Monday 31 October 2016

Thursday 27 October 2016

Texas voters: Trump on ballot changed to Clinton

Watch from 3:35...

The world is not as we're told it is

Julian Assange was a left wing hero until he started releasing the truth about Hillary Clinton. Now he's persona non grata at the BBC and other Hillary Clinton supporting media outlets.
Michael Moore was the hero of the left but after this... 

Michael Moore understands why people want to vote for Donald Trump!

Hillary Clinton poetry please!

Removed by YouTube... You clearly can't poke fun at Hillary Clinton

When Hillary Clinton gets questioned by other than a media patsy

I found this video of great interest. If what it claims is true then is Hillary Clinton fit to be President of the United States of America.

From the description of this video.
'According to an NBC Associate Producer of the Forum, as soon as Clinton got off the set, she exploded. “Hillary proceeded to pick up a full glass of water and throw it at the face of her assistant, and the screaming started.” “She was in a full meltdown and no one on her staff dared speak with her – she went kind of manic and didn't have any control over herself at that point.” “How these people work with this woman is amazing to me. She really didn't seem to care who heard any of it.” “You really had to see this to believe it. She came apart – literally unglued; she is the most foul-mouthed woman I’ve ever heard … and that voice at screech level … awful!” “She screamed she’d get that f… Lauer fired for this.” Referring to Donald Trump, Clinton said: “If that f - - - ing bastard wins, we all hang from nooses! Lauer’s finished...and if I lose it’s all on your heads for screwing this up.”
Why would Hillary Clinton think that she and her aides would hang if Donald Trump gets elected? What are they guilty of?

According to the BBC Raheem Kassam works for a right-wing news agency

I've heard this sort of introduction more and more recently. Oddly I don't recall any Guardian or Huffington Post journalists being introduced as working for left left-wing news agencies.

Tuesday 25 October 2016

"Owen Jones's car crash TV on BBC This Week, March 2012" on YouTube

I haven't seen Owen Jones on TV recently, here's something to remind you of him.

If ignorance is bliss then Owen Jones must be in ecstasy.

"White House in damage control mode after Project Veritas reveals DNC massive voter fraud & violence" on YouTube

Did that spokesman answer re Robert Creamer visiting the White House over 300 times? It didn't seem to me that he did. Why so shy?

Not a word about this on the pro-Hillary Clinton BBC of course.

Diane Abbott vs Emily Thornberry

Diane Abbott vs Emily Thornberry - What a choice.

"Rigging the Election – Video III: Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Was PERSONALLY Involved"

"Don't repeat that to anybody"
Pretty damning but I'm sure the pro Hillary Clinton media will explain this away or more likely ignore it completely.

Sunday 23 October 2016

Nick Clegg…Liar per Biased BBC

This Biased BBC article is well worth reading in its entirety. However it misses one pertinent fact, which is why Nick Clegg continues to make these claims. 

Should not every interviewer ask Nick Clegg a) how much his EU pension will be and b) if payment of that pension is dependent upon his supporting the EU?

Saturday 22 October 2016

Watch "Barack Obama on Rigged Elections and Voter Fraud in 2008 vs. 2016" on YouTube

Don't you just love it when Democrats come over all affronted? I'm sure the BBC will play these video excerpts in the interests of balance. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Friday 21 October 2016

Wednesday 19 October 2016

Labour Called For Migrant Dental Checks per Guido Fawkes

'The last Labour government advocated the same migrant dental checks that have caused so much outrage among the Twitterati today.

Back in 2007 the then immigration minister Liam Byrne said that dental checks had to be considered to prevent abuse of the system:

"If it is true that a dental x-ray is able to establish within a more precise range an individuals' age than any other form of determination then I think we have really got to look very hard at that evidence. We cannot have adults in the children's system. Adults in the children's system, I believe, pose a serious threat to our obligation to protect children effectively."'
A great find by Miles Goslett....

