whilst ignoring the ethnic cleansing of non Muslims that has happened and continues in Pakistan would be a mystery were it not for the massive number of people of Pakistani-heritage working at the BBC.

You can read more about Islamic ethnic cleansing of Christians in Pakistan here

CiF Watch prompts Guardian correction #2: Evidently, Jewish ‘extremists’ didn’t enter the mosque | CiF Watch

Another example of Cifwatch managing to get The Guardian to correct an incorrect, and anti Israel, article. Well worth reading but what caught my eye was this:
'Whilst non-Muslims are permitted to walk around the mosque compound (The Temple Mount, which is the holiest place in Judaism), all non-Muslims (including Jews) are forbidden from entering inside the mosque.'
Yet my Twitter timeline is still infested with idiots calling Israel an 'apartheid state'.

Read more here

Friday, 27 September 2013

Delingpole on Friday: Ed Miliband’s willy on the Facebook? We should be so lucky…. |

Interesting article, although I really didn't want to think about Ed Miliband's penis this afternoon.
'Well I know which kind I would prefer and it certainly ain't Red Ed. Give me a good old fashioned pervert or an honest crook, any day, than a pillar of moral rectitude on a holy mission to spread transparency, fairness and social justice across the land regardless of the cost.'
More here

'In climate research and modelling... the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible.' - That's from the IPCC's 2001 report

'In sum, a strategy must recognise what is possible. In climate research and modelling, we should recognise that we are dealing with a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore that the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible. The most we can expect to achieve is the prediction of the probability distribution of the system�s future possible states by the generation of ensembles of model solutions. This reduces climate change to the discernment of significant differences in the statistics of such ensembles.'
Oddly, this extract from the 2001 IPCC report went unreported by the warmist fanatics at the BBC. 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Can you spot the missing fact about the BBC's Stephanie Flanders?

The BBC report  sadly that
The BBC's economics editor Stephanie Flanders is leaving the BBC to join JP Morgan Asset Management.
In the rather lengthy potted biography the BBC found no room to report the fact that Stephanie Flanders has the rather unfortunate  distinction of having 'dated' both the leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband, and the Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls.

Now why would the BBC not want to remind the British public that their economics editor had dated the two most senior Labour politicians? 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Is there a split at the BBC?

Whilst BBC's website refers to the murderous Islamist terrorists who killed so many in Nairobi as 'militants', Radio 4 are correctly calling them 'terrorists'.
Is there a difference of opinion at the BBC?

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A bizarre 7pm news on BBC Radio 4

The usually most politically correct and pro left wing 7pm BBC Radio 4 news bulletin today was rather odd. First the report on Ed Miliband's conference speech concentrated on the fuel price proposal but had someone from Centrica as the only comment. Second the report on the Nairobi terrorist attack referred to the perpetrators as 'terrorists', not 'militants'.

Most peculiar, has someone with some sense infiltrated the BBC newsroom?

Monday, 23 September 2013

The award for 'gratuitious insulting of Israel' this week is awarded to Simon Barnes' father

The award for 'gratuitious insulting of Israel' this week is awarded to Simon Barnes' father as reported in Simon Barnes' Times column today. At the end of a piece about over aggressive cyclists comes this:
"Cyclists are Israelis," my father pronounced.
"Persecuted for years, now able to persecute in their turn, doing so at every opportunity and fancying themselves heroes and martyrs for doing so."
A quality piece of gratuitous insulting of Israel, alongside a conflation of Jews and Israel. What a lovely chap.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Apple's New Operating System iOS 7 Doesn't Give Jerusalem A Country

'Why I will not be upgrading to iOS 7 and why my next phone will not be an iPhone-I have no desire to support an anti-Israel enterprise. Do you?'
Full story here

Consumers face bill for power stations to be mothballed amid blackout fears - Telegraph

There's an odd line in this Telegraph report

'Critics of wind power said turbines were flawed because they do not generate electricity when there is little wind,' 
Does that mean that supporters of wind power believe that wind turbines generate electricity when there's little wind?

The Nairobi terrorist attack

CNN breaking news last night:

'Al-Shabaab tweets that all Muslims were escorted out of Nairobi mall before violence, says it won't negotiate.'
Racist terrorist murderers? No, the BBC prefer to describe them thus 'The Somali militant group al-Shabab has said it carried out the attack.'

The BBC just disgust me more each day.

Latest figures for this latest Islamist terrorist atrocity is that Thirty-nine people are dead and 293 have been treated at area hospitals.

