Monday 29 January 2018

Ruthless Truth: The BBC is Racist - A point of view

This article has been sitting uncommented upon in my browser for a while now. Take a read of the whole article, it's an interesting point of view. Here's an extract:

'So what's going on? Why would it be irredeemably racist to cast a white actor to play Nelson Mandela, but uber anti-racist to have a black man play Admiral Nelson?

It all comes down to the BBC's view of racism.

Most of us tend to assume that not being racist means treating  everybody the same regardless of their race, but to the cultural Marxists at the BBC that sort of thinking is naive at best and a right-wing tactic to keep blacks down at worst.

These days progressive anti-racism actually involves being racist against certain groups. The theory goes that because the white race has institutional power and privilege it's necessary to balance that by favouring 'disadvantaged' races so that the outcomes for each racial indentity can be equalised. Hence being racist against whites counts as anti-racist in BBC circles! '

What think you?

Sunday 28 January 2018

A serious admission re BBC bias that the biased BBC have ignored

Biased BBC alert me to a report in The Sun, you can find the report here

Here's part of that report:

'Labour frontbencher Clive Lewis admits broadcasting biased news reports while working as BBC journalist

A LABOUR frontbencher has admitted broadcasting biased news reports while working as a BBC journalist.And last night the revelation by shadow treasury minister Clive Lewis plunged the corporation into a damaging storm.Mr Lewis told left-wing Momentum members: "I was able to use bias in my reports by giving less time to one than the other."I reported on both but the angle and words and the language I used — I know the pictures I used — I was able to project my own particular political positions on things in a very subtle way."

Mr Lewis made his damning comments last September at a Momentum rally in Brighton.They were discovered in a secret recording and will be a huge embarrassment to BBC bosses.Tory MP Damian Collins said: "He's boasting about undermining one of our great institutions."

A spokesman for Mr Lewis declined to comment. A BBC spokesperson said: "Our editorial guidelines ensure impartiality."

Remarkably, or not, you won't find the story on the BBC website.

A Labour MP admits that when he was a BBC journalist he used the platform to spread his own propaganda and the BBC doesn't immediately investigate and put it up as frontpage news?  If it had been a Tory MP who had worked for the Mail, a Murdoch paper or Sky I can't imagine the BBC being so coy.'

The BBC should be held to account for their bias and constant bias. However they are incredibly powerful and have the ability to destroy anyone they should choose to so destroy. It would take a very brave politician to take on the BBC and I don't see anyone at or near the top of the Conservative party who meets that description. So how can the BBC's power be curtailed? Anyone have any ideas?

Corbyn Lies About His Support For Iran per Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes reports

'Corbyn told Marr he had accepted money from the Iranian regime "a very long time ago" – it was 2012 – and that he stopped because of the way they treated the Green movement – that was in 2009, he carried on taking their cash and praising their government for years after. 

Marr really should have pinned him down on this, Jezza is straight up telling porkies…'

Now why might a BBC high earner not want to pin the Labour Party leader down? It's a mystery...

Israel criticises Poland over proposed Holocaust law leaving BBC News conflicted

This BBC report has to walk a tightrope: the BBC is anti the Holocaust, mainly because that's the stick it can use to beat anyone vaguely right of the soggy political centre, the BBC opposes the current Polish government for being against unlimited Muslim immigration into Europe and for opposing Angela Merkel on this matter, but the BBC is also institutionally deeply anti Israel.

Thus this report has to tread very carefully indeed. Read it and you'll see how.

One other aspect intrigued me, the BBC say that they are against Holocaust denial and quote their hated 'Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu'  as having  'criticised a proposed bill that would make it illegal to describe Nazi death camps as Polish."I strongly oppose it. One cannot change history and the Holocaust cannot be denied," he said in a statement.'

Oddly the BBC have never (so far as I recall) described the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas as a Holocaust denier despite that being his educational background and present.

It must be hard working for the BBC and keeping all of those narratives running when the facts move these narratives into opposition to each other. I'd feel sorry for the BBC were they not such biased scum.

Czech election: Zeman beats Drahos to win second term and BBC News show their prejudices

This BBC report on the recent Czech Presidential Election is notable for letting you know exactly where the BBC stand. The last three paragraphs of analysis are especially transparent, here's one of those:

'The presidential election has reflected divisions between low-income voters with lower education and those living in rural areas, who tend to vote for Mr Zeman, and wealthier and well-educated residents of bigger cities, who are likely to prefer Mr Drahos, correspondents say.'

In other words, just as in the Brexit vote (also won with 52% of the vote) and the US Presidential Election, those with lower levels of education voted the wrong way (for the BBC, establishment and our betters).

Saturday 27 January 2018

John McDonnell when he worked with Ken Livingstone until a bitter fall-out over the now shadow chancellor's spending policies

John 'kneecaping' McDonnell did once hold economic and politics power. It was back in the 1980s at the GLC.

'Livingstone only averted financial catastrophe by sacking McDonnell in 1985. The former London Mayor revealed in his 1988 autobiography that McDonnell had 'exaggerated' spending figures to support his case that the GLC had to ignore the rates cap.'

