Monday, 31 July 2017

CNN Bias Exposed - applies just as much to the BBC as to CNN

CNN Bias Exposed by Project Veritas. What John Bonifield says about CNN bias applies just as much to the BBC.

"(Trey) Gowdy Drops Bomb on Deep State Roaches!"

Odd how the BBC are completely ignoring what's happening re this matter in the USA. It's almost as though the BBC is biased in favour of Hillary Clinton that they'd rather hide the truth from the British public.

"Who are the Awan Brothers?"

Who are the Awan Brothers? What links them to Debbie Wasserman Shultz? Why do the mainstream media including CNN and the BBC have absolutely no interest in reporting anything about this story?

Sunday, 30 July 2017

German nightclub shooting: 'Two dead' in Constance per BBC News

The BBC report on a nightclub shooting in Germany.

'Two people have been killed and three seriously injured in a nightclub shooting in the German city of Constance, police say.

A man opened fire at about 04:30 (01:30 GMT) on Sunday, killing one person. The gunman was then shot and injured by police, and died later in hospital.

The attack unfolded at the Grey club on Max-Stromeyer-Strasse.


The motive for the shooting is not immediately clear.'

The BBC are really hoping that someone, anyone, other than a Muslim carried out this attack. Otherwise the narrative of Islam being 'the religion of peace' will become ever harder to persuade people to believe.

Note that it's Jews not Zionists or Israelis that this Palestinan preacher calls for the annihilation of

'Palestinian preacher Ali Abu Ahmad, speaking at an Al-Aqsa Mosque rally, said that the occupation of Palestine by the Jews, the "vilest" and "most despicable and cowardly of creatures," was due to the fall of the Caliphate, and called upon Islamic armies to mobilize their forces "to finish off the monstrous entity of the Jews." His prayers to "annihilate all the Jews," to "destroy the [Palestinian] Authority of shame and disgrace," and to "destroy the rulers of the wicked [Muslim] mini-states" were answered by cries of "amen." A video-clip of the address was posted on the Internet on May 6.

Ali Abu Ahmed: "The cause of the prisoners in the prisons of the occupation is not detached from the cause of the people of Palestine, and the cause of the Islamic nation, the mother of all causes - which is the fact that there is no Caliphate. Indeed, servants of Allah, with the fall of the Caliphate Palestine was occupied by the Jews, the vilest of creatures, and the place of the Prophet's nocturnal journey was defiled, blood was spilled, the honor of women was violated, the elderly were humiliated and the children were killed - by the Jews, the most despicable and cowardly of creatures.


"Oh armies of the Islamic nation, if you take up arms in order to please your masters and your rulers, know that the rulers of the wicked (Muslim) mini-states have let you down, after they turned toward America and the West. On the other hand, if you take up arms to please Allah - and we believe that this is the reason - your time has come. The time for you to mobilize your armies has arrived, in order to come to the aid of the prisoners, and of the place of the Prophet's nocturnal journey in Palestine, and in order to support Muslims everywhere. It is time for you to mobilize in order to finish off the monstrous entity of the Jews.


"Oh Allah, destroy the rulers of the wicked (Muslim) mini-states!"

All: "Amen."

Ahmed: "Oh Allah, destroy the (Palestinian) Authority of shame and disgrace!"

All: "Amen."

Ahmed: "Oh Allah, annihilate all the Jews!"

All: "Amen."

Ahmed: "Oh Allah, enable us to kill them!"
All: "Amen."

Ahmed: "Oh Allah, bestow upon us the honor of the Caliphate soon!"'

Thanks to MEMRI for the spot and translation.

Venezuela to vote on constituent assembly amid protests but BBC News won't blame socialism

This BBC report on the situation in Venezuela includes a section headed 'Why is Venezuela in crisis?'

These are the reasons that the totally impartial BBC list:

'More than 100 people have been killed in clashes stemming from the political crisis.

The deep economic crisis is made worse by the falling price of oil, which accounts for about 95% of Venezuela's export revenues and was used to finance some of the government's social programmes.

Forced to make cuts, President Nicolás Maduro has seen his support fall among core backers

Basic necessities, such as medicine and food, are in short supply

The opposition accuses Mr Maduro of mismanaging the economy and eroding democratic institutions

In March, the Supreme Court decided it would take over the National Assembly. The decision was reversed, but Mr Maduro was accused by opponents of trying to stage a coup. That sparked almost daily protests calling for his resignation'

No mention of socialism, that obscene political theory that generally leads to economic chaos and the rulers of the particular socialist paradise having to destroy democracy in order to keep their grip on power. It's a familiar pattern but not one that the BBC would ever acknowledge.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Hamburg supermarket attacker 'was known Islamist' per BBC News (part 2)

That same BBC report deserves fuller consideration:

'The man who killed one person and injured six in a supermarket knife attack in Hamburg was a "known Islamist", police say.

"He was known as an Islamist but not a jihadist," police spokesman Andy Grote said, noting that the suspect also suffered from "psychological" issues.'

Ah those good old "psychological issues" that seem to have become such a frequent excuse recently.

'The man, a failed asylum seeker born in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), attacked customers at random on Friday.'

A 'failed asylum seeker', how inconvenient for the BBC and the other supporters of unlimited mass immigration from majority Muslim countries.

'Police said he acted alone and he was overpowered by passers-by.

The 26-year-old man, identified as Ahmad A, is a Palestinian from the UAE who is registered on an Islamist database, Mr Grote said on Saturday.'

A Palestinian and a failed asylum seeker, a real poster boy for the BBC.

'The attacker, who arrived in Germany in 2015 but could not be deported because he had no identification papers, was also suffering from mental health problems, officials said.'

A Palestinian, a failed asylum seeker who couldn't be deported because he had no identification papers.'

'Police have carried out a search of the shelter in Hamburg where the man was living but said there was no evidence that he had accomplices or was part of a terror organisation.It is not yet clear what the suspect's motivations were.'

What would cause an Islamist to attack with a knife? It's a total mystery, isn't it...

Hamburg supermarket attacker 'was known Islamist' per BBC News

The BBC are distraught to have to report the completely unsurprising news that:

"The man who killed one person and injured six in a supermarket knife attack in Hamburg was a "known Islamist", police say."

Quelle surprise...

Do 97% of scientists really agree that man is responsible for climate change?

Do 97% of scientists really agree that man is responsible for climate change? Of course not, but that won't stop politicians and journalists, with an agenda to push, from repeating this lie.

Note that it's Jews not Zionists or Israelis that this Hamas cleric refers to

The BBC and others would have you believe that the Palestinians and indeed Muslims in general hate Jews because of Israel. This is bullshit, in reality they hate Israel because of the Jews.

Here's a transcript of a Friday sermon delivered in Gaza by Hamas MP, Marwan Abu Ras in which he said that "the Jews were the most abhorred of people," and that "we can never accept the Jews, even if it costs us our blood and souls".

'Hamas MP Marwan Abu Ras delivered a Friday sermon in Gaza, in which he said that throughout history, "the Jews were the most abhorred of people," and that Hitler hated the Jews "because they are a people of treachery and betrayal." Criticizing PA President Mahmoud Abbas, who "places his people under siege in order to please the Jews," Abu Ras said: "We strive to liberate Palestine in its entirety,... from Ras Al-Naqoura [Rosh Ha-Niqra] to Umm Al-Rashrash [Eilat]." The sermon was posted on the Internet on April 21.

Marwan Abu Ras: History attests that in every era, the Jews were the most abhorred of people. Throughout history, the most hated race was the Jewish race.


There is no race that people hate as much as the Jewish race. In the modern era, when Hitler emerged - even though he was a criminal and a tyrant - the people he hated the most were the Jews. Why did he hate the Jews? Because they are a people of treachery and betrayal.


Therefore, we can never accept the Jews, even if it costs us our blood and souls. Anyone who accepts the Jews should prepare for the Day of Gathering [Judgment Day], because he will be gathered along with Rabin, his beloved Peres, and Sharon. [Mahmoud Abbas] used to inquire about the wellbeing even of [Sharon's] goats. Our president once said to Sharon: "I recall that on my last visit [to your farm], you had a sick goat. How is it doing? I hope that Allah has cured it." He used to inquire about the wellbeing of Sharon's goats, and now he places his people under siege in order to please the Jews.

