Friday 31 August 2018

Theresa May plot: Man jailed for life for Downing Street murder plan per BBC News

This BBC report bears the BBC imprint of protect Islam from criticism:

'Mr Justice Haddon-Cave told Rahman he would have "plenty of time" to study the Koran in prison, adding that Islam was "a religion of peace".'

Yes, of course it is. 

One-third of Labour Voters Consider Corbyn To Be Anti-Semitic But Would Vote For Him Anyway

I have worried that Jeremy Corbyn being antisemitic might not be the vote loser that decent people believe should be the case. 

'MOBOPINIONS Insight, released a representative sample poll of 1,903 citizens of the United Kingdom. The poll found that the majority of Britons, 57%, do not think Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is Anti-Semitic and that his views are legitimate. 43% expressed an opinion that his views on Jews and Israel are Anti-Semitic. Two-thirds (65%) of Labour party voters said his views are legitimate but a full one-third (35%) said he was Anti-Semitic even though they intend to vote Labour in the next election. Among Conservative voters it was evenly split 51% vs. 49% in favor of those who think he is Anti-Semitic.'

Maybe Jew hatred is more common amongst Labour voters than you might think. Maybe the BBC's incessant anti-Israel propaganda that has often leant into antisemitism has had the intended effect. 

More of that pole here 

Anti-Semitism row: Frank Field considers triggering by-election per BBC News

'Imagine that: the man who has represented Birkenhead for nearly 40 years, versus the Labour Party.

Labour's divisions would be crystallised in one contest, visible to everyone, not just on Merseyside, but much further afield as well.' 

That's Chris Mason's analysis here

How about:

Imagine that: the principled man who has represented Birkenhead for nearly 40 years, versus the antisemitic Momentum led Labour Party? 

EXCLUSIVE: Corbyn 'misled MPs' in 'secret' meet with Holocaust denier per The Mail

Another day, another report of Jeremy Corbyn's unsavoury associations. 

'Jeremy Corbyn held a private meeting with a Holocaust denier in Parliament and failed to disclose it when quizzed by a Home Affairs select committee inquiry into anti-Semitism, MailOnline can reveal.

The meeting with Deir Yassin Remembered (DYR), run by Holocaust denier and notorious anti-Semite Paul Eisen, took place in 2014, one year before Mr Corbyn was elected Labour leader.

When giving evidence to the select committee in 2016, Mr Corbyn admitted attending public DYR events but claimed to have stopped when he learned of its leader's views.

He made no mention of a private meeting in Parliament just two years before. Mr Eisen has been open about his Holocaust denial since at least 2005.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign, of which Mr Corbyn is a patron, disavowed Mr Eisen and DYR in 2007 due to Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism. The group's co-founder, Tony Greenstein, publicised the decision in an article in the Guardian.

'Participation in DYR is incompatible with being a member of PSC,' he wrote. 'You cannot oppose racism against the Palestinians and turn a blind eye to anti-Semitism.'

The Labour leader continued to attend DYR public events for a further six years, however, and is today exposed as having met privately with them in Parliament a year later.'

More here at The Mail but obviously not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm the BBC.

The BBC's willingness to protect Jeremy Corbyn by not reporting most of the slew of antisemitism allegations in recent months is little short of disgusting. 

Why should any British Jew pay the BBC TV Licence Fee whilst that antisemitic organisation works to get an antisemitic Labour Party leader elected Prime Minister? 

Thursday 30 August 2018

Anti-Semitism row: Frank Field resigns Labour whip per BBC News (Part 2)

This BBC report ends with these two risible sentences:

'Earlier this month, Mr Corbyn again apologised for hurt caused to Jewish people by anti-Semitism in his party and admitted Labour had been too slow in dealing with disciplinary cases.

Mr Corbyn also stressed that people who hold anti-Semitic views "have no place in the Labour Party" and said people who use "anti-Semitic poison" are not his supporters, nor do they speak for him or the party.'

Apart from laughing at the apology in the first of those two sentences, let's look at the second in more detail:

'Mr Corbyn also stressed that people who hold anti-Semitic views "have no place in the Labour Party" ...'

Apart from the Labour Party leader that is. He fails the IHRA examples on at least two counts. But don't expect the Labour Party supporting, and antisemitic by at least one of the IHRA examples, BBC to do anything other than faithfully report Jeremy Corbyn's platitudes. 

'Mr Corbyn... said people who use "anti-Semitic poison" are not his supporters, nor do they speak for him or the party.'

So is he saying that antisemites aren't his supporters or that none of his supporters are antisemitic? Or is it all just bollocks? Either way, the BBC won't challenge the 'Dear Leader'. 

Anti-Semitism row: Frank Field resigns Labour whip per BBC News

The BBC report on Frank Field's resigning the Labour whip thus:

'Veteran Labour MP Frank Field has quit the party's group in Parliament, saying the leadership is becoming "a force for anti-Semitism in British politics".

The Birkenhead MP also blamed a "culture of intolerance, nastiness and intimidation" in local parties.

A month ago he lost a confidence vote in his constituency party, after siding with the government in Brexit votes.

Jeremy Corbyn has apologised for hurt caused by anti-Semitism in the party and pledged to stamp it out.

A Labour Party spokesman said: "Jeremy Corbyn thanks Frank Field for his service to the Labour Party."'

A Labour MP with a strong moral compass, quite rare, how about it Kate Hoey? 

Whether Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister or not, the far-left will make sure we suffer per The Jewish Chronicle

Daniel Sugarman in the JC makes a point similar to that which I posted a few weeks ago, although Daniel is a little more eloquent:

'Corbyn has been positioned as a Christ-like figure. Free of all sin, ready to heal the world. Except that, as with Jesus, the Jews are once again here to prevent the coming of the "Messiah".

So, either way, the Jewish community loses. If Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, the Jewish community in this country will suffer. 

But if Jeremy Corbyn does not become Prime Minister, the far-left are already positioning the UK Jewish community as the scapegoat. The numerous cases of very real antisemitism in Labour are being dismissed as "fake", while simultaneously being set up as the reason for why hatred will be targeted at us in the future.

It's the mirror image of the far-right refrain that "the Holocaust didn't happen, but you Jews deserve it now because you have used the guilt people have over it to control the world."

We have no other option but to keep fighting, however. To keep calling out the examples of antisemitism we see from Mr Corbyn and a number of his followers.

However tired I am. However tired we all are. We will keep fighting.'

The Jews will suffer from a Corbyn led Labour government but if the Corbyn led Labour Party don't win the next General Election then we will be made to suffer too by the thwarted Corbynistas. Not a pleasant prospect at all. 

Jeremy Corbyn 'ignored Israeli Labour's invitation to visit Yad Vashem', Isaac Herzog says per The Jewish Chronicle

I seem to recall that I queried why Jeremy Corbyn was so fond of paying homage to victims of Israeli attacks, whether civilians or terrorists but I don't recall him ever paying his respects to dead Jewish civilians. This JC article reveals that it's worse than I thought:

'Jeremy Corbyn ignored an invitation from Israel's Labour Party to visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem, the party's former leader has said.

Isaac Herzog told the JC he wrote to the Labour leader to make the offer in 2016 but never received a reply.

In an interview to mark his appointment as chairman of the Jewish Agency, Mr Herzog also backed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for condemning Mr Corbyn.

"Two years ago, while I was still leader of the opposition and the Israeli Labour Party, I sent a written invitation to Jeremy Corbyn, as leader of Labour's Israeli sister party, to come to Jerusalem and visit the Yad Vashem museum," Mr Herzog said. "Sadly, the invitation wasn't answered."'

Has Jeremy Corbyn ever paid his respects to the dead Jews commemorated at Yad Vashem? If not, why hasn't this doughty opponent of antisemitism not done so? I think we all know why. 