Sounds perfect for the role of Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer. Certainly the BBC won't let the British public anywhere near learning about the past of John 'kneecaping' McDonnell.

That paragraph from

How BBC kept Brexiteers off the air for a decade per Daily Mail

The Mail reports on a Civitas study that is absolutely unsurprising:

'Pro-Brexit voices are being drowned out on the BBC's news programming, an analysis has claimed.

Only a very small proportion of speakers on Radio 4's Today programme are long-term supporters of leaving the EU, the Civitas think-tank said in a report.

The authors claimed the BBC has been unable to supply an example of a single programme since the June 2016 referendum which has examined the opportunities of Brexit.

Last night the BBC described the analysis as flawed and insisted it was 'covering the process towards Brexit in a responsible and impartial way'.

The Civitas report, entitled The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation?, said that for the past 20 years the BBC has consistently viewed the issue of withdrawing from the EU through the prism of splits in the Conservative Party.'

That the BBC is institutionally pro the EU is obvious, that the BBC push views that are in accordance with theirs is clear. That the BBC is a clear and present danger to the interests of the UK is also clear and obvious.

The question is what can be done to stop the BBC propaganda machine before the UK is beyond help.

Friday 26 January 2018

Controversy over Jeremy Corbyn´s Holocaust memorial message that doesn't mention the Jews

Campaigners against anti-Semitism have called on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to apologise after he wrote a message for Holocaust Memorial Day which did not mention the Jews.

Mr Corbyn said that "the millions who died" should never be forgotten.The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism said his failure to specifically mention the Jewish people was "appalling", while the Jewish Leadership Council said it displayed "a complete lack of sensitivity".

Maybe Jeremy Corbyn just didn't want to upset his genocidal, Jew hating "friends" in Hamas and Hezbollah?

More on the Press Association, MSN and the Mail here but obviously not on the institutionally anti Israel BBC.

UK economic growth exceeds forecasts, ONS says per BBC News through gritted teeth

The expanded BBC report on the latest GDP figures is not one filled with joy. The gritted teeth are evident especially in the very last sentence:

'Annual growth of 1.8% may be less than we would like, but so far there is little sign of the Brexit-induced disaster that some predicted.'

Some people like the BBC? Keep gritting those teeth.

The BBC try to minimise reporting of good business news

The BBC report on the latest GDP figures thus:

'UK posts solid quarterly growth

Economic growth is a better than expected 0.5% for the last three months of 2017, official figures say.'

Solid is an interesting word to use. Are the BBC trying to get the attack line from their friends in the Labour Party and the EU?

Thursday 25 January 2018

Trump, the FBI and the 'secret memo' intriguing Washington - BBC News finally get around to reporting - #ReleaseTheMemo

Today the BBC finally get around to reporting on THE MEMO

It's an odd piece as they can't explain why they've ignored it for so long or dismiss it out of hand.

'It's the memo that everyone is talking about, but no-one can (really) talk about.

Depending on whom you ask, it will either explode the entire basis for the Trump-Russia investigation or is an inflammatory collection of rumours and conjecture.

Donald Trump Jr has tweeted about it. More than 200 members of Congress have seen it. A social media hashtag - #releasethememo - has been pushed by interested parties including, it appears, a sizable number of pro-Russian Twitter bots.'

So everyone's talking about it but we've waited several weeks before mentioning it. Regardless, look the Russians, the Russians.

The BBC really are a very odd news organisation.

Wednesday 24 January 2018

When is a loan not a loan?

When is a loan not a loan?

The answer, when it's a loan made to Jeremy Corbyn.
Name of donor: Momentum Campaign (Services) Ltd
Address of donor: Walkden House, 10 Melton Street, London NW1 2EJ
Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: interest free, unsecured loan of £50,000 towards my campaign for leadership of the Labour Party. This loan is for an indefinite period.
My definition of a loan would be an amount of money borrowed from a bank (or elsewhere), that has to be repaid, usually with an extra amount or money paid as a charge (interest) for borrowing.

This 'loan' to Jeremy Corbyn however is interest free and for an indefinite period, isn't that a donation?

I wonder if the BBC would be interested in pursuing this matter.  I'd say that they would be about as likely to investigate this as they were about the Labour Party's Co-op bank overdraft facility. Remember that for the BBC nothing must be allowed to get in the way of a Labour Party win at the next general election.

Donor record from UK Parliament publications

The New Owners of the Golders Green Hippodrome according to the Campaign4Truth

This article is a must read, here's an extract:

'The Shirazis are extremists by any standard and collaborators with designated groups such as Hezbollah as well as with the Khomeini regime.

Antisemitism and radicalisation

There is evidence that the Shirazis are radicalising the Shia in Britain entrenching both traditional and modern hatred of Jews promoting conspiracy theories and antisemitic tropes nurturing the perception of non-Muslims as 'impure' advocating extreme self-flagellation rituals including bloodletting
stoking distrust and hatred of Britain'

These are, allegedly, the sort of people who will be occupying the old Hippodrome on the outskirts of the largest Jewish area in London. Does anyone else see the potential problem?

