Sunday, 30 September 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo denies rape claim as 'fake news' per BBC News

Do compare this BBC report on rape claims levelled at Cristiano Ronaldo with the BBC reporting of the claims made against Brett Kavanaugh. 

The BBC report on their footballer hero starts with the defence:

'Cristiano Ronaldo has dismissed as "fake news" accusations by a US woman who alleges she was raped by the Portuguese footballer in 2009.

In an Instagram video, Ronaldo said: "They want to promote [themselves] by [using] my name. It's normal."

Ronaldo's lawyers say they will sue Germany's Der Spiegel magazine, which originally reported the allegations.'

Then the allegations:

' The magazine wrote that Kathryn Mayorga had claimed Ronaldo, 33, raped her in a hotel room in Las Vegas.

Ms Mayorga, 34, is reported to have filed a rape report with Las Vegas police shortly after the alleged incident.'

There's another part of the reports that, if true, seems to be more fact based than the allegations about Brett Kavanaugh.

The BBC's feelings about Cristiano Ronaldo are clear:
'The Portuguese international is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time.' 

The BBC's position on the two stories is clear but bloody shouldn't be, the BBC is meant to be unbiased.

Regulator Finds Minorities Over-Represented on TV, Still Demands More Diversity

'White people and heterosexuals are underrepresented in the British television industry, an Ofcom audit has found — but the watchdog still insists there is "much more to do on diversity".

The report came a couple of days after Ofcom declared increasing representation of minority groups was "a priority" for the regulator, warning broadcasters would face "disaster" without making diversity central to their work.


While there was a data gap of 41 percent with regards to sexuality, the audit found 4 percent of people working in the TV industry identified as lesbian, gay, or bisexual (LGB) compared to 2 percent of the general population, while 49 percent of employees said they were heterosexual compared to 93 percent of the general population.

Despite the apparently significant underrepresentation of heterosexuals in the figures, Ofcom recommended broadcasters improve the career progression of sexual minorities and hire more lesbians, amongst a number of recommendations.


It also took issue with official government data on the proportion of LGB people in Britain, declaring 2 per cent to be "too low" and directing readers to a survey that claimed sexual minorities make up 6.5 percent of the population.

According to the analysis, 13 percent of TV industry employees are from an ethnic minority compared to 12 per cent of the British labour market, with the figure rising to 15 per cent amongst workers at Sky, 18 per cent at Channel 4, and 19 per cent at Viacom.

White people were revealed to be underrepresented in the data, which showed they comprise 71 per cent of the UK-based TV industry compared to 88 per cent of the wider labour market — however, this was not considered a problem by Ofcom, which praised efforts by all five of the main broadcasters focused on "improving representation of employees from minority ethnic backgrounds".

While claiming the push for greater "diversity" is so TV companies have a workforce which "reflects modern Britain and the lives and experiences of their whole audience", the regulator says broadcasters "should be aiming" to have a workforce more closely matching London's population, where 36 per cent of workers are from minority ethnic backgrounds and the demographics are not representative of the country at large.'

More here more social engineering and socking it to straight white men at the BBC and others. 

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Derek Hatton: Ex-Liverpool politician reapplies for Labour membership per BBC News

'Derek Hatton has applied to rejoin the Labour Party, 33 years after being expelled by then-leader Neil Kinnock.

The 70-year-old former deputy leader of Liverpool City Council, was booted out for belonging to Militant Tendency.

During a bitter war with both Margaret Thatcher's government and the Labour leadership, he set an illegal budget and sent redundancy notices out by taxi to thousands of council workers.

The Labour Party looks likely to accept the application.'

More here and more and more as birds of a feather flock together. 

Banned Islamist group using children to peddle jihad books

The Mail reports this:

'An extreme Islamist group banned in more than a dozen countries is using British children as young as 13 to peddle books supporting suicide bombing and jihad. 

Hizb ut-Tahrir, which wants to establish an Islamic state with Sharia law, has been holding a series of 'roadshows' across the country.

An undercover reporter who attended a number of the meetings was sold books suggesting suicide strikes are acceptable, and others saying jihad was 'compulsory' to spread the message of Islam.

The group allowed a 13-year-old to sell pamphlets comparing Westerners to animals over their 'filthy promiscuity' and urging followers to shun British culture.'

Any action from our Home Secretary or Prime Minister? Of course not. 

Any coverage from the BBC? Of course not.

Are we going to hell in a handcart? 

Tony Blair Spin Doctor accuses someone else of lying, irony is not dead

This Breitbart article 

'Responding to an article in The Telegraph by the former foreign secretary, Campbell wrote on Twitter: "Thankfully behind a paywall. Now fuck off under a bus with a great big fat lie on it charlatan."'

Big Bad Al calling someone else out for "a great big fat lie", words fail me. 

Talk Show Host Reported for 'Hate Crime' after Mocking Safe Space

'Disability activists have threatened to report TalkRadio host Julia Hartley-Brewer to the police for 'hate crime' after she violated one of their designated safe spaces by using the scary word "Boo!" at the Labour party conference.

It sounds like a joke. But the complainants are taking it dead seriously.'

More here

More left stupidity all over the UK, USA etc. 

Friday, 28 September 2018

Rabbi brands Corbyn a liar over claim to tackle antisemitism

'An Orthodox rabbi has rejected Jeremy Corbyn's claim that the Labour Party will work with the community to stop Jew-hate as 'an out-and-out lie'.

Rabbi Moshe Freedman of New West End Synagogue took to Twitter to respond to Jeremy Corbyn's message, claiming the party "will work with Jewish communities to eradicate antisemitism".

The faith leader, who was one of 69 rabbis to write to the Labour leader in July urging the party to adopt the full International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism, posted an email from general secretary Jennie Formby, outlining the party's response.