Can Labour detoxify the anti-Semitism row?

The BBC ask that question here whilst pushing the Labour Party's defence as hard as they can.

Here's a corrected for grammar version attempt by Sussex Friends Of Israel:

'Let's try and put this in context:  

If Labour decided to adopt the Ten Commandments but added to Number 7 that 'You shall not commit adultery...except on Thursdays" then they would NOT have adopted the Ten Commandments,  they would have accepted an amended version of them!  Got it?' 

Emails read while commuting 'should count as work' per BBC News

The BBC report that:

'Commuters are so regularly using travel time for work emails that their journeys should be counted as part of the working day, researchers say.'

Possibly but could that time be offset against the time spent by staff at work using Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder and other apps during work time? 

Wednesday 29 August 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Police break up 'anti-Semitic' Corbyn event in Parliament

Another day, another Jeremy Corbyn antisemitism incident, albeit this one from 2013.

'This is the moment police intervened at a Parliamentary meeting hosted by Jeremy Corbyn where Israel was described as 'evil' and a Jewish woman said she was called a 'piece of sh**'.

The unrest began when a British Jewish member of the audience complained that she had not been allowed to challenge the speakers' anti-Israel views. 'You're trying to shut everybody else up, in the house of commons that we fought for,' she said.

Corbyn refused to accept her questions and tried to close the meeting. Then it descended into chaos. On the video, one woman cries: 'The Holocaust issue, Jeremy. Why? Why do you do this? Why?' She then adds ironically, 'I like Jeremy Corbyn.'

A Jewish lady is then seen complaining to a police officer that she had been called 'filthy names' and 'a piece of sh**' as anger spilled over.

On the panel were three politicians who were suspended from their parties on charges of anti-Semitism, including the former Labour peer Lord Ahmed, who blamed a Jewish conspiracy for his driving conviction.

The two other disgraced politicians were Jenny Tonge and David Ward, both of whom were expelled from the Liberal Democrats for allegedly anti-Semitic remarks.'

Maybe Jeremy Corbyn refused in an ironic way to take her questions. It's possible, after all us Jews are terribly bad at understanding irony. 

Al Sharpton misspells Aretha Franklin’s 'Respect'

Another lefty genius but don't worry Al, the lefty media won't report this - out of RESPECT not RESPICT for you. 

Corbyn claims Israel controls speeches made by British MPs, in remarks slammed as 'anti-Semitic' per Daily Mail Online

This Daily Mail report begins thus:

'Jeremy Corbyn claimed that Israeli officials control the speeches made by British MPs, in bizarre comments that have been called an 'anti-Semitic conspiracy theory' which 'casts Jews as sinister manipulators', MailOnline can reveal.

The remarks were captured on video in 2010, at a meeting of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) in London. In a speech about the shooting of Turkish activists at sea by the Israeli commandos, the Labour leader said: 

'[British MPs] all turned up [to the debating chamber] with a pre-prepared script. I'm sure our friend Ron Prosor (the Israeli ambassador) wrote it.

'Because they all came up with the same key words. It was rather like reading a European document looking for buzz-words.

'And the buzz-words were, "Israel's need for security". And then "the extremism of the people on one ship". And "the existence of Turkish militants on the vessel". 

'It came through in every single speech

MailOnline has examined the transcript of the debate in question and could find no evidence that any of Mr Corbyn's words were mentioned by MPs.'

Has anyone considered that Jeremy Corbyn was only being ironic in his speech, we Jews / Zionists are very poor at picking up on irony. 

Amsterdam Jewish woman and children told ‘you should all be shot’ per Jewish News

'A Jewish woman from Amsterdam told police that a man shouted at her and her children that they "should all be shot" and called them "cancer Jews" before getting into a taxi cab.'

Maybe someone could check with Jeremy Corbyn whether the man, who shouted at the Jewish woman and her Jewish children, was only being ironic; we Jews are so bad at understanding irony after all. 

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Julia Hartley-Brewer: Corbyn is Anti-Semitic and a Racist. Sue Me. Per Guido Fawkes

This is ballsy:

'Julia Hartley-Brewer set out an explosive challenge to Jeremy Corbyn live on air today, when interviewing a 'Jewish Voice For Labour' spokesman.

"Come on Jezza, sue me. I think you're anti-Semitic. I think everything you do and say suggests you are anti-Semitic. I think you're an anti-Semite, just like Margaret Hodge, prominent Jewish Labour MP. If that's not true, prove to me that it's not true. Take me to court, sue me for libel, and let's get this out in the open."

Julia-Hartley Brewer has drawn a pretty big line in the sand and dared Jezza. Corbyn can sue her and Murdoch owned TalkRadio. Will he take her up on her offer?'


Guido Fawkes has the video here 

Don't expect the BBC to report this challenge to the leader of the Labour Party. 

EXCLUSIVE: Corbyn claims ISRAEL controls speeches by British MPs

Another day, another Jeremy Corbyn antisemitism revelation. 

'Jeremy Corbyn claimed that Israeli officials control the speeches made by British MPs, in bizarre comments that have been called an 'anti-Semitic conspiracy theory' which 'casts Jews as sinister manipulators', MailOnline can reveal.

The remarks were captured on video in 2010, at a meeting of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) in London. In a speech about the shooting of Turkish activists at sea by the Israeli commandos, the Labour leader said: 

'[British MPs] all turned up [to the debating chamber] with a pre-prepared script. I'm sure our friend Ron Prosor (the Israeli ambassador) wrote it.

'Because they all came up with the same key words. It was rather like reading a European document looking for buzz-words.

'And the buzz-words were, "Israel's need for security". And then "the extremism of the people on one ship". And "the existence of Turkish militants on the vessel". 

'It came through in every single speech, this stuff came through.''

More here at The Mail

Have the BBC reported this latest revelation? Of course not, why would the antisemitic, by at least one of the IHRA examples, BBC do anything to report negatively about their beloved Labour Party's leader?

BBC’s bias against Israel shows it is not fit for purpose per The Times

'The BBC's unique mandate means that it is supposed to operate according to strict editorial rules, including five public purposes, the first "to provide impartial news and information to help people understand and engage with the world around them". When it comes to the BBC's coverage of Israel, this purpose is clearly not being met: coverage is neither impartial nor informative.

Today the Confederation of Friends of Israel in Scotland (Cofis) will back a UK campaign to raise awareness of BBC bias against Israel. There are numerous examples of the BBC's editorial rules being breached but let's focus on one: the frequent rocket attacks that Israel faces on its southern border.

In the two years to August 2018 the BBC reported on eight occasions that rockets had been fired into Israel. Seven reports led with Israel's military response to the attack rather than the original attack on Israel, which could give the impression that Israel instigated the attacks. On only one occasion did the BBC correctly reference the chronology.

During that same period, there were 19 other rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza by Hamas and other terrorist factions, and four attacks on Israel by Isis from the Sinai. The BBC did not report any of them, denying context on who is provoking the violence. There is strong concern that the BBC's misreporting generates hostility towards UK Jewish communities.'

The BBC's anti Israel bias is clear and obvious but what can be done about it. Perhaps releasing the hidden away Balen Report might help, or not. 

Jeremy Corbyn’s Warped Worldview

This article from Bloomerg is interesting, it doesn't limit its remarks to Jeremy Corbyn's problems with Israel and Jews.

'At the same time, to focus on Corbyn's anti-Semitism is to miss the wider context of his worldview. He embraces not only the rogues, fanatics and terrorists that despise Israel. He likes the ones that despise America and the U.K., too.

Call it geopolitical masochism. Corbyn may present himself as anti-war, but he's really just on the other side.'

I still wonder just why Jeremy Corbyn holidayed in the then East Germany at the height of the Cold War. What attracted Jeremy Corbyn to holiday there and why did he go? 

