Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Year Honours 2016: Lynton Crosby knighthood criticised by Labour per the Labour Party media arm the BBC News

The BBC's lead report on the New Year's honours leads on Labour's faux outrage about Lynton Crosby.
'... Mr Burnham said the strategist's knighthood suggested "the Tories think they can get away with whatever they like"."
It is a timely reminder that Labour must make it a new year's resolution to stop facing inwards and expose them for what they are," he added.

Fellow Labour MP Graham Jones added: "The honours system is supposed to recognise dedicated public service, not simply be a vehicle to reward Tory cronies and donors."'

Of course Rosie Winterton this year and other Labour politicians and such as Philip Gould in previous years are irrelevant to the Labour Party hypocrites and their willing allies at the Labour Party mouthpiece the BBC. 

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

How the UK is being changed per Alex on Biased BBC

A comment on Biased BBC caught my eye...
'Alex December 30, 2015 at 12:08 am

The real problem beneath all of this whole big swindle is of course the Cultural Marxists, who are after one thing and one thing only: a new anti-western communist state. 

And, they'll do anything to achieve this and see the west's capitalist/corporate /market-driven demise. 

So, they lie, they brainwash through propaganda in our schools and universities and the media and they undermine western countries' heritage and traditional values and institutions. 

Free speech is banned and anyone who speaks out is branded racist. 

Make no mistake; our country and our ways of life are being intentionally attacked by both communists and Islamist excrement. 

Anyone who has been at university in the last twenty years will confirm how bad this cultural Marxist brainwashing is; capitalism is bad and must be replaced with diversity and inclusion; it's classic textbook socialism/communism and is being played out before our very eyes. 

Traditional values such as Christianity must be weakened and replaced by islam etc and unfettered immigration. 

I've seen this far-left ideological agenda, and have had to write papers on it and the the most frightening thing is that our young impressionable, angry and confused youth are buying it; they're being taught what to think instead of how to think – they're being conditioned into thinking that equality of opportunity is bad, but equality of outcome is good and so on and should be aggressively pursued through politics etc. 

The far left are using the youth as a mobilising force for their vile ideological revolution. 

The BBC is also under the control of far-left extremist Marxists, hence the constant propaganda. 

I say it again; if one wants to measure how far the Marxists have infiltrated our country's institutions, then attend a few university lectures. It's very, very worrying.'

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Lemmy, the Motorhead frontman has dief aged 70 shortly after being diagnosed with cancer

Lemmy R. I. P. 

'If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man,
You win some, lose some, all the same to me,
The pleasure is to play, makes no difference what you say,
I don't share your greed, the only card I need is
The Ace Of Spades
Playing for the high one, dancing with the devil,
Going with the flow, it's all the game to me,
Seven or Eleven, snake eyes watching you,
Double up or quit, double stake or split,
The Ace Of Spades
You know I'm born to lose, and gambling's for fools,
But that's the way I like it baby,
I don't wanna live for ever,
And don't forget the joker!
Pushing up the ante, I know you wanna see me,
Read 'em and weep, the dead man's hand again,
I see it in your eyes, take one look and die,
The only thing you see, you know it's gonna be,
The Ace Of Spades'

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Booming Britain to become world's fourth largest economy as France and Italy face G8 exclusion per The Telegraph

'Britain will reach the "giddy" heights of the fourth largest economy in the world, leapfrogging Germany and Japan over the next two decades, new analysis shows.

The UK is set to become the best performing economy in the western world over the next 15 years, boosted by its leading position in global software and IT sectors, according to a report by the Centre for Economics Business and Research.'
Oddly this is an economic report that the BBC don't see fit to mention, I wonder why... Presumably because it doesn't meet the narrative of the BBC / Labour alliance.

Nigella talks dirty

I know that I've posted this video before but it's surely worth a repeat at Christmas time!

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Driver Shouting 'Allahu Akbar!' Runs Down 11 French Pedestrians per NBC News

'A driver screaming "Allahu Akbar!" (Arabic for "God is great") appeared to deliberately mow down about a dozen pedestrians in the French city of Dijon before being arrested on Sunday, officials said.
The driver, who was in his forties, hit groups of pedestrians in five parts of the eastern city before being arrested, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior said on French television. Eleven people in all were injured, two of them seriously, officials said.

According to testimonies on the scene, the driver also invoked "the children of Palestine"' to explain his actions, the ministry's spokesman said. France's Interior Ministry Spokesman Pierre Henry Brandet said "the man acted alone," and that the suspect was known to police for crimes committed in the 1990s.

A day earlier, French police in a Tours suburb shot and killed a man also shouting "Allahu Akbar" who had stabbed and wounded three officers in a police station.'
Oddly I can't find a report of these incidents on the BBC, can anyone suggest why the BBC might choose not to report these stories?

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

2 Palestinians Killed After Stabbing Attack per TIME

This Time article really is headlined '2 Palestinians Killed After Stabbing Attack'. No mention of the Israeli Jews attacked by these two Palestinians. Are Jewish lives worth so little?

I'm all but lost for words

'Asylum seekers and refugees applying to be minicab drivers are exempt from criminal records checks, potentially allowing murderers and rapists to get behind the wheel.

Rules laid down by Transport for London (TfL) mean refugees and those applying for asylum do not have to reveal whether they have a criminal history when trying to become a cab driver.

The legal loophole in an official application document on 'private hire driver licensing' says people coming to Britain will not be required to have their criminal convictions checked.

Asylum seekers and refugees applying to be minicab drivers are exempt from criminal records checks. '
If true this is so mind-blowing a policy that I am lost for words.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Tom Baker talks regeneration

From 1:08 re Paul McGann "he was fabulous in that film, I never saw the film"  Hmmm

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Happy Birthday Maurice White - Earth, Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland

Earth, Wind and Fire - Boogie Wonderland

The Paris climate fiasco leaves UK alone in the dark per The Telegraph

Here's an extract:
'It really is time for us all to grasp just what a charade all that wishful thinking in Paris turned out to be. Lost in their self-deluding group-think, the 40,000 delegates may have been happy to cheer the idea that we must abolish fossil fuels. But not one pointed out that the world currently depends on fossil fuels to provide nearly 87 per cent of all the energy it uses. Those useless "renewables" they want us all to use instead – based on the wind and the sun – supply less than 2 per cent.'

Friday, 18 December 2015

Kuwait Airways cancels NY-to-London flight rather than allow Israeli passengers

Interesting news re Kuwait Airways
'Kuwait hates Jews so much that its national airline has ditched a popular and lucrative New York-to-London flight rather than allow Israelis on its planes, authorities said Thursday.