He wrote that after co-signing the letter, Labour promised "the NEC working group will be in contact to discuss this consultation further.

"This was on 19th July 2018 and I still haven't heard back. I don't expect to".

In early September, Labour backed the IHRA definition of antisemitism, with a clause to allow criticism of Israel.

Rabbi Freedman added, that Labour thinks "that having adopted the IHRA definition with caveats, they don't need to bother. They are wrong. #LabourAntisemitism is more than just an issue with their definition of anti-Semitism."

He adds, that antisemitism "is a systemic and fundamental problem ingrained in @jeremycorbyn and his warped ideology, especially with respect to Israel."'

Jeremy Corbyn a liar and an antisemite? Seems about right. 

More here at the JN but not a word on the Labour Party's propaganda arm, and antisemitic by at least one of the IHRA examples, BBC. 

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Why is J.K. Rowling under attack and being reported by the BBC?

The BBC report 

 'JK Rowling has defended the casting of a Korean actress as Voldemort's snake Nagini in the Fantastic Beasts sequel.

The latest trailer has revealed Claudia Kim as Nagini and sees her transform into a snake.

Some have criticised the fact the only Asian actor in the cast plays a reptile that is a villain's slave.'

Why are the BBC being so ready to report critics of J.K. Rowling accusations of race issues? The BBC have been such fans of J.K. Rowling previously. 

The explanation may lie in this:

'For months author J.K. Rowling has been warning about the dangers of anti-Semitism in England, sparring on Twitter with critics who either downplay the phenomenon or say its proponents are confusing criticism of Israel with Jew-hatred.

Now, in her newest book, she includes a character whose obsessive anti-Zionism morphs into anti-Semitism.

"Lethal White," the fourth series in Rowling's Cormoran Strike mystery series, written under the pen name Robert Galbraith, features a pair of hard-left political activists who believe "Zionists" are evil and have a stranglehold on Western governments.

Extortionist Jimmy Knight's extreme hatred of Israel has led him to hate Jews.

"I wouldn't trust him if it was anything to do with Jews," Knight's ex-wife tells a detective. "He doesn't like them. Israel's the root of all evil, according to Jimmy. '

You can read more about this new book here but obviously not on the antisemitic, by at least one of the IHRA examples, BBC. 

Prince Charles: 'Foreign Jews' to blame for Middle East turmoil

From 2017 but I managed to miss this

'Prince Charles has come under fire after it came to light that he blamed the "influx of foreign Jews" for causing unrest in the Middle East and called on the US to "take on the Jewish lobby" in a letter penned in 1986. 

Writing to his friend Laurens van der Post, the Prince argued that the exodus of European Jews in the middle of the last century "helped to cause the great problems" in the Middle East.

"I now appreciate that Arabs and Jews were all a Semitic people originally and it is the influx of foreign, European Jews (especially from Poland, they say) which has helped to cause the great problems," the Prince wrote in a letter published by the Daily Mail.

"I know there are so many complex issues, but how can there ever be an end to terrorism unless the causes are eliminated?" he added. 

"Surely some US president has to have the courage to stand up and take on the Jewish lobby in the US? I must be naive, I suppose!"'

Prime Minister and pro Iran, friend of Hamas and Hezbollah, antisemitic Jeremy Corbyn, and King Charles blame "foreign Jews" the Third - to rhyme with turd. What a future there is for the UK. 

'My children suffer to get water in Gaza' per BBC News

Read this article and you'll know why I say the BBC is antisemitic because it infracts at least one of the IHRA examples. 

'There are fresh warnings about the humanitarian situation in Gaza, where there are severe water and power shortages.

A new World Bank report says the economy is in "free fall".

Meanwhile, deadly protests have resumed along the Gaza-Israel border and the situation "could explode any minute", according to Nickolay Mladenov, the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process.

Talks brokered by Egypt and the UN have so far failed to agree a long-term truce between Hamas, which controls Gaza, and Israel.

BBC News visited one family in Gaza to see how they were coping with the lack of resources.'

F**k you BBC f**k your institutional antisemitism, f**k you... 

Picture proves anti-Israel extremist WAS at Labour conference

'An explosive picture has emerged that proves extreme anti-Israel activist Miko Peled was inside Labour conference with a security pass, despite the party denying this.

A Labour spokesman yesterday claimed the notorious figure 'does not have a pass and has not been inside conference', after a picture of him embracing Jeremy Corbynoutside the venue sparked outrage.

But today MailOnline can reveal evidence that the activist – who has described Jews as having 'a reputation for being sleazy thieves' – attended conference as a fully accredited delegate. 

The picture was taken on Sunday at 12:36pm, inside the ACC Liverpool building in front of the Labour Students stall, we can disclose. 

On its website, Labour points out: 'The ACC forms part of the Conference Zone and anyone wishing to enter must be accredited'. 

This is the explosive picture that proves that extreme anti-Israel activist Miko Peled was inside Labour conference with a security pass, despite the party denying thisThis is the explosive picture that proves that extreme anti-Israel activist Miko Peled was inside Labour conference with a security pass, despite the party denying thisA Labour spokesman yesterday claimed Mr Peled 'doesn't have a pass and has not been inside conference', after a picture of him embracing Jeremy Corbyn outside the venue sparked fury A Labour spokesman yesterday claimed Mr Peled 'doesn't have a pass and has not been inside conference', after a picture of him embracing Jeremy Corbyn outside the venue sparked fury '
So Jeremy Corbyn can embrace/ be embrassed by such an individual and the BBC don't even mention it. Imagine that a Conservative MP...... etc etc etc. Do you know what, I've posted this sort of thing too often in the past but what's the f***ing point, the antisemitic Labour Party and the BBC couldn't give a sh*t about me, as a Jew, so f*** them. 