'World's richest 1% get 82% of the wealth', says Oxfam per BBC News

The BBC report on this terrible poverty gap. The Labour Party / BBC alliance will push this discrepancy as am example of how capitalism has failed and why Jeremy Corbyn should become Prime Minister and lead the UK to a socialist nirvana. Leaving aside that Socialist nirvanas tend to become killing zones for those who the socialists decide are undesirable, you might be interested to know that:

'According to the Global Rich List, a website that brings awareness to worldwide income disparities, an income of $32,400 a year will allow you to make the cut.'

Jeremy Corbyn and any BBC journalist virtue signalling about this matter earns a lot more than the equivalent of $32,400 per year. But they'll spin the story as being anti the rich.

"Worse than Watergate" - but nothing on the BBC

Why might the BBC be ignoring this massive story? I think we all know why.

Is it time to reign in the BBC? Per David Sedgwick

This is a must read article with much insight into the BBC's anti President Donald Trump and anti Brexit stances.

Here's a brief extract, but do read the whole piece:

'Meanwhile under the Trump stewardship the US economy continues its remarkable ascent – a US stock market breaking all records; according to the Wall Street Journal the economy operating at near full capacity for the first time in generations; record levels of job creation; lowest levels of unemployment in the African-American community - stories virtually ignored by the BBC or at best relegated to the obscurity of its business pages where it knows few, if any, of the general populace will encounter this economic miracle.

For make no mistake, the BBC is determined to do all it can to undermine the Trump presidency in just the same way it is attempting to sabotage the Brexit vote. While a toothless political class looks limply on, the national broadcaster grows ever more audacious, emboldened by lack of regulation and timorous politicians the BBC is an organisation now out of control.'

The BBC is a clear and present danger to the British people but who can solve the problem that is the BBC?

Tuesday 23 January 2018

Why Socialism Doesn't Work in 55 Secondw

You can laugh along with President Ronald Reagan but also see your future under Prime Minister/President for Life Jeremy Corbyn.

Business Live - BBC News report through gritted teeth

The BBC through gritted teeth that:

'Public finances may be improving a bit faster than expected

Britain's public finances suggest a slightly faster improvement than expected in November, says the Office for Budget Responsibility."It appears that the underlying improvement in borrowing so far this year is a little faster than would be consistent with our November forecast," the OBR said.

Earlier official data showed Britain's budget deficit fell by much more than expected last month, helped by an unusually large credit from the European Union and the strongest value-added tax receipts on record.'

That's news that the institutionally pro EU membership for the UK, BBC won't be making headline news. Very off message...

Have the FBI been 'Caught In Another BIG Lie'?

The remarkable Bill Still says they have, what do you think?

Monday 22 January 2018

UK growth upgrade could 'dwarf' Brexit hit per BBC News who turn this into a negative Brexit report and hide an inconvenient opinion at the very end

This report plays the anti Brexit tune in the approved BBC manner. However Jim O'Neil has another inconvenient opinion that must be hidden from the majority of the British public who won't read the whole article, so at the end is this:

'He said that President Donald Trump's reforms of the tax system and plans to loosen regulatory controls would boost the US economy.'

Now that's not something that the viciously anti President Donald Trump BBC will report in an article about President Donald Trump any time soon.

Sunday 21 January 2018

Judge Jeanine on the FISA Memo but why do I not think the memo will be released

The general public aren't going to be allowed to read this memo, not a chance. The deep state have too much to lose.

Meanwhile does anyone else think that the budget impasse is maybe being pushed to keep the FISA Memo story off the news agenda?

#ReleaseTheMemo Trends on Twitter as Public and Politicians Demand Transparency on FISA Memo but the BBC aren't interested

The BBC are normally really quick to report what's trending on Twitter, so long as what's trending is in accordance with their world views.

So the news that
'#ReleaseTheMemo was a trending Twitter topic on Thursday evening as public concern over alleged Obama-era abuse of government surveillance power mounted.

The hashtag quickly accumulated over 300,000 tweets, trending worldwide and in the United States. 

Users took to social media to demand the release of a four-page memo currently circulating in Congress, allegedly revealing government surveillance abuses under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).'

As the BBC won't report such inconvenient news, you'll have to read more about this at Breitbart here

Lefty hypocrisy

The left were up in arms about President Donald Trump sharing a Britain First video, albeit via a re-tweet of an Anne Coulter tweet. The BBC joined in the attacks on President Donald Trump by publicising the protests.

Oddly I can't find the protests, or BBC coverage, when President Donald Trump posed with his wife and Dr Swee Ang who shared a video made by Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke. Thus is most odd. Surely the left should be up in arms about this link between President Donald Trump and the racist Klu Klux Klan. Surely the BBC should be alerting the world to the dangers of having a racist in the White House.

My mistake, it wasn't President Donald Trump, it was Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

'The Labour leader, centre, poses with his wife, left, and Dr Swee Ang, centre right, who shared a video made by Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke, and Hatem Bazian, right, head of Students for Justice in Palestine which a study said created 'a hostile climate toward Israel and Jews' on campus. '

You can see the photo here

Obviously Jeremy Corbyn's foibles and leanings are of no interest to the British public. The BBC will do their best to portray Jeremy Corbyn as a principled defender of justice and equality, regardless of the people he chooses to call his friends and/or associate with. The BBC's priority is ensuring a Labour government regardless of who leads it and how dangerous to the British people their policies might be.