Kuwait Airways killed the flight to spite American officials, who threatened to pull the airline's permit to fly to the United States if they continued discriminating against Israeli passengers.'
You can read more here but not on the institutionally anti Israel BBC where anything anti Israel is to be applauded not derided.

For your Friday night Doctor Who viewing pleasure the Third Doctor meets Dot Cotton...

The Doctor meets Dot Cotton

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Campaign CAUGHT STEALING. DNC Suspends...

Jacob Rees Mogg pwns David Dimbleby over 'Eton' jibe

How lovely to see the sanctimonious David Dimbleby try to point out that Jacob Rees Mogg went to Eton, via a textbook playing of the Labour you're a toff card, only to have his snideness blow up in his face.

Absolutely delicious!

A fair point re the radicalisation of British Muslims

I found this comment on
'If, as they claim, all British muslims are true believers in the religion of peace, Islam, then then the only answer to the question " Will bombing ISIS, perverters of Islam, radicalise British muslims?"" must be NO!

If someone is defiling the ideals you hold dear, and you are a peaceful soul, then you might be tempted to use violence against those doing the defiling, but not against those attacking the defilers.
Where are all the "Muslim International Brigades" off to destroy ISIS?'
That's a fair point, isn't it?

Tucked away at the end of this BBC report is a key figure that should give us all cause to pause and think.

'A total of 641,000 people moved to the UK in 2014, the Office for National Statistics said.'
The BBC headline might be 'Immigration cap having counter-productive effect, MPs say' and the figure quoted might be the NET immigration figure of 300k+ but for me the more important facts are that immigration hit 641,000 and thus that approximately 300,000 Brits left the UK. 

Doesn't that sound like population replacement on a massive scale to you?

To put that 641,000 figure in context, that's more than the population of Bristol which is the UK's fifth largest city.

Here's that BBC report in full...

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Fourteen members of Paris synagogue poisoned per The Jewish Chronicle

'Fourteen Parisian worshippers were poisoned on Monday after their synagogue's electronic lock was daubed with poison.

Members of the Jewish community of Bonneuil-sur-Marne, in the south-eastern suburbs of Paris, called emergency services to report a sudden strong burning sensation in their eyes and itchy rashes on their skin.

It is believed 25 firemen rushed to the synagogue, where they treated congregants and traced their condition to the daubed lock.

The substance was described as a "nonlethal irritant" and was sent to a police forensic lab for analysis.

The shul, which is under police and military protection when open, is believed to have been targeted when closed with no guard present.'

There won't be anything about this on the BBC but if it had been a mosque not a synagogue then it would have been headline news. 

Evan Davis interviews Ann Coulter on presidential candidate Donald Trump

This interview does show how the BBC obsess over certain topics in order to gloss over others. The most puerile was Evan Davis's attempt to question Donald Trump's comments about the prettiness of his daughter. 

However it was this comment that I thought summed up BBC/left-wing group think:
"He continues to flourish in the polls notwithstanding his controversial proposal that foreign Muslims..."
It seems that the BBC don't understand, or maybe can't accept, that Donald Trump might actually be flourishing in the polls because a large number of Americans like what he's saying on immigration.
The BBC/left-wing hive view is that immigration is good because diversity is good and because the West needs to pay a price for colonialism and the Crusades and invading poor countries. If immigration is good then to criticise it is racist and any means of countering that racism is fine.

Women take record number of university places per BBC News

Imagine the BBC's reporting if men were more likely to go to university than women. 

Imagine the BBC's reporting if non white people were less likely to go to university than white people. 

The BBC would be apoplectic with rage and indignation, feminists and race hustlers would be invited to explain why this state of affairs was a disgrace and symptomatic of the sexism and racism inherent in the UK.

However as it's women who are much more likely to go to university than men, and non white people more likely than white, the BBC are really quite relaxed.

'Women are 35% more likely to go to university than men, the widest gap so far....

The most likely are:
those living in London
those from more affluent families
those in non-white ethnic groups
Those most likely to be under-represented at university are poor, white males.
White people, proportionate to their numbers in the population, are the least likely ethnic group to go to university, the admissions service says.'
You can read the whole BBC report here where you can see how the BBC are very concerned with the disproportionate number of rich as opposed to poor people who go to university but much less so with the apparent disproportionate number of women as compared to men or Non-whites compared to whites. 

Odd? Not really...

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Merry Christmas from Abbey Clancy - A Rule 5 Post - NSFW

Merry Christmas from Abbey Clancy...

Peter Crouch is a lucky chap!

Thanks to Theo Spark for the spot.

Doctor Who quiz question

Which of the actors who have portrayed The Doctor (canon Doctors only of course) have also portrayed The Master?

Yes it's a trick question but it's a good one!

David Cameron's best PMQs dig at Jeremy Corbyn for a while

Sky News (@SkyNews) tweeted at 0:13 PM on Wed, Dec 16, 2015:
David Cameron suggests Jeremy Corbyn "should go on the Today programme one of these days" #PMQs

Nick Clegg's "Dangerous Fantasy" Becomes Reality...

I would ask if Nick Clegg will be questioned about this but I know the answer, when it comes to the EU the BBC know which side they are on.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Revealed: Potential Terrorists Are Being ALLOWED To Leave The UK

'Senior counter-terrorism officers have revealed that UK authorities are allowing potential terrorists to leave the UK freely, if it is calculated that the Islamists are more dangerous left in this country.'

This is absolutely the correct option with one proviso, that once they've left the UK they aren't allowed back. If they're more dangerous left in this country, then how much more dangerous would they be once they've received terrorist training?

Israel Among World's Best Nations to Live, Says UN

'Israel has ranked in the top 20 of the United Nations' best countries to live in list.

The UN's Human Development Index is an annual ranking of nations based on measures like life expectancy, crime, income and education.

Israel, which took the 18th spot this year, routinely is placed among'
More here but not on the institutionally anti Israel BBC.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Seventy Paris airport workers have security passes revoked over extremism fears per The Telegraph

The Telegraph reports on an update to a story I posted last week 
about the number of people on a terrorist watchlist who were working at French airports.

'Suspected radical Islamists identified as authorities try to weed out potential terrorists working at Orly and Charles de Gaulle airports in wake of attacks on French capital

Seventy workers at Paris airports suspected of being radical Islamists have had their security passes revoked since the deadly attacks in the city a month ago.'

That not scary enough? 

Read on...
'Security agents have also examined the contents of around 4,000 workers' lockers at Charles de Gaulle and Orly as the airports authority attempts to weed out any potential terrorists working at the busy transport hubs.

French security sources have said that Islamist militants killed in a police raid in a Paris suburb five days after the November 13 attacks were planning to attack Charles de Gaulle, France's biggest international airport.

