Thursday 28 February 2013

Exposing the UN's dirty little secrets - The Commentator

'As unfathomable as it may sound, some 20 percent of Mauritanians, about 600,000 people, are still slaves. Mauritania uses Sharia to justify a racist system where Arabs exploit the country's black African population and which "runs counter to Islam's humanist principles," Merzough explained:
"From early on, people are taught in religious schools that slaves are the masters' properties, who are passed along as inheritance and where the condition of slavery is transmitted from parent to child, where women slaves must submit their bodies to their masters."'
More at
The Commentator and never on the BBC for whom slavery is a purely white on black issue and Islam is never to be criticised.

A history lesson for Fraz

I've been having some frustrating conversations with someone by the name of Fraz (@FromFraz) on Twitter regarding Israel, settlements etc.

Here's a video that he and his ilk should watch, especially from around 7:00, it might teach them something about the borders in the Middle East.

Did you note the Armistice Agreement between Israel and Jordan from 1949 (at 22:38)?
'the Armistics Demarkation line is not to be construed in any sense as a political or territorial boundary, and is delineated without prejudice to rights, claims, of either Party to the Armistice as regards ultimate of the Palestine question...'
Did you also understand the apartheid section from 43:07?

So @FromFraz please watch the whole video before you come back to me about settlements or apartheid.

Nice work Professor Eugene Kontorovich.

What spending cuts

The Labour party and their propaganda arm, the BBC, are up in arms about the deep cuts to public expenditure being made by the Conservative lead coalition - "Too deep, too fast" is the mantra that they are still trying to embed in the British public pre the next general election.

There's just one trouble with this narrative...

This graph shows Public Expenditure from 1967 to date and the predicted next four years.

You'll see the regular slow rise in Public Expenditure massively increase in rate in 2001 when Gordon Brown abandoned the prudent policies that he had inherited from the last Conservative government and opened the public spending floodgates. The tiny decrease in public spending from 2010 onwards has barely touched the massive increase under the last Labour government, yet it is portrayed as 'savage' and 'uncaring'.

Thanks to Burning Our Money for the graph and for returning to the blogging scene.

Now what could the explanation be?

The Mail reports the confusing news that:
'Dozens of Mobula Ray fish were mysteriously washed up on the beach in Gaza City yesterday and carted off to market by Palestinian fishermen.
It was the first time the fish had been seen on the beach for six years, according to a local video report purporting to show fisherman examining the Rays.'

This article caught my eye as I love rays and indeed have swum with them. People do eat rays, so I did a bit of digging and found this on Ma'an News - Ma’an Network is the largest independent TV, radio and online media group in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
'GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Fishermen say the locally rare batfish stingray is making a comeback in the waters off the coast of Gaza. For the first time in five years, fishermen say they are catching the rays by the hundreds. The batfish ray takes a triangular shape with large wings -- some are as large as 80 kilograms. A kilo of the ray sells for 10 shekels ($2.68) in local markets. "People in al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza City rush to buy the batfish and consider it healthy, especially for little kids," said Mahfouth al-Kabariti, the head of the Gaza fishermen's union.'

Washed up on the beach?

I expect the BBC to report this story, just as soon as they can find a way to blame the Jews Israel.

The BBC and free speech

Further to this post I have just received this email
 Dear Sir,
It appears not everyone was familiar with this part of the guidance – it is now being enforced.

Yours faithfully,

BBC News website

My response

Thanks you for your speedy if highly irritating response. Can I confirm that I can takeover ongoing correspondence if I am no longer anonymous?

NotaSheep MaybeaGoat

The BBC will try anything to protect their Labour party allies

On 14 February I submitted a complaint to the BBC about their biased coverage of the horsemeat story. My coverage of this complaint can be read here.

Yesterday I received this dismissive response:
'Dear Mr Goat,
Thank you for your email. As you may be aware the BBC's guidelines on complaints stipulate that we will not entertain complaints from people who remain anonymous.
For that reason we cannot take your complaint further.
Thank you.'
I have responded:
'Thank you for your response. The only trouble is your excuse is incorrect.

Here's an email to me from the BBC from November 2012:

> NewsOnline Complaints
> to me
> Dear Mr MaybeaGoat
> Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have fixed the map on this story to show Egypt.
> Kind regards
> Middle East desk
> BBC News website

I am also in correspondence with 'Lucy Tristram Complaints Advisor, BBC Trust Unit' re a complaint of mine that was escalated to the BBC Trust.

I have also been in extensive correspondence with 'Tarik Kafala, Middle East editor, BBC News website' regarding several matters over the past few years.

I await your substantive response to my original email.

Kind regards

NotaSheep MaybeaGoat

PS: Newsonline, Lucy Tristram and Tarik Kafala all managed to reply to 'Mr MaybeaGoat', rather than 'Mr Goat', could you try and get that right as well.'

I await their reply...

Israel, the apartheid state?

The pageant winner in racist, apartheid minded, Zionist entity is Ytayash Ayato, born in Ethiopia, a Jew mind you.

Wednesday 27 February 2013

John O'Farrell tries to wriggle

Re. BrightonBomb: I wrote an honest memoir and volunteered this fleeting bad thought from 1984 to illustrate how hatred can poison politics -- John O'Farrell (@mrjohnofarrell)

The BBC obsfucating to protect a Labour candidate

The BBC's page on today's PMQs contains this:
Mr Cameron is on his feet and attacking Labour's candidate in Eastleigh, John O'Farrell, over comments he made about the IRA bomb attack at the Conservative Party conference in 1984 in Brighton.'
What did John O'Farrell actually say?
John O'Farrell wrote that he felt  a 'surge of excitement' when he heard of the attempted assassination in 1984 and was 'disappointed' the terrorists failed.

He asked himself repeatedly: 'Why did she have to leave the bathroom two minutes earlier?' The bathroom of Lady Thatcher's suite was wrecked in the explosion. She had been in it shortly before the bomb went off.'

So does Ed Miliband support John O'Farrell's sentiments now? Did he then?

Does this give you a clue?

Meanwhile 5 Live's Shelagh Fogarty is desperately trying to take attention away from Ed Miliband's woeful performance. It was refreshing to hear a non-Labour supporting voice as the journalist brought in to give an opinion on PMQs, somehow I doubt that the FT's Mr Parker will be invited back - very off BBC/Labour message especially with regard to the last Labour government's economic performance on debt.

Tuesday 26 February 2013

It's that time of year

Everywhere I go in London at the moment I am confronted by roadworks, I suppose it's that time of year when local councils highways departments work extra hard to spend all of their budget before the end of the financial year. That's one of the differences between the public and the private sector. In the private sector, departments try to cut expenditure and waste in order to increase profitability. In the public sector departments have to spend their whole budget so as to justify no reduction in budget next year.

How revealing

Overnight a Grad rocket fired from Gaza hit the Israeli town of Ashkelon. This has broken the ceasefire but what I found revealing is this tweet from AlQassam
Remember when such as Alquassam say 'occupied' they mean the whole of Israel. They don't want Israel to return to the 1967 'borders', they want no Israel.