Monday 27 August 2018

"The UK's Labour Party has effectively become a hate group"

"Jeremy Corbyn is the new face of the Labour Party, but his excesses are no longer simply individual faults. Rather, he is a face of a movement which, like other hate groups before, seeks to use the trappings of the political process to advance an agenda of hate and demonization. The United Kingdom increasingly has a hate problem: Jeremy Corbyn may be its head, but the Labour Party has become its body."

Do read the whole piece in the Washington Examiner but don't expect any notice of the article from the institutionally anti Israel BBC, an organisation that fails at least one of the IHRA examples of antisemitism. 

Sunday 26 August 2018

Shocking Immigration Statistics

Absolutely shocking but shh don't let the British people know. 

Facebook Shuts Down Iran-Linked Pages Attacking Brexit and Backing Corbyn not that you'd know from the BBC

'Facebook shut down 652 pages, groups, and accounts, including 'The British Left' and 'Free Scotland 2014' — one of the largest pro-separatist pages on social media — which were found to be engaged in "co-ordinated inauthentic behaviour" after a tip-off from the FireEye cybersecurity firm, The Telegraph reports.

They were linked to the Islamist regime in Iran via Iranian state media and its 'Liberty Front Press' front group, with Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg confirming the network of accounts were shut down for "misleading people about who they were and what they were doing".

Pro-EU posts shared by the impostor accounts depicted an English longbowman preparing to shoot an arrow into his own body and a man firing a pistol at his foot as a euphemism for Brexit.

Others showed Queen Elizabeth II bragging to her consort Prince Philip about a "pay rise" paid for by "the poor, the sick and the disabled", and praised Labour's anti-Israel leader Jeremy Corbyn — who has taken money from Iranian state media himself.

Curiously, establishment Remainers who have left no stone unturned in a fruitless search for Russian 'interference' in the EU referendum and 'collusion' between Moscow and the Leave campaigns — such as Damian Collins, the Tory chairman of the Department of Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport parliamentary select committee, and Labour deputy leader Tom Watson — have had nothing to say on the subject of Iran's anti-Brexit activities.

Mainstream media has been similarly quiescent, despite having covered Russia conspiracies prominently — with neither the publicly-funded BBC, publicly-owned Channe 4, or Sky News appearing to mention the Iranian revelations in their broadcast news bulletins.

BBC News did provide a brief report on Facebook shutting down a number of pages linked to Iran and Russia and how they were traced, buried on the Tech section of its website, but — incredibly — managed to do so without making any mention of the fact that they were pushing narratives critical of Brexit.'

From Breitbart here because the BBC would never attack either Jeremy Corbyn or the remoaner cause. 

The antisemitism that permeates the Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party

'A former Labour investigations officer sought to lift the lid on the nature of anti-Semitism allegations within the party.

Dan Hogan, who quit his party post earlier, added that he had also carried out disciplinary inquiries into party members who 'promoted Holocaust deniers' and praised terrorists. The revelations came as the relative of a teenager killed in a terror attack spoke of his horror that Jeremy Corbyn had once met a Hamas chief linked to the murder.

Adam Ma'anit accused Labour of sinking 'into an anti-Semitic cesspit of its own making'.

In a tweet last week, Dan Hogan, who worked on Labour's internal disciplinary inquiries, stunned MPs by revealing the nature and scale of allegations investigated. Mr Hogan said: 'I've done plenty of disciplinary cases against Labour members who compared Israel to the Nazis, peddled conspiracy theories about Israel, promoted Holocaust deniers, praised terrorists, and who questioned the Britishness or loyalty of British Jews.''

More here but obviously not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm, and antisemitic by at least one of the IHRA examples, BBC. 

Campaign Against Antisemitism calls for Jeremy Corbyn to resign or be made to stand down

Will such calls make a difference? 

I fear that Jeremy Corbyn is going nowhere, he's exceptionally stubborn and believes in the path that he has chosen. Also that when he said Zionists in that speech he did mean Jews. 

'Following the constant stream of revelations about the Labour Party over the past several weeks, Campaign Against Antisemitism has called for Jeremy Corbyn to resign or be made to stand down.

Gideon Falter, Chairman of Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: "For weeks, events from Jeremy Corbyn's disturbing past have trickled into the light. Among his many acts during his time as a backbench MP, when he could speak his mind without fear of scrutiny, he blamed Islamist terrorist attacks on Israel; defended an appalling antisemitic mural; honoured a sheikh banned from the UK for saying that Jews drink non-Jews' blood; said that a Hamas terrorist whose life's work was the murder of Jews was his 'brother'; held a repulsive event on Holocaust Memorial Day in which Jews were accused of being the successors to the Nazis; tried to have the word 'Holocaust' removed from the title of Holocaust Memorial Day; laid a wreath at a memorial for the Black September terrorists behind the Munich Massacre; and now we have heard that he made euphemistic comments to suggest that Jews are somehow un-British and foreign to the ways of our country.

"Throughout the last three years and these past few weeks, Jeremy Corbyn has lied, distracted, tried to twist the definition of antisemitism to exclude his past conduct, and issued false apologies when pressure mounted. He has claimed to have been seeking peace and to have been judged out of context, but the facts show that over many years he sought to defend, honour, assist and promote antisemites and the context is that his actions have been consistent with those of an ideological antisemite. We had hoped that the Labour Party might at some point rise to the defence of British Jews by removing Jeremy Corbyn or by demanding his resignation, but the institutions of the once proudly anti-racist Labour Party are now corrupted and will not act. Instead they merely persecute those members who stand up to antisemitism.

"For as long as the Labour Party is in Jeremy Corbyn's grip, it cannot be a force for good. His past demonstrates that he should never have been elected to the leadership of the Labour Party and he is unfit to hold any public office. The hour is now. Jeremy Corbyn must go."

If Mr Corbyn does not resign – and since only leaders with a modicum of decency resign, we do not expect that he will – then in order for him to be removed, only 52 Labour MPs need to propose a challenger, or Labour MPs could propose a vote of no confidence, or set up their own political party. We have launched a petition calling on the Parliamentary Labour Party to take action.'

The trouble is that Jeremy Corbyn's fan base will reelect him again and again, accusations of antisemitism doesn't bother them, some even agree. 

Grand National 'could be hit by no deal Brexit' warns racing group per BBC News and Project Fear

This BBC report features on the BBC news home page. I'll quote the first few paragraphs that put the Project Fear case before the lines that put the fear in context. 

'Next year's Grand National could look very different if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the British Horseracing Authority warns.

Crashing out of the EU would potentially have a huge impact on Irish trainers and Irish horses.

And it could see the end of the Tripartite Agreement system which allows horses to be easily moved between the UK, France and Ireland.


Ross Hamilton from the BHA told Radio 5live's Wake Up To Money Business Of Sport: "If the position was that the UK government chose to immediately put up borders and tariffs then would make it extremely difficult for thoroughbreds to move.


He added that, in that position, the main issue for Irish trainers would be whether they were "comfortable" taking their horses over to the UK and being sure they get them back home again after the race.'

Could, potentially and could again are the key words above. Along with this line "If... the UK government chose to immediately put up borders and tariffs then would make it extremely difficult for thoroughbreds to move.' 

Why would the UK government CHOOSE to do those things? 

Then follows the facts:

'But the BHA did say it has been working hard on its preparations for Brexit, examining the potential implications of all scenarios and taking preparatory action.

It even went so far as to speak to the government before the referendum took place.

Mr Hamilton added that, based what has already been released in the Brexit papers, the BHA believes the government wants to maintain the status quo "as far as possible after Brexit".'

So there's nothing to fear from the British government in this matter. 


"The big question will be - and this is a matter for our colleagues in Ireland and France to be representing to their own governments and the Commission - is whether the Commission chooses to reciprocate."

So the real worry, if worry there be, is what the EU do as part of their punishment regime aimed at the UK and preventing others from following the UK out of the EU. 