More here not a word on the f***ing antisemitic, by at least one of the IHRA examples, BBC.

My TV licence will not be renewed, why should I help the c***s to spread their hatred and lies (of commission and omission). I've had enough now, no more paying the TV licence and I am off out of this country before I have to wear a f***ing yellow star so the new Nazi Labour Party brown shirts know what I am.

You BBC types who think that Jeremy Corbyn's acolytes will spare you, you're so wrong. The revolution will as usual eat itself but only after f***ing the country - see the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela etc etc et f***ing etc. Socialists, Communists there's no difference, just two cheeks of the same sh*t smeared arse.

Goodbye UK you're finished, it's too late to fight back, just time to leave whilst it's still possible. 

Goldman Sachs's Marcus could boost UK savings rates per BBC News who use an odd adjective

'Long-suffering UK savers could soon see higher returns, as one of Wall Street's swankiest banks boosts its presence on this side of the Atlantic.' 

SWANKIEST - Who chose and then approved the use of that word? 

From the BBC here

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Proof: Corbyn Lied About Press TV Appearances per Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes claims to have caught Jeremy Corbyn in a 'straight-up lie' on Channel 4 News:

'Corbyn told a straight-up lie to Jon Snow yesterday on Channel 4 News, claiming that he had not appeared on Iranian state-controlled broadcaster Press TV after their coverage of the protests following Iran's disputed election in 2009.

This is demonstrably untrue, Corbyn appeared on Press TV for years after the Iranian election in 2009, as he himself declared in the House of Commons Register of Members' Financial Interests. Readers can watch video footage for themselves above…

The House of Commons register four payments in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 with Corbyn receiving up to £5,000 of Iranian cash each time. Corbyn's 2012 appearance came after Press TV was banned in the UK for its role in the torture of a journalist. As Corbyn himself said: "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor." Corbyn didn't even remain neutral, he literally chose the side of the oppressor…'

There's not a word about this on the Labour Party's propaganda arm the BBC. Imagine a leading Conservative politician, let alone the party leader, had been caught lying, the BBC would be headlining the story. However as this is the glorious Labour leader, the BBC will keep shtum. Am I missing the irony? 

Labour conference: Jeremy Corbyn vows to create 400,000 'green' jobs per BBC News

This BBC report only puts one negative comment, right at the end and that's because Jeremy Corbyn doesn't go far enough. No comment from the Conservatives or from the CBI or any 'right of centre' policy groups. It is almost as though the BBC were the Labour Party's propaganda arm rather than an independent news reporting organisation. When the Conservative Party conference is being reported upon the BBC will have criticism of their policies front and centre in all reports. 

When will the Conservative Party take issue with the BBC's mutual masturbatory reporting of Labour Party policy? 

Minnesota Democrats’ ‘Independent’ Ellison Investigation Handled By Their Own Lawyer’s Partner

Just another story that the BBC just won't care about reporting... 

'Minnesota Democrats' self-described "independent" investigation into domestic abuse allegations against Rep. Keith Ellison is being handled by the party attorney's legal partner.

Ellison, the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee and nominee for Minnesota attorney general, is accused of physically and emotionally abusing his ex-girlfriend, liberal Sierra Club activist Karen Monahan. Ellison has repeatedly denied Monahan's accusations.

Minneapolis lawyer Susan Ellingstad took over the Ellison investigation from the state party's attorney following Ellison's primary victory in August, the Associated Press reported Tuesday.'

More here 

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Corbyn is sued by 'Zionist' he accused of 'not getting' English irony

'Jeremy Corbyn is being sued by the British Jewish blogger he accused of not understanding 'English irony', MailOnline can reveal.

Richard Millett, 50, instructed solicitors after Mr Corbyn made further comments about him on Sunday that he views as defamatory.

During an interview with Andrew Marr on BBC One, the Labour leader painted a picture of Mr Millett as 'incredibly disruptive', claiming that the police wanted to throw him out of Parliament until Mr Corbyn said he could stay.

Mr Millett, whose father fought for Britain in WWII, says that the allegations are entirely untrue and have caused lasting damage to his reputation. He is suing Corbyn for £100,000.

He said: 'Jeremy Corbyn has constantly been trying to paint me as some aggressive traitor who has brushes with police.

'Listening to his interview, you'd have thought that the police were on the verge of hauling me out of parliamentary events and it was only saintly Corbyn who stopped that happening.' 

More here in The Mail 

Imagine that Theresa May or Boris Johnson was being sued by a Muslim, the BBC would make this headline news.

However the Labour Party / BBC narrative is that Jeremy Corbyn is being unfairly treated, him being a flawless anti-racist. So the BBC will continue to keep any negative stories about Jeremy Corbyn as quiet as possible, after all there's a general election to win for Labour. 

The BBC's bias is disgusting and must be ended. 

Labour Marxists group distributes newspaper comparing Israel with Nazis

'Vicious anti-Israel hate material is being openly distributed to delegates arriving at the Labour conference in Liverpool.

A front page newspaper article written by Moshe Machover - a member of the Hampstead and Kilburn CLP - is headlined 'Why Israel is a racist state'.

The article in a freesheet produced by the Labour Party Marxists group states it is "a well established fact" that the Jewish state is "structurally racist, an apartheid state."

At last year's Labour conference in Brighton the same far-left group sparked outrage with a similar front page stunt which made comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany.

The piece included a quote from Reinhard Heydrich, one of Hitler's most notorious lieutenants, made in 1935 which suggested the early Nazi government agreed with Zionist ideals.'

More here in the JC but not of course on the Labour Party's propaganda arm, and antisemitic by at least one of the IHRA examples, the BBC. 