Iran's Press TV  also report the story and the definition of occupied is obviously the same
'Two explosions have taken place near the city of Ashkelon in the south of the Occupied Palestinian Territories amid confrontations between Israeli forces and Palestinians over the death of a Palestinian prisoner in an Israeli jail.'

A reminder of why the Coalition government is in the problems it is

I am no Conservative supporter but Labour should be reminded of this every time they or their BBC allies try to push the narrative that the Conservatives are to blame for the UK's economic performance.

Monday 25 February 2013

Loss of UK’s AAA-rating will intensify the pressure on sterling | City A.M.

A seriously depressing article...

To anyone who still believes that it's not about Jews, it's about Israel.

I still hear people claiming that Islamists don't hate Jews because they are Jews but because of Israel. I have posted many articles that show how wrong this claim is, the most recent being this one entitled Jews -p "human pieces of filth"

Here's Hamas MP and Cleric Yunis al-Astal with his view on the Jews:
"It is well known tha the Jews are bent on spreading abomination, depravity, and all typesof corruption on the face of the Earth"
Watch the whole piece and then ponder why so many British MPs and ex-MPs openly support Hamas.

Remember also the words of Hamas Prime Minister Haniya:
"Resistance is our strategic choice and it will go on. We won’t recognize Israel and we won’t make any concession on any of our people’s legitimate rights, mainly the right of return"
Hamas won't recognise Israel's right to exist, wish to destroy Israel, create an Islamist state from the river (Jordan) to the (Mediterranean) sea and kill all Jews. So why do so many mostly Labour MPs and ex-MPs support Hamas?

No blogposts today

No blogposts today  - I just don't feel up to it.

Sunday 24 February 2013

Purim explained by black comedians

Puzzled by Purim? Black History Month has an alternative explanation...

The Muslim Brotherhood take a leaf out of the BBC's Jeremy Bowen's playbook

Last year Jeremy Bowen held a twitter Q&A  on Rosh Hashonah thus reducing almost to zero the chances of British Jews being able to take part. Today I learn that the Muslim Brotherhood have scheduled the second round of voting for the Egyptian Copts Easter Sunday

'Coptic activist, lawyer and president of the Egyptian Human Rights Union Naguib Gebrail has meanwhile spoken out against the choice of date itself. He said that the Muslim Brotherhood had found ''a new method'' to stop Egypt's Copts from voting, by calling for elections to be held on their Easter. April 28 is Palm Sunday for Egyptian Copts and their Easter will be on May 5, when the second round of voting is slated to be held in a number of voting districts including Cairo.

The decree for election day therefore violates ''human rights as concerns religious freedom'', Gebrail said. Egyptian coptic tycoon Naguib Sawiris also critized the decision.'
Egypt's Coptic Christians make up some 10% of the population of Egypt but since the Muslim Brotherhood came to power, they have been increasingly discriminated against and subject to violence from elements of the Muslim majority population.

I trust that the BBC will be giving this story due prominence... Nah only joking, Jeremy Bowen and the rest of the Middle East department aren't interested in stories that show Islam in a bad light. Now if Israel did something similar then that would be a cause for headlines and accusations of being an 'apartheid state'.

Conservatives go to war on 'bias’ at the BBC - Telegraph

'A bitter battle is breaking out between senior Cabinet ministers and the BBC, with claims that the corporation is "biased" and "too close to Labour". '
Finally some Conservatives have woken up, but it's too late to do anything about it. BBC propagandise and campaign for Labour and against Conservatives, for Palestinians and against Israel, for Barack Obama and against Republicans etc. The BBC has too much control over the media narrative, it should be broken up and licence fee made optional if they can't be unbiased.

More at The telegraph

Preparing for the fall of Jordan - Israel Opinion, Ynetnews

Odd that Jordan has a 70% Palestinian population, it's almost as though it was designed to be Palestinian state.
YNet has a very interesting article. The only trouble is that's pie in the sky stuff. The Palestinian leaders don't want peace with Israel, they don't want a two state solution. What they want is a Palestinian state from 'the river to the sea', and yes that does mean with no place for a Jewish state.

Saturday 23 February 2013

Separated at birth - England rugby union coach Stuart Lancaster & Brittas Empire/Red Dwarf actor Chris Barrie

Another two great songs ruined by some kids

One Direction's dire Comic Relief version of Blondie's 'One Way Or Another' segued with The Undertones 'Teenage Kicks'.

David Cameron you must remember the original versions, have you no standards?

Here's the original Blondie version of 'One Way Or Another'

And The Undertones original version of 'Teenage Kicks'

There's just no comparison with the anodyne, wimpy One Direction cover is there?

BBC News - UK's credit rating cut humiliating, Labour says

The BBC are acting as the Labour party's mouthpiece again today.

The news that Moodys has cut the UK credit rating from AAA to AA1 is headlined

Ratings cut humiliating, says Labour

and is accompanied by a long quote from Ed Balls that completely ignores Moodys analysis and reasons for cutting the UK's rating.

Contrary to the much repeated Labour/BBC line that George Osborne is cutting too fast and too deep, the credit ratings agency criticises George Osborne for the slower than expected 'pace' of 'deficit and debt-to-GDP reduction', for 'mounting debt levels' and the failure 'to reverse the debt trajectory' of the last Labour government (of which Ed Balls was a leading economic figure).

Why don't the BBC report and explain that? What reason is there other than that they actively support the Labour line?

Even more damning is the fact that Moodys threaten to downgrade Britain even further if the Chancellor shows any signs of a 'reduced political commitment to fiscal consolidation'.

The BBC and Labour, who are two sides of the same debased coin, cannot use the Moodys downgrade to attack George Osborne for cutting too fast and too deep, when Moodys warn against softening the UK's fiscal stance and prescribe more debt reduction.

The BBC's role in covering this news story exposes them once again as blatantly biased in favour of the Labour party. A strong Conservative Prime Minister would take action, unfortunately David Cameron is a liberal wimp.

Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)

I posted the Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel version on wednesday but have found some cover versions which I post here for your perusal

Duran Duran's 1982 live version - I'm not a fan of this very Duran Duran version

Erasure's version which is truer to the original but Andy Bell's voice just isn't on a par with Steve Harley's.

Suzi Quatro from 1977 - I like this version but then I always did have a thing for Suzi in my pre-teens.

The Wedding Present with a punkesque version form 1990 - I normally like punk versions of old tracks and this is no exception!

Which is your favourite?

Apparently there are 120 versions of Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) - are there any that you would recommend?

Seen in Eastleigh

Seen on the campaign trail in the Eastleigh by-election.

A solution to the menace of children on a plane

It could work!

Friday 22 February 2013

Principia Scientific Intl - Atmospheric CO2 Not Linked to Humans says Global and Planetary Journal

'The professor affirmed that the results were nonetheless conclusive: "changes in CO2 always lagging changes in temperature."


Changes in atmospheric CO2 are not tracking changes in human emissions.'