Labour’s Hamas connection – Jeremy Corbyn

From 2015 in Politico

'James Thring, a notorious 9/11 "truther" and associate of the former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke, was allowed to take the stage at a pro-Palestinian event hosted by Corbyn in Parliament.In his five-minute speech, Thring — who has referred to "Jewish elders" controlling the world's financial markets — stated that a Palestinian army should be created, armed and equipped. He also boasted of having close connections to the Chinese authorities, whom he was also lobbying to provide weapons to the Palestinians.

When I questioned Corbyn about this at the time, he said that he had no prior knowledge that Thring was going to speak. The official speaker was, he said, running late, and Thring had taken the stage in his absence. Corbyn didn't respond to requests for comment for this article.

"This meeting took on a life of its own due to a late speaker," he told me at the time, "causing much administrative confusion."

But the fact that the platform fell naturally to Thring, and that he was not asked to step down from it, raises questions about the climate of the meeting.

Moreover, the headlining latecomer, Max Blumenthal, was not exactly moderate; it was he who created the hashtag #JSIL, to equate Jews with the Islamic State.'

Any pro Israel Jew should be under no illusion as to the stand that a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour government would take on the Middle East.

What would it it take for Labour’s moderates to revolt? Per Nick Cohen in Opinion in The Guardian

If you read only one article about the dangers posed by the Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party, read this one by Nick Cohen in the Guardian

Here's an extract:

'As democracy and liberty come under attack, from Poland to the US, the salient point to remember about Leninists who stayed with communism after the fall of the Soviet Union is that they switched from embracing one form of totalitarianism to embracing every form of totalitarianism. Their grim journey took them from the decrepit Brezhnevian regime in Cuba to the religious reactionaries in Iran and Gaza via the national socialism ofSaddam Hussein's Iraq and Bashar al-Assad's Syria

Understand their authoritarian promiscuity and you understand their push to readmit George Galloway. For why shouldn't he have a hero's return? Labour is Galloway's party now. He was John the Baptist to Jeremy Corbyn's JC... '

Don't expect any coverage on the BBC who are not interested in unbiased reporting, preferring propagandising for their pals in the Labour Party.

Friday 19 January 2018

CNN stunned as lifelong Democrats approve of President Trump’s first year in office

There's some views that the viciously anti President Donald Trump wouldn't want to be given airtime.

Interesting news relating to the Mueller Probe that won't be reported by the BBC

Fascinating viewing... But don't expect any coverage on the viciously anti President Donald Trump BBC.

When Marxists take over a political party why are purges surprising?

Guido Fawkes reports thus:

'Jeremy Corbyn does not reject Paul Mason's suggestion that Labour MPs should have the threat of deselect iron "hanging over them".

Quoted in a Guardian interview published yesterday, the Labour leader was asked directly about Mason's comments and replied:

"Look, [we] will look at democracy within the party and look at the process of selections. We should all be accountable all the time. I'm accountable to my party, I'm accountable to my constituency and I'm quite comfortable with that."

Corbyn has gradually changed his language on mandatory re-selection. He used to claim to oppose it, but has since hinted several times at ways of bringing it about (using boundary changes as a cover and openly discussing a rule change at conference). Implicitly endorsing Mason's comments is a step further, and with the Corbynistas in the ascendancy again after the NEC result the issue of compulsory re-selection is yet again the subject of Labour chatter this week (Corbynista influencers are now calling for it more loudly than ever). 

The purge is only just beginning…'

Why is this surprising? Purges are what Marxists carry out. That and the mass imprisonment and/or murder of those who don't slavishly agree with their policies.

Is Britain's future really that of Stalin's Soviet Union, Mao's China, Castro's Cuba or any of the other Marxist hell holes that the likes of Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott so admire?

Tuesday 16 January 2018

Russia Destroys World’s First Drone Swarm Attack

Now the Islamist terrorists have drones capable of dropping mortar rounds on sites. This is scary stuff but the likes of the BBC won't inform you of such news.

Saturday 13 January 2018

James O'Keefe Teases Next Undercover Twitter Video

#Shadowban has more to come on Monday. Could be interesting...

Are protecting young immigrants, aka "Dreamers", a moral imperative or a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success” ?

'The Center For American Progress (CAP) Action Fund circulated a memo on Monday calling illegal immigrants brought here at a young age — so-called “Dreamers” — a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.”

The memo, co-authored by former Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri, was sent around to allies calling on Democrats to “refuse to offer any votes for Republican spending bills that do not offer a fix for Dreamers and instead appropriate funds to deport them.”

President Donald Trump’s administration moved to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy in September, which former President Barack Obama instituted through executive order to keep immigrants who came here as children from being deported.

 “The fight to protect Dreamers is not only a moral imperative, it is also a critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success,” reads Palmieri’s memo, obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“If Democrats don’t try to do everything in their power to defend Dreamers, that will jeopardize Democrats’ electoral chances in 2018 and beyond,” reads the memo. “In short, the next few weeks will tell us a lot about the Democratic Party and its long-term electoral prospects.”'