Near the end of the BBC report is this line from UK racing:

"We do get horses from further afield than France and Ireland to compete in our races and we have an established procedure in place to deal with those countries." 

An established procedure that could be extended to horses from EU countries? 

This sort of BBC / Project Fear article would be funny were it not for the drip, drip, drip effect of these endless scare stories. 

The BBC's pro Remain stance does them no credit and why should anyone who believes in Brexit continue to pay the Licence Fee to fund a biased BBC? 

Jewish Caller In Tears At Being Made To Feel Less Than British per LBC

Listen to the clip of the Jewish caller to Maajid Nawaz and his response here

What's interesting is that the words that LBC choose to quote miss the description of Jeremy Corbyn by a Labour MP as a "racist" and "antisemitic". There's still a reluctance to call Jeremy Corbyn out, or is it fear of the man and his fanatical followers?

Watch the video below 

Saturday 25 August 2018

"Yes, a Corbyn government could pose an 'existential threat' to the UK's Jewish community"

If there are any Jews, and indeed non-Jews who don't think that Jeremy Corbyn is a real threat to British Jews then I suggest they read this article from the JC

'I don't know what will happen if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister. But I know what could happen. Because the far-Left has already provided two examples of what could happen – one fifty years ago, one in the last two decades.

The first example took place in Communist Poland. Despite the Holocaust having killed over 90 per cent of the prewar Jewish population, with some 200,000 survivors emigrating in the post-war years, tens of thousands of Jews opted to remain in Poland after the war.


An "anti-Zionist" jobs purge was instituted, with hundreds of Jews in the armed forces and government losing their positions. Jewish organisations in Poland were banned from receiving contributions from Jewish charities elsewhere.

The rhetoric of Gomulka grew stronger. He began to denounce Polish Jews as "a fifth column", and talked of consequences for those people who had "two souls and two fatherlands".

In March 1968, however, the repression grew far worse. Thousands of Polish Jews, as well as Poles of Jewish ancestry, were hounded from their jobs, denounced in the press as criminals and enemies of the people, whether they had shown the slightest bit of sympathy for Zionism or not. According to Professor David Engel, professor of Holocaust and Judaic studies at NYU, "the Interior Ministry compiled a card index of all Polish citizens of Jewish origin, even those who had been detached from organised Jewish life for generations.

"Jews were removed from jobs in public service, including from teaching positions in schools and universities. Pressure was placed upon them to leave the country by bureaucratic actions aimed at undermining their sources of livelihood and sometimes even by physical brutality."

And yet, remarkably, the Polish government continued to insist that this was not antisemitism. A national strike called in Warsaw voiced its opposition to "antisemitism and Zionism". Gomulka himself, responding to criticism from Jews across the world, stated that "Western Zionist centres that today charge us with antisemitism failed to lift a finger when Hitler's genocide was exterminating Jews in subjugated Poland, punishing with death Poles who hid and helped the Jews." He said this at the same time as thousands of Polish Jews were being persecuted, not for their belief in an ideology, but because of the religion of their forebears.

Of the approximately 35,000 Jews left in Poland by 1968, around 25,000, many of them Holocaust survivors, fled or were forced to leave Poland over the next two years. Only in 1998 did the Polish government publicly admit that what was always claimed to have been an "anti-Zionist" purge was in fact antisemitic, and apologised for it.'

Would any remaining British Jews have to wait until the mid 2030s for an apology from a future British government? 

'The second example is perhaps even more relevant, because it took place in a country extravagantly praised by many of the current leaders of the British far-left. Venezuela.'

Including Jeremy Corbyn, John Mcdonell and Diane Abbott in the recent past. 

'Many (though not all) of these ardent backers have fallen silent now, given that Venezuela has become the latest charnel house of the full socialist experiment. But back in 2013, things were far less bleak financially, although the storm clouds were already gathering. 

When Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela died, Jeremy Corbyn knew where he stood. "Thanks Hugo Chavez for showing that the poor matter and wealth can be shared," he tweeted. "He made massive contributions to Venezuela & a very wide world."

Another thing Mr Chavez did was help to destroy the Venezuelan Jewish community. 

When he took office in 1999, there were some 22,000 Jews in the country. By the time he died, that number was fewer than 9,000 and dropping fast. 

In the early 2000s, state controlled media began regularly referring to Israeli Jews as Nazis. Fast forward a few years, and the Venezuelan community was dealing with repeated synagogue desecration, frequent comments from Mr Chavez which could easily be seen as antisemitic, and regular articles in the government-run press inflaming the situation further. In 2013, Venezuela's severely shrunken Jewish community had reported over 4,000 cases of antisemitism in that year alone.'

Did Jeremy Corbyn or John Mcdonell or Diane Abbott ever comment adversely on the antisemitism in Venezuela in the 2000s? Maybe someone could ask them now but don't wait for the BBC to ask the question. 

Any British Jew who doesn't learn from those two examples from history, especially the example of Venezuela, is a fool. Prepare to leave the UK whilst you can. 

Friday 24 August 2018

I gave Corbyn the benefit of the doubt on antisemitism. I can’t any more | Simon Hattenstone | Opinion | The Guardian

When a Guardian opinion piece comes straight out and says 'what the Labour leader said at a London conference convened by the Palestinian Return Centre in 2013 is unquestionably antisemitic' then the gig is up. 

Here's part of what Simon Hattenstone has written in The Guardian:

'... but what the Labour leader said at a London conference convened by the Palestinian Return Centre in 2013 is unquestionably antisemitic.

Yesterday the Daily Mail showed footage of Corbyn addressing the conference, on the topic of British Zionists. He mentions an impassioned speech made at a meeting in parliament about the history of Palestine that was "dutifully recorded by the thankfully silent Zionists who were in the audience" (audience members he presumably knew nothing about). So far so bad. But it gets worse. He goes on to say that these unnamed Zionists in the audience "clearly have two problems. One is they don't want to study history, and secondly, having lived in this country for a very long time, probably all their lives, they don't understand English irony either … So I think they needed two lessons, which we can perhaps help them with."

It is unclear what the irony in question is. But it is irrelevant. To generalise about any race or religion is discriminatory. And if there were ever a clear example of somebody conflating Zionist with Jews, this appears to be it. Let's play the traditional "swap the minority" game. Instead of "Zionists" let's make it, say, Muslims or African-Caribbeans or Asians or Irish needing lessons in history or irony. Not nice, eh?

And what exactly does he mean by Zionists who have spent all or most of their lives in this country? Today the party insisted that Corbyn had been quoted out of context and that he had been referring to "Jewish and non-Jewish activists". Maybe. But it sounds pretty much like he was talking about British Jews to me. And In her 2016 report on antisemitism in the Labour party, Shami Chakrabarti wrote: "Crucially, I have heard testimony and heard for myself first hand, the way in which the word 'Zionist' has been used personally, abusively, or as a euphemism for 'Jew', even in relation to some people with no stated position or even a critical position on the historic formation or development of modern Israel. This has clearly happened so often over a number of years as to raise some alarm bells in Jewish communities." She concluded: "My advice to critics of the Israeli state and/or government is to use the term 'Zionist' advisedly, carefully and never euphemistically or as part of personal abuse."

Meanwhile, Labour's new code of conduct states that the use of the word Zionism "euphemistically or as part of any personal abuse" may "provide evidence of antisemitic intent". On both fronts, if Corbyn said the same thing today he would be in breach of his own party's guidance.

Let's look closely at the words used by Corbyn: these British Zionists don't study history, and they don't understand irony (ironic coming from one of the greatest literalists British politics has produced). In other words, they are uneducated, they have failed to integrate or assimilate, they are outsiders, they don't belong, they need to be taught a lesson. Sorry, Jeremy, this is the language of supremacism.'