Will the BBC lift a finger to help or even just protest when the anti-Jewish pogroms start under the next Labour government? Or will the BBC cheerfully agree with the Labour government to portray them as anti-Zionist and thus acceptable? Whatever the answers it will be people like me that will be rounded up, our possessions forfeited and our freedom ended. But hey so long as there's a Labour government why should the BBC care about me? 

'Nobody ruled out Remain' Labour chaos as Starmer contradicts McDonnell per Westmonster

If two Conservative MPs disagree, even slightly, over Brexit then the BBC scream TORY SPLITS, headline the news and explain that the public won't vote for a disunited party. However when the Shadow Chancellor and the Shadow Brexit Secretary fundamentally disagree on Brexit, the BBC can't even report this news on the BBC news home page. 

'Sir Keir Starmer has come out against the Shadow Chancellor's statement, saying a second EU referendum should have the option to Remain on the ballot paper.

John McDonnell said this morning that if Labour gave people another referendum the only 2 options would be a Deal or No Deal.

However, Starmer, who is Labour's Shadow Brexit Secretary disagrees and told journalists: "Nobody was ruling out Remain".'

More here but not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC. 

The BBC's bias is clearly and obvious. That the BBC want to stop Brexit and get a Labour government as soon possible is also clear and obvious. That the BBC is a clear and present danger to the UK is also clear. 

Monday, 24 September 2018

Moment Union chief McClusky rows with Jewish activists over Labour and tells an inconvenient truth

The Mail reports something that could be rather inconvenient for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party:

'Mr McClusky, the general secretary of Unite, entered the venue to give a speech claiming that Labour only adopted the official definition of anti-Semitism to 'ease attacks on Jeremy Corbyn'. 

'The time will come where people will say Jeremy Corbyn was right,' he told the 250-strong audience at the hotel. 

'If anybody believes for one moment that those examples are going to silence us from supporting the Palestinian cause, or going to silence us from calling Israel what it is, an apartheid state, then they are very much mistaken.' '

An impartial BBC would report claims by one of the leading Trade Union leaders that 'Labour only adopted the official definition of anti-Semitism to 'ease attacks on Jeremy Corbyn'. ' and question Jeremy Corbyn or his spokespeople on this. Unfortunately for democracy the BBC are not impartial but more akin to being the propaganda arm of the Labour Party. 

YouGov polling results that the BBC will not report

Included in this YouGov report is this:

'Three in ten Britons (30%) think that Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic, and 28% think that same label applies to the Labour party.

... Just 9% think that Theresa May or the Conservative party can generally be described as Islamophobic.

... 20% think Jeremy Corbyn can generally be described as racist compared to 11% who think that term applies to Theresa May.'

Let that first finding sink in. Imagine that a poll had found that:
'Three in ten Britons (30%) think that Theresa May is anti Islam and 28% think that same label applies to the Conservative party.'
The BBC would be headlining this poll and screaming questions about racism at Conservative spokesmen. However this is about the BBC's political allies, the Labour Party, so not a word lest the British people discover how so many people perceive the Labour Party.

The BBC's bias is so blatant that it disgusts me. The BBC are trying their best to get a Labour government and an end to Brexit, impartiality be dammed. The BBC must be held to account, but by who? 

Labour conference: John McDonnell unveils shares plan for workers per BBC News

Hidden down this BBC report on John Mcdonnell's announcements comes the analysis:

'Analysis: A smash and grab raid?
By BBC business editor Simon Jack

Many companies offer incentives and discounts to employees who wish to build a shareholding over time. That is not the same as taking 10% of the company away from its current owners to stick in a fund for the workers and the government's benefit, which seems to be what the shadow chancellor is proposing.

For a start, the workers will not be able to buy and sell the shares - so they won't really "own" them in a traditional sense. They will be eligible to receive dividends on the shares up to a value of £500 per worker per year. The government gets the rest.

The Labour Party reckons this will raise about £2bn a year. It could end up much more. Let's take just one company - bumper dividend-payer Shell. Ten percent of its £12bn annual dividend comes to £1.2bn.

If each of its 6,500 UK employees got £500 each (totalling £3.25m) that leaves £1.116bn for the government. That's just from one company - every year. Wow.'

But don't expect the Labour Party's propaganda arm to go big on that analysis, after all there's a Labour government to ensure. 

McDonnell's Clause IV Moment per Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes reports

'John McDonnell has given a full-throated endorsement of the principles of Labour's notorious "Clause IV" that committed the party to "common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange" until it was removed by Tony Blair in 1995.'

The BBC were so happy with Tony Blair doing this in 1995 as they thought that now nothing could stop there being a Labour Party government after the next General election. Now the BBC have moved so far left that they will support the aims of the upcoming Socialist revolution, whilst trying not to scare the public. Hence the BBC news website is still headlining the Labour Party Conference decision on Brexit but ignoring John Mcdonnell's words. The British people must be lead to vote Labour and not worried by socialism. 

McDonnell: You Can't Break the Law "These Days" per Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes reports

'John McDonnell had a trip down memory lane this morning on LBC, reminiscing about his days in the hard-left Labour bloc on the GLC after Dawn Butler caused a stir by praising the Militant-dominated Liverpool Council of the 1980s for breaking the law. The would-be chancellor lamented that "you can't break the law these days". '

Do you believe him? 

First they came - 21st century Labour style

First they came for the Zionists, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a Zionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Conservatives, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a Conservative.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Pastor Martin Niemöller wrote in desperate times and about different groups from those above but his words should be a warning to us now.