More here -

I await the BBC's coverage of this news...

PA TV removes terrorists' pictures from a video following PMW's exposure - PMW Bulletins

Shining a light on these scum can work.

Bright pupils 'falling two years behind peers in Far East' - Telegraph

'Bright schoolchildren from England are falling two years behind their peers in other countries by the end of secondary school, according to research.

Figures show that the cleverest pupils often match the best performers in leading Far Eastern nations by the age of 10 in mathematics but then start to lose ground.

By the time they reach 16, children are the equivalent of two years behind those in counties such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, it emerged.'


The dumbing down of education in England and Wales is a crime but so long as the Labour party is so intertwined with the teaching unions and the Conservative party is lead by a liberal, matters will not improve.

Where is the BBC coverage of this report?

Hagel Declined to Sign Schumer Letter in 2007 Asking Arab Allies to Recognize Israel

'Former Sen. Chuck Hagel declined to sign a letter circulated by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in 2007 calling upon then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to press Arab allies of the U.S. to recognize Israel's right to exist "and not use such recognition as a bargaining chip for future Israeli concessions." '
Also '... he failed to join 96 Senators in a critical pro-Israel letter to President Bill Clinton in 2000.'
Anybody in an doubt as to why Barack Hussein Obama chose Chuck Hagel as his Secretary for Defense?

Thursday 21 February 2013

No shit Sherlock of the year, decade...

Fatah official: "We have not abandoned armed struggle" -- CiF Watch (@CiFWatch)

Mother of 11 having £400k taxpayer-funded house built 'bought flying lessons for partner as Christmas gift' | Mail Online

Can you spell contraception? Having multiple children and raising them on the State's money should not be an option.

David Cameron attacks BBC over 'stupid' Eastleigh by-election coverage - Telegraph

If David Cameron had balls he'd take action over BBC's institutional bias against Conservative party. But he hasn't, so he won't.

George Galloway showing his true colours

George Galloway - "I don't debate with Israelis... I don't recognise Israel and I don't debate with Israelis"

My feelings about George Galloway are quite obvious and this incident really makes little difference to them, however hopefully it will show others the true George Galloway. A man who won't debate with Israelis but was happy to take the money and work for Iran's Press TV, supported Syria's President Assad and of course to assist Hamas.

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Number One in the UK 40 years ago

Sweet - Blockbuster - Possibly the most recognisable pop song intro ever?

40 years ago, god that makes me feel old. I remember this Top of the Pops appearance as if it was yesterday.

Number One in the UK 38 years ago

Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel - Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)

I love this song.

The one hundred and seventy seventh weekly "No shit, Sherlock" award

This week's award goes to the BBC's Andrew Neil for this tweet:
'Coal + nuclear today providing 40% & 17% electricity. Both being phased out fast. Wind? A mere 0.3%. Are we heading for brown or black outs? -- Andrew Neil  (@afneil)'
I've been predicting this electricity generation shortage for quite a while now. Which is why I find it shocking that so many journalists are only just starting to wonder what the future holds for us.

Heading for brown or black outs - "No shit, Sherlock"

The BBC's Mark Easton asks 'Why have the white British left London?'

Do read Mark Easton's piece all the way through but after reporting the headline news that:
'Something quite remarkable happened in London in the first decade of the new millennium. The number of white British people in the capital fell by 620,000 - equivalent to the entire population of Glasgow moving out.'
 Mark Easton concludes that 'It is a story of aspiration. It is a story of success'

Anybody care to fisk Mark Easton's article, I just don't have the time today?

David Cameron hits back at Johnny Marr

Yesterday I blogged about Johnny Marr's lefty intolerance and the BBC's eagerness to report it as a way of denigrating David Cameron. I hear that David Cameron who is on a visit to India has also responded:
"I've now got Johnny Marr and other members of the band saying I'm not able to listen to the The Smiths... I'm afraid, I will go on and listen to The Smiths."
That David Cameron, he may not stand up to the EU, the Chinese or world dictators but when it comes to taking a firm line with 1980s musos, he's your man.

Tuesday 19 February 2013

The BBC and the Palestinian hunger strikers

This BBC article about the Palestinian hunger strikers raised two questions in my mind.

First, what is the definition of a hunger strike lasting 200 days? Even the BBC have to report that:
'Mr Issawi launched a hunger strike in August, but the the BBC understands that at points during the 200 odd days he has broken off his hunger strike for short periods only to resume it again.'
Hmm, in which case I have been on hunger  strike for almost a year now, only breaking it for three meals a day and never overnight.

Second, nowhere in the article does it say why the hunger strikers were originally in prison. The BBC do manage this:
'Two of the detainees, Ayman Sharawna and Samer Issawi, were released in October 2011 as part of a prisoner exchange deal that led to the freeing by Hamas of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.'
So Samer Issawi had been imprisoned before, but no mentipon of why. It is my understanding that Mr Issawi was convicted of firing gun at civilian vehicles, firing AK47 at civilian buses, manufacturing & distributing pipe bombs for attacking Israeli civilians. Now why would the BBC not want to report those facts?

What a shock!

I have had a response to my complaint to the BBC Trust. It's a long one and I will take my team reading it and no doubt fisking it BUT here's the summary:
'I am sorry to send a disappointing response, but I do not believe your appeal should be put in front of Trustees.'
Quelle surprise.

The BBC, any excuse to criticise David Cameron - and a fine example of the tolerance of the left

The BBC have found another excuse to remind us of Johnny Marr's petulant forbidding of David Cameron from liking The Smiths' music. This time it's Johnny Marrs 50th birthday:
'Johnny Marr was only 23 when he left The Smiths in 1987. Now in the year when he turns 50, he is releasing his debut solo album "The Messenger".

In between times, he has had spells in Talking Heads, The Pretenders and The The.

In 2007 he had his first ever US number one album after joining US indie group Modest Mouse.

Johnny Marr told the BBC's arts correspondent Colin Paterson about why he has now decided to go solo - and admitted that he is still angry David Cameron picked The Smiths on Desert Island Discs.'
The BBC's always attacking the Conservatives attitude is finely displayed there as a Dessert Island Discs apearance from 2006 by David Cameron has to be brought up as a chance to denigrate the Prime Minister.

My message to Johnny Marr is this - I loved your music when I was a teenager and I love it still. Most of my views make David Cameron look like the liberal that he is and if you want to 'forbid' me from liking The Smiths go right ahead, I'll treat your order with the respect it deserves.

Now I think I'll put a Smiths cd on as I drive to work in my petrol guzzling car, to work at a capitalist company before lunching on the rarest steak that I can find. Because that's what liberty is about - freedom. Freedom from left wing revolutionaries telling me what to do.Hopefully before too long also freedom from ending the BBC's relentless pumping of left-wing propaganda into the UK's collective mind.