He issues grave threats against Gaza. What crime did Gaza commit? Gaza is steadfast. Is that a crime? Gaza wants to live in glory and honor. Is that a crime? Gaza wants to conduct resistance against the Jews and to cling to its weapons. Is that a crime? Gaza wants to make its people and the Arab and Islamic nations proud. Is that a crime? If Gaza committed these crimes, we are proud of these crimes, we are honored to commit them and we will keep on committing them. We will hang onto our weapons and never give them up, because they are our honor and glory and they are what enrages our enemy. If someone is enraged by the weapons of our resistance, that can mean one thing only: He is on the side of our enemy. He is our enemy. He hates us just like our enemies hate us.


We do not strive to defend Gaza alone. We strive to liberate Palestine in its entirety, from Safed... Sorry, I mean Ras Al-Naqoura [Rosh Ha-Niqra], to Umm Al-Rashrash [Eilat]. That is Palestine. It will return to the folds of the Arab and Islamic nation.'

Thanks to MEMRI  for the spot and translation.

Thanks to the BBC, from the Palestinian people, for hiding the truth about Hamas.

I wonder what Jeremy Corbyn thinks of such statements from his Hamas 'friends'. I doubt that the institutionally anti-Israel BBC will ever raise the question with Jeremy Corbyn.

Friday, 28 July 2017

The Socialist success that is Venezuela

Guido Fawkes has a nice short video showing Jeremy Corbyn praising Venezuela. Do watch it on his site.

However if you want to see more leading Labour figures showing their stupidity over Venezuela then the video below will show you Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott (who predictably also finds a race angle), Owen Jones, Richard Burgon, Grahame Morris,  Neil Findlay,

From 4:20 you can see that Jeremy Corbyn really has no shame.

Why don't any of these people understand that Socialism just doesn't work?

"There is a different and a better way of doing things, it's called Socialism"
"Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual, or zealot could ignore or evade it."

'Pattern is always the same:
1) Socialist experiment has some initial success
2) Western academics from Left praise it
3) Socialist experiment turns sour. Poverty & Authoritarianism, for the many, not the few.
4) Lefties distance themselves from it. Claim it was never REALLY socialist.
5) Lefties get away with it. (The perks of having won the 'culture (education) war')
6) Go back to (1),
repeat ad infinitum

Kristian Niemietz, IEA on Twitter'

If you want to know what Jeremy Corbyn really plans for Britain should become Prime Minister just look at Venezuela:

'One of the reasons that Corbyn was prepared to turn a blind eye to the growing signs of authoritarianism under Chavez was because he liked the anti-American rhetoric. Also, terrifyingly, because he believed in the whole project. The imagined utopian end must have seemed, to Corbyn, to
justify the brutal means.
But the end for Venezuala has been not a socialist utopia but Maduro, who has locked up political opponents and ignored the people’s constitutional right to a recall referendum. Commentators fear he will rig next year’s presidential elections. He has destroyed the country’s civic culture.

Corbyn and the hard left have a broad definition of human rights. In their view, these include a right to housing, healthcare and education. Corbynistas are prepared to let these rights trump others, including the freedom of expression and thought.

That is a dangerous course. It’s more revolutionary than parliamentary socialism.

It’s possible that Corbyn believes Maduro’s line that Venezuela is being undermined by capitalist ‘mafias’. But we don’t know because the Labour leader has fallen silent on the subject. The paeans to chavismo he wrote in the 2000s have been removed from his website.

What we can say is that Corbyn has stood by the disastrous hard-left ideology that he has always espoused. So anybody who wants to know what Britain might be like under Corbyn would do well to study the recent history of Venezuela.'
The above is from an article by Jason Mitchell in the Spectator.

And have the BBC shown much interest in Venezuela with particular reference to Jeremy Corbyn? What do you think?

Muslim gang attacked strangers because they were white 'non-Muslims' in city centre rampage - not that the BBC have reported this news

Imagine that a gang of white men had run amok, attacking Muslims because they weren't white Christians. How much coverage would the BBC afford this news? I predict that it would be headline news, the usual talking heads would be decrying Islamophobia and racism and Brexit would of course be being blamed.

However when it's Muslims attacking people for not being Muslims, the BBC ignore the news.

You can read the article in many news outlets, here's a link to the Manchester Evening News but not on the institutionally pro Islam BBC.

Bias by omission is as bad as bias of commission.

Here's Paul Joseph Watson with his trenchant opinion on this matter...

Are global temperatures really rising or do temperature adjustments account for the increases in temperature?

A fascinating video on the question as to whether global temperatures really are rising or if temperature adjustments account for the increases in temperature.

At the end there's also a comparison of the adjusted temperature with the IPCC predictions, something that I never see reported by the msm.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Anti-Semitic incidents 'at record level in UK' per BBC News

The BBC report on the rise in the number of Anti-Semitic incidents in the UK:

'Reports of anti-Semitic incidents have hit record levels in the first six months of 2017, according to a Jewish charity.

The Community Security Trust (CST) said 767 reports were made to them between January and June - a rise of 30% on the same period last year.'

Of course the BBC show no interest in discussing who might be responsible for the majority of these attacks. Is there a religion, the number of adherents of which is growing in the UK, which teaches anti Jew sentiment?

'It pains me to have to admit this but anti-Semitism isn't just tolerated in some sections of the British Muslim community; it's routine and commonplace. Any Muslims reading this article – if they are honest with themselves – will know instantly what I am referring to. It's our dirty little secret. You could call it the banality of Muslim anti-Semitism.


The truth is that the virus of anti-Semitism has infected members of the British Muslim community, both young and old. No, the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict hasn't helped matters. But this goes beyond the Middle East. How else to explain why British Pakistanis are so often the most ardent advocates of anti-Semitic conspiracies, even though there are so few Jews living in Pakistan?

It is sheer hypocrisy for Muslims to complain of Islamophobia in every nook and cranny of British public life, to denounce the newspapers for running Muslim-baiting headlines, and yet ignore the rampant anti-Semitism in our own backyard. We cannot credibly fight Islamophobia while making excuses for Judaeophobia.


I only hope and pray that Lord Ahmed's comments will act as a wake-up call to Britain's moderate Muslim majority. The time has come for us to own up to a rather shameful fact: Muslims are not only the victims of racial and religious prejudice but purveyors of it, too.

In 2011 Baroness Warsi, the then Conservative Party chairman, said that Islamophobia has "passed the dinner-table test" in polite British society. I agree with her, but what she omitted to mention, and what we Muslims must now admit, is that anti-Semitism passed the dinner-table test in polite British Muslim society long ago.'

The above is from an honest article written by Mehdi Hasan in the New Statesman in 2013, you can read it in full here -

Where you won't read or hear such truth is on the institutionally pro Islam BBC.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

HA Goodman is still pushing the Hillary Clinton email story

HA Goodman is still pushing the Hillary Clinton email story and he's worth listening to.

The BBC actually lay blame for something at the door of the last Labour government! New diesel and petrol vehicles to be banned from 2040 in UK per BBC News

In this BBC report the BBC actually lay some blame at the door of the last Labour government and don't hide that too far down the report either!

How on earth did this slip through?

'Ministers have been wary of being seen to "punish" drivers of diesel cars, who, they argue, bought the vehicles after being encouraged to by the last Labour government because they produced lower carbon emissions.'

'they argue' would be the BBC's get out but still they reported that claim without any Labour Party denial.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

"Does the Democratic Party have an Anti-Semitism Problem?"

Does the Democratic Party have an Anti-Semitism Problem? Not as bad a problem as the British Labour Party but yes.

Labour's Student Debt defence is not very convincing

The Standard reports that:

'However, Mr Corbyn’s aides stressed that he had never promised to scrap the student tuition fee debt mountain.

A source close to the Labour leader stressed: “Imran was mistaken. That was not our policy.”'
I presume that these Labour Party aides can point to their correcting Imran Hussain before the elction. No? Thought not!

BBC running with this story? No, how surprising!