Any comment from the institutionally pro immigration and pro Labour Party BBC?

"Crowd Chanting ''Lock Her Up'' Live On CNN While Panel Discusses Project Veritas"

Have you watched the Project Veritas videos that I posted earlier today? CNN have and they aren't happy...

Anybody want to ask Hillary Clinton about this? Any interest at the BBC?

Anybody want to ask Hillary Clinton about this re Huma Abedin? Any interest at the BBC?

Interesting, very interesting but so far as the BBC and the rest of the pro Hillary Clinton media are concerned, of no interest at all.

"... It doesn't matter what the legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherfucker"

If this Project Veritas video really is kosher then what it reveals is simply staggering:

'In the second video of James O'Keefe's new explosive series on the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign, Democratic party operatives tell us how to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale. Scott Foval, who has since been fired, admits that the Democrats have been rigging elections for fifty years.'

 This quote I felt was a killer one:
"We have to do a better job of making our people (voters) do what they are suposed to do. Not asking them, making them. Not expecting them and taking them for granted but beating the shit out of them and then making them do it."

The previous Project Veritas video was described thus:
'In this explosive new video from Project Veritas Action, a Democratic dirty tricks operative unwittingly provides a dark money trail to the DNC and Clinton campaign. The video documents violence at Trump rallies that is traced to the Clinton campaign and the DNC through a process called birddogging.

A shady coordinated communications chain between the DNC, Clinton Campaign, Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC (Priorities) and other organizations are revealed. A key Clinton operative is on camera saying, “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherfucker."'
and here it is...

"We have mentally ill people that we pay to do shit."

This is sick but as it pertains to Hillary Clinton's campaign the mainstream media will not report this. They, including the BBC, are so pro Hillary Clinton that anything that ruins their narrative will be ignored.

"... restrictions on Muslim worshippers..."

'The resolution repeatedly denounced Israeli actions, including the use of force, imposition of restrictions on Muslim worshippers and archaeological work. Israel regards such criticism as politically motivated.'
That line comes from this BBC report on UNESCO's latest anti-Israel move.

"Israeli actions, including... restrictions on Muslim worshipper" 
That line is fascinating especially as it's actually Jews that are banned from worshipping on the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, whilst Muslims worship in a mosque there, a mosque that was built on top of the ruins of the Jewish Temple.

The United Nations and the BBC united by a hatred of Israel...

Hillary Campaign Bus Empties Toilet Septic Tank in Middle of Street

Hillary Clinton's campaign is now literally, not just figuratively, crapping on America.

Get rich quick - Hillary Clinton's pay to play guide


Dentists condemn call for child migrants' teeth to be tested per BBC News

'A Tory MP who called for child migrants arriving in the UK from Calais to have their teeth tested to verify their ages has been condemned by dentists.

A number of unaccompanied children from the "Jungle" camp have arrived to join relatives in the UK - amid suggestions they could be adults trying to get in.

David Davies, MP for Monmouth, said mandatory teeth checks would reassure people the UK was not being exploited.

But the British Dental Association said such checks would be unethical.

The BDA, which represents dentists and dental students in the UK, also disputed claims that dental radiographs can accurately determine whether someone is under the age of 18 or not.

British and French officials have begun registering unaccompanied children in Calais, with the first children with links to the UK having arrived this week.

However, photographs of some of the children have been printed on the front pages of some national newspapers, along with headlines questioning their ages.''
More here where there appears to be no concern as to whether these people really are children. 

When one supports unlimited immigration why should facts worry one?

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Hillary Clinton campaign techniques exposed

I bet you won't see anything about this on the "Vote Hillary" BBC- Project Veritas, remember that name.

Why do Police sometimes shoot unarmed citizens?