The radicalisation of airport personnel sparked concern after the crash in October of a Russian passenger plane in Egypt which Western intelligence officials believe was brought down by a bomb smuggled on board by an airport worker.'

Flying is rapidly becoming an even more dangerous undertaking.

Teacher stabbed with scissors at Paris school 'by man shouting Islamic State' per London Evening Standard

'A teacher has been stabbed at a school in Paris by a suspected extremist who shouted "Islamic State" during the attack, police say. 

French media outlet Agence France-Presse reported the attack took place at a nursery school at 6.30am in the town of Aubervilliers on Monday.

A hooded man is understood to have attacked the male teacher as he prepared for classes. Police say he remains at large.'
Presumably a Presbyterian? 

SAS sniper in Iraq kills 5 ISIS jihadis with 3 bullets as 1 makes suicide vest explode per Daily Mail Online

'An SAS sniper was able to stop a group of jihadis launching a suicide bomb attack by killing the terrorists with just three bullets in a dramatic shoot-out in an ISIS-held part of Iraq.

The marksman, who joined the SAS a decade ago, potentially saved the lives of hundreds of innocent people by firing three well-aimed shots at the jihadists as they left a bomb factory near Mosul.
The sniper was given the go-ahead after the men were spotted leaving the bomb factory wearing heavy coats in hot weather – a sign they were trying to hide their suicide vests.'

A hero but I'm sure the BBC and it's fellow travellers will find an angle to criticise this action. Perhaps the BBC and Jeremy Corbyn think that he should have arrested these terrorists.

SAS sniper in Iraq kills 5 ISIS jihadis with 3 bullets as 1 makes suicide vest explode per Daily Mail Online

'An SAS sniper was able to stop a group of jihadis launching a suicide bomb attack by killing the terrorists with just three bullets in a dramatic shoot-out in an ISIS-held part of Iraq.

The marksman, who joined the SAS a decade ago, potentially saved the lives of hundreds of innocent people by firing three well-aimed shots at the jihadists as they left a bomb factory near Mosul.
The sniper was given the go-ahead after the men were spotted leaving the bomb factory wearing heavy coats in hot weather – a sign they were trying to hide their suicide vests.'

A hero but I'm sure the BBC and it's fellow travellers will find an angle to criticise this action. Perhaps the BBC and Jeremy Corbyn think that he should have arrested these terrorists.

French far right National Front routed in key vote per BBC News

How were the FN routed?
'Marine Le Pen stood as a regional presidential candidate in the northern region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie, while her niece Marion Marechal-Le Pen was the FN's candidate in the race in Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, in the south.

After both led with more than 40% of the vote in the first round on 6 November, the Socialist candidates in those regions pulled out so their voters could support Republican candidates against the FN in the second round.'

So would it be fair to say that in France the Socialist and Republican parties are two cheeks...

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Final draft of #COP21 reached – with a 1 year “opt out” clause per Watts Up With That?

The opt out clause is interesting but more so is this:
'Don't let anyone tell you this isn't about wealth redistribution, and these two paragraphs clearly show, it's nothing more than a handout from rich to poor which will probably end up getting diverted and used for anything but the intended emissions reductions, especially in corrupt regimes of Africa

"53. Decides that, in the implementation of the Agreement, financial resources provided to developing countries should enhance the implementation of their policies, strategies, regulations and action plans and their climate change actions with respect to both mitigation and adaptation to contribute to the achievement of the purpose of the Agreement as defined in Article 2;

"54. Further decides that, in accordance with Article 9, paragraph 3, of the Agreement, developed countries intend to continue their existing collective mobilization goal through 2025 in the context of meaningful mitigation actions and transparency on implementation; prior to 2025 the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement shall set a new collective quantified goal from a floor of USD 100 billion per year, taking into account the needs and priorities of developing countries;'

Friday, 11 December 2015

World military leaders slam @Amnesty, praise IDF

'Israel fought "an exemplary campaign" during the Gaza conflict last year, an independent group of prominent military personnel and a former United Nations war crimes prosecutor has concluded.

A report by the High Level Military Group (HLMG), made up of 11 former military and intelligence leaders from five continents, said Israel operated "within the parameters of the Law of Armed Conflict" and had even "in some respects exceeded the highest standards we set for our own nations' militaries,"

The group unanimously agreed that Israel's military response was reasonable.

"Israel's efforts were entirely justified, appropriately conceived and lawfully carried out, and necessary in the defence of that country's national security."

The study was compiled this summer during six fact-finding and research trips.

The former officers, who held important positions in the US, UK, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Indian, Australian and Colombian defence forces, said they had enjoyed a level of access to military information which was "undoubtedly in excess of what our own countries would afford in similar circumstances."'
There's more detail here but of course not on the institutionally anti Israel BBC.

Call to scrap London taxi driver 'Knowledge' test per BBC News

'The test which all black cab drivers in London must pass to secure a licence should be scrapped, according to the capital's Conservatives.

The Greater London Authority Tories called the test - known as the Knowledge - "archaic" and a "major barrier" for recruitment.

The exam requires drivers to learn 25,000 street names.

Drivers' representatives said they were "stunned and shocked" by the suggestion.

The Saving An Icon report by Richard Traceyfound black cab drivers needed to make "fundamental changes" to keep up with the "increasingly popular app-based private hire firms" in an expanding city.'

The licenced London taxi is more than an institution, it's a guarantee that the driver will know where he's going. A sat nav can guide a driver but it's not as good as a driver with the knowledge of London.
How many times have you sat in a minicab behind a driver who clearly doesn't know where he is, where he's going or how to get from one to the other; all he knows is on that 5" screen in front of him and heaven help you if there's a traffic problem to navigate around.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Do You Pass the Israel Test?

This should be compulsory viewing for all BBC journalists who report on the Middle East.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Jeremy Corbyn hero-worships murderous thugs like Hoxha because he's a cowardly wimp per Telegraph

John McTernan is apparently not a huge fan of Jeremy Corbyn:
'That's the problem. It isn't adult behaviour to describe a vicious dictator like Hoxha – a man who immiserated and brutalised his country – as a "tough ruler". But it is revealing. It is adolescent. And that is the key to why Corbyn praises men of violence. He is a classic wimp who worships the viciousness of which he is personally utterly incapable.

Chavez, Castro, Mao, the Provisional IRA, Hamas and Hizbollah – all have their place in the Corbynite pantheon of politics. At first it appeared that this was mere misjudgement. An ultra-Left leader who use to hang out exclusively with people who shared his politics and his hero worship. One who newly elected to the post of Leader of one of the world's great Left of centre parties mistakenly kept praising his old idols. Surely Corbyn didn't intend to remind people that he was from such an extreme Left political formation. It turns out it wasn't a mistake – it was who he is.'