Lord Kinnock is asking for some information...

Written Answers - Department for Exiting the European Union: (24 Jul 2017)

'Lord Kinnock: Her Majesty's Government whether House of Lords ministers
in the Department for Exiting the European Union will be provided with
all cabinet papers that are relevant to their role and necessary for the
proper discharge of their duties.'
A fair question?

Here's a couple of fair questions for Lord Kinnock:
  1. How much money have you earned from the EU in each of the past 22 years? 
  2. How much pension per year will you be entitled to in the future and from when will that pension be paid?

Did the labour Party promise to wipe out student debt

The BBC seem happy at the moment to let Labour Party spokespersons state that the Labour party did not promise to end student debt.

Well here is the Labour Party Shadow Justice Minister Imran Hussain speaking in a campaign video during the election:
“Just this morning Jeremy Corbyn has announced that the tuition fees will be abolished straight away from September if there’s a Labour government, and that we will bring back immediately EMA and also that every existing student will have all their debt wiped off. That’s fantastic news, isn’t it guys?”

Was Imran Hussein lying then? If so, will the Labour party be disciplining him for misleading the electorate? Or was he telling the truth by stating the Labour Party position at the time, a position designed to garner as many student votes as possible? I don't see what other option there might be.

Thanks to Guido Fawkes for the spot, he's got more examples of such

Monday, 24 July 2017

Labour, student debt and the BBC

The BBC are reporting with a straight face that:
'Jeremy Corbyn has insisted he did not promise to write off all student debt while appealing to young voters during the general election.

During the campaign, the Labour leader said he would "deal with" the issue of graduates burdened with debt since tuition fees rose to £9,000.

He told the BBC he had never promised to abolish all debt as Labour "were unaware of the size of it at the time".'
Let's turn back the clock to 16 May 2017, there was a piece  by, the BBC's All or nothing for Labour on tuition fees'. Here's how it started:

'Scrapping tuition fees in England is the biggest and most expensive proposal in Labour's £25bn worth of pledges for education.

Instead of fees rising to £9,250 per year in the autumn, Jeremy Corbyn is proposing a complete handbrake turn in saying that university tuition should not cost students anything.

It's a bolder step than Labour's previous leader, who two years ago opted for a halfway house of cutting fees to £6,000 - and then was accused of pleasing no-one.

This is Labour going for an all-or-nothing approach - asserting free education as a fundamental principle - and creating the starkest choice in university policy for two decades.

It's a direct appeal to younger voters - with surveys suggesting that students are more likely to vote Labour.

It makes the pitch that no-one should be deterred from university because of the cost or fear of debt.

Labour's big move on fees represents a complete of direction. Previously in government, Labour raised fees and in opposition proposed a modest reduction.

But they are now proposing to bulldoze the apparatus of fees, loans and repayments.'
 If this was not what Jeremy Corbyn was proposing then presumably the Labour Party protested vigorously to the BBC at the time about the BBC's misrepresentation of Labour Party policy. Can anybody provide evidence of such protests?

If there were no such protests was that because the Labour Party were happy to have their policy so misrepresented or because that was their policy?

Either way, the policy had its desired effect as an unexpectedly large turnout among students helped the Labour Party win seats such as Canterbury, which it took for the first time in 100 years, and increase its majority in cities such as Cambridge, Bristol and Leeds. Job done BBC and the Labour Party?

I wonder if the idiots who claimed that Jeremy Corbyn was a breath of fresh air with his honest attitude to politics still think that is the case?

Is it just me, or is there a slight problem with this announcement?

The BBC report that:

'Blood donation rules for sex workers and gay men are being relaxed in England and Scotland after improvements in the accuracy of testing procedures.

Men who have sex with men can now give blood three months after their last sexual activity instead of 12.

And sex workers, who were previously barred from donating, now can, subject to the same three-month rule.'
Is a sex-worker who hasn't had sex for three months still a sex-worker? Just a question.

'Experts said the move would give more people the opportunity to donate blood without affecting blood supply safety.'
Well that's nice for them.

'The Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs - which advises UK health departments - recommended the changes after concluding that new testing systems were accurate and donors were good at complying with the rules.
All blood that is donated in the UK undergoes a mandatory test for Hepatitis B and C, and HIV, plus a couple of other viruses.

Scientists agree that three months is a comfortably long window for a virus or infection to appear and be picked up in the blood.'
When do you expect the first cases of people who've had virus infected blood transfusions suing the government?

But so long as gay men and sex-workers are happy and the experts say it's safe that's fine.

IMF downgrades US and UK growth per BBC News

This BBC report starts thus:

'The UK and US economies will expand more slowly in 2017 than previously predicted, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

It said "weaker-than-expected activity" in the first three months of the year meant the UK would grow by 1.7%, compared with an earlier 2% forecast.

And the IMF revised down its US outlook from 2.3% to 2.1%.

However, its overall global economic predictions - of 3.5% growth in 2017 and 3.6% in 2018 - remain unchanged.

Meanwhile the outlook for several eurozone economies is brighter than initially thought, with countries including France, Germany, Italy and Spain seeing growth forecasts revised up.'

That's the BBC narrative: post Brexit UK economy down, post Trump US economy down and EU doing better so the UK should reverse its decision to Brexit. Did you spot that the EU section has no comparative figures? Well if you read on much further down the article then you'll find this sentence hidden away from the casual reader.

'The euro area as a whole is expected to grow by 1.9% this year, up from 1.7%.'

Now why would the pro EU / anti Brexit hide those figures where the majority of readers of that article wouldn't see it? Can we trust the predictions of the pro EU / anti Brexit IMF anyway?

Sunday, 23 July 2017

'I never said we'd write off student debt' per BBC News

The BBC report

'Jeremy Corbyn: I never said we would write off student debt

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that his party did not make a commitment to write off existing student debt during the general election campaign.

Mr Corbyn was responding to a question from the BBC's Andrew Marr about an interview he gave to music paper the NME before June's general election, in which he had said he was "looking at ways" to reduce the debt burden.

Mr Corbyn said that shadow chancellor John McDonnell is currently looking at the party's policy and will set out its plans at a point in the future.'

Maybe the BBC could publish what they said about Mr Corbyn's interview at the time... Did the BBC mislead the public in order to boost the student vote for Labour?

Palestinian heroism?

PA TV Host and Released Terrorist, Murderer of 16 People, Reminisce about the Days of the Intifada

Baydaa' Mu'ammar, a host on the official Palestinian Authority TV channel, interviewed terrorist Abd Al-Hadi Ghneim, who in 1989 forced a bus traveling from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem into a ravine, killing 16 people, and who was released in the Gilad Shalit prisoner swap. Mu'ammar said that "we long for the days of the Intifada" and told Ghneim that "we always salute this heroic role." The interview aired on May 22.

Baydaa' Mu'ammar: "Today, as the (prisoners' hunger) strike is escalating, we long for the days of the Intifada, the days of the revolution, when the Palestinian people were fighting for freedom, in order to put an end to settlements... They were fighting against the occupation, which exists to this day. Why is today different than those days? We hold in esteem any effort taken by our Palestinian people, but we want more from them."

Abd Al-Hadi Ghneim: "Yes, you are taking me back to the days of the 1987 Intifada, in which I was active one way or another. In the attack that I carried out - the bus 405 attack - 16 Zionists died and 24 were wounded.


"I was captured after the attack, and I was treated [medically] and all that. I spent 22.5 years (in prison)."

Baydaa' Mu'ammar: "We always salute this heroic role."

Thanks to MEMRI for this one.

Donald Trump insists he has 'complete power' to pardon per BBC News

The BBC are outraged that President Donald Trump has the power to pardon people...

'Presidents can pardon people before guilt is established or even before the person is charged with a crime.'

I don't remember the BBC getting similarly outraged when President Bill Clinton pardoned some very questionable people at the end of his Presidency. But that's the joy of the BBC: no moral compass, just sheer bias.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Deadly Halamish attack hits family celebrating grandson's birth

As you won't read on the institutionally anti Israel BBC...,7340,L-4992716,00.html

BBC corrects misleading Jerusalem terror headline after outrage from Israel, Jewish organizations per World Jewish Congress

'In a statement explaining the retraction of its original headline, the BBC said that it accepted that it "did not appropriately reflect the nature of the events" and that while "there was no intention to mislead our audiences, we regret any offense caused."

Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Yuval Rotem, tweeted following the retraction: "@BBCWorld admits mistake, but such mistakes happen way too often. #BBC consumers beware."'

The full story is here

Institutional anti Israel propaganda all over the BBC.

Listen to what they say, they make no secret of their aims

Egyptian Islamic scholar Sheikh Ayman Khamis said that Al-Andalus was "occupied by the Spaniards just like Palestine is occupied by the Jews, and we shall take it back, Allah willing." He was speaking on Mekameleen TV, a Turkey-based Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood channel, on June 11.

Ayman Khamis: "Al-Alndalus is just like Palestine. We shall never forget our lands. We say to the West: We shall never forget our lands. We shall take it back from you because it is occupied land. Al-Andalus is occupied by the Spaniards, just like Palestine is occupied by the Jews, and we shall take it back, Allah willing."

I've reported previously that there are plenty of Islamists who openly state what their aims are for the West but that the European governments and the likes of the BBC just ignore these statemnets for fear of having to acknowledge the sheer horror of the situation that we are in.

Three Israelis stabbed to death in West Bank attack per BBC News

This piece of shit article by the institutionally anti Israel BBC contains the usual fake equivalence figures and narrative that I've covered too many times now. I really cannot be bothered to analyse such crap any more. Until the BBC release the Balen Report let's just accept that the BBC is institutionally anti Israel and move on.

This particular BBC report ends by linking to a piece 'Is Palestinian-Israeli violence being driven by social media?' I'd say that the Palestinian Israeli violence is being driven by Islam's hatred of Jews and by the majority of the world's media, especially the BBC, spewing out anti Israel propaganda masquerading as news. The BBC and other media have Jewish Israeli blood on their hands and should be held to account.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Kemi Badenoch MP - Possibly the best maiden speech of the 2017 Intake

Kemi Badenoch with a good speech. Much to admire and agree with there. Somehow I doubt that the institutionally pro Labour Party BBC will be featuring this bright, black female MP on their airwaves. She really doesn't adhere to the BBC / Labour Party narrative.

Thanks to Guido Fawkes for the spot

What the BBC don't tell you about the British woman who says she is being forced to go to court to get an apology after she was questioned by counter-terrorism police for reading a Syrian art book on a plane

The BBC report on 'Apology demanded after airport terror stop for reading Syrian book' thus:

'A British woman says she is being forced to go to court to get an apology after she was questioned by counter-terrorism police for reading a Syrian art book on a plane.

Faizah Shaheen was reported to authorities by Thomson cabin crew on a honeymoon flight to Turkey in 2016.

Her lawyers told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme she believes she was singled out because of her race.

Thomson said its crew were "trained to report any concerns" as a precaution.

Ms Shaheen - a Muslim, whose work in mental health care in part involves looking for the signs of radicalisation in young people - was reading Syria Speaks: Art and Culture from the Frontline on the outbound flight.

The book is a collection of literature, photos, songs and cartoons from Syrian artists and writers.
She was stopped by police when she returned to the UK two weeks later.'

Oddly the BBC haven't shown any images from that book, here's a couple:

I wonder why these images might cause a member of aircrew some concern.

I wonder why the BBC choose not to show these images, is context unimportant?

Fascinating and completely unreported on by the BBC

This story is fascinating but will not be reported upon by the Obama worshipping BBC.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Hannity on Hillary Clinton - facts that CNN and the BBC will definitely not ever report

Fascinating stuff and completely not reportable by the institutionally anti President Donald Trump and pro Hillary Clinton BBC and CNN.

HA Goodman on the Clinton Foundation in Haiti, what happened to the money raised and what happened to Klaus Eberwein

It's odd how HA Goodman can ask about the Clinton Foundation in Haiti, what happened to the money raised and what happened to Klaus Eberwein, but CNN and the BBC have no interest at all. Why might that be?

University first-class degrees soaring per BBC News

Chronic grade inflation?

'The proportion of top degree grades being awarded by UK universities has soared - with some universities giving first-class degrees to more than a third of their students.

The University of Surrey awarded a first-class degree to 41% of students last year, more than doubling the proportion five years ago.

And firsts awarded at the University of East Anglia have almost trebled to 37%.

Professor of education Alan Smithers called it "chronic grade inflation".'

More here

More dumbed down courses and grade inflation all over the UK's educational system, along with socialist brainwashing.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Labour's promise on student debt was just a ruse to get student votes - No Shit Sherlock

Labour's promise on student debt was just a ruse to get student votes - No Shit Sherlock

Ever get the feeling you've been had?

When Bill Clinton Was Paid $500,000 to Speak in Russia, Hillary Opposed State Dept. Sanctions

News that never features on the pro Hillary Clinton BBC.

'Hillary Clinton sought to tamp down reports about her opposition to Russia sanctions that coincided with a speech her husband gave in Moscow that landed him half a million dollars.

Hillary Clinton opposed Russia sanctions in 2010 when her husband, former President Bill Clinton, was paid to give a speech at the Russian bank Renaissance Capital, Fox News reports.

The bank was connected to the fraud case that led to the sanctions posed by the Magnitsky Act, and after the former president gave the speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin called him to say thanks.

This story did not receive much attention while President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were pursuing their Russian "reset," but Hillary Clinton's campaign took pains to prevent the story of Bill's speech from getting out. In 2015, campaign operatives were able to prevent a mainstream media outlet from reporting on it."With the help of the research team, we killed a Bloomberg story trying to link HRC's opposition to the Magnitsky bill a $500,000 speech that WJC gave in Moscow," Jesse Lehrich, who was part of Hillary For America's Rapid Response Communications team, said on May 21, 2015.

The memo was released by WikiLeaks, with "HRC" and "WJC" referring to Hillary and Bill Clinton respectively.'

More here but definitely not on the BBC or CNN.

"Klaus Eberwein Found Dead Before Testifying Against Clinton Foundation"

Oddly no reporting of this death on the pro Hillary Clinton BBC. What really happened to Klaus Eberwein?

'UK inequality reduced since 2008' per BBC News

The BBC report through gritted teeth

'The gap between the richest and poorest households in the UK has narrowed since the recession of 2007-08, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).

In its latest report on living standards, the IFS said rising employment and sharp falls in income in the middle and top earning households was behind the decline in inequality.

There had been a "dramatic" fall in inequality in London, the IFS said.'

Oh dear, that very counter the BBC/Labour Party narrative.

I expect they'll get their best minds onto how to put this report into context, giving prominence to a Labour Party spokesperson will be a priority.

Israeli Arab mosque honors Temple Mount terrorists per definitely not the BBC

''All we know about them is that they served the religion of Allah faithfully,' says Umm el-Fahm preacher.

Hundreds gathered in an Umm el-Fahm cemetery Sunday evening as the three terrorists responsible for Friday's deadly terror attack near the Temple Mount were buried. The three terrorists, all of whom were residents of Umm el-Fahm, were praised at a special memorial ceremony held at the local mosque they attended,.. '

More here but definitely not on the institutionally anti Israel BBC who barely reported the original murderous terrorist attack and have no interest in letting the British public see the Palestinians for what they really are.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The BBC only have left of, generally very left of, centre views on their satirical / topical news programmes. It seems you can do a programme from the right of centre - here's The Greg Gutfeld Show

The Greg Gutfeld Show...

The BBC only have left of, generally very left of, centre views on their satirical / topical news programmes. It seems you can do a programme from the right of centre - here's The Greg Gutfeld Show. Odd that the BBC can't find anyone other than of left of centre views to present or appaer on topical news programmes.

Judge Jeanine on lefty hypocrisy over Russia Ties, Obama Dealings etc

Views that the institutionally anti President Donald Trump BBC would never allow airspace

"CLINTON EMAIL BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton Admits Breaking Espionage Act Laws With Server"

"Against the advice of security hawks"

Surely this is the intent that James Comey couldn't find. If so then Hillary Clinton needs to be charged under the Espionage Act.