'In this video I explain the reality of reaction time and the OODA loop in police shootings as well as demonstrate the speed at which a threat can get off a shot while you are trying to decide whether they are armed. Many people doubt the logic behind Police training. I have attended many police funerals of those officers who were killed by suspects bringing a firearm out of a vehicle.'
Absolutely fascinating and the anti-police 'journalists' at the BBC should be made to watch it before they next opine about trigger-happy police.

Thanks to Theo Spark for the spot.

The US Presidential Election and media bias

I've posted this piece of video before but I think it worthy of watching again and again. I'd also love to see a BBC spokesman defend their record as exposed in this video.

Monday 17 October 2016

Watch "HIDDEN CAM: NYC Democratic Election Commissioner, "They Bus People Around to Vote"" on YouTube

If this is real then this should be political dynamite...

Trey Gowdy with some questions for the media about Benghazi

I wonder how many of these questions the BBC can answer or even care about.

Edward Snowden on Hillary Clinton

Edward Snowden describes Hillary Clinton's private email system in a less than flattering way, somehow I don't think that the BBC will be pursuing this line of enquiry.

Trey Gowdy impresses me more every day

Trey Gowdy really is impressive.

Sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton's emails?

Recently a Hillary Clinton supporter said to me that they were sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton's emails. I disagree, they are key to understanding the casual regard that Hillary Clinton has for the truth. 

Watch Trey Gowdy here...

Sunday 16 October 2016

Leave Voter Died Hours After Brutal Attack by Neighbour Following Brexit Row

'A man died just hours after he was brutally beaten and threatened with being set alight by his neighbour, who was angry with him for having voted for Brexit, a court has heard.'

Jeremy Corbyn Condemned By Home Affairs Anti-Semitism Inquiry per Guido Fawkes

'Jeremy Corbyn has been strongly condemned by the Home Affairs Select Committee for failing to understand anti-Semitism and creating a"safe space" for racists in the Labour Party. The inquiry's damning findings are laid out in as severe language as you will ever see from a select committee:
"Despite his proud record on fighting racism, the Committee is not persuaded that Mr Corbyn fully appreciates the distinct nature of contemporary antisemitism, and the fact that it is perfectly possible for an 'anti-racist campaigner' to express antisemitic views. His lack of consistent leadership on this issue has created what some have referred to as a 'safe space' for those with vile attitudes towards Jewish people, exacerbated by the Party's demonstrable incompetence at dealing with members accused of antisemitism."'
Fairly obvious really but very damning, somehow I doubt that the institutionally anti Israel BBC will bother to report this report. The BBC have done more to stir up anti Semitic sentiment in the UK than almost anyone. 

Saturday 15 October 2016

Thursday 13 October 2016

'Gorilla escaped from enclosure' at London Zoo per BBC News

'Brad said visitors had since been allowed to leave the zoo.'
makes me wonder one thing...
Are they 100% that the escaped gorilla didn't escape hidden amongst the visitors!

Mike Pence Compares Hillary Clinton to Nixon: ‘Looks Like Obstruction’ per Breitbart

'"I'm old enough to remember a president who erased 18 and a half minutes and they ran him out of town," said Pence — the reference to the Watergate scandaland former President Nixon being forced into leaving the office of President of the United States. "And Hillary Clinton deleted more than 18,000 emails that were under a subpoena from the United States congress.""Men and women, that doesn't look like politics to me, that looks like obstruction," said Pence.'
More here at Breitbart but obviously not on the pro Hillary Clinton BBC.

Tuesday 11 October 2016

Did Hillary Clinton disclose confidential information?

Did Hillary Clinton disclose confidential information?

Watch "The Wikileaks Bombshell You Never Heard About" on YouTube

The latest Wikileaks news, not that the BBC have reported it at all. The public must be kept in ignorance of the truth about the BBC's chosen ones.

Ann Coulter On the 1975 Rape Case Haunting Hillary Clinton and more

A must watch for all of the women who support Hillary Clinton because she's a woman.

A former male feminist explains why the gender wage gap is not quite what it seems

A former male feminist explains why the gender wage gap is not quite what it seems. 