The BBC and the terrorists in Southern Thailand

The Islamic terrorists in Southern Thailand havde been responsible for the deaths of over 5,000 people since their insurgency restarted in earnest in 2004. How much have you heard of this Islamist insurrection on the BBC? I finally found a BBC video report on the insurgency, do go and watch the video and read the summary text:
'Following the deaths of 16 insurgents in Thailand in a failed attack on a Thai marine base, the BBC's Jonathan Head speaks to some of the insurgents' bereaved families.

The deaths are the largest loss of life the separatist movement has suffered, since it restarted its campaign for an independent Islamic state, nine years ago.'
No mention of those killed by the Muslim insurgents, just an attempt to raise sympathy for the insurgents' families.

The BBC's almost symbiotic relationship with Islamic terrorism is frankly disturbing.

Monday 18 February 2013

Can you spot the missing point?

This BBC report I have quoted in full, can you spot the question that just isn't being asked?

'A solicitor has been jailed for 10 years at the Old Bailey for running an immigration sham marriage scam.

Tevfick Souleiman and immigration advisers Cenk Guclu and Furrah Kosimov were found guilty of conspiracy to breach immigration law last week.

Souleiman, from Hatfield, and Guclu, from Enfield, were also convicted of receiving proceeds of crime.

Kosimov, 29, from Wembley, was also convicted of money laundering.

He was found guilty in his absence as he is believed to have fled to his native Uzbekistan.

Guclu, 41, of Enfield, and Kosimov, were jailed for nine years.

Souleiman, 39, was told he had let down his profession and destroyed the trust placed in lawyers.

Judge John Bevan said members of Souleiman GA solicitors had run a "conveyor belt" of brides being flown in from eastern European countries.

They would marry men they had never met from non-EU countries and be flown out the next day after being paid by the north London firm.

Another of the firm's immigration advisers, Zafer Altinbas, 38, of Islington, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to breach immigration law and receiving money from the proceeds of crime as the trial started.

He was jailed for six years and nine months.

Judge Bevan said it would be hard to find a similar scam of the same scale and sophistication.

He added: "A heavy responsibility for upholding the law rests with the lawyers.

"If the public cannot trust them, who can they trust. You have destroyed that trust by driving a coach and horses through these rules."

An estimated 1,800 men, including members of the Albanian mafia, were able to live in Britain by taking part in sham marriages over eight years.

Women from eastern European countries were flown to Britain to marry men from outside the EU.
They turned up at register offices having never met, and were sometimes unable to speak a common language.

Men would pay up to £14,000 to Souleiman GA Solicitors for a marriage package.

This would include fake tenancy agreements, employer's references and forged documents.

Clients would travel from as far as Devon and Scotland and marriages would take place in a number
of registrars' offices.

Only £2m of unexplained income had been found in bank accounts. The rest is thought to have been
smuggled out of the country.

The racket was uncovered after British police cracked an Albanian drugs and money laundering gang in London.

The brothers at the head had undergone marriages arranged by the firm.'

Spotted it?
 'An estimated 1,800 men, including members of the Albanian mafia, were able to live in Britain by taking part in sham marriages over eight years.'

The question - have any of these 1,800 men who should have no legal right to be in the UK been deported? I think I know I know the answer to that question.

Anjem Choudary speaks

On Sunday The Sun reported thus:
'SCROUNGING hate preacher Anjem Choudary has told fanatics to copy him by going on benefits — urging: “Claim your Jihad Seeker’s Allowance.” 

He cruelly ridiculed non-Muslims who held down 9-to-5 jobs all their lives and said sponging off them made plotting holy war easier.

The Sun secretly filmed him over three meetings also saying leaders such as David Cameron and Barack Obama should be KILLED, grinning as he branded the Queen “ugly” and predicting a “tsunami” of Islamic immigrants would sweep Europe.


People will say, ‘Ah, but you are not working’.

“But the normal situation is for you to take money from the kuffar.

“So we take Jihad Seeker’s Allowance. You need to get support.”

Figures obtained by The Sun in 2010 showed the extremist cleric received £15,600 a year in housing benefit to keep him in a £320,000 house in Leytonstone, East London.

He also got £1,820 council tax allowance, £5,200 income support and £3,120 child benefits — equivalent to a taxed salary of £32,500.

In another bile-filled rant, the scrounger said Mr Cameron, Mr Obama and the leaders of Pakistan and Egypt were the shaitan (devil).

He added: “What ultimately do we want to happen to them? Maybe I’m the only one who wants the shaitan to be killed. The shaitan should be finished. There should be no shaitan.

 “All should be obedience to Allah, or you have no right to call yourself Muslim.” At a three-hour meeting in a community centre in Bethnal Green, East London, he insisted it was wrong to deny any aspect of Islam — including jihad or ultra-strict sharia law.

He told a 30-strong crowd: “We are going to take England — the Muslims are coming.”

He gloated that the 9/11 terror attacks “shook the enemy” and claimed white supremacists wished they had the “fortitude” to fly planes into buildings. He went on to proclaim: “You must hate in your heart — Cameron, Obama, all that they worship.


At the third meeting we infiltrated, again in Slough, he insisted Islam was taking over Europe.

He said: “Now we are taking over Birmingham and populating it.

“Brussels is 30 per cent, 40 per cent Muslim and Amsterdam. Bradford is 17 per cent Muslim.

“These people are like a tsunami going across Europe. And over here we’re just relaxing, taking over Bradford brother. The reality is changing.”'

 Here's Anjem Choudary on Iain Dale's LBC Radio Show

Do listen to him, denying that he said that what he was acused of.

I've blogged about Anjem Choudary before, here's some examples I've posted overthe last few years of him saying similar or worse.

From 2008
'"It is our religious obligation to prepare ourselves both physically and mentally and rise up against Muslim oppression and take what is rightfully ours," he said. "Jihad is a duty and a struggle and an obligation that lies upon the shoulders of us all. We will not rest until the flag of Allah and the flag of Islam is raised above 10 Downing Street."

To loud cheers of "Allah Akbar" [God is great], he railed: "There are three types of Muslims, those in prison, those of us that are on our way [to prison] and non-practising Muslims. Brothers and sisters, if you do not fear your home being raided by the Kufar [non-believer] police, you are not enforcing the Sharia."

He added: "As Muslims, we will not submit to any man-made law, any government, or any prime minister - Bush or Brown - or [to] Jacqui Smith. We submit to Allah."'

From 2009
'... many Islamic scholars believe that (as Anjum Chaudri said):
"When we say innocent people we mean Muslims, as far as non-Muslims are concerned they have not accepted Islam and as far as we are concerned that is a crime against God... As far as Muslims are concerned, you are innocent if you are a Muslim, then you are innocent in the eyes of God. If you are a non-Muslim then you are guilty of not believing in God... I must have hatred to anything that is not Islam"

Do you hear that? Do you understand what that means?