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Kalashnikov bullets found in police raid 'linked' to radical Paris mosque closure per Telegraph

'Police discover "bullets, Islamist propaganda and unauthorised madrassa" in raid after closure of mosque in Lagny-sur-Seine, outside Paris, in wake of Paris terror attacks

Kalashnikov ammunition and Islamist propaganda videos were seized by French police in raids on Sunday after shutting down a mosque in the Paris suburbs, according to French authorities.

Linked to the traditionalist Salafist branch of Islam, the prayer hall in Lagny-sur-Marne, around 18 miles east of the capital, was shut down last Wednesday following a major police operation.'

Not a word on the BBC for whom protecting Islam seems more important than protecting innocent British, French, German, American etc. lives.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Stamp duty move 'brought £4,500 saving' per BBC news. An example of bias by omission

This BBC report is a masterpiece of BBC bias.
All the good news is as the result of things happening, passive voice, with no explanation of the recent history of stamp duty, actually it's stamp duty land tax. 

'Buyers purchasing a property in the last 12 months are typically £4,500 better off owing to the stamp duty changes of a year ago, a lender says.

Stamp duty was reformed to a more progressive system in England and Wales last December.

The changes saved tax for most buyers but dampened demand at the top end of the market, the Halifax said.

The lender said that the total tax levied in the UK rose to a record £7.5bn in 2014-15."The changes made to stamp duty a year ago have been of significant benefit to many buyers," said Craig McKinlay, mortgages director at the Halifax.

"Only those purchasing the most expensive homes are worse off. There is some evidence that the top end of the market has been adversely affected by the changes with sales over £1.5m falling by twice 
as much as the market as a whole."'
These progressive improvements just happened it seems. No explanation that it was George Osborne that ended the unfairness of the previous stepped rate system and introduced a more progressive system that helped out house buyers at the bottom of the market whilst penalising purchasers at the top of the market. 

Nor is there any explanation of who it was who introduced the massive in stamp duty back in 1997, it being the then Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown. It's almost as though the BBC want to give a reforming Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer no credit whilst protecting the reputation of a Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer.

George Osborne does get a mention but only at the end of the article:
'In his Autumn Statement, Chancellor George Osborne announced a further reform of stamp duty. A 3% surcharge on stamp duty when some buy-to-let properties and second homes are bought will be levied from April.

This means it will add £5,520 of tax to be paid when buying the average £184,000 buy-to-let property.'
In BBC-land it's right to ascribe tax increases to a Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer but not policies that might benefit others. Well unless the policies benefit millionaires of course, in which case the BBC amplifies the accusations from the Labour Party of the Conservative party only looking after its rich supporters. 

This sort of BBC bias is despicable but also endemic at the BBC. It sets the tone for debate and so should be stopped. A Conservative party with balls would do something about this BBC bias but they won't. The BBC is out of control and is too big to be stopped.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Peter Jackson confirms - He's directing an episode of Doctor Who!

Lord of the Rings meets Doctor Who... Is this true? Sqwee...

Doctor Who: All the First and Last lines of the Doctor(s)

Updated to include the War Doctor...

Leytonstone Tube station stabbing a 'terrorist incident' per BBC News

The BBC are at least reporting last night's tube stabbing as a 'terrorist incident'

But this passage confused me
' BBC correspondent Helena Lee said: "A number of videos have been posted, unverified, but I have seen a couple of those where we see the suspect near the ticketing hall at Leytonstone Tube station.
"You see this man shouting various things and then he is surrounded by a number of police officers.'
Last night, minutes after the incident the words of the attacker were being reported. Why not now by the BBC?

Saturday, 5 December 2015

'Landmark' Report Is 'Nail In Coffin' For Economic Boost Claims Over Mass Immigration

''Landmark' Report Is 'Nail In Coffin' For Economic Boost Claims Over Mass Immigration
mass immigration
3 Dec 2015
Contributions by migrants to Britain's economy are "modest" compared to their long term costs, while mass migration depresses wages and harms GDP growth, a respected academic has found.
Published by the Institute for the Study of Civil Society (Civitas), the new pamphlet The Costs And Benefits Of Large-Scale Immigration is a major study of the modern mass migration phenomenon.'

There's plenty more here but not a word on the pro immigration at any cost BBC.

Muslim 'terrorist' display victory signs as he arrive on “refugee” boats into Europe

Just let the 'refugees' in? 

'ISIS terrorist' is seen offering a peace sign as he arrives in Europe aboard a migrant boat just one month before he would be accused of killing scores of tourists in Tunisian museum massacre'

Oh no Un-Nooh

Thepchaiya Un-Nooh Misses 147 on the final black. It was the pink that was the hard one...

Jeremy Corbyn: Execution of Brit by Jihadi John was 'the price we pay for war' per Telegraph

'A video of the Labour leader emerges in which he describes the murder of British aid worker Alan Henning as "the price of intervention"

Jeremy Corbyn said that the murder of Alan Henning at the hands of Jihadi John is "the price we pay for war and jingoism" just a day after aid worker's death, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.
The Labour leader said that Mr Henning's execution by Isil terrorists was "the price of intervention" and "the price of war".'

Israel's Legal Founding

I was accused of being a warmonger this week.

I was accused of being a warmonger this week. This was re 'bombing Syria', which I thought odd as I am opposed to extending RAF operations against ISIS into Syria. There are enough Islamists in the UK eager to kill and maim innocent British people without fuelling their hatred and the hatred of others. Yes, that is the coward's way out but I am not convinced that the RAF will make that much of a difference nor that this extension of operations is much more than political willy-waving.

I would far rather the money that will be spent on bombing ISIS in Syria was spent on rooting out Islamist terrorists,  their supporters and excusers in the UK.

An article on Theo Spark struck a chord with me, here's a long extract:
'Three of the 7th July London Transport bombers were born in West Yorkshire, England of Pakistani parents with the fourth born in Jamaica and raised in West Yorkshire.

The brutal killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby in a London street was carried out by British born sons of Nigerian immigrants.

In contrast, the 21st July London bombers consisted of one British documented immigrant from Ghana, West Africa, one from Eritrea, two from Somalia and three from Ethiopia which included two women.

One of these bombers, Muktar Said Ibrahim was given British citizenship despite a record of gang violence, armed robbery and sexual assault.

Mohammed Emwazi, better known as Jihad John was a British documented Kuwaiti raised in Great Britain from the age of six.

The British government grants citizenship to anywhere between 150,000 to 250,000 immigrants per year without proper vetting.

Neither David Cameron nor the British people have any idea how many radicalised Muslims there are in their midst waiting to deal death and destruction in the name of Allah. Cameron and his government absolutely refuse to tackle the Muslim institutions that act as a breeding ground for radical Islamists, which includes mosques, madrassas and prisons.