This is too logical and fact based to ever be reported by the BBC.

Watch "We are ‘Terrified’ of Hillary - Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey" on YouTube

"Hillary Clinton is a fake feminist"


I'd say this piece of video was unbelievable but for the Clinton News Network it's pretty believable.Somehow I doubt that the BBC will report this.

Rudy Giuliani – I Could Convict Crooked Hillary on 26 Counts

A fascinating piece of video and one that I wish I could show to the woman I heard shouting abuse about Donald Trump whilst watching a recording the second Presidential debate on Monday morning. 
Apparently "I don't know why they let that vile, disgusting man on television. He shouldn't be allowed to stand, he's disgusting." Additionally 'Hillary Clinton caries herself very well and is wonderful.'

Monday 10 October 2016

"MSNBC: Hillary Clinton Tapes 'Disturbing, Jarring'"

This isn't a right wing conspiracy site reacting to Hillary Clinton's retelling of her getting a rape suspect off of a rape charge  it's MSNBC. MSNBC are right behind Hillary Clinton now which makes this tape from a few years ago all the more interesting. 

Oddly I don't think that I've ever seen or heard the BBC play the extract of Hillary Clinton talking about getting this chap off of the rape charge. I suppose that might cause people to wonder how pro women Hillary Clinton really is.

Donald Trump: "Because you'd be in jail"

Somehow the pro Hillary Clinton and desperately anti Donald Trump BBC didn't report on this exchange from last night's second Presidential debate. I wonder why...
Hillary Clinton tries one of her usual snarky lines and gets a very swift and deflating reply - "Because you'd be in jail" - We can but dream!

Trump v Clinton: Who won the debate? Per BBC News - the BBC minimising a toxic anti Hillary Clinton story

This BBC analysis of the second Presidential debate manages to mention one smoking gun from Hillary Clinton's past but in such a way that the British public can be protected from the truth about the BBC's candidate of choice.
The BBC manage this:
'... Mr Trump unloaded every bit of malicious allegation and rumour he had....  He dinged Mrs Clinton's 1970s work as a public defender representing a rapist.'
An unbiased news organisation would detail what the accusations are and embed the audio of Hillary Clinton so the public could hear her triumphant tone as she tells how she got this man off of a child rape charge. 

However the BBC is not an unbiased news reporting organisation, it's a campaigning body and in this instance getting Hillary Clinton elected US President is more important than the truth.

Trump v Clinton: Who won the debate? Per BBC News - an interesting choice of wording

This BBC report could provide hours of analysis of the pro Hillary / anti Trump bias but here's just one example:
'If Mr Trump's overarching goal was to offer a performance that would allow him to cobble together an electoral majority on election day, then his sometimes glowering, often aggressive performance will fall far short'
So Hillary Clinton would win the election but if Donald Trump wins then it's because he's cobbled together an electoral majority? 

The BBC's bias sickens me.

Sunday 9 October 2016

Jerusalem shooting: Two killed by Palestinian gunman per BBC News who don't dignify the dead Jews with a name

This BBC report tells the world that two Israeli Jews 'have died':
'An Israeli pedestrian and a policeman have died after a Palestinian gunman opened fire from his car in an attack in East Jerusalem, Israeli police say.Six other people were wounded in the attack that began at Ammunition Hill.
Reports said the pedestrian was a 60-year-old woman.'
Actually the two Israeli Jews were killed, they didn't just die. However as they're Israeli Jews what the hell eh BBC?

Note that any Palestinian, even a terrorist, would be deemed worthy of being named and an interview with a grieving, distraught relative. But Israeli Jews not so much.

The BBC are institutionally anti Israel and make me nauseous.

Hillary Clinton lies about her Bosnia Reception

Just like Tony Blair's lies about watching Jackie Milburn play football etc. Hillary Clinton lies and lies but the mainstream media ignore the lies instead preferring to attack Donald Trump.
I'm no fan of Trump but I also hate media bias, and the BBC ar ethe kings of media bias.