From 2010:
'"I warn Belgium. When the burqa ban is maintained, that will be a path that will lead straight to violence." Anjem Choudary, leader of the in England banned Islam4UK, sounded very threatening in Antwerp. "We will only rest when the flag of Islam flies everywhere."
The words of Anjem Choudary who was in Belgium on Saturday, May 22, at the invitation of the organization Sharia4Belgium. You can read more here, but here's another extract:
'The message at the press conference was clear: the Western society must disappear and give way to the supremacy of Islam. “Your freedom and democracy belong in the garbage can,” Sayef ul Islam said, who calls himself “an English teacher”. […]

Not just Abu Imran spoke, but also Choudary and a further unknown Sayef ul Islam, who calls himself “an English teacher”. Sitting in the room were a dozen young Muslims from different countries, who occasionally let it be known that they fully supported the messages.

“I have a warning for Belgium,” Choudary said. “If you take away our sisters’ burqas, you walk a path that will lead to a physical confrontation. I like to be clear. Then afterwards nobody may say he was not warned. We are not like the Christians. If someone hits us, then we do not offer our other cheek.”

But to him it was not only about the burqa in Belgium, or about the ban on minarets in Switzerland. His ambitions reach much further. “We will continue until the flag of Islam flies over Europe.”''

Also from 2010
'How about Anjem Choudary explaining how Islam will take over the UK.
"Who else has the ideology and belief to overthrow any government?"

"Nobody has this agenda on them, to implement the Sharia to remove regimes, only Muslims"

"There are three types of Muslims: those who are in prison, those on their way to prison and those that are not practising. Really if you abide by the Sharia and live your life, you're in one of those categories - one of the first two - otherwise you are doing something wrong"'

 From 2011

'Anjem Choudary speaks and his speech is analysed by Sean Hannity & Brigitte Gabriel. The key point made is on the subject of who is 'innocent'. I have covered this subject before, here is one recent post and here is another Anjem Choudary quotation on this subject:

"When we say innocent people we mean Muslims, as far as non-Muslims are concerned they have not accepted Islam and as far as we are concerned that is a crime against God... As far as Muslims are concerned, you are innocent if you are a Muslim, then you are innocent in the eyes of God. If you are a non-Muslim then you are guilty of not believing in God... I must have hatred to anything that is not Islam"

I just don't understand why people rather than listening to what they want to hear when these Islamist radicals speak, don't rather listen to what they actually say and mean.

Thanks to EmunaDate for the video spot.'

From 2012
'I have blogged about Anjem Choudary previously but yesterday I was alerted to his Twitter account. What a lovely chap Anjem Choudary is...

Here is one of his Tweets to give you a flavour of the man , in his own words, and to show off his sunny disposition and live & let live attitude:

I am sure you know the tale of Salman Rushdie and the fatwa issued against him. Just in case you do not know who Theo van Gogh was, I will tell you. Theo van Gogh was the Dutch filmmaker who was violently murdered by an Islamist because he made a film that Islamists found offensive. Here's how he died and who killed him:
'At approximately 8:45 a.m. on November 2, 2004, an unknown assailant dressed in a traditional Moroccan “djelleba,” brutally attacked Theo outside of a city council building as he bicycled to work in central Amsterdam. The attacker shot Theo Van Gogh and stabbed him repeatedly in the chest, callously disregarding his victim’s pleas for mercy. Despite his life-threatening injuries, Theo was able to gain enough momentum to stumble to the other side of the street but by the time he made his way across, his attacker shot and stabbed him again. He then slit Theo’s throat with a butcher knife as onlookers gasped in sheer horror.

In a final assault against his victim the attacker lodged his knife, which had a letter attached to it, into Theo’s chest. The assassin then ran off through the neighborhood and into the nearby Oosterpark, where he and police exchanged gunfire. During the shootout, a motorcycle police officer and an eyewitness were seriously wounded.

Just as Theo’s murderer exited the other side of the park, the police caught up with him and shot him in the leg. He was immediately arrested and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of his wounds. The attacker was eventually identified as 26-year-old Mohammed Bouyeri, an Islamic extremist with dual Dutch and Moroccan nationalities who was believed to have links with other Islamic militant groups. Investigators revealed that Bouyeri’s motivation to kill was likely sparked by the movie Submission and further aggravated by his hate of the western world and those who refused to accept Islamic values. '
What does Anjem Choudary mean by the comment "Why don't they take a lesson from Theo Van Gogh & Salman Rushdie?" Is he suggesting that people who are not respectful enough of Islam deserve to die or live in fear of death forever?'

Also from 2012

Anjem Choudary launched a new campaign today - Shariah4hind and apart from a welcome use of the word 'verily' it was rather a sad affair. Apart from claiming that Islam was the 'oldest religion on the earth' a claim that is demonstrably wrong and a claim that I did tweet a couple of replies to but I think Anjem Choudary may have blocked me; Anjem Choudary seems a tad reluctant to listen to the truth. It is odd that he doesn't block those who tweet insults and Islamophobic venom but does block someone who tweets logic and the truth.

So Anjem Choudary care to take back your original tweet?

I also tweeted this...
and it something that I have mentioned before on this blog. India was partitioned and the part that was made into Pakistan is now almost 100% Islamic whilst India is a pluralistic democracy. The parallels between India and Israel just become more obvious by the day.'

Finally from 2012

'“About 500 people in Britain become Muslim every day. “The Home Office say there are 1.5million Muslims but there were 1.5million ten years ago. Since then our brothers in Bethnal Green, Whitechapel and other places have had eight or nine children each. Eight children here, ten children, 15 children. There must be at least six million people. ... It may be by pure conversion that Britain will become an Islamic state. We may never need to conquer it from the outside.”
What a delight Anjem Choudary is... Thanks to The Sun for providingthe video and the transcription.'

So what do you think of Anjem Choudary?

Richard Briers R.I.P.

I was saddened to hear of the death of Richard Briers today. As regular readers of this blog will know, I am quite a fan of The Good Life, the sitcom that first brought Richard Briers to my attention.

Admittedly I have concentrated previously here more upon some of the attributes of Felicity Kendall rather than Richard Briers but I was still a fan of his. What shocked me was that in the first episode Richard Briers was portraying a man of just 40, at the time I thought he was much older; now not so much - tempus fugit.

Here's the first eight and a half minutes of the very first episode of The Good Life

I've posted the following advert before, it's of a Polaroid advert and just reeks of the 1970s

And yes although I have previously concentrated upon Felicity Kendal's part in this clip, Richard Briers shows fine comedic acting skills (his timing is wonderful). The highlight of the scene is at around 2:57

Richard Briers you gave me, and others, much pleasure over the years, I hope it was a Good Life.

But Israel is an apartheid state?

The Washington Post reports that:
'An Iranian newspaper is reporting that government authorities are confiscating Buddha statues from shops in Tehran to stop the promotion of Buddhism in the country.

Sunday’s report by the independent Arman daily quotes Saeed Jaberi Ansari, an official for the protection of Iran’s cultural heritage, as saying that authorities will not permit a specific belief to be promoted through such statues.'
Anything on the BBC yet?  Would there be if this was Israel taking such action, rather than Iran?