To conclude, there hundreds, perhaps thousands, of jihadis and ISIS activists already in Great Britain ready and waiting to cause murder and mayhem, therefore it is incumbent upon David Cameron to explain to the British public how bombing Syria or Iraq would have prevented the atrocities carried out by these home grown and foreign born jihadis in the past and how bombing them today will prevent further atrocities in the future.'
 So 'warmonger', no.

So is that why Alan Yentob resigned?

The Guardian reports

'The BBC’s governing body will not investigate accusations that Alan Yentob tried to influence the BBC’s coverage of Kids Company, because now he has stepped down as creative director it is “not proportionate, appropriate or cost effective”.'

 Go read the rest, but you'll need a strong stomach.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Suspected head of £7m people-smuggling ring arrested in UK per The Guardian

'A man suspected of heading a multimillion-pound operation that smuggled thousands of people into western Europe is facing extradition after being arrested at an asylum shelter in Liverpool.

Jamal Owda, 26, a Palestinian national, was apprehended on a European arrest warrant after "moving from country to country". The National Crime Agency (NCA) believes him to have been the alleged ringleader of a group responsible for more than 100 migrants – most of them Syrians – entering western Europe every day for at least 16 months, at a charge of about £1,000 per person.'
£1,000 each, not that impoverished these migrants. 

More here but likely not on the pro immigration, Labour supporting BBC.

Oldham named as 'election fraud' hotspot per Manchester Evening News

From 2014, don't say we weren't warned.
'Oldham was today named by voting watchdogs as one of 16 council areas 'at risk' of election fraud.
The Electoral Commission called for all voters to be required to show photographic proof of their identity at polling stations.

In a new report to combat 'ballot and vote-rigging', the influential commission called for rules and security to be tightened at polling stations and surrounding postal voting to restore trust in the electoral system.'
More here but not at the BBC where Labour victories are more important than democracy. 

It's not just postal voting and disproportionate sized constituencies, the whole electoral system is badly flawed. The British population is no longer, if it ever was, largely constituted of English gentlemen who would never cheat. We need more checks on voters eligibility. I'd also like a move to only taxpayers or former taxpayers having the vote, but I realise that's not going to happen...

What a strange comment in the BBC's reporting on the Oldham West by election.

' UKIP blames the postal vote and the number of Asian voters who use it. But that's the system the party is up against.'
Can you imagine the BBC's horror if a party other than their Labour Party benefitted from an electoral system 'quirk'?  

The BBC went almost apoplectic during the last parliament when boundary changes to make voting fairer were proposed and were triumphant when the Lib Dems broke an agreement and voted them down. The failure to move to newer fairer constituency boundaries was meant to be the key factor in Britain electing a majority Labour government and the BBC were joyous at the prospect.
Unfortunately, for the BBC, not the country, despite the unchanged constituency boundaries penalising the Conservative party, the Conservatives still won the general election in May.

So here the BBC acknowledge a polling issue but as it works for the Labour Party and against the hated UKIP, the comment is 'that's the system the party is up against.'
Democracy is less important than working for a Labour government?

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Global Warming, look at the data

What's that graph? Well it shows the changes in temperature data between 2009 and 2014, not the change in temperature but the changes in the raw GISS temperature data.

'In the graph... the blue dots are the differences in hundredths of a degree C for the same months between GISS data as of May 2014 versus GISS data as of August 2009. GISS provides data as an integer representing hundredths of a degree C. The blue (1880-1909) and red (1910-2005) lines show the slope of the adjustments for the corresponding periods. Hundredths of a degree per year equal degrees per century. The slopes of the GISS adjustments are…
  • 1880-1909 -0.520 C degree per century
  • 1910-2005 +0.190 C degree per century'
In plain language, over the last five years the temperature data for the last 125 years has been adjusted down by an average of 0.52 degrees Celsius per century for the period 1880-1909 and up by 0.19 degrees Celsius per century for the period 1910-2005. I am sure that there is a perfectly innocent explanation for this but I can't think of one.

There's more, much more, about this at  Watts Up With That, including this:
'In 7 years (December 2005 to December 2012), the rate of temperature rise for 1910-2005 has been adjusted up from +0.6 to +0.8 degree per century, an increase of approximately 30%.'

I recommend that   and have a good read of that linked article as from their recent tweets to me they desperately need a reality check.

Are we insane

Last week I blogged about the 57 workers at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris who were on a French terror watchlist, not very reassuring.

Today I read that:
'Back in August, we did an investigation—the inspector General did—of the Department of Homeland Security, and they had 72 individuals that were on the terrorist watch list that were actually working at the Department of Homeland Security. The director had to resign because of that. Then we went further and did and eight-airport investigation. We had staffers go into eight different airports to test the department of homeland security screening process at major airports. They had a 95 percent failure rate. We had folks—this was a testing exercise, so we had folks going in there with guns on their ankles, and other weapons on their persons, and there was a 95 percent failure rate.

I have very low confidence based on empirical data that we’ve got on the Department of Homeland Security. I think we desperately need another set of eyeballs looking at the vetting process. That’s vetting that’s being done at major airports where we have a stationary person coming through a facility, and we’re failing 95 percent of the time. I have even lower confidence that they can conduct the vetting process in places like Jordan, or Belize or on the Syrian border, or in Cairo, or Beirut in any better fashion, especially given the huge volume of applicants we’ve had seeking refugee status.'
Happy flying now? How about living or working within a couple of hundred miles of any airport, or under a flightpath  or indeed just about anywhere.

Are our governments really that inept?

Ici Londres: "The renegotiation farce" by Dan Hannan

Dan Hannan pointing out the ridiculousness of David Cameron's EU renegotiations.

Rod Liddle says Oldham voters ready to ditch Labour for Ukip but that the Muslim vote may save Labour

'If one thing might keep the seat for Labour, it's the Muslim vote, which makes up more than a quarter of the constituency.

They all vote Labour, often by postal vote, whether they like it or not (allegedly).

A large proportion probably don't know there is an election, as they don't speak English.

But the majority will still vote Labour, by postal vote. Even the leftie Guardian's Helen Pidd tweeted: 
"A dismaying number of voters I met in Oldham today can't speak English despite living there a decade or more. But they're voting Labour."'
More here at The Sun but obviously not on the vote Labour BBC.

Hilary and Hillary, the BBC are ready to campaign for both

Even the BBC realise that Jeremy Corbyn has been promoted above his level of competence, is he indeed the Peter Principle personified? So they are pushing the credentials of Hilary Benn as a possible replacement. Of course the Benn name has always been dear to the hearts of the pro left Labour BBC and as they couldn't get Tony they'll make do with his son,  Benn Jnr. 