Saturday 8 October 2016

Hillary Clinton's Wall Street Speech Transcripts Revealed not that you'd know from the BBC

Hillary Clinton's Wall Street Speech Transcripts Revealed not that you'd know from the BBC.

The BBC's pro Hillary Clinton stance is so obvious it hurts.

US election: Donald Trump sorry for obscene remarks on women per BBC News

The BBC gleefully and self-righteously report some off-colour remarks made by Donald Trump in 2005. Oddly I can find nothing on the BBC about Hillary Clinton gloating at getting a man off a rape charge or her remarks about (and to) the women who accused her husband of various sexual offences.
I'm sure there must be a reason other than sheer bias that would explain this disparity in BBC coverage but I'm unable to think of one.

UK will be first for trade deal - Donald Trump adviser per BBC News

'Britain will be offered a free trade deal before the rest of the European Union if the Republicans win the US presidential election, Donald Trump's trade adviser has said.

Dan DiMicco said Britain was "a friend" of America and was leaving the EU for the right reasons.'
Yet another reason for the BBC to campaign against Donald Trump and for Hillary Clinton.

Friday 7 October 2016

Is Diane Abbott suited to be shadow Home Secretary?

Obviously the answer to that question is yes. I can think of few people better suited to be Labour's spokesperson on Home Affairs than Diane Abbott.  She represents the current Labour Party so well.

Tweet from Jeremy Corbyn MP (@jeremycorbyn) showing his ignorance, his willingness to lie or his carelessness

Jeremy Corbyn MP (@jeremycorbyn) Tweeted at 1:10 pm - 6 Oct 2016 :

Proud two of the three "great offices of state" are, for the first-time ever, filled by women @HackneyAbbott @EmilyThornberry (

Two things #jihadijez:
First your appointments aren't filling the 'great offices of state'. You're in opposition not government.
Secondly the actual government already has two women in two of the 'great offices of state' - Amber Rudd and the UK's second woman Prime Minister Theresa May. I think that Prime Minister is at least a 'great office of state' as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Secretary or Home Secretary, don't you agree?

The Grand Tour: The Trailer - Soon you'll be able to forget about the new Top Gear

Chris Evans - pah!
Matt Le Blanc - pah!
The real Top Gear guys are back - Clarkson, Hammond and May. Although what is that growth on Hammond's face?
The budget is bigger, the silliness quotient might be raised, but the fun will return too.
Top Gear, sorry The Grand Tour, hits our screens in just over a month, mid November...

Patricia Smith: 'I blame Hillary Clinton' for death of my son in Benghazi

Thursday 6 October 2016

Diane Abbott: Chairman Mao "on balance did more good than harm"

Labour's Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, has some rather nasty views, here's one of them.

Hillary Clinton laughing as she justifies the murder of Gaddafi: "We Came, We Saw, He Died"

I was no fan of the Libyan despot Gaddafi but is this the reaction to an extra judicial killing of someone that you want from the woman who wants to be the next president of the USA?

Watch "NBC Broadcast False Report From Hill Force One" on YouTube

True or nutty conspiracy theory? Hard to say, but the fact that I think it might be true shows how little respect I, and others, have for the mainstream media.

Deadly attack in north-east Kenya per BBC News

This BBC report includes this;
'Militants have carried out frequent attacks on the Mandera region, which borders Somalia. They target people who are not from the local area and security forces, Kenyan papers say.'
A) terrorists not militants
B) do you think they target kufr not Muslims?
C) what's the point of the phrase 'Kenyan papers say'? Is the targeting in dispute?

Tuesday 4 October 2016

UK faces critical shortage of homes to rent, says Rics per BBC News

The BBC manage to report on a shortage of rental properties without mentioning the factor increasing demand for rental properties: immigration.