John O'Farrell was sorry that the Brighton bomb didn't kill Margaret Thatcher. Was his disappointment eased by the injuries incurred by my wife? – Telegraph Blogs

Norman Tebbit poses a good question, one that Ed Miliband will surely fail to address.
 'John O'Farrell was sorry that the Brighton bomb didn't kill Margaret Thatcher. Was his disappointment eased by the injuries incurred by my wife?'
So come on Ed Miliband where do you stand on prospective Labour MPs being on record stating that they previously wished Lady Thatcher dead?

Does this photo give us a clue?

Hamas Destroys 75 Homes of Pro-Fatah Clan | United with Israel

'Hamas has ordered the demolition of 75 homes belonging to the Fatah-affiliated Abu Amrah clan in a Gaza City neighborhood.Members of the Abu Amrah clan have protested this decision at the offices of the Palestinian Legislative Council. According to Abu Salah Abu Amrah, "We are refugees and we have been living in this area for tens of years." Another resident, Hazim Abu Hmeid, claimed, "When our children come back from school, they will not know where to go because by the time they arrive, their houses will have disappeared. The only place they will have is the street in this cold winter time."'
More here -

The BBC anti Israel department (otherwise known as Middle East department)  would be all over this story if it was Israel destroying Palestinian homes. But as it's Hamas, not a word. Now do you understand why I know the BBC is biased against Israel?

Any comment Jeremy Bowen, Jon Donnison etc.?

Backpacker survives six weeks in Australia

'BRITISH 18-year-old Stephen Malley has managed to survive for six weeks in the heart of Sydney.  

Starved of culture and self-deprecation, Malley was forced to drink his own urine rather than sweet, fizzy lager.

He said: “Neighbours and Home and Away can’t prepare you for the reality of the situation.
“Everyone here is so relentlessly cheerful.”'

 Lovely satire...

Thanks to The Daily Mash

Sunday 17 February 2013

Jewish Fruit Bad, Islamist Nuts Good – University of York | Stand for Peace

'The Costcutter supermarket at the University of York has initiated a boycott of Israeli goods, following a campaign by a newly formed student group, the Palestinian Solidarity Society (PSS). The first product to be taken off the shelves has been Jaffa oranges, as reported by York student newspaper Nouse.

The boycott is the latest step in a campaign by extremist groups to boycott Jewish and Israeli goods.

But as StandforPeace has discovered, the agenda behind the decision to stop stocking Israeli products has strongly anti-Jewish overtones. Whilst Costcutter is happy to ban Jewish goods, it continues to sell Iranian pistachios – an industry that, unlike businesses in Israel, is closely connected to the government.'

Stand for Peace reported the above.

As I keep on telling you, it's not about Israel it's about Jews.

Now do you understand why BBC's coverage of NHS deaths was so minimal?

'Former Health Secretaries Andy Burnham and Alan Johnson ignored 81 requests for a public inquiry into Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust in the two years after it was first warned of poor NHS care, it has emerged.

Andy Burnham and Alan Johnson, two former Health Secretaries, turned down dozens of requests for public inquiries into the Mid-Staffordshire scandal, including 20 from fellow MPs.'
The Telegraph reports the above.

The BBC's coverage of NHS deaths was minimal & so quickly relegated to other news, that I was pretty sure there was a reason beyond lefty NHS worship. It seems that there might well be.

Somehow I doubt that the BBC will report the above news unless they are forced to by events and even then they'll find a way to protect their Labour friends.

My disappointment Mrs Thatcher didn't die in the Brighton bomb - by Labour's Eastleigh candidate | Mail Online

'The Labour candidate in the crucial Eastleigh by-election said he wished Margaret Thatcher had been murdered in the IRA attack on Brighton's Grand Hotel.

Left-winger John O'Farrell felt  a 'surge of excitement' when he heard of the attempted assassination in 1984 and was 'disappointed' the terrorists failed.

He asked himself repeatedly: 'Why did she have to leave the bathroom two minutes earlier?' The bathroom of Lady Thatcher's suite was wrecked in the explosion. She had been in it shortly before the bomb went off.'

More in The Mail

I have John O'Farrell's book. It's quite well written but reeks of student lefty thought. I expect Ed Miliband's autobiography will read similarly. Except Ed Miliband he was happy to pose smiling next to this pleasant chap in this offensive t-shirt.

 Any comments Ed Miliband?

Coca Cola or Pepsi?

The unaired Superbowl advert

Coca Cola or Pepsi?

... Or Sodastream

Editorial: Global Warming Consensus Looking More Like A Myth | Climate Realists

'The global warming alarmists repeat the line endlessly. They claim that there is a consensus among scientists that man is causing climate change. Fact is, they're not even close.

Yes, many climate scientists believe that emissions of greenhouse gases are heating the earth. Of course there are some who don't.

But when confining the question to geoscientists and engineers, it turns out that only 36% believe that human activities are causing Earth's climate to warm.'

I await the BBC's coverage of this story!  Still waiting...


'No other culture in Europe is quite so enamoured by such a false notion of difference".'
Is Nick Clegg more loyal to EU than UK? If so is that because of his EU pension?

Thatcher's the best! New poll names ex-Tory leader as greatest prime minister - The Commentator

'The poll asked members of the British public: "In your opinion, is David Cameron a better or worse Prime Minister than —?" and named each of the prime ministers since Harold Wilson.
Embarrassingly, though not unpredictably, the last Labour leader, Gordon Brown, scored -17 points, coming last behind John Major and James Callaghan.'
The Commentator has the details.

VIDEO: Tech author slams BBC for "irresponsible... crap" - The Commentator

Saturday 16 February 2013

Israel Matzav: Soccer Dad's Middle East Media Sampler

Jimmy Savile report: Whitewash fears as BBC is accused of cutting criticism | Mail Online

'Fears of a BBC whitewash over the Jimmy Savile scandal grew last night amid claims 'key criticisms' have been 'gutted' for 'legal reasons' from a review of its handling of the affair.
Corporation chiefs are planning to release thousands of pages of evidence given to former Sky News boss Nick Pollard – who oversaw an independent inquiry into why a Newsnight investigation into the late entertainer's paedophile past was shelved.
But last night a source claimed 'heavy redactions' have been made to critical comments about BBC bosses. They added that it no longer gave 'an honest picture'.'

The BBC and openness are not good bedfellows.

Jews - "human pieces of filth"

More clips of Muslim leaders religious and secular decribing Jews as "human pieces of filth", as "the scum of mankind", as "satan in human form", of course as "the offspring of apes and pigs" and so on.

Particularly revealing is the segment from 13:30 to 16:46, how terrible a slur to call someone in Egypt - Jewish.

Racism and anti-Semitism are rife across the Muslim Middle East not that you'd know if it from the coverage of the BBC for whom Israel is the problem and Islam the solution.

Using Documentary as Manipulation: The Dishonesty of ‘The Gatekeepers'

FIFA's Double-Standard Against Israel - Op-Eds - Israel National News

'A simple review of the facts: A handful of fans of the only Israeli soccer team which didn’t have a Muslim player protested and yelled about the new Muslim players as the media reported these activities as racist. The highest echelons of the Israeli government made clear these were unsanctioned acts. The Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat ,said police would take "a heavy hand to put an end to this issue” and indeed multiple fans have been arrested.