I see the BBC are desperately spinning on behalf of Ed Miliband this morning

The BBC happily report without any querying that
'Ed Miliband 'urged Brown to sack Damian McBride'
Ed Miliband says he urged Gordon Brown to sack Damian McBride over concerns the spin doctor was briefing against senior Labour colleagues.

Mr McBride, who worked for Mr Brown, admits in a new book that he leaked stories to smear the ex-PM's opponents.

Mr Miliband - who worked with Mr McBride at the Treasury - said he had been "worried" about his activities.

And he had urged Mr Brown to get rid of the spin doctor, the Labour leader said in an interview with Andrew Marr.'
Really? Did you Ed? Can you prove it? Have you a copy of an email or letter? A contemporaneous note? Or is this just you desperately trying to distance yourself from the stench  of the last Labour government?

Saturday, 21 September 2013

'a possible terrorist attack'

The BBC report on the latest Islamist terrorist attrocity, this time in Nairobi's Westgate shopping centre, includes these lines:
'A senior police officer originally said it was an attempted robbery but later called it a possible terrorist attack.

The Somali militant group al-Shabab had threatened to strike the centre.'

'...the Kenyan Secretary for the Interior Joseph ole Lenku said the security situation was "under control".

He urged the public "not to speculate" about the nature of the attack, and said most people had been evacuated.' 

and further down the report this:

'Some of the attackers were reportedly dressed in hijabs, and it is unclear whether they were men or women, our correspondent says.

Witnesses told news agencies the gunmen ordered Muslims to leave and that non-Muslims would be targeted.'

Let's see how a news organisation that isn't in love with Islamist terrorism reports the same story, ABC News for example:
'Gunmen threw grenades and opened fire Saturday killing at least 10 people in an attack targeting non-Muslims at an upscale mall in Kenya's capital that was hosting a children's day event, witnesses said.'
Oddly the BBC don't mention the children's day event, presumably because they want to minimise censure of the terrorists, sorry militants.

'Elijah Kamau, who was at the mall at the time of the midday attack, said that the gunmen made a declaration that non-Muslims would be targeted.
"The gunmen told Muslims to stand up and leave. They were safe, and non-Muslims would be targeted," he said.'
So they only killed non-Muslims, so their motive would be? Almost impossible to work out isn't it? Well it is if you support Islamist terrorism, otherwise it's f***ing obvious.

Mind you the equally soft on Islamist terrorism CNN are reporting in their CNN Breaking News email that:

'The gunmen shot indiscriminately and took some people hostage at the mall, a senior Kenyan government source said.'
'indiscriminately'- It seems that they were very discriminating, only kuffr were killed.

14 minutes of film that I found facinating and hope you do too

In 2005, an 83 year-old World War II pilot is surprised to see 16mm footage of his 1944 Spitfire crash for the first time.

SPITFIRE 944 was put on YouTube as part of the Sundance Film Festival Memorial Day observance through from May 22 through June 5, 2013 (UPDATE, ShortsHD is allowing the film to stay on youtube for the moment:) The Sundance portal is here:

If you are interested in your own copy, you can find it on iTunes here:

An absolutely fascinating piece of living history.

Boycotting Israel is an anti-Semitic act

Boycotting Israel is an anti-Semitic act.
'... Now apply the image to the behaviour of boycotters. A dispersed weak focus is the trademark of their interest in Palestinians, where ever that unhappy refugee-people may live. No heat results. Nothing catches fire. War-torn Syria displaces Palestinians by the thousands; drops deadly gas on them. Lebanon stops Palestinians from entering; the near half a million that have lived for generations in Lebanon get third class treatment.

Egypt closes tunnels into Gaza, strangling the life out of Palestinians in the strip. Meanwhile look at boycotters. They get on with their lives.

Now reposition the magnifier onto Palestinians living in the West Bank. Here's an incredibly small parcel of land occupied by Jews. The pinpoint focus burns into boycotters. They catch fire and, in that vulgar phrase, all hell breaks loose.

What does that tell you? Where do boycotters have their sights fixed? Not on Palestinians; they as good as told us that by getting on with their lives regarding Palestinians living elsewhere. No, their sights are fixed on the other people under the magnifier – on the Jews. It's that people, not the Palestinians that make boycotters burn. The Jews make them catch fire.