Any traditional lefty types who think that they can vote for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party to come to power and that they'll be safe because they aren't in Jeremy Corbyn and his cabal's current sights, be warned. The Jeremy Corbyn lead Labour Party is not anything like any previous British political party. Many of the current leaders of the Labour Party are willing to take the United Kingdom into very dangerous waters. If Jeremy Corbyn and his cabal come to power then people will suffer, maybe even die, because of these policies. 

Jewish MP given police escort to attend Labour's party conference

Imagine that a Muslim MP had had to be provided with a police escort in order to attend a Party Conference, the BBC would be outraged. However when it's a Jewish MP there's no interest at all. 

'A Jewish Labour MP was forced to rely on police protection at her party's conference yesterday – as a colleague warned the anti-Semitism crisis could fuel the rise of Nazism in Britain.

Luciana Berger was accompanied by two police officers as she attended an anti-Semitism rally in Liverpool. Moderate Labour MPs lined up at the fringe event to demand that Jeremy Corbyn and senior union leaders take serious action to 'drain the swamp' in the party.

It came after the Labour leader refused to apologise for a series of controversial statements he has made about Jews and for his failure to clamp down on anti-Semitism.'

More here but not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm and antisemitic by at least one of the IHRA examples, the BBC aka Der Sturmer. 

Sunday, 23 September 2018

The Left do like a good purge

'Labour's annual conference has voted to make it easier for local party members to deselect sitting MPs.

Until now, Labour MPs only faced a reselection contest if 50% of a constituency's local branches and affiliated unions voted for it in a so-called "trigger ballot".

Delegates in Liverpool voted for that threshold to be reduced to 33%.

The deselection campaign is seen by some Labour MPs as an attempt to "purge" critics of Jeremy Corbyn.'

The Left do enjoy a good purge. Maybe re-education camps will follow. Then labour camps for the enemies of the glorious revolution and the Great Leader? 

The BBC report approvingly here

For how this sort of thing ends I suggest One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich or any number of historical books about The Gulag. 

The problem here is that there's a number of Labour Party high ups who would charitably meet Lenin's description of 'useful idiots' and maybe some who might be better described as, in the words of Trotsky, 'fellow travellers' . 

Corbyn Asked Are You An Anti-Semite per GuyNews

Watch the first video in this piece on Guido Fawkes and note that:

1. Corbyn says that he's "fought racism all his life", does he think antisemitism is racism?

2. Corbyn says "Anyone that is suffering racism is in a position to define it." but then when asked how he "felt" when Margaret Hodge called him a racist and antisemite Corbyn says "I completely and utterly reject the idea that I am a racist or any kind of..." So Jews can define antisemitism unless the all wise Jeremy Corbyn disagrees? Odd that Andrew Marr cuts in just before Jeremy Corbyn has to say the word antisemite in the context of denying that he is an antisemite. 

As a long aside, why might Andrew Marr protect Jeremy Corbyn from criticism, if that is what he was doing here as elsewhere? 

Here's how Andrew Marr's early political life is described on Wikipedia:
'Regarding his political affiliations, he was formerly a Maoist and a member of the Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory, an offshoot of the International-Communist League, now known as the Alliance for Workers' Liberty. At Cambridge, Marr says he was a "raving leftie" who handed out copies of Mao's Little Red Book and he acquired the nickname Red Andy.'

A (former I'm sure he would claim) Maoist, member of a Marxist offshoot organisation, a 'raving leftie' who was until relatively recently the BBC's political editor, how useful for the Jeremy Corbyn lead Labour Party. 

'On an April 8 BBC Sunday news programme Marr said "lots of Palestinian kids" were killed by Israeli forces. Jonathan Sacerdoti complained that the statement was misleading and false. BBC management ruled that Marr breached editorial guidelines, that the statement lacked any evidence and "risked misleading audiences on a material point".'

It must be nice for the hater of Israel and antisemite Jeremy Corbyn to be interviewed by a BBC interviewer who made such partial claims against Israel. But then the BBC is institutionally anti Israel so he's the perfect fit for them. 

3. When Andrew Marr dares to press Jeremy Corbyn on the Margaret Hodge matter he is told that "the matter with Margaret Hodge is closed" but just look at Jeremy Corbyn's face, this is a man who does not like being questioned, he looks to me like a man who if given power would be a seriously dangerous person indeed. 

How do you solve catastrophic hyperinflation? Per BBC News

This BBC article on catastrophic hyperinflation manages to centre on the current situation in Socialist Venezuela without mentioning the support given to the Venezuelan regime by Jeremy Corbyn and his cabal of socialists, Marxists etc. For the BBC who supportively reported on the British let's support for the Venezuelan lefty regime that never happened, or at least should not be mentioned.

Oddly a BBC article from 2040 has slipped through a wormhole and reads thus:

'In July 2020, inflation in the UK peaked at a staggering 41,900,000,000,000,000% - that's 41.9 quadrillion percent a month - the worst episode of hyperinflation ever recorded.

With prices doubling every 15 hours, whatever people had in their pockets in the morning would be worth half as much by the evening. The country's highest denomination was the 100 quintillion pound note.

The Labour government's mismanagement of the economy post the 2018 General Election victory had erased 40% of Hungary's wealth as capital left the country as soon as the Labour government's victory had been assured. 

Jeremy Corbyn's government made several attempts to bolster the currency by raising interest rates but this allied with massive job losses as international businesses fled the UK to escape the new taxes on businesses and anyone earning above the median wage.

On 1 August 2019, the Labour government now headed by John McDonnell, Jeremy Corbyn having fled to Iran following the internal Labour Party putsch, adopted a radical stabilisation programme that included even more drastic tax increases, the compulsory recovery of gold and other assets taken abroad by British citizens and the introduction of a new currency, the People's Pound, backed by Iranian investment and Chinese state loans. When it came into force, one People's Pound was worth 400 octillion (a thousand trillion trillion or a billion billion billion) of the old currency.'