Saudi Arabia investigates video of woman in miniskirt - BBC News manage to report some of Saudi Arabia's anti women laws but by no means all

'Women in Saudi Arabia must wear loose-fitting, full-length robes known as "abayas" in public, as well as a headscarf. They are also banned from driving and are separated from unrelated men.'

That's all of the anti women laws in Saudi Arabia that the BBC manage to report. Are there really no others?

BBC report here

Monday, 17 July 2017

The continuing settlement of Europe by, mostly, North African young males?

Lauren Southen there reporting from Paris which is more than the institutionally pro Islamic immigration BBC will do.

McDonnell Backtracks on Vow to Write Off Student Debt per Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes reports:

'Today John McDonnell u-turned on that key election promise which won the votes of so many students and young people, telling Marr it was just "an ambition" and conceding for the first time "it's very difficult" to do. 

All those who voted Labour to have their debts written off should watch this interview. It was fantasy politics, a pack of lies all along…'

More here but not on the BBC where getting the Labour Party into power is far more important than reporting the truth about them and their policies.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

"Suicide - Haiti Official Was To Testify on Clinton Foundation..."

Another Clinton related death, the coincidences just keep on coming and the corpses keep on piling up. Not that the MSM ever report on such news.

Those peaceful Palestininas (part 2 - The brainwashed kindergarten children)

It's that time of year, Gaza kindergarten graduation display time.

'In a graduation ceremony at the Al-Hoda Islamic Kindergarten in Gaza, pre-schoolers, wearing uniforms and carrying mock guns and posters of Islamic Jihad leaders, staged a display of terror attacks against Israelis. The footage, which was posted on the kindergarten's YouTube channel on May 29, includes Hebrew lyrics threatening Israelis with missiles and terror attacks and mocking IDF soldier Oron Shaul, whose body has been held by Hamas since 2014.'

For similar displays, see and The ceremony is held annually at the Al-Hoda kindergarten, which is affiliated with the Islamic Jihad. Omar Fora, the head of the kindergarten association and a leader of the Islamic Jihad, delivered an address, and Islamic cleric Taher Al-Lulu slammed Saudi Arabia for "standing behind Israel and America."

Thanks to MEMRI for sourcing and reporting this.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Those peaceful Palestinians (part 1 - The cleric)

That video is of an address at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem, by the Palestinian cleric Sheikh Nadhal Siam, also known as "Abu Ibrahim". He criticized the Saudi and Qatari regimes, which, he said, were "immersed in collaboration" with the Americans and the English, respectively. His prayers to Allah to "enable us to slaughter" the Americans, the Europeans and the "criminal and treacherous" Arab rulers were answered by cries of "Amen" from his audience.

His words which I quote below are the sort of hate-speech by Palestinian and other Islamist clerics that the BBC and other pro-Palestinian media just don't quote, preferring to propagandise on the Palestinians behalf that they are peace-loving people oppressed by the Zionist entity.

'"Do not think that some of the collaborators are right and some are wrong. They are all equally collaborators. Just as the Saudi regime is a lackey of the Americans, and is immersed in collaboration with them, the Qatari regime is a lackey of the English, and is immersed in collaboration with them. All these [regimes] are like riding beasts ridden by the superpowers.


"Oh Allah, enable us to slaughter the Americans!"

Audience: "Amen!"

Nadhal Siam: "And the Europeans!"

Audience: "Amen!"

Nadhal Siam: "And our criminal and treacherous [Arab] rulers!"

Audience: "Amen!"

Nadhal Siam: "Oh Allah, bring about their downfall soon!"

Audience: "Amen!"

Nadhal Siam: "Oh Allah, do not leave a single one of them on the face of the earth!"

Audience: "Amen!"

Nadhal Siam: "Oh Allah, bring about their downfall and their annihilation soon!"

Audience: "Amen!"

Nadhal Siam: "Oh Allah, replace them with the Emir of the Believers!"

Audience: "Amen!"'

When he calls for the "slaughter of the Americans" and "Europeans", and his audience say Amen, do understand what they mean...

Friday, 14 July 2017

The BBC's Stephen Nolan having a few problems with listeners...

The BBC's Stephen Nolan having a few problems with listeners...


Well worth £400,000 to £449.999 a year?

Egypt Hurghada stabbing: Two Ukrainian tourists killed - BBC News are hoping against hope...

'Two Ukrainian tourists, reported to be women, have been killed in mass stabbings at a hotel in the popular Red Sea resort of Hurghada, Egyptian medical officials say.

At least four other people were injured and a man has been arrested.The suspect is being questioned by police to determine his motives, the interior ministry said.

The attacker appears to have swum from a nearby public beach to gain access to the resort, officials say.'

The BBC are desperately hoping that this wasn't an attack by Islamist(s). We'll see...

More here

"HILLARY WIKILEAKS: Top 10 You Must Know"

Months later how many of these Wikileaks details were reported by the likes of CNN and the BBC? I wonder why that's the case?

I've Worked with Refugees for Decades. Europe's Afghan Crime Wave Is Mind-Boggling. Per The National Interest

This article by someone who's worked with immigrants for many years is profoundly depressing. Here's an extract but do read the whole piece:

'This brings us to a third, more compelling and quite disturbing theory—the one that my Afghan friend, the court translator, puts forward. On the basis of his hundreds of interactions with these young men in his professional capacity over the past several years, he believes to have discovered that they are motivated by a deep and abiding contempt for Western civilization. To them, Europeans are the enemy, and their women are legitimate spoils, as are all the other things one can take from them: housing, money, passports. Their laws don't matter, their culture is uninteresting and, ultimately, their civilization is going to fall anyway to the horde of which one is the spearhead. No need to assimilate, or work hard, or try to build a decent life here for yourself—these Europeans are too soft to seriously punish you for a transgression, and their days are numbered.

And it's not just the sex crimes, my friend notes. Those may agitate public sentiment the most, but the deliberate, insidious abuse of the welfare system is just as consequential. Afghan refugees, he says, have a particular proclivity to play the system: to lie about their age, to lie about their circumstances, to pretend to be younger, to be handicapped, to belong to an ethnic minority when even the tired eye of an Austrian judge can distinguish the delicate features of a Hazara from those of a Pashtun.

I see his point. In the course of my research, I encountered thirty-year-olds with family in Austria who were passing themselves off as "unaccompanied minors." I met people misrepresenting an old traffic injury as proof that they had been tortured. I learned of an Afghan family that had emigrated to Hungary two decades ago. The children were born there and attended Hungarian schools. When the refugee crisis erupted, enticed by news of all the associated benefits, this family decided to take on a new identity and make their way to Sweden on the pretense of being brand-new refugees. Claiming to have lost their papers during their "flight," they registered under new assumed names and reduced the ages of their children; the mother declared herself a widow. Now ensconced in comfortable free housing along with their hale, hearty and very much alive father—whom they pass off as an uncle—with a monthly welfare check, they are smug parasites leeching off the gullibility of Sweden's taxpayers.'

Do read the whole piece to learn about the types of attacks and the way that these 'refugees' game Europe's legal systems to ensure that they can never be deported away from their European benefits.

A unbiased, unobsessed by promoting immigration especially from the Muslim world BBC would report this sort of article but that isn't what the BBC is.

Refugees from war or economic migrants?

There's one passage in this Breitbart report on immigration from Africa into Italy that caught my eye :

'Based on statements received at the time of landing in Italy, the 2017 migrants home countries are Nigeria (14,504), Bangladesh (8,268), Guinea (7,844), Ivory Coast (7,455), Gambia (5,022), Senegal (4,914), Mali (4,862), Eritrea (4,553), Morocco (4,190) and Sudan (4,051).'

The African countries are not all war torn but what's that country from where the second highest number of immigrants came? Bangladesh? Poor yes, but not war torn.

Somehow I doubt that the institutionally pro unlimited immigration BBC will choose to report such inconvenient numbers, that might let the cat out of the bag.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

New study reveals Europe’s rising anti-Semitism forces Jews to leave or hide per

This JNS article  re a University of Oslo study will get no BBC coverage because disproportionately the perpetrators of the wave of antisemitism in Europe are not of the far right but Muslims.