When something fills you with rage when Jews do it, but does not bother you at all when Muslims do it, what are you? When Jews get you heated what are you? Boycotters get enraged only when Jews do something; only Jews get them heated. Boycotters hate Jews; boycotters are anti-Semitic.'

More here

Friday, 20 September 2013

Is it true that Bill Clinton said that 'Hillary had eaten more pussy than he had'?

Weasel Zippers reports the story that was in, out and then back in the Daily Mail.
 Gennifer said: ‘I don’t know Huma or the Weiners. I just know what Bill told me and that was that he was aware that Hillary was bisexual and he didn’t care. He should know.
‘He said Hillary had eaten more p***y than he had.’

Finally someone treats human irritant Michael Crick with the respect that he deserves

UKIP's Geoffrey Bloom takes on Channel 4's Michael Crick

Non-Muslim teachers ‘forced to wear veil’ at faith school - Telegraph

'Female teachers at a state funded Muslim school have been ordered to cover their heads with Islamic scarves during school hours even if they are not Muslim, it has been claimed.

Staff at Al-Madinah School, in Derbyshire, say that they have been told to sign new contracts agreeing to wear hijabs and make girls sit at the back of classes.'

More here

Still we'll be told by Islamists and their left wing associates that there's no compulsion to wear the hijab.

Also are you happy at segregated classes?

Israel Matzav: 'Moderate' Rohani a Holocaust denier?

The one hundred and sixty second weekly "No shit, Sherlock" award

This week's award goes to the Dail Mail for this insight:
'During Tony Blair's tenure as Prime Minister, spin, deceit and downright lying became everyday facts of political life.'
No shit, Sherlock

Pub Quiz - Answer

The answer to yesterday's question: Which four European countries are not members of the EU but use the Euro as their currency is Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City

C.G.P. Grey explains this and more here...

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Gaia Pummels Arctic Alarmists | Real Science

'Arctic ice area the highest since 2006, and average ice area for the year to date is higher than 2006.'
More here

I expect the BBC news website will be covering this news any moment....

Pub Quiz time

Which four European countries are not in the EU but use the Euro as their currency?

Answer and rather good explanatory video tomorrow at noon...

What's the difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain, England and the British Isles?

C.G.P. Grey explains and such as @Rulesthewaves would do well to watch and learn.

I know I've posted this video before but it's damned interesting!

Barack Obama - orator, genius, athlete?

Including "the time for come has changed", "Israel is a strong friend of Israel's", Barack Obama's teleprompter troubles and of course the extensive 'um ah' tapes.

Be honest have you seen many or even any of these gaffes on the BBC? A BBC who delighted in ridiculing George W. Bush for less.

The sheer class that is Sarah Silverman

What a classy girl...

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Hi Sarah Silverman, did you mean Aaron Alexis? Is that why your video no longer plays?

Recently Sarah Silverman posted an absolutely hilarious (yes I'm being sarcastic) video on Funny or Die. She caught a fair bit of flack over it, not least from black right of centre Americans. But it seems that the reality of a black man, Aaron Alexis, going on a gun powered killing spree has lead to Funny or Die killing the video...

Poor timing with the original video Sarah?

Here's some of the responses from black men to Sarah Silverman's original black NRA video

You can read more about Sarah Silverman's previous exploits including recommending using emotional blackmail to get Jewish grandparents to vote for Barack Obama, here

'There are no relations between Israel and the Islamist Hamas government in Gaza.'

'There are no relations between Israel and the Islamist Hamas government in Gaza.' That's the BBC position on the Israel/Gaza state of affairs. Wouldn't a brief explanation as to why there are no relations between Israel and Hamas be in order? Hamas don't recognise Israel and in their Charter and frequently since they state their aim as the destruction of Israel and often also the killing of all Jews. I would have thought this worth a mention but the anti-Israel BBC would seem to disagree.

The rubric that the BBC uses gives the impression that the fault could lie on either or both sides and allied with the BBC's incessant anti-Israel coverage would lead most people to blame Israel. The truth is somewhat different but since when has the truth in relation to Israel concerned the BBC?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

@BigDunc123 update

As an update to this post of yesterday 'Big' Dunc has been at it again...

Looks like 'Big' Dunc might have been reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and more worryingly believing it.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Another Tweeter who has no knowledge of geography this time its @BigDunc123

It's @BigDunc123 this time for showing his ignorance yesterday and today...

No reply as yet from 'Big Dunc'...

Reminds me of my battle with the similarly ill-educated @kjfella1 earlier this year.