That Hilary is no more than adequate is of no importance, but then when your political allies are currently being lead by such as Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell I suppose adequate seems more than... well adequate.

The BBC boosting of Hilary Benn can be seen here.  The BBC's boosting of Hillary Clinton is all over the place.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Dan Jarvis so much more impressive than Jeremy Corbyn but then so would a damp sock be

Sky News (@SkyNews) tweeted at 4:36 PM on Wed, Dec 02, 2015:
Labour's @DanJarvisMP describes Islamic State as the "the fascists of our time" during #SyriaVote debate

57 Paris airport workers on terror watch list.

How stupid are we in the West?
'The security passes of 86,000 workers at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris will be reviewed after it was found that 57 employees with access to airliners were on a terror watch list, according to a report.

Security badges were taken away from dozens of workers at the airport after terror attacks in Paris in January — but others continued working, the Sunday Times of London reported.

Police official Philippe Riffault told the paper that the review of airport passes will begin with 5,000 security personnel.

"It's a question of verifying what these people might have been doing since they obtained their authorization," Riffault said.

Police carried out extensive searches of the airport under state-of-emergency powers after the Nov. 13 Paris attacks in which 130 people were killed and 350 injured by Islamic State militants.

Belgium, where several of the Paris attackers had lived, also has pulled security badges from several airport workers after discovering that some had links to jihadis who had traveled to Syria.

Meanwhile, anxiety has been brewing about radicalism among bus, Metro and railroad workers.
Samy Amimour, who blew himself up in the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, managed to get a job as a bus driver while on a watch list.'

Why don't we take this terrorist threat seriously?
More here at Jihad Watch but not on most of the MSM especially not the dhimmified BBC.

Jeremy 'evasive' Corbyn re the Kurds today

Sky News (@SkyNews) tweeted at 0:39 PM on Wed, Dec 02, 2015:
#SyriaVote: @JWoodcockMP asks Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn if he'd take away air protection for Kurds

The two hundred and ninth weekly No Shit Sherlock award

'EUROPE'S open-border arrangement, which enables travel through 26 countries without passport checks or border controls, is effectively an international passport-free zone for terrorists to execute attacks on the Continent and make their escape.'
No Shit Sherlock 

Corbyn’s leader rating with YouGov drops to a calamitous minus 41% (Updated with YouGov chart)

Here's some polling news that Labour's media arm, the BBC, won't report.
'Corbyn's leader rating with YouGov drops to a calamitous minus 41%'

Long-Hidden Details Reveal Cruelty of 1972 Munich Attackers per

'Among the most jarring details are these: The Israeli Olympic team members were beaten and, in at least one case, castrated.

"What they did is that they cut off his genitals through his underwear and abused him," Ms. Romano said of her husband, Yossef. Her voice rose.

"Can you imagine the nine others sitting around tied up?" she continued, speaking in Hebrew through a translator. "They watched this."'
But not on the BBC where such matters are as nothing compared to trying to get another Conservative party scalp. 

Post Script:
The Mahmoud Abbas and Yaser Arafat links:

Abu Daoud was allowed safe passage through Israel in 1996 so he could attend a PLO meeting convened in the Gaza Strip for the purpose of rescinding an article in its charter that called for Israel's eradication.[11] In his autobiography, From Jerusalem to Munich, first published in France in 1999, and later in a written interview with Sports Illustrated,[77] Abu Daoud wrote that funds for Munich were provided by Mahmoud Abbas, Chairman of the PLO since 11 November 2004 and President of the Palestinian National Authority since 15 January 2005.[78]
Though he claims he didn't know what the money was being spent for, longtime Fatah official Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, was responsible for the financing of the Munich attack.[79]
Abu Daoud believes that if the Israelis knew that Mahmoud Abbas was the financier of the operation, the 1993 Oslo Accords would not have been achieved, during which Mahmoud Abbas was seen in photo ops at the White House.[77]
Abu Daoud, who lived with his wife on a pension provided by the Palestinian Authority, said that "the Munich operation had the endorsement of Arafat," although Arafat was not involved in conceiving or implementing the attack." In his autobiography, Abu Daoud writes that Arafat saw the team off on the mission with the words "God protect you."[80]

Those links make it 100% certain that the BBC will ignore this story as they can't allow anything that is critical of their beloved Palestinians to see the light of day.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Italy: Muslim asylum seekers approve of Paris attacks - including a strange and worrying comment re 8 December in Rome

After the Paris attacks, the Italian television programme "L'aria che tira" asked some asylum seekers what they thought about the attacks. The last chap's comments were rather worrying.

An unfortunate turn of phrase Comrade Grintz

I have queried his choice of the phrase 'final solution', as have others, but Comrade Darren Grintz has yet to respond.

I might have let this incident go but then I saw Comrade Grintz's Twitter profile and guess what?

He's a Labour Party member, a Unite activist, a Jeremy Corbyn supporter and... oh look, a BBC cameraman to boot.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Arabic Graffiti Found On Four EasyJet Planes

'An investigation has been launched after Arabic graffiti was found daubed on panels covering fuel tanks of four easyJet planes in France.Lisa King, easyJet cabin safety manager, alerted company employees to the graffiti with an email informing them of the discovery of "four aircraft in France with written inscriptions on the inside of the fuel panel, and toilet door in Arabic script".

The airline did not give any details of the nature of the inscriptions.

However, a spokeswoman for easyJet said the matter was not considered to be a threat either by the airline or the authorities, and no passengers had to be removed from the aircraft.

She said: "EasyJet assessed this issue, each time working in full consultation with the authorities, and is entirely satisfied it is nothing more than graffiti."EasyJet takes very seriously any security related issue and would not operate a flight unless we are entirely satisfied it is completely safe to do so."

EasyJet operates its fleet of aircraft in full compliance with all regulations. The safety and security of its passengers and crews is always easyJet's highest priority."'

Nothing to worry about? Graffiti won't bring down a plane it is true but I'd like to know what the graffiti was and if someone can get away with adding graffiti to a plane could they also adulterate the fuel or add something unwanted to the plane in that area?

Friday, 27 November 2015

Friday night is music night - It's also NSFW music video night - A Rule 5 Friday post

Tonight it's The Flaming Lips featuring Amanda Palmer with The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

A good version of a great song. I have posted Amada Palmer songs before...

Diane Abbott: Chairman Mao "on balance did more good than harm"

Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott - birds of a rather nasty feather when it comes to their choice of 'friends' and seeming heroes.