More here in The Guardian but obviously not in the antisemitic, by at least one of the IHRA examples of antisemitism, BBC. 

The BBC clearly threw in their lot with the Labour Party some years ago, however to carry on supporting the antisemite at the head of the Labour Party is a step too far. It's not their choice to make as it does go against their duty to be impartial. 

Why should any British Jew continue to pay the BBC Licence Fee any longer? 

Why should British Jews pay to support an antisemitic organisation? 

How do we all cancel our BBC Licence Fee and make it clear why we are doing so? 

The Clinton State Department’s Major Security Breach That Everyone Is Ignoring

'According to Gohmert, the inspector general discovered that, with four exceptions, "every single one" of Clinton's emails—more than 30,000—"were going to an address that was not on the distribution list."

In other words, according to the information Gohmert received from the intelligence inspector general, something was causing Clinton's server to send copies of all of her email communications outside of the country "to an unauthorized source that was a foreign entity unrelated to Russia."

If true, this means that Clinton's email communication with her top aides, department leadership, ambassadors, and other officials, including President Barack Obama, may have been read by an alien entity, perhaps a foreign power hostile to the United States. That could include confidential, sensitive, and even classified information about our foreign policy or our allies.

Gohmert's exchange with Strzok doesn't reveal who the foreign entity is, but if not the Russians, the likely culprit is the Chinese government, which has a special unit of hackers within its military that has long targeted the U.S.'

This piece of news should be the lead story on every US news site but as it impacts negatively on Hillary Clinton not President Donald Trump there's not a word on the mainstream media. As for the chances of the BBC reporting on this, I'd say somewhere between nil and are you nuts. 

Did you really believe Theresa May's promises?

Guido Fawkes has found something interesting:

'The Department for International Trade is interviewing for a 'Business Support Manager'. The second bullet point in the five "key areas of responsibility" gives away that the department is developing policy about membership of the Customs Union. 

This directly breaks one of Theresa May's most important red lines…

"Customs Union: with G7 support, leading BEAT's [Business Environment Advisory Team] engagement with those developing the policy about the UK's membership of the Customs Union, as it develops."

Trade Secretary Liam Fox has consistently said that "no form of customs union is acceptable after Brexit" and that membership of one would constitute "a complete sell-out of Britain's national interests." His department seems to disagree…'

Did you really believe Theresa May's promises? 

Jeremy Corbyn: 'Zionists' have 'no sense of English irony despite having lived here all their lives' per The Jewish Chronicle

'Jeremy Corbyn has been slammed as xenophobic after a new video of him emerged in which he says Zionists "don't understand English irony" despite having lived in the country for a very long time.' 

For Zionists read Jews? 

More here but obviously not on the antisemitic by at least one of the IHRA examples BBC. 

Thursday 23 August 2018

Jeremy Corbyn again

This Daily Mail article has more of the same, here's an interesting part:

'The Labour leader made the comments at a conference at Friends House in Euston. The event was advertised online by Hamas' Al-Qassam Brigades, which is designated a terrorist group by Britain, the EU, the United States and other countries.

In one of the speeches, made by 9/11 conspiracy theorist Alan Hart, 'Zionism' was described as a 'cancer at the heart of international affairs'. It was also called a 'monster' and compared to Nazi Germany.

The programme of speakers included a range of anti-Semites, homophobes and conspiracy theorists. 

Several were connected to Hamas. One called for attacks on the Royal Navy in the past, and led a boycott of Holocaust Memorial Day.

In addition, a number have been formerly associated with the Labour leader, or supported by him.

One listed speaker was Ibrahim Hewitt, who wrote a pamphlet in 1994 branding homosexuality a 'great sin' comparable to paedophilia and incest, which should be 'severely punished'. The pamphlet was most recently reprinted in 2004. 

Speaking at a pro-Palestinian event in East London in February 2013, Corbyn called him a 'very good friend'.

Another speaker, Reverend Stephen Sizer, was later banned from social media after suggesting that Israel was behind the 9/11 attack on the twin towers. 

Corbyn wrote a letter defending him, saying he was 'under attack' by a pro-Israeli smear campaign.'

Associating with antisemites and homophobes, but don't expect a word about the friends of Jeremy Corbyn on the antisemitic, according to at least one of the IHRA examples, BBC. 

Alan Dershowitz: "Corbyn Is an anti-semite"... "and a despicable human being"

Alan Dershowitz doesn't mince his words in this interview, when dissecting the positions taken by Jeremy Corbyn and explaining why Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite not just anti-Israel. 

Alan Dershowitz goes beyond anything that I have heard before on the media by calling Jeremy Corbyn 'a despicable human being' which does just about nail it. 

Somehow I doubt that the institutionally anti Israel, and antisemitic by at least one of the IHRA examples, BBC will have Alan Dershowitz as an interviewee anytime soon. 

Corbyn floats plan for windfall tax on tech firms to fund journalism per BBC News

The BBC report on Jeremy Corbyn's proposals for the future of journalism in the UK.

'Mr Corbyn has long supported a review of media ownership rules amid longstanding concerns within the party about the power of companies such as Rupert Murdoch's News Corp and 21st Century Fox.

Labour's 2017 manifesto promised to give regulator Ofcom more powers to protect media plurality and to reconsider rules on who is fit and proper to run TV and radio stations.'

Oddly Jeremy Corbyn seems unconcerned about the UK media's largest and most powerful news organisation, the BBC. I suppose that as the BBC operates more as the Labour Party's propaganda arm then its dominant media position is not something that worries him. 

Wednesday 22 August 2018

Corbyn praised convicted terrorist as ‘ambassador for peace’ in 2004

The revelations keep on coming. This time from the Jewish News

'Jeremy Corbyn praised a convicted terrorist as an "ambassador for peace" in a parliamentary motion, an investigation by an Israeli media outlet has revealed.

The Labour leader hailed the head of the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, Marwan Barghouti, in two Early Day Motions (EDM) in 2004.

In 2004, Marwan Barghouti was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences by a judge over connections to a wave of terror attacks and membership of a terrorist group, during the second intifada.

Following a probe by Israeli TV station and website  i24News, it was discovered that Corbyn sponsored at least five EDMs demanding his release.

In a 2007 address, Corbyn's "endorse[d] the call that has been made for the release of Marwan Barghouti", adding he'd "be part of a dialogue that will eventually bring about peace and justice for the Palestinian people".

The earliest EDM was signed by 33 Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs in 2002, while a 2004 motion demanded his "immediate release".

The current Labour leader and other MPs praised him as an "ambassador for peace" who had "campaigned tirelessly for the implementation of the peace process", despite I24News revealing that Corbyn deleted an article on his website from 2004, saying Barghouti "gave up on the Oslo peace process".'

More in the Jewish News but obviously not on the institutionally anti Israel, and antisemitic based on at least one of the IHRA examples, BBC.  The BBC will do their very best to not publicise such facts as they work ceaselessly to get Jeremy Corbyn as the next Prime Minister. 

Anti Semitism?

Criticism of the Israeli Government is not anti-semitism, in the same way that criticism of President Donald Trump is not anti-American and criticism of the UK Government is not anti-British. However criticism of Israel's very existence but not that of Pakistan, or any other Muslim majority country, is definitely anti-semitism.

Have even Private Eye now recognised BBC Radio 4 News' twin obsessions with blaming Brexit or President Donald Trump for everything?

From the current (1476) issue of Private Eye 

'I climb into lorries three times a day' per BBC News, a question that the BBC don't ask

This BBC report runs:

'Police in a small French port town say hundreds of migrants are risking their lives every day to try and get to England.

Around 200 mainly Sudanese refugees are camping around Ouistreham because of the ferry route to Portsmouth.

With a heavy police presence in Calais, they are targeting ferries running from the town as a potentially easier way to hide on vehicles headed for the UK.'