'Who is responsible for the attacks on Jews? In every country studied, except for Russia, the perpetrators are disproportionately of Muslim backgrounds. A British study cited in the University of Oslo report notes that the proportion of Muslim perpetrators increases in the wake of "trigger events" in the Middle East.

In what might be considered a clumsy attempt to downplay anti-Semitism, German authorities do not classify anti-Israeli incidents as anti-Semitism. This results in absurdity. A Muslim firebombing of a synagogue can be classified as an anti-Israeli event, but not anti-Semitic. If any country should know better, it should be Germany. Is Kristallnacht going to be reinterpreted as not anti-Semitism, but a demonstration for racial purity? '

Now that's a truth far too inconvenient for the BBC to report.

How the enslavement of people in countries conquered by Jihad is carried out

In June 2011 Egyptian cleric Abu Ishaq Al-Heweny made a fascinating speech about 'Enslavement of People Captured in Jihad: They All Become Booty'

You can watch the speech here at MEMRI

Thanks to MEMRI you can also read here  
'Egyptian Cleric Abu Ishaq Al-Heweny Explains Enslavement of People Captured in Jihad: They All Become Booty (Archival)

In a lecture, Egyptian cleric Abu Ishaq Al-Heweny explained how the enslavement of people in countries conquered by Jihad is carried out. "In every war there is a winner and a loser," he said. "According to the rules of Islam, all the people in the [conquered] country become booty," and are "divided between the mujahideen," he said. Al-Heweny also talked about the benefits of slave markets, saying that they were useful if you needed a little spare cash.

Following are excerpts from the lecture, which was posted on the Internet on June 8, 2011.

Abu Ishaq Al-Heweny: ... there that according to the rulings of Jihad, if we fight polytheists… The Prophet Muhammad told the military commander that he should do three things: This hadith appears in the Muslim compilation. If you fight polytheist enemies, offer them three options: First, call them to join Islam. If they join Islam, let them be, because they will become just like you, and you won't fight Muslims. If they refuse to join Islam, they should pay the jizya poll tax. If they are willing to pay the jizya, take it from them and let them be. Okay so far?

If they refuse to pay the jizya, seek the help of Allah and fight them. These are the three options, which the Prophet Muhammad related to the military commander. In every war, there is a winner and there is a loser. If we win and invade the land of our infidel enemy… Jihad is a pure Islamic term. It is not a synonym for fighting, combat, struggle, or any other word. The basic prerequisite of Jihad is that your enemy be non-Muslim.


If we are the winners, it is only natural for us to impose the rules of Islam on the country we invaded. According to the rules of Islam, all the people in that country become booty and prisoners of war: the women, the men, the children, the money, the homes, the fields… All these become the property of the Islamic state.


What is the fate of the prisoners of war according to the shari'a? Since they constitute booty, they should be divided between the mujahideen. According to the hadith, the law states that anyone who did not participate in the raid does not get a share of the booty. This is well known. If you didn't participate in the Jihad, you don't get to share the booty. Let's say that we invaded a country with a population of half a million. What are we supposed to do with them?

We check how many mujahideen there were. Let's say there were 100,000. That's it, then. Each mujahid gets five of them. Each one gets five, but there can be a variety. You can take two men, two women, and a child, or the other way around. You divide them up. Great. As soon as this system is in place, there has to be a slave market, where can sell slaves, slavegirls, and children.

Each of these "heads" comes with a price. Let's say I am entitled to five "heads." I don't need any of them, but could use a little cash. Am I supposed to hang them just to get rid of them? No, you can sell them in the market. Well, in order for me to be able to sell them there has to be a market. Then the haggling begins: How much would you pay for this one? And for that one? The buyer says: 300. I say: No, let's make it 314. Eventually, he buys them. He takes them and leaves. Okay?

The way to repent for some sins is be removing the shackles from a slave's neck, setting him free. Where can I get a slave's neck, so I can get rid of my sins? I have to go and buy one. So, obviously, there has to be a slave market, where I can buy a slave's neck, and tell the slave that he is free for the sake of Allah.'

I am glad that Islam has the rules laid out for what happens after a successful war, we in the West can't say that we weren't warned. Although if you rely upon the BBC and our political masters you would be forgiven for not knowing this sort of information.

The Hill: DOJ Let Russian Lawyer into US Before She Met with Trump Team per Breitbart

Now this is odd...

'The Russian lawyer who penetrated Donald Trump's inner circle was initially cleared into the United States by the Justice Department under "extraordinary circumstances" before she embarked on a lobbying campaign last year that ensnared the president's eldest son, members of Congress, journalists and State Department officials, according to court and Justice Department documents and interviews.

This revelation means it was the Obama Justice Department that enabled the newest and most intriguing figure in the Russia-Trump investigation to enter the country without a visa.'

More here at Breitbart but definitely not on the Hillary Clinton supporting CNN or BBC.

Israel won! Now get over it per Melanie Phillips

Fine analysis from Melanie Phillips:

'There is an urgent need to recalibrate the whole issue of the Arab war against Israel; to recalibrate it as one of war and victory; and to recalibrate it not just for the benefit of the Palestinians but also for the west and also for Israel.
We have to ask ourselves, surely, why do the Palestinians think the war is still on. Well, I think there are a number of reasons for that. One reason is that, unfortunately, if you are a religious Muslim you believe that any land conquered by Islam is then consecrated to Islam and nobody else can ever have sovereignty over it. So from that point of view there can be no victory over that kind of fanatical religious mindset.

But the main reason why the Palestinians think the war is still on is because they are encouraged to think that by the west. By Britain, by Europe and also by Israel's great ally and friend, America.

The Palestinian story has been accepted by the west to the extent that the west believes there is a Palestinian people which has a historic, national and legitimate claim to the land. There never was a Palestinian people, there is not, and it does not now have any legitimate claim to the land.

Even if it did have a claim to the land it would be forfeit because of nearly a century of exterminatory aggression. In every other conflict in the world, that sort of exterminatory aggression means that the aggressors are treated as pariahs. Uniquely in this conflict the aggressors have been treated over the best part of a century – because of their aggression – as statesmen-in-waiting.

It's not rocket science. If you treat aggressors as statesmen-in-waiting, you do not get peace and harmony. You get more aggression.

Now why has the west rewarded aggression in this way – uniquely – in this region? Many reasons. One is ignorance. One is malice. One is realpolitik – the desire to appease the Arabs over the oil weapon. Another is simply that people in the west believe – and I've heard this so many times – that there is no alternative.

But I would suggest there's a deeper problem here. The prevalent view in the west is that it no longer does war and victory. This is seen as uncivilised. War is seen as brutal, uncivilised and must never be undertaken. If the Palestinians or the Arabs or the developing world are waging war, well we "expect that of them", don't we, because they are basically "uncivilised" people. We in the west do not apparently expect them to accord with our own values of respect for human life, democracy and all the rest of it. In other words, the west has a deeply racist attitude towards the developing world.

And it believes in itself that it doesn't do war any more because war is uncivilised. Instead of war it does conflict resolution; it does law, not war.

And so as a result the war that's been taking place in this region by the Arabs against the Jewish homeland means that the west thinks that a compromise is essential. You have a war of extermination? Put the two sides in the same room, bang their heads together until they reach a compromise. Because both sides, according to this view, have a legitimate claim to the same piece of land.

In other words the west has, for nearly a century, mistaken this whole conflict as a fight over land boundaries whereas in fact it is a war of extermination. And where the west wants to press Israel to make compromise, every compromise Israel has ever made is seen by the Arabs as a sign of weakness and an incentive to further aggression.

In conclusion, I would say that the west's mistake – its conceptual, its fundamental mistake – perpetuates this conflict; indeed it is a signal reason, possibly the main reason, why this conflict got under way in the first place. in the 1930s, Britain responded to the pogroms being committed by the Arabs of this land against the returning Jews – and responded to the Arabs' violence against the then-ruling British under the Palestine Mandate – Britain responded to this aggression by saying to the Arabs: "Have part of the land which we have undertaken by solemn agreement under international treaty obligation to give to the Jews".