Will the British people be warned of the coming economic crisis? Not by the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC. 

Viewpoint: What India's first newspaper says about democracy per BBC News who show Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) as usual.

This BBC report on a piece of Indian history would be interesting albeit obsessed with denigrating British colonialism. However the BBC can't help themselves:

'Like in the case of India's first newspaper, authoritarian leaders today seek to suppress the press. The source of their power is to convince enough of the public to believe them, and not what they read in the press.

Politicians who want to be dictators are not new. But why are they so dangerous now?

They have new tools to sow divisions between citizens. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other forms of social media have created "filter bubbles" in which people consume and share content they already agree with.

The result is that people across the world are increasingly divided into tribes as social media allows politicians to communicate directly with their citizens.

For instance, US President Donald Trump often lashes out at the news media with tweets, denigrating them as "fake news" and as "enemies of the people".'

There's the BBC TDS in action, vilify President Donald Trump at every opportunity. 

Comres poll for the Jewish News: Labour Party and antisemitism

'On antisemitism, half of respondents claimed the party is not going enough to tackle the scourge the leadership has acknowledged exists in its ranks, including 31 percent of Labour voters. Just 19 percent say enough is being done, an increase of just one percent on March 2017. Nearly half – 45 percent – say Corbyn is unwilling or unable to act decisively against antisemitism.'

More here but obviously not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm and antisemitic, under two of the IHRA examples, the BBC. 
'Former Brexit secretary David Davis, who resigned his post in protest at Mrs May's soft Brexit plan, put to the audience a free trade deal without legal ties to the bloc, saying: "We should only accept a clean and clear Brexit. Not some fudge, not some weak compromise  — which is exactly what I think Chequers is."

"Were told there is no alternative," he added. "That is just a lie. The best answer for us — and the EU — is a free trade deal. An advanced, streamline, free trade deal, based on the best in the world. That is what we need to go for."

Noting that the EU has already done one with Canada, South Korea, and is in the process of completing one with Japan, he asked: "It's an agreement between two sovereign entities with zero tariffs but no free movement, no payment of vast sums of money, no European oversight, no interference in Canadian laws — why can't we have that?"'

We can't have that because the EU need to punish the UK for daring to try and leave the EU and to scare other countries from trying to leave too. 

The UK stood up to various dictators and blocs previously, it looks as though we must do so again. 

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Iran blames Gulf rivals for deadly attack

The BBC report

'Iranian government and military officials have pointed the finger at Gulf states, the US and Israel, with all of whom Iran has longstanding tensions.

A Revolutionary Guards spokesman claimed the attackers were "trained and organised by two Gulf countries" and had ties to the US and Israel.'

What does Jeremy' Iranian Press TV' Corbyn have to say now? Does he blame Israel? I mean specifically in this instance, as generally he does. 

Emily Thornberry says Jeremy Corbyn struggled to deal with antisemitism crisis because of 'distress'

The JC reports on a Standard article.

'Jeremy Corbyn struggled to deal with Labour's Jew-hate crisis because he was emotionally distressed by accusations he was antisemitic, Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry has claimed.

In an interview with the Evening Standard, Ms Thornberry said the Labour leader was "really distressed" to be described as a racist and an antisemite by one his own MPs in the House of Commons.'

Well that's possible, or it could be that his obsession with denying Israel's right to exist has lead him to antisemitic views, or it could be that he's a Jew hater. 

An honest question

'Gunmen have opened fire on an Iranian military parade in the south-western city of Ahvaz, killing several people, including civilians, and injuring at least 20, state media say.

The attackers shot from a park near the parade and were wearing military uniforms, reports say.

State media say Islamist militants are thought to be behind the attack.'

However when Islamist militants attack the Iranian regime, which side does Jeremy Corbyn support? Or does he just somehow blame Israel? 

MP says she had to 'mansplain' antisemitism to John McDonnell

At least one MP hasn't fallen for John Mcdonnell's Mr Nice Guy act. 

'In an interview with the Evening Standard this week, Ms Moran said: "I had to mansplain antisemitism to him."

"The people who put it up were called London Palestine Action. As a Palestinian they don't speak for me, and they are blatantly racist signs. You don't say a whole country is racist."

She also mocked the claim that Mr McDonnell, 67, was "on a journey" regarding Israel and antisemitism.

"I was like 'really?' You're 60 something years old, come on. If you haven't realised by now that this is antisemitism no wonder there's a problem in the Labour Party," she told the Standard.'

Layla Moran, the first ever MP of Palestinian origin, is a Lib Dem MP. 

More here in the JC but obviously not on the, antisemitic by at least one of the IHRA examples, BBC. 

Rod Rosenstein denies voicing plot to remove Trump per BBC News

This BBC report contains this:

'US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has denied a report that he discussed invoking a constitutional clause to oust President Donald Trump.

America's second most senior law official said the allegation was "inaccurate and factually incorrect".

The New York Times, citing anonymous sources, also said Mr Rosenstein had suggested secretly recording Mr Trump to expose chaos in the White House.

But a source told the BBC that the comment was sarcastic.'

Presumsnky that source wasn't Jeremy Corbyn or are Jews capable of sarcasm, just not irony. Hold on wasn't I being ironic then? 

Friday, 21 September 2018

BBC News hide the truth, for a change!

This BBC report headlines that Oliver is the most popular boy's name, in 2017, here's the top 10

Oliver - 6,259
Harry - 5,031
George - 4,929
Noah - 4,273
Jack - 4,190
Jacob - 3,968
Leo - 3,781
Oscar - 3,739
Charlie - 3,724
Muhammad - 3,691

However if you read much further into the article then the inconvenient truth is shown:

'Muhammad (3,691 boys) and Mohammed (1,982) combined would still not be more popular than the traditional spelling of Oliver. However there are other variations on the name, such as Mohammad (837), Mohamed (269) and Muhammed (450) that would make it more popular if they were all counted as the same name.'