This story, reported by The Daily Caller, received no mainstream media, for which you can read left-wing, anti-President Trump and pro-US Democrat Party media, coverage. 

There's certainly been nothing about this on the President Trump hating BBC, who are still hurting over the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the last Presidential election.

An impartial news reporting organisation would report such a memo coming to light but the BBC is less interested in facts than advancing their narrative.

Open Banking 'revolution' to challenge banks' dominance per BBC News

This BBC report minimises fear of fraud and it took me a while to work out why.

So these warnings appears right down the report:

'NatWest, one of the banks ordered to be ready for the new system, has warned that fraudsters could mimic these firms to trick people into giving them access to their accounts.

Such a fraud could leave consumers at risk of losing their money.

New financial service providers are also expected to be targeted by hackers, although they must prove their robustness to regulators.

Gareth Shaw, of consumer group Which?, said: "Open banking has the potential to offer consumers more control of their finances and boost choice but it also comes with potential risks around data privacy and security.

"Regulators and industry must ensure that customers are properly protected from data breaches and scams, which is vital if consumers are to use these services with confidence and trust."'

But read on and the BBC's reasoning for not criticising the 'revolution' becomes clear. Hidden away near the end of the BBC report is this:

'The changes surrounding access to financial data have been introduced as the EU's second payment services directive comes into force in the UK.'

The EU cannot be directly criticised by the BBC, and anything negative about the EU must be minimised.

Friday 12 January 2018

Twitter according to Project Veritas

A scary video but don't expect the politically correct MSM to show any interest in the story.

Dover Traffic at Record Levels per Guido Fawkes but not a word on the BBC

Guido Fawkes reports that:

'Freight volumes through the Port of Dover have reached record levels for the fifth consecutive year. The Port handled 2,601,162 lorries in 2017 – up on the previous record by almost 10,000 units. Bringing the total increase over the last five years to just under 650,000 units or 33% per cent. A source close to the shipping industry tells Guido: "the UK and Europe are each other's best customers…and trade always finds a way whatever the politicians decide. There is quiet confidence emerging across the industry."'

Obviously there's not a word about this story on the viciously anti Brexit BBC.

John Worboys: 'No plans' to review rape cases per BBC News

Once again the BBC manage to report on the John Worboys parole but not mention the name Keir Starmer.

'Almost 100 unprosecuted cases against sex attacker John Worboys will not be reviewed by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), it has emerged.

Lawyers representing Worboys' victims asked the CPS to review the 93 cases that the 60-year-old rapist was not prosecuted over.

One of his victims said it would be a "total scandal" if the additional cases were not reviewed.

The CPS said it had no plans to review its decision-making.'

More here but obviously no mention of Keir Starmer, after all senior Labour Party politicians must be protected from criticism unless absolutely unavoidable.

BBC 'deeply unimpressed' over Carrie Gracie pay jokes made by John Humphrys

'The presenter (£600k+ per year Humphrys) is then reported to have uttered a profanity and said that he was "still left with more [pay] than anybody else".'

Surely there's no place for Humphrys In the modern humourlessly politically correct BBC. Will the BBC jettison him or are the male, pale and stale so long as they perform a useful function for the BBC?

BBC report here

I wonder if the BBC's satirical programmes will dare to mention this subject or will they prefer to attack 'Trump' and Brexit?

Thursday 11 January 2018

Worboys Victims Formally Ask CPS to Reassess 93 Unprosecuted Cases - will anyone at the BBC ask Keir Starmer for a comment?

Guido Fawkes reports on the letter being sent by lawyers to the CPS.

'Worboys was only prosecuted in respect of a small fraction of the allegations against him: 12 complainants out of some 105 in total whom, we understand made complaints to the police.

It is understood that the intention was that 'the indictment was not overloaded and that the case was as simple as it could be to present to a jury'.

In the course of the trial an additional four allegations emerged which were linked to Worboys. Furthermore, in the wake of media observations following the conviction an additional 45 incidents were reported of which 18 were linked to Worboys. The total number of allegations linked to Worboys upon the closure of the investigation was 105.

Victims were told Worboys would "not be coming out for a long time" and, as a result, it was not necessary to prosecute the serial rapist with another trial. To the extent that this was the CPS's expectation at the time, this has clearly not happened and this justification for not bringing further prosecutions has fallen away. We therefore formally request that the CPS make a public commitment to reconsidering the evidence in all Worboys cases with a view to further prosecution."'

What odds will you give me on the BBC asking Keir Starmer for a comment? Quite long as the BBC is not an independent news reporting company but the de facto propaganda arm of the Labour Party.

Last night a black pudding saved his life

'A butcher who became trapped in a walk-in freezer escaped thanks to a frozen black pudding.

Chris McCabe, 70, said he got trapped after the freezer door in his shop in Totnes, Devon, blew shut behind him.

Stranded in temperatures of -20C (-4F), with the door-release button frozen shut, he said he used the 1.5kg (3.3lbs) sausage as a battering ram on the release mechanism.

Mr McCabe said: "No-one could hear me banging. Black pudding saved my life."'

More here

Wednesday 10 January 2018

Michael Douglas issues pre-emptive denial over 'sex claim' per BBC News

The BBC report rather oddly that:

'Douglas said the woman was also alleging he "blackballed" her.'