By the way, it was I that managed to get the BBC to change their favourite map of Gaza so it showed Egypt as well as Israel, read the story here.

Here's the BBC map that might explain the idiotic statements of some twitterers

And here's the fixed one that shows the Gaza Egypt border
Maybe @BigDunc123 should peruse it before calling my comments 'moronic'.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Now that's a rugby tackle

Courtney Lawes tackles Toby Flood... Ouch

The closest tackle I can remember to this was this one,,,

Boris Johnson's rugby tackle during a game of football.

This morning's ear worm

I woke this morning with the chanted intro to this song running through my head. It took me a good 15 minutes to find the song title!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

The much missed Brian Clough putting John Motson right

The interviewis followed by a bit of football.

BREAKING: IPCC AR5 report to dial back climate sensitivity | Watts Up With That?

IPCC row back from predicting climate catastrophe.

' Specifically, the draft report says that "equilibrium climate sensitivity" (ECS)—eventual warming induced by a doubling of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which takes hundreds of years to occur—is "extremely likely" to be above 1 degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit), "likely" to be above 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.4 degrees Fahrenheit) and "very likely" to be below 6 degrees Celsius (10.8 Fahrenheit). In 2007, the IPPC said it was "likely" to be above 2 degrees Celsius and "very likely" to be above 1.5 degrees, with no upper limit. Since "extremely" and "very" have specific and different statistical meanings here, comparison is difficult.
Still, the downward movement since 2007 is clear, especially at the bottom of the "likely" range. The most probable value (3 degrees Celsius last time) is for some reason not stated this time.

Most experts believe that warming of less than 2 degrees Celsius from preindustrial levels will result in no net economic and ecological damage. Therefore, the new report is effectively saying (based on the middle of the range of the IPCC's emissions scenarios) that there is a better than 50-50 chance that by 2083, the benefits of climate change will still outweigh the harm.'

More here

Friday, 13 September 2013

An anniversary that the BBC will not commemorate

Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar starts at sunset tonight.

I remember Yom Kippur 1973, I was but a child and did not stay at synagogue all day with my father. Rather naughtily, I was at home sitting in front of the television when I saw the reports of war in the Middle East. For some reason I didn't say anything to my mum. Shortly thereafter we were all back at synagogue for the Neilah service. The congregation was shocked from its prayer by the phone in the rabbi's office ringing. Someone ran to answer it and admonish the caller for daring to call a synagogue on Yom Kippur. A minute or so later the news was broken to the congregation that Israel had been attacked on the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. My claims that I had heard this on the news earlier that day went unbelieved.

The Yom Kippur war was deliberately timed for when the Jewish state would be at its least prepared for an attack, with many soldiers praying rather than on guard. The combined forces of Egypt and Syria totalled the same number of men as NATO had in Western Europe. On the Golan Heights alone, 150 Israeli tanks faced 1,400 Syria tanks and in the Suez region just 500 Israeli soldiers faced 80,000 Egyptian soldiers. There are many places you can read a history of this war, including the run up to it. But what must be borne in mind at all times is that the Israeli armed forces and nation had to work to one simple equation: if they lost, the state of Israel would cease to exist. Thus, for Israel, it was a fight to the finish as to lose would mean death. Contrastingly, if the various Arab nations lost, they could survive for another day. I find the Israeli tactics pre the war interesting, this passage from Wikipedia gives you a flavour:

'The Israeli strategy was, for the most part, based on the precept that if war was imminent, Israel would launch a pre-emptive strike. It was assumed that Israel's intelligence services would give, in the worst case, about 48 hours notice prior to an Arab attack. Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan, and General David Elazar met at 8:05 am the morning of Yom Kippur, six hours before the war began. Dayan opened the meeting by arguing that war was not a certainty. Elazar then presented his argument in favor of a pre-emptive attack against Syrian airfields at noon, Syrian missiles at 3:00 pm, and Syrian ground forces at 5:00 pm "When the presentations were done, the prime minister hemmed uncertainly for a few moments but then came to a clear decision. There would be no preemptive strike. Israel might be needing American assistance soon and it was imperative that it would not be blamed for starting the war. 'If we strike first, we won't get help from anybody', she said." Other developed nations, being more dependent on OPEC oil, took more seriously the threat of an Arab oil embargo and trade boycott, and had stopped supplying Israel with munitions. As a result, Israel was totally dependent on the United States for military resupply, and particularly sensitive to anything that might endanger that relationship. After Meir made her decision, at 10:15 am she met with US ambassador Kenneth Keating in order to inform the United States that Israel did not intend to preemptively start a war, and asked that US efforts be directed at preventing war. An electronic telegram with Keating's report on the meeting was sent to the US at 16:33 GMT (6:33 pm local time). A message arrived later from United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger saying, "Don't preempt." At the same time, Kissinger also urged the Soviets to use their influence to prevent war, contacted Egypt with Israel's message of non-preemption, and sent messages to other Arab governments to enlist their help on the side of moderation. These late efforts were futile. According to Henry Kissinger, had Israel struck first, it would not have received "so much as a nail."'