Which THE NAMES ARE really, but the BBC wouldn't want us to know that. The differences in spelling are because it is originally an Arabic name, and so wasn't originally written in the Roman alphabet.

When translated into English the name is spelled it out phonetically hence Mohammed, Muhammed, Muhammad and lots of different options.

None of the spellings are technically correct, or incorrect, as English doesn't possess the right characters to spell the name correctly. Until Arabic or another Muslim friendly language becomes an official language of the UK there will be multiple spellings of the name, but let's not pretend that they are different names. 

Brett Kavanaugh accuser offers to testify to Senate per BBC News

Reading this BBC report why does the phrase "stringing it out for as long as possible" come to mind?

'A woman who accuses Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh of trying to rape her in 1982 has offered to testify to the Senate if it can "ensure her safety".

Christine Blasey Ford's lawyer says her client will not appear on Monday, as senators proposed, but might do so next week on "terms that are fair".'

The Senate can't "ensure her safety" so what now? Are the Democrats / Deep State trying to string this appointment out until they can start claiming that it is now too close to the midterms for a new Supreme Court appointment to be made?

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Marine Le Pen ordered to undergo psychiatric testing per BBC News

If this news doesn't scare you then you're not paying attention. This reminds me of the way that the communist Soviet Union crushed dissent.

'A French court has ordered far-right leader Marine Le Pen to undergo psychiatric tests as part of an inquiry into her sharing images of Islamic State group atrocities.

Ms Le Pen tweeted pictures of the court order, calling the move "crazy".

She posted the images back in 2015, including one showing the decapitated body of IS victim James Foley.

She has been stripped of her immunity as a parliamentarian and she could still face a fine or even jail.'

Coming to the UK soon? The left hate dissent and will not allow it if they can stop it. 

Hezbollah Terrorists Warn Israel: We Have the Rockets to Destroy You

'The leader of the Hezbollah terrorist organization warned Thursday his Lebanon-based group has acquired a stockpile of illicit weaponary and rockets despite traditional supply lines through war-torn Syria being cut.

"No matter what you do to cut the route, the matter is over and the resistance possesses precision and non-precision rockets and weapons capabilities," Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said, addressing Israel in a broadcast speech reported by Reuters.

"If Israel imposes a war on Lebanon, Israel will face a fate and a reality it has never expected on any day," he added.'

That's the Nasrallah who said getting Jews into Israel would make killing Jews easier. The same chap that lefty types see as a freedom fighter. The same person who heads Hezbollah, Jeremy Corbyn's "friends". The same terrorists who are supported by the Iranian regime, the one whose state TV station Jeremy Corbyn appeared on. What a delightful chap Jeremy Corbyn is. 

More here but not on the institutionally anti Israel BBC. 

Violent Since Youth, Terrorist Masood Started Reading Quran in Jail

'During this time... it is said (he) developed an interest in Islam, reading the Quran in jail.' 

How can this be relevant? If Islam is the 'religion of peace' then reading more about Islam could only promote peacefulness. 

Quote about the trial from here not the BBC. 

Vast Majority of Brits Says Govt Lies About Migrants, Most Want Numbers Cut - No Shit, Sherlock

This Breitbart report will not be picked up by the pro immigration BBC as popular views must be ignored if they run counter to the BBC's narratives.

'More than half, 52 percent, say that public services are under strain as a result of immigration and the same number believe migrants are willing to work for less, putting jobs at risk and lowering wages.

The study was based on a survey of 3,667 adults carried out in June by ICM, as well as 60 citizens' panels carried out on behalf of the thinktank British Future and the extreme left wing "anti-fascist" group HOPE Not Hate.'

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Venezuela’s Socialist President Dines At World-Famous Steakhouse While His Citizens Starve per The Daily Caller

The Daily Caller reports that:

'Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro drew international criticism after a recording surfaced Monday of him eating steaks and smoking cigars at a world-famous steak restaurant in Turkey.

Maduro said he had a "good time" being served by celebrity chef Nusret Gokce, dubbed "Salt Bae," at the Nusr-Et steakhouse in Istanbul. His visit to the upscale restaurant comes as nearly two-thirds of Venezuelans have reported losing significant amounts of weight amid an ever-worsening food crisis.'

Not a word of on the Socialist loving BBC and certainly no comment by the Labour Party's leaders and lead functionaries such as Jeremy Corbyn, John Mcdonnell, Diane Abbott or Seamus Milne - how curious. 

Monday, 17 September 2018

Four things to know for the week ahead - BBC style

The BBC report on 'four things to know for the week ahead'. Thing one is this:

'1) Face to face in Pyongyang
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in

What's happening?

South Korea's President Moon Jae-in will meet his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang on Tuesday.

Why is it important?

This will be the first trip by a South Korean leader to the capital of the North (which whom it is technically still at war) in more than a decade.

It follows two meetings earlier this year in which the leaders agreed to work together to rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons.

The two Koreas' relationship has moved on since the new year after Mr Kim promised to suspend nuclear missile tests.

But there are still some touchy subjects. Namely, South Korea's decision to take part in US-led sanctions and the North's human rights record.'

The BBC make mention of why, and how, North Korea promised to suspend nuclear missile tests, but then any mention of President Donald Trump in any sort of positive light is verboten on the BBC.

Thing two is about the Emmys, why is that important, it's fluff. The reason is that it gives the BBC a chance to put another anti President Donald Trump line:

'2) The Emmy for best drama goes to...

What's happening?