In other words, the original "two-state solution" was proposed in 1936 as a reward for exterminatory aggression and terror; and that continues to be the case today.

My final point is that the west needs to understand this – but, my goodness, Israel needs to understand that this narrative has to change. Israel is most reluctant to say to the free world, to the west, what it should be saying: "Are you crazy? Why do you treat this conflict differently from all other conflicts?" And until the west and until Israel actually understand that this conflict has to be reframed as one of war and victory, we're not going to get anywhere."'

There's more including the video of Melanie Phillips making the above points here but obviously not on the institutionally anti Israel BBC.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Ofcom suspends Iman FM radio station for broadcasting 25 hours of lectures by Al-Qaeda leader including antisemitic hatred per Campaign Against Antisemitism

' The broadcasting regulator, the Office of Communications (Ofcom), has suspended Sheffield radio station, Iman FM, for broadcasting antisemitic and hate-filled speeches by Anwar Al-Awlaki, the "widely known terrorist leader and Al Qaeda recruiter."

In one speech broadcast by Iman FM, Al-Awlaki said that "Our problem is not with [Jews'] ethnicity but their mindset."

According to Ofcom's breach decision posted online: "Overall Ofcom considered the breaches in this case to be extremely serious and has today issued a Notice under section 111B Broadcasting Act 1990 suspending the Licence." According to the suspension notice, Iman FM has 21 days to provide an explanation for the broadcast before the station is shut down.

Iman FM confirmed to Ofcom that they had broadcast 25 hours worth of lectures by Al-Awlaki, claiming that they were "not aware of the background of the preacher and had no knowledge of him being proscribed by the United Nations." They added that "had this fact been known" they would not have broadcast the lectures and accepted the material breached the Broadcasting Code.'

More here but likely not on the BBC.

Another Hard-Left Agitator Tricks BBC News per Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes reports on more BBC propagandising:

'On last night's BBC Six O'Clock News, Kamal Ahmed presented a package on the Taylor Report which included an interview with one Felicity Flynn. Flynn was introduced by name only and captioned as a "former zero hours worker". She had clearly been invited to Millbank studios to tape just a few seconds of her condemning "insecure work". Yet Felicity Flynn is not your average "former zero hours contract worker"…

She is in fact the Vice Chair of South Norwood Labour Party. She describes herself in her Twitter bio as a "socialist", and her social media is awash with pictures of her campaigning for Labour at the general election. Moreover, she's a rep for the PCS union, which might have been important to mention given the topic of the report. This came on the same day that the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme introduced a Corbynista union activist as a "Deliveroo rider", also in its Taylor Report coverage. This keeps happening. Either the Beeb is getting taken in by these hard-left agitators – which is incompetence – or they are complicit, which is worse…'

More here

I'm of the opinion that the BBC aren't being tricked, they know what they are doing. The BBC acts as the propaganda arm of the Labour Party and for that reason is in breach of its obligations on impartiality.

President Trump Picks Up Marine's Hat

Contrast President Donald Trump's picking up of that US Marine's hat with Barack Obama not saluting a Marine...

Douglas Murray on Muslim integration in Germany

If you don't remember Turkish President Erdogan's 2007 speech then this might remind you:

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Turks living in Europe that they do not need to assimilate into their host societies. Erdogan was addressing an audience of 20,000 Turks gathered in Cologne on Sunday. The audience included Turks living in France, Belgian and the Netherlands, as well as in Germany.

"I understand very well that you are against assimilation. One cannot expect you to assimilate," Erdogan told the crowd.

He said, "Assimilation is a crime against humanity."

The Prime Minister did speak of the importance of integration but with conditions and for reasons. Erdogen told his audience that it is important to learn German, but that the Turkish language should not be disregarded. He highlighted the importance of education and that Turks in Europe should become more engaged in society, as well as aim to become more influential in politics. Taking the US as an example of a society where immigrant groups have always had substantial influence, Erdogan said that the five million Turks living in Europe should "be a constitutional element and not just guests."

Douglas Murray called that subversion. It certainly comes close to being so.

Maajid Nawaz Destroys Caller Who Refuses To Condemn Hamas per LBC

'"You're calling in to defend Corbyn and you can't even condemn Hamas an organisation that at its heart still has… a desire to wipe out all Jews from Israel.

"Not just oppose the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza - an organisation that still legitimises the random targeting of Israeli citizens including children in their schools."

He continued: "I'll tell you something if people supporting Corbyn and Labour can't even agree and accept that Hamas is a terrorist organisation then you are in the nasty party".'

Not the sort of words that you'd ever hear from a BBC radio host.

You can hear the whole of this Maajid Nawaz comment here

Jeremy Corbyn pictured enjoying pizza with controversial pro-Assad campaigner who denied genocide in Srebrenica

Do read The Telegraph article here it's not surprising but revealing about who Jeremy Corbyn chooses to associate with.

The Labour Party defence is most amusing:

'A Labour spokesman said: "Jeremy Corbyn had dinner with friends from Cypriots for Labour, during which they were joined briefly by Mr Papadopolous, who asked to be photographed with Jeremy.

"Photographs of Jeremy with members of the public do not mean he endorses their views, as is the case on this occasion too. '

Is that the best that they could come up with? At least Jeremy Corbyn didn't call this individual a friend but it is odd how many people that Jeremy Corbyn associates with are quite so unpleasant. Birds of a feather?

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

"Swedish Far Right LGBT march in Muslim neighborhood"

This video is interesting, let me see if I've got it right.

If Christians are anti LGBT then that prejudice needs to be confronted. An LGBT march would be a good thing.

A march through a majority Muslim area is, however, deemed a provocation. Why is this provocative? Is it because a majority of Muslims are not big fans of LGBT rights?

So why is confronting Christian prejudice a good thing but confronting Muslim prejudice provocative?

"Mark Steyn - Inch by inch our enemies take the civilized world"

It's hard not to agree with Mark Steyn. It's not 9/11 that will destroy the West, it's the West's pusilanimius reaction.

Al-Hijrah School in Birmingham tried to gag Ofsted per Daily Mail Online

News that you won't find reported on by the BBC.

'An Islamic school that tried to suppress its critical Ofsted report can finally be named after a legal challenge by the Daily Mail.

Al-Hijrah School in Birmingham was criticised for segregating pupils and keeping books in its library that advocated beating wives.

Inspectors said the state-funded school needed to be put in special measures for issues including a breach of equality law.

But, in the first case of its kind, the school challenged Ofsted in the High Court, meaning the report is still being withheld from parents a year on from the inspection.

Judges ordered the name of the school be kept secret over fears of a 'media storm' – but following a challenge by the Daily Mail's parent company, Associated Newspapers Limited, the reporting restriction was lifted last night.

Ofsted's appeal against the school's High Court challenge, listed in the Court Of Appeal today, has serious implications for the watchdog's ability to give parents transparent information.

Sir Terence Etherton, the Master of the Rolls, ordered that the school could be named to preserve the principle of open justice.

He said: 'We have reached the clear decision on this application that we consider anonymity should be raised so that Associated Newspapers Limited will be able to name the school.'

Khalid Mahmood, Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, said: 'This is a victory for open justice. The Daily Mail has worked on behalf of the pupils, the parents and the people of Birmingham, to inform them what is happening. I am grateful to the paper for taking this battle up.'

More here but definitely not on the BBC, where anything that shows British Muslims in a bad light must be hidden from the public.

"DNC Emails Were Copied To Flash Drive NOT Over the Internet, 1706"

Bill Still with yet another fascinating report that CNN, the BBC and the rest of the institutionally pro Democrats media won't touch with a bargepole.

Labour Is The New Nasty Party Under Jeremy Corbyn per Maajid Nawaz on LBC

'Downing Street has announced it's to hold a review of criminal and election law after reports of death threats, verbal abuse and intimidation.'

Maajid Nawaz has his opinions here

The institutionally pro Labour Party BBC has no interest in reporting anything negative about the Labour Party.

Why don't people trust the media any more?

Watch from around 1:26 for a list of reasons...