It is fascinating that even in 1973 Israel had to wait to be attacked for fear of losing American support.

In 1973 the United Nations kept very quiet when the Arabs armies, supported by the Soviet Union invaded Israel. In fact the UN kept quiet right up until when Israel turned the war around, pushed Syria & Egypt back and had isolated the Egyptian Third Army and were in a position to advance on Damascus and maybe even Cairo. Then the UN called for a ceasefire.

You may find it interesting that October 6 is a national holiday in Egypt called Armed Forces Day, it is a national holiday in Syria as well. There is also a 6th October Bridge in Cairo and the cities 6th of October City and 10th of Ramadan City.

There is not a word about the 40th anniversary of the Yom Kippur war on the BBC news website, maybe they will commemorate it with some more anti-Israel articles on 6 October. 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

A little Thursday Tommy Cooper humour

"Doc, I can't stop singing the green green grass of home."
"That sounds like Tom Jones syndrome."
"Is it common?"
"It's not unusual."

Thanks to Craig at Is The BBC Biased for reminding me of that joke.

When the jokes start...

"President Obama’s foreign policy is taking a a beating, especially abroad. They’re not as excited about him as they used to be. In fact, people in Kenya are saying, ‘We’re positive he wasn’t born here."
Jay Leno takes a pot shot at Barack Obama, in fact he took several at Barack Obama and his team.. see them all here.

Barack Hussein Obama and his White House team lie and keep on doing so

Thanks to Theo Spark for the spot

When the US President and his team lie so blatantly yet the majority of the world's media (including the Obama worshipping BBC) take no notice, what can be done?

"... remember when we voted for him in 2008 and 2012 we promised to support him, no matter what"

"... remember when we voted for him in 2008 and 2012 we promised to support him, no matter what... That's why we here at the Americans for whatever Barack Obama wants, did you know he's friends with Jay-Z?"


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I think David Aaronovitch is pretty close to the truth with his analysis of Ed Miliband's character

And in this moment of crisis it became clear — as it does — what Mr Miliband is. A personable man (and he is a very pleasant companion), politically he is not a presence at all, he is an absence. He is Oedipal Ed, the negator of the unpopular actions of the fathers; the anti-Blair, the non-Brown. His technique for victory to is follow behind the leader, wait for a slip-up and exploit his or her mistakes. He did it to his brother. He hopes to do it to David Cameron. He is neither hunter nor prey, he is scavenger. He is a political vulture. Mission creep? His mission is all about creeping.
David Aaronovitch, On Ed Miliband in the Times (£) on 5 Sep 2013

The NHS is 'the envy of the world' - Really?

Channel 4 News report
 'The 2004 figures show that NHS had the worst figures of all seven countries. Once the death rate was adjusted, England was 22 per cent higher than the average of all seven countries and it was 58 per cent higher than the best country.

That meant NHS patients were almost 60 per cent more likely to die in hospital compared with patients in the best country.


Of course, that was nearly 10 years ago and the NHS has been through several reforms and had record amounts of money poured into it until recently.

When Professor Jarman projected the figures forward to 2012, the hospital death rates in all seven countries had improved - England's faster than some. But it still had death rates 45 per cent higher than the leading country, which is America.

Because of confidentiality issues we are not allowed to name the other countries. But America stands out in the data for its lower mortality rates.'
Mmm the NHS truly is 'the envy of the world'

Never blame Islam or Muslims when on the BBC

There was a distressing piece about the sexual grooming of 'Asian' girls by 'Asian' men on the Today Programme yesterday from 53:42 to 57:42. Listen to the whole piece it's not that long and note that "Two thirds of the offenders were Pakistani". John Humphrys doesn't seem to want to press the interviewee does he?

9/11 never forget

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tony Abbott and family

This picture of the newly elected Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his wife and three daughters caught my eye. Eyes right!