None other than Prime Minister Netanyahu said: “We must not tolerate racism of this kind. The Jewish people specifically, who suffered boycotts and ostracism, must serve as a light unto the nations."
These are isolated incidents which have been absurdly blown out of proportion. The New York Times ran two major stories on this issue – and countless other media outlets used it as their latest opportunity to bash Israel.

Meanwhile, this week there’s a deafening silence - excepting  Arutz Sheva -  as Israeli soccer star Itay Schechter, who plays for Swansea City, wasn’t allowed entry to Dubai for a training session as the United Arab Emirates does not recognize the state of Israel’s right to exist. Were he to enter the country, he would have been arrested and deported.
The UAE government is silent and so too is the media.

And as the media ignores the issue, so too does the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the International governing body of soccer. Reviewing FIFA’s website, one can read:
"FIFA recognizes its responsibility to lead the way in abolishing all forms of discrimination in football."
Article 3 of the FIFA Statutes states: “Discrimination of any kind against a country, private person or group of people on account of ethnic origin, gender, language, religion, politics or any other reason is strictly prohibited and punishable by suspension or expulsion.”

Of course, it’s a complete farce, as Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup where Israelis also aren’t permitted to enter.'

How relentless Andrew Neil carved up Ed Davey on the Sunday Politics show | CYBERBORISjohnson

Most Arctic Ice Gain Ever Recorded | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) reports that :
'With a few weeks of growth still to occur, the Arctic has blown away the previous record for ice gain this winter. This is only the third winter in history when more than 10 million km² of new ice has formed.'
I await the BBC's coverage of this story. Sorry, who am I kidding; the BBC will either not report this news or will hide it away, there's a narrative to spread and inconvenient facts must be ignored.

Friday 15 February 2013

Democracy in Palestinian Territories

'President Abbas's term ended four years ago. He has clung to power as an unelected autocrat for nearly half a decade.'

Ask yourself, when was the last time that one of the BBC's Midde East 'journalists' (especially Jeremy Al-Bowen or Jon Donison) reported this news? Can't remember; now why might that be?

NYT: Palestine's Democratic Deficit

Free speech in Palestinian Territories example 1
'LAST week, a 26-year-old Palestinian activist, Anas Awwad, was sentenced in absentia by a court in Nablus, the West Bank, to one year in prison for "extending his tongue" against the Palestinian Authority's president, Mahmoud Abbas, on Facebook. Thousands have joined a Facebook group to show their solidarity with Mr. Awwad, but the damage has been done. Free speech has been set back, and a chill sent throughout Palestinian society.'

Peer-Reviewed Survey Finds Majority Of Scientists Skeptical Of Global Warming Crisis - Forbes

'Only 36 percent of geoscientists and engineers believe that humans are creating a global warming crisis, according to a survey reported in the peer-reviewed Organization Studies
. By contrast, a strong majority of the 1,077 respondents believe that nature is the primary cause of recent global warming and/or that future global warming will not be a very serious problem.'
Here's the report.

I won't hold my breath waiting for the BBC to cover this story.

Looks like the asteroid missed

Asteroid 2012 DA14 has safely passed by Earth, according to NASA. The closest approach was 17,500 miles above Indonesia.

"It has passed closest approach and this asteroid is going away," said Paul Chodus of the Near Earth Object team.

The asteroid is estimated to be about 150 feet (45 meters) across with an estimated mass of 130,000 metric tons. Its flyby was the closest ever for an object this large, according to NASA.

Looks like I was wrong...

More video of that Russian meteor

Seriously scary!

"Oh, they don’t always get to ride the roller coaster. Sometimes they only get to spin the teacups"

One of my favourite Big Bang Theory lines, in context...
Mrs Cooper: I hear that Leonard has a new girlfriend. How are you doing with all that?
Penny: Oh, fine. You know, it’s been a while. I’m getting back out there.
Mrs Cooper: Let me ask you, when you get back out there, are you wearing this? (Holds up a skimpy top)
Penny: Well, it’s super cute on. That top has paid for itself in free drinks like ten times what it cost.
Sheldon: Yes, Penny has a lot of her money tied up in promiscuity futures.
Mrs Cooper: Hon, you think maybe the reason why you’re having trouble finding a guy to settle down with is because you’re letting them ride the roller coaster without buying a ticket?
Penny: Oh, they don’t always get to ride the roller coaster. Sometimes they only get to spin the teacups. Now I’m going out tonight. Would it be crazy to ask you to look at the outfit I’m going to wear?
Mrs Cooper: Oh, not crazy at all. And don’t beat yourself up. When I was your age, you could have me for a car ride and a bottle of strawberry wine.

Marks and Spencer have a sense of humour, or maybe just coincidence?


Blood libels and the BBC

Following the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, some two years ago, the BBC published an article entitled What does 'blood libel' mean. It's quite a long piece and mainly concerned with rubbishing Sarah Palin, but it does include some interesting parts. There's this piece on the history of the 'blood libel' and why it's fallacious:
'The allegations behind blood libel originate in the Middle Ages when Jews were falsely accused of ritualised murder, in particular the murder of children. The allegations were used to justify violence against Jews.

Amy Spitalnick, press secretary for the progressive pro-Israel group J Street, says the term invokes some of the worst accusations that have been made against Jews.

"Essentially it implies that Jews murder Christian and non-Jewish children to use their blood in Jewish rituals and holidays," Ms Spitalnick told the BBC.

"At one point it was tied in with Passover. Using the term would imply the using of non-Jewish blood for the baking of Matzah."

Blood libel myths run counter to Jewish theology which prohibits murder.

The Torah also forbids the consumption of animal blood - Kosher meat is drained of blood. Many Jewish scholars interpret the relevant Torah passage to also proscribe human blood.

A representative for the Center for Jewish History in New York referred the BBC to the definition of blood libel in the Encyclopaedia Judaica.

That reference work says that in addition to the accusations of murder, blood libel may connote "another form of the belief that Jews had been and still were responsible for the passion and crucifixion of Jesus Christ" and "popular beliefs about the murder-lust of the Jews and their bloodthirstiness, based on the conception that Jews hate Christianity and mankind in general".'

And this piece on the English history of the 'blood libel'
'One of the earliest European versions of the blood libel story occurred in 12th Century England.

A dangerous, unfounded rumour that Jews had kidnapped a 12-year-old Christian boy, William of Norwich, and stabbed his head to simulate Jesus's crown of thorns was used to justify persecution of Jews.

While the Norwich account does not contain the element of the draining of blood and its ritual use, some experts suggest it is a story of the same type and generally seen as the entry point into England for such accusations.

Decades later, Pope Innocent IV launched an investigation into the claims, which eventually declared them false.

The blood myths persisted however, and were at times used to incite pogroms, or anti-Jewish riots.
In 1840, the disappearance of French Franciscan priest Father Thomas and his servant in Damascus, Syria, was blamed on the city's Jews.