Election fraud allowed to take place in Muslim communities because of 'political correctness', report warns

' "Abuses of postal voting on demand were noted too often be carried out in communities where an individual's right to vote in secret and exercise free choice may not be fully valued. Evidence was presented of pressure being put on vulnerable members of some ethnic minority communities, particularly women and young people, to vote according to the will of the elders, especially in communities of Pakistani and Bangladeshi background.

"There were concerns that influence and intimidation within households may not be reported, and that state institutions had turned a blind eye to such behaviour because of 'politically correct' over-sensitivities about ethnicity and religion."

Sir Eric also calls for a ban on political activists handling postal ballots to stop "vote harvesting", when people offer to take people's ballots to the station for them but encourage them to back a particular candidate.

He also calls for individual postal votes to be reviewed every three years so that "absent voting" is no longer "institutionalised".'

You can read more about Eric Pickles' report from 2016 here

Did anything change as a result of this report? Did the BBC cover the report? Will matters get worse?

Monday, 10 July 2017

Watch the police ignore someone spouting antisemitism outside Palestine Expo London 2017

Odd how the police seem fine with this individual spouting anti Semitic hate speech on the streets of London.

After Metropolitan Police claims that it cannot answer CAA’s questions for “national security” reasons, Andrew Dismore lays their excuse bare per Campaign Against Antisemitism

'After the Metropolitan Police Service refused to answer questions from Campaign Against Antisemitism about the pro-pro-Hizballah "Al Quds Day" march, their flimsy attempt to hide their record from scrutiny has been laid bare.

The Metropolitan Police Service apparently does not consider allowing hundreds of supporters of terrorist group Hizballah to parade through our capital to be in any way prejudicial to "national security", but it was for "national security" reasons that the police force declined to answer questions from Campaign Against Antisemitism.

We began work to try to prevent the flying of the genocidal terrorist organisation's flag months ago. Metropolitan Police Service officers informally gave us conflicting accounts, telling us that nobody had been arrested at previous Al Quds marches, or that officers had gathered evidence at the marches and then made arrests later. We decided to find out exactly what had happened to people flying the flag of Hizballah, on the record.

On 26th April, our Scrutiny Unit filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, asking whether they arrested people at Al Quds Day marches in 2015 and 2016, and whether those arrests were related to terrorism charges

Despite the Freedom of Information Act requiring that the answer be provided within 20 working days, the Metropolitan Police Service waited until two days after the march, nearly a month late, to tell us that they refused to answer on various spurious grounds, including "national security" reasons. The police force also claimed that answering would "be likely to prejudice the prevention or detection of crime [or] the apprehension or prosecution of offenders".

Whilst we appealed the decision to decline to answer our questions, we also asked London Assembly Member Andrew Dismore to put our questions to the Mayor of London. Whilst the Metropolitan Police Service spared no excuse in trying to avoid answering our questions, which would have meant telling us that in the past two years it has failed to arrest any of the Hizballah supporters marching through London, the Mayor of London was perfectly direct.

In written answers to Mr Dismore, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan revealed that the Metropolitan Police Service made no arrests over flying the Hizballah flag during the "Al Quds Day" marches in 2015 and 2016, as we suspected.

It is extremely worrying that no arrests have been made for showing brazen support for an international terrorist group in the past two years, and it is outrageous that the Metropolitan Police Service has sought to conceal its record.'

Taken from the Campaign Against Antisemitism report here

Sunday, 9 July 2017

"British Young People Find Out Who the Real Jeremy Corbyn Is"

Jeremy Corbyn and Brexit

"Antifa Cheers Speech Made Up Entirely From Hitler Quotes"

"Antifa Cheers Speech Made Up Entirely From Hitler Quotes" - top trolling of people so stupid that they'd cheer almost anything that was said by someone purportedly on their side.

I'm afraid not

Craig at is a tad optimistic in this piece

'Still, if the penny genuinely has dropped with the Newsnight editor (as it appears to have done) that people's concerns about BBC bias do matter then that can only be a good thing.

And the acknowledgement that too manyNewsnight contributors come from "a relatively narrow band of opinion" (something we've been saying for ages) is very welcome.'

The trouble is that the BBC acknowledgment of previous bias extends to the Corbynista contingent not anyone vaguely right of the soggy centre. You can expect more extreme leftists being given airtime to spout their crap but not any for supporters of Brexit, fiscal continence or restrictions on unfettered immigration.

For the BBC any good news must be 'despite Brexit'

Thanks to for the spot.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Antisemitic hate preacher permitted to enter the UK for Palestine Expo despite CAA warning the Home Office per Campaign Against Antisemitism

'In a speech delivered by Ebrahaim Bham on the "Middle East" and posted on the website "Lectures by Sheikh Ebrahim Bham", he said that: "People tell me that Jews are human beings. Yes, I know they are human beings. Just as fleas are also animals. Just as fleas are also animals, they are also part of human beings like that."

Those words, he then says, explain Israelis today: "Using that example, the psyche of the whole people seems to be to mete out the very same treatment to others the way was meted out toward them. And that seems to be the psyche. That they don't regard Palestinians as human beings."

Under the International Definition of Antisemitism adopted by the British Government, "Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis" and "Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel" is antisemitic.

In another speech delivered by Bham on the "Situation of the Muslims", he said that all Jews and Christians are agents of Satan: "For us to expect otherwise, or to try and appease the Americans or the Western world is naïve in the extreme.

The Qur'an tells us 'the Yahood [Jews] and the Nasara [Christians] will never be pleased with you.' You can never appease them until you follow their religion, their way of life, and we are not prepared to do that. We will never be able to do that. It is naïve to expect otherwise." He continued: "Then secondly, the aims, the objectives, the goals of Islam are completely opposed to what they believe, are completely opposed to their dreams, objectives and goals. So they are fulfilling their evil urges. They are fulfilling their evil urges, acting as agents of Shaytaan [Satan] in employing instruments, methods and plots against Islam and the Muslims."'

This is a man who the UK government seem happy to allow to come to the UK and spread his hatred of kufr.

The British establishment seem to still think that these Islamist hate preachers pose no real threat to the UK. They're wrong about that.

Friday, 7 July 2017

James O'Keefe of Project Veritas Frames the Washington Post retraction

Jeremy Corbyn says Queen should be replaced by head of state when she dies

This Express article reminds us of a Jeremy Corbyn interview comment from a while ago:

'I think it's time that we just moved on and said, when the Queen completes her reign, wouldn't that be an appropriate time to call it a day and have an elected Head of State'

An unbiased news organisation would ask Jeremy Corbyn if that was still his view, and if not what changed his view. It might also ask if his views have changed, might they change again.
The BBC won't ask such questions as nothing must get in the way of electing a Labour government.

May to press G20 on terror financing per BBC News

According to this BBC report

'There must be no "safe spaces" for terrorist funding in the global financial system, Theresa May will tell a meeting of the G20 on Friday.

The UK PM will focus on ways to track small sums of money used to finance "lone wolf" attacks, as well as large transfers, at the summit in Germany.'

Odd how the focus, according to the BBC anyway, will be on 'small sums of money used to finance "lone wolf" attacks, as well as large transfers' but there's no mention of Saudi Arabian sponsorship.

Thursday, 6 July 2017


Thanks to Paul Joseph Watson we now have all (?) the Trump vs CNN memes in one place. Enjoy...

BBC Company Used as Front for Coogan's Lefty Campaign per Guido Fawkes Media Guido

This Guido Fawkes piece asks a very naive question:

'But does the BBC know its company is now being used as a left wing front?'

The BBC has been acting as the propaganda arm of the Labour Party for years.

Is the BBC biased?: Michael Grade on the BBC's Israel coverage has a piece of video here that should be of interest.

'It's not every day that a former Chairman of the BBC castigates the BBC over its coverage of Israel, but today was that day'

BBC bosses reject a damning dossier accusing the broadcasting corporation of 'anti-Brexit bias' in Radio 4 coverage

'A dossier handed to BBC chiefs claimed that of 366 guest speakers on the business slot on BBC Today, 52.5 per cent were negative about Brexit – against 16.3 per cent who were optimistic about the post-referendum outlook.'

More about BBC anti Brexit coverage here  More BBC anti Brexit coverage all over the BBC.