Dianne Abbott's defence of Chairman Mao is by way of contrast with the mirth that the left reserved  for those people who supposedly say that well at least Mussolini made the trains run on time. Odd how a vile, vicious, murdering left-wing dictator can be applauded by a left-wing politician with no censure but not a vile, vicious murdering (allegedly) right-wing  dictator.

BBC cricket reporting competence

What's that? Topley in for Topley?

State Dept admits Iran didn’t even sign Iran deal and it’s NOT legally binding per The Right Scoop

'President Obama didn't require Iranian leaders to sign the nuclear deal that his team negotiated with the regime, and the deal is not "legally binding," his administration acknowledged in a letter to Representative Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.) obtained by National Review.

"The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is not a treaty or an executive agreement, and is not a signed document," wrote Julia Frifield, the State Department assistant secretary for legislative affairs, in the November 19 letter.'
You can read more about this here but not on the BBC where appeasing radical Islam is de rigeur, especially/even if it might lead to the destruction of Israel.

ISIS are not Islamic?

Brigitte Gabriel disagrees and explains why?

Feynman Chaser - The Key to Science

Feynman Chaser on scientific theory, can you see the failings of much of climate science?

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Corbyn ‘more of a Pol Pot guy’

The Daily Mash has its own take on John McDonnell's quoting from Chairman Mao.
'JEREMY Corbyn has apologised after the shadow chancellor quoted Mao in the Commons yesterday, clarifying that he always preferred Pol Pot.

The Labour leader said that John McDonnell had unfortunately missed key policy sessions where it was agreed that Mao was a capitalist running dog whose Great Leap Forward was far too easy on the peasants.

Corbyn continued: "I always thought Mao was a bit of a poser, you know? '

Read the rest, I think it's satire...

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Did John McDonnell really quote from Mao?

I listened open mouthed as John McDonnell, Labour's (current) Shadow Chancellor quoted from Mao's Little Red Book. It was only when I got home that I saw the video. Can you imagine the furore if a Conservative politician quoted form a right-wing genocidal dictator? This reminded me of something I wrote back in 2011.

'In the last few days I have seen two rather odd examples of the way that a dictator considered a Communist can still be revered in a way that Hitler could (quite rightly) not. Westminster University is holding an exhibition called 'Poster Power: Images from Mao's China, Then and Now' at its 309 Regents Street building. Here's the blurb:
'Posters from Mao’s China exercise an enduring appeal to audiences across the globe, more than sixty years after the events that produced them. They are revisited in modern and contemporary Chinese art and commercial design, and curated in exhibitions in China, the US and Europe.

So why does imagery produced to support a revolutionary ideology half a century ago continue to resonate with current Chinese and Western audiences? What is the China we see between posters of the Mao years and their contemporary consumerist reinventions? How do we explain the diverse responses such imagery evokes? And what does the appeal of the posters of Mao’s China tell us about the country’s ‘red legacy’?

Poster Power explores some of these questions through setting up a visual dialogue between posters produced between the 1950s and the 1970s and their echoes in recent years. With posters from the University of Westminster’s Chinese Poster Collection, Chinese video art, documentary film, photographs, and contemporary items such as playing cards and nightclub advertising, the exhibition invites viewers to explore the posters’ ambiguities of appeal to their audiences. As visual reminders of both autocratic rule and exuberant youthful idealism, they evoke diverse responses, challenging the idea that Cultural Revolution poster propaganda transmitted a single, transparent meaning. These posters’ capacity to inspire ambiguous responses opens up new narratives of what remains a complex period of China’s recent past, and sheds light on its changing significance in contemporary China.'
Why not a word, nor even an allusion to the around 50 million people killed by the Chinese regime since 1949? why not a mention of the many millions tortured by the Chinese regime and forced to give up their "intellectual" jobs to work on the land as "workers", would that not have resonance for current students? Why not a mention of those killed around Tienanmen Square? Why not a mention of the invasion of Tibet and the destruction of so much Buddhist life? Why not a mention of the human rights abuses that occurred around the Beijing Olympics?

The other example was in an antique shop the other week where there was a small number of photos of Chairman Mao in a case and nobody seemed to think this was odd.

Can you imagine the furore if an antique shop had a collection of Adolph Hitler images on display? Can you imagine the protests if a British University held an exhibition of posters from Nazi Germany and did not put them into context?

Adolph Hitler's Nazi Germany killed around seven million people and the regime is rightly abhorred. Mao's communist regime in China killed many many more (as did Stalin's communist regime in the Soviet Union) and yet there is hardly a word of protest in remembrance now. Schools teach the evils of Nazism & the BBC raise the subject regularly, and quite rightly so, but the equally (or more) evils of Mao and Stalin's communist regimes are mentioned far less; why is that the case? Maybe it is something to do with the backgrounds of a large proportion of the BBC, Labour Party leadership and educational elite in this country; once a Marxist, always a Marxist?'


Most Muslims are peaceful

Indeed they are, but the 'peaceful majority are irrelevant'...Brigitte Gabriel explains why.

The "Disproportionate focus" on Israel

The BBC have a disproportionate focus on Israel, the Balen Report would no doubt reveal why.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Europe and the West's future according to the exiled Archbishop of Mosul: 'I Have Lost My Diocese to Islam; You in the West Will Also Become Victims of Muslims' per Breitbart

Whilst too many people in the West wring their hands about the possible backlash against Muslims in the aftermath of the latest Islamist terrorist attack on Paris, the Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul, Iraq, has a warning for us:
'... Your liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here. You must consider again our reality in the Middle East, because you are welcoming in your countries an ever growing number of Muslims. Also you are in danger. You must take strong and courageous decisions, even at the cost of contradicting your principles. You think all men are equal, but that is not true: Islam does not say that all men are equal. Your values are not their values. If you do not understand this soon enough, you will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed in your home.'

Friday, 20 November 2015

Harry's Place » It’s the Maths, Stupid - The must read article of the week, month, maybe year

This article by Saul Freeman for Harry's Place is a must read. It says what many Jews in Britain think and fear. 

We have been abandoned and worse by the left of British politics and of course by the institutionally anti Israel BBC. Maybe there is no place for us in Britain any more, maybe we should all move to where we are still wanted, Israel or to where we won't be noticed or hated quite so much, but where...

Andrew Neil with a message for the Paris attackers

Nice words but unfortunately the modern France isn't what it was. I fear the "Islamist scum" could well win this one.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Ben Shapiro: First They Came for the Jews

Another Ben Shapiro masterclass

Ben Shapiro: The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority

There are some logical flaws and inconsistencies in his counting but the general point is well made and stands - Radicals are not a tiny minority of Muslims.