Why do the BBC not ask why "hundreds of migrants are risking their lives every day to try and get to England" when they are already living in France? Why are these "mainly Sudanese" "risking their lives" to go from one relatively safe EU-member country to another? Why do the BBC not explore the pull-factors? 

I think we know the answers to the above questions but that is not in accord with the BBC / left-wing narrative and plan for the UK. 

Tuesday 21 August 2018

Corbyn met terror leaders, but not Jews, on trip to Israel in 2010 - claim

This Times of Israel report is a must read, here's part of it, but it's the last line that is key:

'UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visited terror leaders during a 2010 trip to Israel and the West Bank, according to a Monday report, the latest in a series of exposés showing the embattled British politician alongside Palestinian terror groups.

Corbyn also broke British parliamentary rules by failing to disclose that the trip was funded by a lobby group, i24News reported.

The Labour leader was joined on the trip by fellow Labour MP Andrew Slaughter and by Seumas Milne, who currently serves as Corbyn's director of communications and strategy.

The visit took place from November 5-9, 2010, and was reported at the time by Palestinian Ma'an news agency

Slaughter declared the trip, saying it was sponsored by Friends of Al-Aqsa and The Middle East Monitor (MEMO), a UK-based pro-Palestinian lobbying group. He said that the total costs came to £927 ($1,500), i24News reported. Corbyn did not list the visit to parliament, though at the time MPs had to declare any gifts above £660 ($840).

A detailed summary of the trip was deleted from the MEMO site, but i24News saved a copy of the original report.

According to the MEMO report, the lawmakers toured from the northern Arab city of Umm al-Fahm to the unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev.

In East Jerusalem the lawmakers met three senior Hamas members, Ahmad Attoun, Khaled Abu-Arafah, and Muhammad Totah, who were staging a protest in the Red Cross building as Israel attempted to deport them to the West Bank for their involvement with the terror group.

The MEMO description of the visit details the many accounts of "crimes" of the "Israeli occupation" including home demolitions, "ethnic cleansing," and "apartheid" that the MPs heard at every stop they made. They also learned about the importance of the BDS boycott against Israel and were urged to support it.

Following the visit, Corbyn summarized what he had learned in his regular column in the left-wing Morning Star newspaper.

"It is time to bring those Israelis who committed crimes against humanity to account and to end the EU Israel Trade Agreement while the occupation and settlement policy continues," he wrote, according to the report.

From the detailed 47-page MEMO report of the visit, it appears that the delegation did not meet with any Jewish Israelis during the four days.

A spokesperson for the Labour Party defended the trip, telling i24News it showed Corbyn's commitment to peace.

"Jeremy has a long and principled record of solidarity with the Palestinian people and engaging with actors in the conflict to support peace and justice in the Middle East. That is the right thing to do," he said. However, he declined to comment on why Corbyn did not declare the trip in his financial report.

The Labour leader has in the past been criticized for calling terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah "friends" when inviting members for a parliamentary meeting in 2009. He later downplayed the comment and said he regretted using the term.

An unnamed senior Labour party member told i24News that, "I imagine he's met more people who have killed Israelis than actual Israelis."'

The BBC are of course not reporting this story but that's because they are mainly interested in ensuring that Jeremy Corbyn is not damaged just in case that means that the next General Election is not won by anyone other than the Labour Party. I say mainly because the BBC are guilty of infracting at least one of the IHRA definitions of antisemitism.

Once again - 'An unnamed senior Labour party member told i24News that, "I imagine he's met more people who have killed Israelis than actual Israelis."'

Jeremy Corbyn’s personal secretary Nicolette Peterson urged Labour supporters not to vote for MPs who appeared in the JC per The JC

The JC reports more about the people who surround the antisemitic, based on at least one of the IHRA examples, Jeremy Corbyn:

'JEREMY Corbyn's long serving personal secretary once urged Labour supporters to read the JC to "show you who not to vote for".

Nicolette Petersen, 61, who has worked for Mr Corbyn since 1994,  wrote a how-to-guide to help voters rid Parliament of MPs who support Israel.

The pamphlet, which was written before the 2010 election, urged Labour supporters to support other parties if the Labour candidate was a "friend of Israel."

It said: "Read the Jewish Chronicle on line and look at websites that will show you who not to vote for."

The guide was published in the Spring 2010 edition of the Palestinian News magazine published by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign - when Mr Corbyn was a patron of the anti-Israel group.

Responding to the report by the Sun newspaper, JC editor Stephen Pollard said: "This isn't about helping Palestinians. It's about attacking Jews."

"The recommendation that activists who want to rid Parliament of Zionists use the Jewish Chronicle for a hit-list of targets exposes the truth: that they use the word Zionist as a euphemism for Jew."'

What a delightful person, does she have the support of Jeremy Corbyn?

Meanwhile here's the defence:

'A Labour Party spokesman said: "We don't comment on staffing matters."'

Gosh, how convincing!

Are Jeremy Corbyn’s memory issues pathological or strategic?

Further to the revelations this morning, still not on the BBC by the way:

'... Mr Corbyn insisted he "could not remember" sharing a "takeway meal " with Hamas boss Khaled Mashal  despite writing about the event in his Morning Star newspaper column.

Mr Corbyn told reporters on Monday: "A takeaway dinner? I don't remember any takeaway dinners.

"I have met many people from many aspects of the Palestinian cause as a way of bringing about dialogue, as a way of bringing about peace."'

More in the JC but obviously the BBC would take Jeremy Corbyn's word as the gospel, or maybe the Hadith, rather than contemplate the possibility that Jeremy Corbyn is unfit to lead the country. 

Government's July surplus at 18-year high per BBC News

The BBC report through gritted teeth that:

'The government's finances were in surplus by £2bn last month, the biggest surplus for July in 18 years, official figures show.

The figure was up from a surplus of £1bn a year ago.

At the same time, borrowing in the April-to-July period fell to its lowest level since 2002.

Analysts said the reduction in borrowing should give Chancellor Philip Hammond extra money to play with in the Budget this autumn.

Borrowing for the financial year so far has reached £12.8bn, £8.5bn less than in the same period in 2017, the Office for National Statistics said.'

Weren't we told that a win for Brexit would bring destruction to the UK economy, I note that the BBC don't recall those warnings in this piece. 

The Gaza Surf Club misinformed or misinforming

Found on the Web:

Join The People's Film Club THIS THURSDAY for our exclusive screening of GAZA SURF CLUB. The film follows the young surfers taking to the waves in Gaza, searching for an exhilarating escape from a brutal occupation. The film will be introduced by Andy Martin - author of the cult classic 'Walking on Water' & reporter for the UK's first surfing newspaper column. 

Tickets on sale now - all proceeds will go to supporting the Gaza Surf Club.

Occupied? Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 but then why let facts get in the way of the 'Palestinian' narrative? 

Yet another revelation about Jeremy Corbyn's associations, this time meeting with Hamas extremists in The Palace of Westminster

This revelation is on The Mail website obviously there is nothing about it on the BBC.

'Jeremy Corbyn welcomed a group of notorious Islamic extremists to Parliament, including one who led a boycott of Holocaust Memorial Day and called for attacks on the Royal Navy, MailOnline can reveal.

The meeting, which took place in the House of Lords just six months before Corbyn became Labour leader, included at least four of Britain's most influential extremists.

It comes as it emerged that Corbyn went with spin doctor Seamus Milne on a secret visit to Hamas extremists in Ramallah in 2010, failing to declare the trip in violation of parliamentary rules.

A picture from the 2015 event in Parliament shows Corbyn flanked by Daud Abdullah, who signed a letter saying that the Royal Navy should be attacked if it tried to help prevent weapons from being smuggled to terror groups in Gaza.