Is blackballing some sort of perversion that I am not aware of?

UK manufacturing output at its highest for 10 years per BBC News who push a negative angle

This BBC report might be too positive, so the BBC try this line:

'While the manufacturing figures are good, it is important to note that the sector only makes up roughly 10% of the economy.'

When the manufacturing figures were bad, did the BBC make the same note? Somehow doubt that they did.

Tuesday 9 January 2018

NUS ignore Jews?

The National Union of Students (NUS) missed out Judaism as an option in a survey question on students’ religions, just six months after the same omission was made on an earlier questionnaire.

In both instances, a question about students’ religions gave the following options: “Buddhist”, “Christian”, “Hindu”, “Muslim”, “Sikh”, “Spiritual”, “Agnostic”, “Atheist”, “Any other religion or belief”, “Other”, and “Prefer not to say”.

After the first omission in July, Shakira Martin, NUS president, said the situation would be dealt with.

Strangely this has not been reported by the BBC, I wonder why.

Will Oprah Winfrey heal America's divisions?

Oprah Winfrey - "And they just have to die!"

Feeling the healing? Don't expect the mainstream media to mention that comment should Oprah Winfrey run for President. The BBC will cheerlead for her all the way.

The deleting of emails from the Hillary Clinton server

Unbelievable? Actually very believable, but don't expect any reporting of this on the pro Hillary Clinton BBC.

Sadiq Breaks Police Numbers Pledge Amid Knife Epidemic

Re another broken promise from London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Guido Fawkes asks "How does he keep getting away with this?

It's bloody obvious how, the BBC functions as the propaganda arm of the Labour Party and so minimises negative coverage of the London Labour Mayor.

You can read Guido's coverage of another broken promise by Sadiq Khan here   You certainly won't read about it on the BBC.

Diesel car sales to plunge again this year, study warns per BBC News who manage not to report why sales of diesel cars so massively increased in the first place

This BBC report manages not to mention what caused the sales of diesel cars to massively rise in the first place, just saying this:

'The worst is yet to come for diesel cars which will see their sales continue to plunge, a study has warned.

Aston University predicts they will account for just 15% of the UK market by 2025, down from a 50% peak. '

I suppose that reminding people that it was Labour policies when in power that lead to a steep rise in the number of diesel cars sold would be disloyal to their Labour Party allies. The BBC's role as the propaganda arm of the Labour Party is clear and disgusting.

Toby Young resigns from university regulator per BBC News, note the language used

'Toby Young has resigned from the board of a new university regulator after criticism over controversial comments.


The right-wing journalist unreservedly apologised for his past comments which he said were "ill-judged or just plain wrong".'

Can you recall any journalist being described as left-wing by the BBC? If Tony Young is right-wing then how many Guardian, New Statesman and BBC journalists are left-wing?

BBC article here

Monday 8 January 2018

BBC - the importance of second sourcing news?

11:04am: Chris Grayling tipped as new party chairman on Twitter.

11:40am: The BBC "confirms" Grayling's appointment.

11:47am: Number 10 say no appointment has been made.

11:57am: Brandon Lewis arrives at Number 10 to be appointed party chairman.

Can we trust the BBC to report facts rather than speculation as facts in future?

"Bernie Supporters Love the Republican Tax Plan"

This is the problem over and over again, people learn what's in a Republican (Conservative in the UK) policy from the biased media and so oppose that policy. That or they automatically oppose anything that comes from parties of the centre right.

In this particular instance I've said since Donald Trump entered the race to become Republican nominee that he was not really a Republican and that his economic policies had more in common with those of Bernie Sanders than those of most of the Republican Party.

Sunday 7 January 2018

Germany coalition per BBC News

This whole BBC report including analysis by Damien McGuinness, BBC Berlin correspondent, and not even a single use of the word weak.

'More than three months have passed since the elections - the longest period of coalition-building Germany has ever known.It's not a crisis. And there is a caretaker government. But it does mean that important decisions about the future of Germany, and the EU, are on hold.'

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, is weak because she needs the support of the DUP but Mrs Merkel isn't, even though she's only head of a caretaker government? That's the wonder of the BBC's narrative.

Saturday 6 January 2018

British singer Morrissey slams BDS movement as 'absurd' - bang goes BBC approval

'The BDS movement is "absurd," said British singer Morrissey, 58, in an interview with German magazine Der Spiegel, translated by the Jewish Chronicle.

The outspoken former frontman for The Smiths has performed in Israel several times, most recently last year at the Bronfman Auditorium in Tel Aviv. He continued to rail against BDS, stating: "It is narrow-minded. Being politically correct is incorrect. It means forbidding the freedom of speech. This is how the BDS movement sounds to me."

His newest album, Low in High School, features two tracks which directly reference Israel: "The Girl from Tel Aviv Who Wouldn't Kneel," a song about Holocaust victim Etty Hillesum, and "Israel," which includes the lyrics "In other climes they bitch and whine/Just because you are not like them — Israel, Israel." '

More here at JPost but obviously not on the institutionally anti Israel BBC.