Authorities helped perpetuate allegations that the priest was used in a ritual sacrifice. At least 13 Jews were incarcerated and probably tortured over the disappearance; four died.

The incident sparked an international backlash for both sides. American Jews staged protests, while some scholars claim it bolstered anti-Semitic attitudes in Europe and the Middle East.

During the 1930s, Nazi propaganda periodically explored accusations of Jewish ritual murder.'
Oddly after the reference to the Nazis there are no further references to the 'blood libel' in this BBC article. I say odd because as I am sure the BBC would have discovered, had they been interested in the true causes of Muslim hatred of Jews,  that the 'blood libel' lives on in many parts of the Muslim Middle East.

Here's some examples that the BBC will continue to ignore as they push the narrative of an evil, illegal Israel oppressing good, kind Muslims.

The BBC protecting Islam from criticism and if a few Jews feel insulted or are killed by 'agrieved' Islamist 'militants' then that's just too bad.

Russian meteor shower video - blimey

Now here's a story that doesn't fit the BBC narrative of Israel blockading Gaza and so won't be covered by the BBC

My campaign to get the BBC to acknowledge that Gaza has a land border with Egypt as well as Israel and therefore if Israel is blockading Gaza, so is Egypt has had the occasional victory. The most satisfying being detailed here.

The BBC's continued pushing of the narrative that Israel is blockading Gaza, that Israel controls entry to and exit from Gaza when in fact there is a long land border between Gaza and Egypt, means that such stories as the following are usually not reported on the BBC.

The Jerusalem Post reports that:
'Egyptian forces have flooded smuggling tunnels under the border with the Palestinian-ruled Gaza Strip in a campaign to shut them down, Egyptian and Palestinian officials said.'
Any interest Jeremy Bowen, Jon Donnison etc.?

IF asteroid 2012 DA14 was going to hit the Earth would they tell us?

Asteroid 2012 DA14 is going to pass very close to the Earth, coming within the Moon's orbit indeed.

We are assured that there is no chance of asteroid 2012 DA14 hitting either the Earth or the Moon, its track has been calculated very accurately.

This is almost certainly true, but ask yourself this: if asteroid 2012 DA14 was going to hit the Earth would they tell us?

Imagine the panic, the rioting, the destruction. Would world governments accept that or would world leaders just disappear into their nuclear war bunkers and sit and wait it out?

If you are worried about the veracity of the assurances we are being given, then just keep an eye on where world leaders are from around 19:00 GMT today...

The Obama Diary shows Barack Obama on Central Time (six hours behind GMT) with free time during the asteroid's near miss:
1:10: Arrives Chicago
2:45: Delivers remarks at Hyde Park Academy
Anybody know where the nearest nuclear bunker to Chicago is?

Interesting; and maybe worrying?

The Dreyfus Affair Of Our Age | Standpoint

Fascinating article...
'Just as the enemies of Dreyfus anticipated fascism, the left-wing intellectuals who went for Rushdie in 1989 anticipated a future when many on the Left would be happy to go along with reactionary and obscurantist forces as long as they were anti-Western. Had it not been for Khomeini's incitements to murder in 1989, wrote the constantly shallow and occasionally sinisterIndependent columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in 1994, "the world would be hurtling, unchallenged, towards the inalienable right to wear blue jeans and eat McDonald's hamburgers". Many on the Left would concede acres of ground to avoid that appalling fate. Social democratic politicians with large numbers of ethnic minority voters, meanwhile made an equally debased calculation, and are still making it today.'

Iain Dale - a sensitive soul

Yesterday I posted this light-hearted post about Iain Dale's Talk Radio Top Totty List 2013.

So I was surprised to receive two comments from Iain Dale which were singularly lacking in humour. They and my response follow:

Blogger Iain Dale said...
It was a bit of fun. And how was it slightly sexist, pray tell?!
14 February 2013 19:33
Blogger Iain Dale said...
How was it slightly sexist?
14 February 2013 19:34
Blogger Not a sheep said...
Really Iain? I post all sorts of interesting and relevant things on my blog, as well as some lighter stuff, and the only time you feel moved to post a comment it's because I labelled MY post, not YOURS 'slightly sexist'.

You may note that, unlike you, I only included women in my 'talent' list. That I thought was 'slightly sexist' compared to yours.

15 February 2013 08:07
Sensitive soul for a prospective MP, turned serious radio presenter.


Thursday 14 February 2013

How hard can you squeeze? No just the ladies... probably NSFW

The Hammer is a prototype test-your-strength game that’s an insertable, muscle-controlled, light-up dildo.

Valentines Day evening: the image and the reality


For the women on Valentine's Day

For the women on Valentine's Day. No, not a picture of me in my naked glory but this venn diagram, would you agree?

I would fit into the 'nerd' sector, how about you?

If only I was more handsome... Except I don't do gay, sorry guys.

The BBC pushing the Labour line whilst ignoring history

The horsemeat purporting to be beef saga is still the headline news on the BBC, well it serves the purpose of keeping the news that the NHS killed thousands of people off of the front page. The BBC's latest piece is headlined 'Horsemeat scandal: Government 'flat-footed' over crisis' and includes the following:
'The government's response to the horsemeat scandal has been criticised as "flat-footed" by a group of MPs.

They have called for greater testing of products to reassure people there is not a threat to human health.'
The BBC seem very keen to minimise knowledge of a pertinent fact. Bloomberg is not so coy:
'In the U.K., routine testing of meat to see if it was horse was stopped by the previous Labour government in 2003.'
So the BBC report this story and the calls for testing of products for horsemeat and use it to bash the government without even mentioning  that there was such testing until the last Labour government ended it. Why would the BBC ignore that fact?

I have complained to the BBC re this matter, using a variant of the above:
'The horsemeat purporting to be beef saga is still the headline news on the BBC. The BBC's latest piece is headlined 'Horsemeat scandal: Government 'flat-footed' over crisis' and includes the following: 'The government's response to the horsemeat scandal has been criticised as "flat-footed" by a group of MPs. They have called for greater testing of products to reassure people there is not a threat to human health.' The BBC do not reveal in this article the fact that in the U.K., routine testing of meat to see if it was horse was stopped by the previous Labour government in 2003. So the BBC report the horsemeat story in great detail and the calls for testing of products for horsemeat without even mentioning that there was such testing until the last Labour government ended it. Why are the BBC ignoring that fact?'
I wonder what the BBC's explanation will be?

Jew hatred

Those people who tell you that the Arabs or Muslims aren't anti-Semitic, just anti-Israel are lying. take a look at yet another video example here...

The brainwashing of children and the fruits of this brainwashing are there for all to see. Muslim children being brought up to proudly declare their hatred of Jews, their willingness to kill Jews and their desire to die in the process.

Any comments Jeremy Bowen, Jon Donnison and the rest of the BBC Middle East journalist staff? Why do you never show such videos on the BBC, would that risk exposing the brainwashed British public to the truth behind your successful attempts to hide Muslim hatred of Jews?