Also visible is Azzam Tamimi, who said he wanted to blow himself up in a suicide attack. 'Sacrificing myself for Palestine is a noble cause,' he told the BBC. 'It is the straight way to pleasing my God and I would do it if I had the opportunity.'

Zaher al-Birawi, who is close to the Hamas leadership and has posed for pictures with terror chief Ismail Haniyeh, can be seen just two spaces away from Corbyn, along with Mohammed Swalha, who represented Hamas in a visit to Russia last year.

Corbyn was also pictured sharing a joke with Tamimi, the would-be suicide bomber, in 2013. Daud Abdullah and Mohammed Swalha were also present at that event.

At the same event, the MP posed with Abdel Bari Atwan, editor of a London-based Arabic newspaper editor who told Lebanese media: 'If the Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight'.'

Surely these revelations are important and in the public interest to be reported. Imagine that there were reports of Boris Johnson meeting with anyone that the BBC deemed to be Islamophobic, the BBC would be headlining the news day after day. However it seems that news that Jeremy Corbyn met with Jew haters and members of a terrorist group in The Palace of Westminster is not worthy of reporting by the BBC.

The BBC's bias has become more and more obvious in recent months but has now gone beyond bias and moved into pure propaganda. 

We all need to complain to the BBC, OFCOM and the government about the BBC's clear bias and propagandising on behalf of the Labour Party. This cannot be allowed to continue any longer. If the British people knew what the BBC was doing there would be real anger in the Country.

The BBC, the BBC Trust and OFCOM won't do anything, birds of a feather. However why are the Conservative government so pathetically timid around the BBC? There is no point in them thinking that the BBC will react by going into outright opposition to the Conservatives if the Conservative government does take action against the BBC, the BBC are already openly hostile to the Conservative government. The BBC need to be brought into line with their Charter, they are meant to be unbiased and they are simply not at present.

Monday 20 August 2018

Corbyn's links to pro-IRA group were investigated by the police per

That nice, cuddly, senior man Jeremy Corbyn, isn't. 

'Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn's links to a pro-IRA group were examined by police in the 1980s and early 1990s, it has emerged.
Mr Corbyn came to the attention of police after becoming involved with Red Action, an ultra-left group that expressed its "unconditional and uncritical support" for the IRA and included members of an IRA bombing team.

Patrick Hayes, a Red Action leader, and another member, Jan Taylor, were convicted of an IRA bombing campaign in England and sentenced to 30 years in jail.

A third member, Liam Heffernan, was convicted of stealing explosives for another republican terrorist organisation, the INLA, and sentenced to 23 years.

Mr Corbyn spoke at at least three Red Action meetings between 1985 and 1992 and the group sometimes met at his then-constituency office.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, a senior police officer from the period revealed there was serious concern at the time that Mr Corbyn's links, including hosting IRA and Sinn Fein figures at the House of Commons, had allowed the IRA to become familiar with the layout and security of the building.'

What a ****. Don't expect the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC to report this. 

Knife attacker shot dead by police near Barcelona per BBC News

This BBC report would be of interest but it's hidden away and I only found it because I was alerted to it.

'A man wielding a large knife and shouting in Arabic targeted officers on Monday at a police station south of Barcelona, in what police are calling a terrorist attack.

The attacker, said to be 29 and of Algerian origin, was shot dead as he lunged towards officers, said police.

Spain's north-east Catalan region has been marking the anniversary of the 2017 jihadist attack on Barcelona.

However, police said they had found no evidence the incidents were linked.

The attacker, identified locally as Abdelouahab Taib, approached the police station in the town of Cornellà de Llobregat at 05:52 (03:52 GMT) on Monday, buzzing the intercom and demanding to be allowed in.

When a woman officer behind a reception window opened the door, the man lunged at her "with a clear intent to kill", Police Commissioner Rafel Comes told reporters.

The man shouted "Allahu Akbar" (God is greatest) as he rushed forward.'

Odd that the BBC say that "police are calling a terrorist attack" but the headline calls the perpetrator an "attacker".

I was alerted to this news article by the wonderful who show how Sky and ITV news give the story a prominence that the BBC don't. Why do the BBC minimise coverage of this attack? I think we all know. 

Jeremy Corbyn filmed endorsing BDS in 2015

Still the revelations come and still the BBC ignore them. 

'Footage has emerged showing Jeremy Corbyn endorsing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel as "part and parcel of a legal process that has to be adopted."

The film, from 2015, just months before Corbyn assumed the party leadership, was taken during a conference in Belfast. Corbyn has maintained that he opposes a blanket boycott of Israel, supporting instead only boycotting produce from Israeli settlements.

"Jeremy is not in favor of a comprehensive or blanket boycott," a spokesperson for Corbyn told The Guardian in December. "He doesn't support BDS. He does support targeted action aimed at illegal settlements and occupied territories."

In the footage filmed in Belfast, he is asked: "Can the panel give hope to the people of Palestine by supporting the movement for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions against Israel?"

He replies: "I think the boycott campaign, divestment campaign, is part and parcel of a legal process that has to be adopted." He later adds: "I believe that sanctions against Israel, because of its breach of the trade agreement, are the appropriate way of promoting [the] peace process."

The footage was published in 2015 by Sinn Féin, the extremist nationalist Northern Irish political party that hosted Corbyn in Belfast. Corbyn, who in 2009 hosted a visit to Britain's parliament by Hamas and Hezbollah politicians, calling them his "friends," was then an outlier in Labour for his radical politics. He was widely seen as having slim chances of leading the movement.'

So was Jeremy Corbyn's spokesperson lying in December? Why are the BBC ignoring the weight of evidence as to the sort of nasty individual Jeremy Corbyn really is? Is it really that the BBC will support any Labour Party leader and if Jews suffer as a result do the BBC really not care? 

The question that should have been pursued

At 7:35 "What do you consider a civilian?" This should have been pursued. 

I made a similar point recently regarding Jeremy Corbyn. 

Corbyn boasted about 'takeaway dinner' with Hamas chief

There's yet another Jeremy Corbyn meeting with terrorists story, this time in the JC

'JEREMY Corbyn wrote that he enjoyed "a takeaway dinner" with Hamas chief Khaled Mashal in the parliament building in Gaza.

The Labour leader claimed he talked politics with Hamas political leader Khaled Mashal over a meal in the bombed out wreck of the Parliament building in Gaza where they discussed working together to fight for Palestine.

Confirming that the dinner had taken place a Labour spokesperson was reportedly unable to explain how Mr Corbyn had met the Hamas chief in Gaza in 2010 when Mashal was still in exile from the city - and did not return until 2012.

Writing for the Morning Star newspaper, Mr Corbyn claimed to have held a "long meeting" with Mashal in January 2010.

In a speech in 2012, the Hamas political chief said: "Palestine from the river to the sea, from the north to the south, is our land and we will never give up one inch or any part of it."

He later praised Palestinians attacking with knives and cars in the West Bank and Jerusalem, glorifying their martyrdom and saying: "By God, they are the most exalted and the noblest of people." Mash'al further said: "After the knives used by the people of the West Bank and Jerusalem - can anyone possibly have an excuse to abandon the path of Jihad?"

Last year Mr Corbyn said he was wrong to call Hamas members he had met up with his "friends."'

Any chance of the Labour Party's propaganda arm, and institutionally anti Israel, BBC raising this with Jeremy Corbyn and Labour Party spokespersons? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

Jeremy Corbyn’s secret trip to Israel to meet Hamas

I24 report:

'Jeremy Corbyn visited Israel and the West Bank in November 2010 with an Islamist lobby group to meet senior Hamas officials, and failed to declare the funding for the trip in violation of parliamentary rules, i24NEWS can reveal.

The Labour leader, then a backbencher, made the trip from 5-9 November 2010 as part of a delegation with Islamist lobby group Middle East Monitor (MEMO) and met two groups of Hamas parliamentarians.