Friday 5 January 2018

The BBC have '10 charts that show why the NHS is in trouble'

The BBC have '10 charts that show why the NHS is in trouble', can you guess what word you won't find in the 10 charts? Yes, immigration...

The BBC do report that:

'4. The UK's population is ageing

The ageing population is certainly a major factor - and it's one that all health systems in the world are struggling with. Medical advances have meant that people are living longer. When the NHS was created, life expectancy was 13 years shorter than it is now.'
But immigration is not a factor apparently, which seems odd to me.

Mind you I was slightly shocked to see the BBC report these two facts:

 Don't expect any BBC interviewers to raise these facts with their friends from the Labour Party though.

The BBC are quoting Labour's Yvette Cooper on the parole of John Warboys, they are still hiding the role Keir Starmer played

'Keir Starmer is still refusing to comment on his decision not to prosecute John Worboys for 75 further sex assaults. It falls to Guido to point out how extraordinary it is that a man with such a dire record as Director of Public Prosecutions is talked about as one of Labour's best talents. The below could have ended his career several times over.

Decided not to prosecute John Worboys for 75 sex assaults

Yet spent four years failing to prosecute 23 Sun journalists

Insisted on prosecuting Paul Chambers for making a light-hearted joke on social media (the infamous Twitter joke trial)

Failed to build a case against Jimmy Savile and forced to apologise after being damned by report into failings


Failed to prosecute police officer who killed newspaper vendor Ian Tomlinson

Ordered the CPS in Wales to drop the prosecution of a primary school teacher who had been accused of sexting a 16 year old boy, who went on to commit suicide


Accused of reopening a spurious sex abuse case involving a friend of Tom Watson – the accused was cleared in an hour

Chose not to prosecute two doctors accused of carrying out abortions on grounds of gender'

Guido Fawkes asks 'How long before he has to break his silence?'

More here but obviously not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm the BBC.

Thursday 4 January 2018

The BBC hiding inconvenient facts from the British public

The BBC are headlining the news that:

'John Worboys, thought to be one of the UK's most prolific rapists, is to be freed from jail.

The black-cab driver is believed to have carried out more than 100 rapes and sexual assaults on women in London between 2002 and 2008.

The 60-year-old gave his victims drug-laced Champagne before attacking them in the back of his cab.

In 2009, he was convicted at Croydon Crown Court of 19 offences and ordered to serve at least eight years in jail.

The following year police said a number of women had come forward since he was found guilty, and that his alleged victims now numbered more than 100.'

What the BBC don't find the space to report is that:

'A huge scandal is breaking over how the inexplicable decision has been made to release serial rapist John Worboys from prison. Worboys was convicted of one rape, five sexual assaults and 12 charges of drugging women, before 75 further women came forward with complaints against him. The Director of Public Prosecutions decided that because Worboys had been given a life sentence, he should not be prosecuted for the further cases. If he had been, there is no way he would be being released from prison. The DPP at the time? Keir Starmer… Huge questions to answer here…'

Thanks to Guido Fawkes for that information.

Now why would the BBC not be reporting the involvement, or rather otherwise, of Keir Starmer? If it had been a now senior Conservative politician who had been the then DPP, then the BBC would be headlining this fact and asking awkward and probing questions. However as it is a senior Labour politician, the BBC will say nothing. The BBC is little more than the propaganda arm of the Labour Party, they disgust me. 

'When asked if it was terror-related, he said that was "a line of inquiry".'

'A teenager arrested after one man was murdered and two others were injured in the Republic of Ireland may have had least two knives, police have said.

A man from Japan died after he was stabbed in Dundalk, County Louth. A second man was stabbed nearby and a third victim was hit with a fence pole.

A Garda (police) spokesman said the attacks seemed "random and unprovoked" and no motive has yet been established.

When asked if it was terror-related, he said that was "a line of inquiry".

The 18-year-old man who has been arrested on suspicion of murder is from Egypt, a garda press conference was told.'

More here

No mention of shh you know what though.

The NHS crisis

The BBC are pushing the story of the NHS winter crisis as a way of continuing their war against the Conservative government. There is little analysis other than that that supports the Labour Party line.

Hence I found this comment by RJ on comments illuminating:

'... The crisis always peaks this week and the reason is very simple.

Before the holidays hospitals empty as many beds as possible to create spare capacity. They also reduce the number of elective admissions so that they can admit all the emergency patients coming in through A&E. In most hospitals this means that over the holiday period they can admit those who need admission, and some who don't.

Hospitals staff the beds with the vital clinical staff, doctors and nurses, but they save money by running with a reduced number of diagnostic staff, e.g. in radiology and the pathology lab. Allowing lots of these members of staff to take the week off also keeps them happy and makes managing them easier. The reduced diagnostic capacity results in a backlog of tests. This in turn keeps the beds occupied because the clinical staff are unwilling to discharge patients without these test results. The hospitals end up being full because the front doors had to be kept open, but the back doors were allowed to shut.

By the 2nd January hospitals have a high percentage of patients waiting to be discharged. This becomes a crisis because hospitals need the beds for the elective admissions scheduled for the week. Bed managers are tearing their hair out trying to get enough patients discharged to allow for the pre-arranged admissions – getting them out of the back doors fast enough to keep up with the flow through the front doors. The resultant hot bedding impacts on the proper cleaning of wards and the inevitable outbreaks of infection reduce capacity and make the crisis worse.