Say what you like about Boris Johnson but he's a class act

Sky News (@SkyNews) tweeted at 5:38 PM on Tue, Nov 17, 2015:
Will Boris Johnson be singing La Marseillaise at England v France tonight? Well, he's recited the words for us:

The Quran and the Siege of Paris per David Wood

Before and after the Paris attacks I have had people on Twitter telling me that Koran verse 5:32 shows that Islam is a religion of peace as it says:
'If any one killed a person, it would be as if he killed the whole of mankind'
I've heard this argument presented on BBC programmes too. 

The people who post this never respond, with other than abuse, when I ask them what the rest of that verse says and why they have edited it. And the BBC presenters never ask that question at all.
Here's the whole of that verse:
'On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our apostles with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land.'
Verse 5:32 is for the Children of Israel, the Jews, to abide by, not for Muslims. 

Now some might argue that although the verse says it applies to the Children of Israel it really applies to anyone. That would be nice, wouldn't it? Well no as that little clause that the quoters omit from the very middle of their quote the part that says:
'unless it be for murder or spreading mischief in the land.' 
If someone is 'spreading mischief' they can still be killed. Islamists would say that attacking Muslims in Muslim lands was spreading mischief.

I've posted some videos by David Wood before, here's his recent one that makes the same point as I do above, albeit rather better than I have. He also goes on to explain verse 5:33, the verse that is aimed at Muslims, spoiler - it's not as peaceful as verse 5:32. 

Islamic State is plotting deadly cyber-attacks says George Osborne per BBC News but it's protecting Jeremy Corbyn that is still the BBC's priority

This BBC report contains an odd section:
'"You do not protect people by sitting around and wishing for another world. You have to act in this one. And that means being prepared to use military force where necessary," Mr Cameron said.'
Odd comments if you rely on the BBC for your news, anyway. This line of David Cameron was aimed at Jeremy Corbyn after his ridiculously right-on but impractical musings not that the BBC explain that. For all his faults, and even the BBC are not so blind as to be unable to see them, he is the leader of the BBC's beloved Labour Party and thus must be protected from criticism and ridicule.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Jeremy Corbyn - seriously?

Is Jeremy Corbyn serious? If he is then he really is somewhat divorced from reality. I don't think that PCSOs are going to prevent a terrorist attack, even less tackle some terrorists in the act.

"... the attacks have nothing to do with Islam..."

Theresa May tells us that "... the attacks have nothing to do with Islam...".

The trouble is that ISIS say diferent, that's The Islamic State. Now who is likely to be the bigger expert on Islam: Theresa May or ISIS? Please watch this previous post.

ISIS operatives in amongst the 'refugees' - who could see it happening?

ISIS operatives in amongst the 'refugees' - who could see it happening? James Clapper, the Director of US National Intelligence, Robert Spencer and others could. Did Angela Merkel not do her due diligance?

Is the West at war with Islam? ISIS openly say that they are at war with the West.

Nigel Farage saw that open borders for 'refugees' would leave room for ISIS operatives to infiltrate the EU

Nigel Farage saw that open borders for 'refugees' would leave room for ISIS operatives to infiltrate the EU. Of course the BBC and the liberal estalishment knew that he was wrong, what say they now?

Who are Islamic State?

I have posted this Vice News report before but I think that it needs watching again especially by those who say Islamic State are nothing to do with Islam. Parts of this video shows how civic society behaves under Sharia law. Everything within IS is shaped by and defined by Islam according to the Koran. "...those who don't obey will be forced"

Watch the Belgian Islamist preacher and his son, listen to the men and boys that speak afterwards? Now ask yourself how many Islamist preachers, their children and others think the same but are still living in Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Bradford, Birmingham etc etc etc? How about the nine-year old boy proudly declaring that he's off to camp to learn how to use a Kalashnikov and then to fight the Russian and Americans - the infidels. By the way, does anyone believe that the 'children' that Israel are vilified for arresting are not of a similar ilk?

Listen to the delightful young chap from 33:48 "We promise you car bombs and explosives... we'll destroy the enemies of the religion, all of them" - How many of the young male 'refugees' being welcomed into Europe share similar views? Do we even know? Do our leaders care? Do the BBC?

Quarter of British Muslims sympathise with Charlie Hebdo terrorists - Telegraph

This report following the previous Islamic terrorist attack on Paris is revealing and scary. 

I wonder how many British Muslims support the most recent terrorist attack on Paris.

Why the Bataclan?

Something that the BBC won't report.

Sunday, 15 November 2015


'Officials said the passport holder entered Greece on Oct. 3 through Leros, one of the eastern Aegean islands that tens of thousand of people fleeing war and poverty have been using as a gateway into the 28-nation EU. Serbian police said the holder of the passport then registered at its border entry with Macedonia on Oct. 7. Croatian police said the passport holder was checked at a refugee center on Oct. 8, but the man was not flagged as suspicious and continued his journey toward Hungary and Austria, according to police spokeswoman Helena Biocic.'
And five weeks later... 

How many more such terrorists have got into Europe during the recent open doors experiment? Will Merkel, Hollande etc apologise for their stupidity? Will the BBC apologise for their cheerleading?

You may not be interested in war but war is interested in you per Spectator Blogs

'They may hate us for what we do but, more significantly, they despise us – all the western world – for who we are and how we live. This is so obvious by now that it risks seeming banal but it demands restating because, even now, even after all this, there remain too many people who deny the truth.'

Paris attacks: Omar Ismail Mostefai identified as assailant per BBC News

There's an odd line in this BBC report

Apparently Omar Ismail Mostefai 'is said to have regularly attended the mosque in Luce, close to Chartres.'

Hold on, if he regularly attended a mosque then why did he carry out this terrorist attack? 

If Islam is a/the 'religion of peace' then isn't that a little odd. Surely the more one attends a place of worship for a religion of peace the more peaceful one would become?

Phones need 'bed mode' to protect sleep per BBC News

Apparently 'Smartphones, tablets and e-readers should have an automatic "bedtime mode" that stops them disrupting people's sleep, says a leading doctor.'
They already do, it's called the off button.
More first world problems here

Saturday, 14 November 2015

'Crimes' That Jihadists Will Kill You For

'Militant Islamism's war on all of us appears to be accelerating. Christians, Jews, Hindus, atheists, women, gays, and millions upon millions of Muslims who reject the Islamist template—all of us are considered to be Quranically sanctioned targets for elimination by a demented and determined enemy.
We can continue to make believe that jihadists are merely reacting to intolerable provocations by the perfidious West, or we can credit them with possession of a well-developed supremacist theology of global expansionism, and with a desire to resuscitate medieval values. Militant Islam's war on pluralism and modernity has a thousand fronts, and, in the minds of  jihadists, the crimes of their enemies are limitless. '
More including a list of the crimes that we can be killed for here