But there is no record of Corbyn's visit to Israel in the British Parliament's Register of Members' Financial Interests, even though a colleague on the trip declared that the it cost above the threshold required for MPs to report gifts.

Rules at the time required MPs to declare any gifts above £660 ($840). Corbyn's fellow Labour MP Andrew Slaughter declared the total cost of flights and accommodation for the same trip as £927, which he said was paid for by Friends of Al-Aqsa and Middle East Monitor.

MEMO has since deleted evidence of Corbyn's visit from the internet, but i24NEWS obtained its original report. The document refers to Israel as "the Zionist state" and accuses it of "apartheid", charging it with performing "ethnic cleansing" in Jerusalem and planning "a forced mass Palestinian expulsion from the area". It also calls for international pressure on Israel, which it says could include Boycotts, Divestments, and Sanctions (BDS).'

Interesting but not to the Labour Party's propaganda arm and institutionally anti Israel BBC. 

Jeremy Corbyn attended a conference with Hamas military leader jailed for terror attacks which left 100 dead

The Telegraph report thusly on more incidents of Jeremy Corbyn appearing on platforms with terrorists, despite Jeremy Corbyn and Labour Party spokespersons stating that he has never done that:

'The Labour leader hosted a panel discussion at a conference attended by a number of senior Hamas officials, including Husam Badran, who was given a 17-year sentence for his involvement in terrorist atrocities committed during the Second Intifada between 2001 and 2002.

He was joined at the conference by Khalid Mishaal, the former political leader of Hamas, who is on a UK sanction list, and Dr Abdul Aziz Umar, who received seven life sentences for aiding in the preparation of a suicide belt.

Badran and Umar were released by the Israeli government less than 12 months before the conference as part of a prisoner exchange for Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier who had been taken hostage by Hamas.

Footage uncovered by this newspaper has revealed that all three men spoke at the two-day conference in Doha, entitled the "Seminar on Palestinian Refugees in the Arab World".

Jeremy Corbyn hosting a panel discussion at the conference 

In a translation provided to The Daily Telegraph, Badran can be heard telling the conference: "The nakba [day of catastrophes] which made us refugees took place via force and the return will be only viable through military and armed resistance and nothing else."

Three days after the conference, Mr Corbyn acknowledged in his regular column in the Morning Star that he had listened to speeches given by men who had been released "in return for the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit", adding that "their contribution was fascinating and electrifying".

He also confirmed in an interview with Press TV, the Iranian news channel, that he had met Umar at the conference, adding: "I met many of the brothers, including the brother who's been speaking here...when I was in Doha earlier this year".

Last night a spokesman for Mr Corbyn said: "Jeremy has a long and principled record of solidarity with the Palestinian people and engaging with actors in the conflict to support peace and justice in the Middle East. That is the right thing to do."

Jeremy Corbyn said he met Abdul Aziz Umar (pictured) at the Doha conference in a later interview with an Iranian news channel

It comes days after Mr Corbyn was accused of being an "anti-Semite" who appeared to "admire" terrorists by Prof Shaul Ladany, a Holocaust survivor who also escaped the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre.

Prof Ladan was joined in condemning the Labour leader by six members of the British Olympic team who competed in Munich, who said they had been appalled by his decision to attend a wreath-laying ceremony at a cemetery where men connected to the massacre are buried.

In footage obtained by this newspaper, taken in Doha in 2012, Mr Corbyn can be seen hosting a two-hour panel discussion, during which he praised the decision by an immigration tribunal to overturn a Home Office order to deport the hate preacher Raed Salah.

Salah, a cleric who was jailed in Israel for inciting anti-Jewish hatred and violence in 2008, had been arrested several months before the conference after entering the UK despite being issued with a travel ban.

Mr Corbyn, who had invited Salah for tea on the parliamentary terrace, said at the conference that the decision represented a "huge victory" for his right "to speak publicly".

In another video, the Labour leader is seen addressing a seminar minutes before Umar - who aided in the preparation of a suicide vest which killed seven people in Jerusalem 2003 - rose to speak.

Also present at the conference was Husam Badran, a former military leader of Hamas who now lives in exile in Qatar, where he serves as the group's spokesman.

According to Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Badran was a leader of Hamas's military wing in the West Bank and was responsible for executing attacks, raising and receiving funds for explosive devices, and for sending suicide bombers to carry out terror attacks on Israeli targets.

Husam Badran (pictured speaking at the conference) was arrested by Israeli forces in 2002 and was later sentenced to 17 years imprisonment

The Ministry claims that he is responsible for the bombings of the Dolphinarium discotheque, two restaurants in Jerusalem and Haifa, a train station, two buses and the Park Hotel in Netanya. The attacks resulted in the deaths of more than 100 people.

Khalid Mishaal, the most senior of the officials seen at the conference, is the former leader of the Hamas Politburo, and has repeatedly praised the use of violence against Israel.

The 62-year-old is one of four senior Hamas officials blacklisted in Britain for terrorism and terrorist financing, according to an official financial sanctions document seen by this newspaper.

Khalid Mishaal, pictured, speaking at the conference. He is on a Government sanctions list under the category 'terrorism and terrorist financing'

In a speech in December 2012, Mishaal pledged to wipe away Israel through "resistance", to take back Jerusalem "stone by stone", and give "no concession on any inch of land".

Two years later, in Gaza, he claimed that Israel had committed atrocities in the territory "twice as great as the Holocaust" and praised Palestinian groups for achieving a "balance of terror".'

Good luck finding this sort of information on the Labour Party's propaganda arm and institutionally anti Israel BBC. 

Obama's "N Word" Tape Went Public & The Media Covered It Up

The media's double standards with regard to President Donald Trump and Barack Hussein Obama are clear and obvious but here's a few specific examples re the N word accusations:

'Obama's own equivalent of the "N Word" tape was released after his time in office. It was a photo of him posing with Louis Farrakhan, the racist and anti-Semitic leader of the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan had praised Hitler and was the head of a hate group that believes white people are devils, created by genetic engineering, who will be wiped out.

That's a whole lot worse than a racial slur. (Obama's mentor Jeremiah Wright, whose black nationalist church the Obamas had attended, used his own racial slurs during services.)

The photo was released. And the media embargoed it. A handful of publications mentioned it.

To this date, no reporter has directly asked Obama about it.

There have been a thousand times as many news stories about the hypothetical existence of a Trump "N Word" tape as there are about the real and verified existence of the Obama-Farrakhan photo.

(Never mind the Obama - Khalidi tape which the Los Angeles Times is still keeping under lock and key.)'

More here but obviously not a word in the mainstream media including the BBC. 

Labour MP Madeleine Moon is asked six times whether Jeremy Corbyn is fit to be PM

Labour MP Madeleine Moon is asked six times whether Jeremy Corbyn is fit to be PM. She can't answer yes or no, so does she think he's not fit to be Prime Minister but scared of the repercussions should she say so, or does she think he is fit to be Prime Minister and is scared of the followup questions? 

Or is she a Labour sheep? 

Sunday 19 August 2018

Jewish Labour members accuse party of trying to 'censor' their antisemitism training programme

Another day... 

'Antisemitism training at this year's Labour conference is at risk of being scrapped after Jewish members accused party leaders of trying to "censor" the sessions.

The Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) has led courses at the last two conferences, but has withdrawn in 2018 claiming party officials demanded the removal of elements scheduled to be taught in Liverpool next month.

The Independent has been told that, in particular, Labour wanted the omission of references to high-profile cases like that of Ken Livingstone, who claimed Hitler had supported Zionism, and Naz Shah MP, who was suspended over a series of posts including one which appeared to endorse a suggestion that Israelis be deported to the US.'

More here but not mentioned on the Labour Party's propaganda arm and antisemitic by at least one of the IHRA examples, the BBC.