The NHS copes with this every winter (it has unrivaled experience of crisis management), but if you throw in a higher than expected rate of flu the system crashes.

The operational managers will tell you that the answer is to ensure that diagnostics are fully staffed over the holidays – but no one listens to them.

You can add in complications from insufficient Social Care staffing over the holidays to get care packages in place for vulnerable patients, but that's outside the control of the hospitals.'

An impartial news reporting organisation would give voice to facts such as these but the BBC is not an impartial news reporting organisation it is instead little more than the propaganda arm of the Labour Party.

Wednesday 3 January 2018

Germany: Migrants 'may have fuelled violent crime rise' per BBC News - No Shit Sherlock

'Migrants may be responsible for most of a recent rise in violent crime in Germany, research commissioned by the government suggests.

The study used data from Lower Saxony, a state where more than 90% of the rise was attributed to young male migrants.'

More here

Peter Tatchell gets it...

'Some commentators have expressed more outrage over a hand wrongly placed on a woman's knee than about the mass sexual abuse of working-class girls in Rotherham & elsewhere. Both abusive but double standards & middle class bias. @OwenJones84 @PennyRed @rustyrockets@billybragg'

From Twitter

Tuesday 2 January 2018

More about the benefits flowing from President Donald Trump’s tax reforms. News you won't hear about on the BBC

More about the benefits flowing from President Donald Trump's tax reforms.  News you won't hear about on the BBC whose hatred for President Donald Trump means any facts contrary to their narrative will not get airspace.

Tunisian Holocaust Exhibition Protest per MEMRI

The ugly face of Islamic Jew hatred raises its head in Tunisia:

'Protesters Smash Holocaust Exhibition at National Library of Tunisia: Holocaust Was a Myth and a Lie

Tunisians protested at the opening of a Holocaust exhibition at the National Library in Tunis, tearing down posters and chanting slogans such as "Free Palestine, out with the Zionists."

Tunisian University Professor Habib Kazdaghli, the exhibition's organizer, said that the purpose of the exhibition was to "make our children love history" and that it had been organized months before U.S. President Trump's Jerusalem declaration.

Hamida Bessaad, a National Library researcher, said with indignation that the organizer "wants our little children to get to know the history of the Jews and learn about their Holocaust," but that "the children of Palestine have been going through a Holocaust since 1948."

Civil society activist Kawthar Chebbi called the Holocaust a "decades-old myth" and a lie, and political activist Omar Al-Majri said that the Holocaust had been "perpetrated by the Zionist movement in collaboration with the Nazis."

This report appeared on Meem Magazine Online, an Arab Women's Magazine, on December 15.'

Thanks to MEMRI for the spot and don't expect a word about it on the institutionally anti Zionist BBC.

Whilst the BBC report on taxes rising for the middle class in the USA, someone's actually worked out the numbers

And guess what, the facts are at variance with the BBC's claims 

Jeremy Corbyn appeared on Iran's Press TV after Ofcom banned it for filming torture victim not that you'd know that if you rely upon the BBC for your news

It has been noted elsewhere that Jeremy Corbyn hasn't commented on the protests that are happening across Iran. Why might the supposedly doughty proponent of democracy not apparently be interested in criticising the Iranian regime?

'Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn accepted up to £20,000 (about $27,000) for appearances on the Iranian state broadcast network Press TV - a channel that was banned in the UK for its part in filming the detention and torture of an Iranian journalist.

Corbyn was paid for appearances on Press TV five times between 2009 and 2012, according to his register of interests, available at this online House of Commons database.

Corbyn's final Press TV appearance was six months after the network had its broadcasting license revoked by Ofcom for airing a forced confession by Newsweek journalist Maziar Bahari.'

More here but obviously not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm the BBC. Why would the pro Labour Party and institutionally anti Israel BBC report anything that might run contrary to their prejudices?

Meanwhile one could wonder what attracts Jeremy Corbyn to the Iranian regime. Maybe its visceral hatred of Israel? Maybe its support for the Islamist terrorists of Hamas and Hezbollah, the groups that Jeremy Corbyn has previously described as 'friends'?

Monday 1 January 2018

Some historical facts that the BBC and Giles Fraser would do well to learn so they don't push the same lie about Jesus being a 'Palestinian' again in the future

'The Arabs invaded and occupied the he Roman province of Judea in the 7th century. Jesus, at the cusp of the 1st century, would have been baffled had someone spoke to him in Arabic or for one moment considered him to be anything but Jewish. He would have spoken Hebrew and Aramaic, with perhaps some Greek and/or Latin, but not Arabic.

Now Pilate wrote a title and put it on the cross. And the writing was:JESUS OF NAZARETH, THE KING OF THE JEWS. (NKJV) John 19:19

Then many of the Jews read this title, for the place where Jesus was crucified was near the city; and it was written in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. (NKJV) John 19:20

Giles Fraser needs to read his bible.'

Thanks to Degree for this comment at for this. No thanks to the BBC for pushing a lie that furthers the cause of their institutional anti Israel bias.