The 70th annual Emmy Awards, which celebrate the best in American television, will take place in Los Angeles on Monday night.

Why is it important?

The glitz and glamour of a high-profile awards ceremony is admittedly a bit of fun, but the Emmys can often take a political turn.

Don't just take our word for it. Two-time Emmy nominee and one-time presidential election winner Donald Trump has said so himself.

A number of stars, including host Stephen Colbert and actor Donald Glover, gave Mr Trump a bashing during last year's ceremony.

Look out for the winners making any politically-charged remarks this time around ahead of November's mid-term elections. And look out for whatever the reaction to those remarks might be.'

Thing three relates to Brexit and is reported so blandly that it is clear that the BBC are supporting Theresa May's so weak it's almost homeopathic Brexit as the best way to keep the UK so close to the EU that we may as well go back in.

Thing four is about the upcoming first anniversary of hurricane Maria hitting Puerto Rico. This is a sad story of natural disaster but it's important as it gives the BBC another attack line on President Donald Trump. 

So that's four things to look out for, two of which are chances to have a pop at President Donald Trump, one ignores one of President Donald Trump's achievements and one which is vaguely supportive of soft Brexit. Consider the UK slightly more brainwashed... 

Delingpole: 'Civil War Is Coming to Europe' Warns German Politician

This is a must read article and contains much of the fears that I have had, and expressed, for some years now.

Here's an extract:

'It is a simple, observable truth that most of our governing class – at every level, from the supranational (UN; EU), the national, to the local (councils, senior police, etc) – have bought into the idea that mass immigration and the formation of parallel communities by unintegrated Muslims is an inevitability which cannot be challenged too hard.

It's not at all where the people are – hence the Brexit vote, hence Donald Trump, hence the wave of populist upstarts from Matteo Salvini in Italy to Viktor Orban in Hungary – but it's definitely where most of those in charge of us are.

And this is why there is going to be a civil war.

We know, of course, that it has long been one of the missions of Islamic State and similar Muslim terror organisations – indeed it's the goal of political Islam generally – to provoke a civil war in Europe in order to force moderate Muslims to take a side, and ultimately, to bring the whole of Europe into Islam.

What we probably mistakenly assumed is that the political establishment would be on our side in such a conflict.
You only have to look around to appreciate that this is not necessarily the case.

Look at the Maoist mode of thinking which prevails in Google and the rest of Silicon Valley – and of course in academe: anything that combats white privilege must perforce be desirable.'

Don't expect such thoughts to be allowed to be expressed on the BBC where pro Muslim immigration is a totem, white guilt approved of, and Maoist definitions of thought crime and acceptable punishments catching on if they usher in a new Socialist era. 

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Michael Foot flirted secretly with Russia. Jeremy Corbyn is blatant per The Sunday Times

In summary - Comrade Corbyn was the USSR's useful idiot. 

At more length:

'There is no evidence that Corbyn was paid by the Czechs or knew that his convivial Iron Curtain contact was a spy. What is indisputable is that the left of the Labour Party has retained a fatal attraction to authoritarian, anti-western regimes decades after Stalin's crimes were exposed. It is the yin to the far left's yang, the enduring proof that its brand of socialism cannot exist without attaching itself to the tainted and unacceptable "actually existing" models that render it unelectable to saner eyes.

... Long before the wall came down — and the Soviet Union with it — I stopped making even the slightest excuse for a hideous regime. Corbyn has remained a "useful idiot" to this day.

Whether touring East Germany by motorbike with Diane Abbott in the 1970s or lauding the old tyrant Fidel Castro on his death, the Labour leader has fallen for one autocratic regime after another. To be anti-western, especially anti-American, is enough to win his hero-worship.

One of his chief advisers, Andrew Murray, is an apologist for Stalin who left the Communist Party for Labour only when Corbyn was elected. Is this why the House of Commons authorities have yet to issue Murray with security clearance? Corbyn's private secretary, Iram Awan, a pro-Palestinian activist, is in similar limbo. It emerged last week that they are being escorted to their jobs in the leader's office on a visitor's pass.

Corbyn's genuflections to IRA and Palestinian terrorists, his comradely greetings to Hamas and Hezbollah "brothers" and his appearances on Iran's Press TV and RT (Russia Today) suggest that the Kremlin has no need to stuff his pockets with cash: he is a willing accomplice.

We saw this clearly when Corbyn demanded "incontrovertible" proof that the Skripals were poisoned by Russian agents in the spring, even suggesting that samples of the nerve agent novichok be sent to Moscow for testing. His chief strategist, Seumas Milne, another Soviet sympathiser, threw up some chaff about the would-be killers belonging to a McMafia hit squad.

Now that the poisoners have gone on television at Vladimir Putin's invitation and peddled a slew of falsehoods, the Labour leader has gone quiet, as well he might. But the ghost of Agent Boot has been exhumed. While Foot kept his flirtation with Moscow secret, with Corbyn it's in plain sight. More fools us, if we choose to ignore it.'

You can read more here in The Sunday Times but don't expect on the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC. 

One Convicted Terrorist Released onto Britain's Streets Every Week

Here's some news that you won't find reported on the BBC, where protecting 'community relations' is more important than saving the lives of British citizens. 

'A convicted terrorist is released from prison onto the streets of Britain every week, government figures show, as next month sees the release of convicted hate preacher and Islamic State recruiter Anjem Choudary.

Between March 2017 and March 2018, 46 convicts imprisoned for terror offences were released from jail, with at least 22 of Choudary's supporters being released since the September 11th, 2001, terror attacks, with another five up for parole in the next year, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

Choudary, imprisoned in August 2016 after being convicted of encouraging Muslims to support Islamic State in a series of YouTube videos, was the leader of the terror group al-Muhajiroun, now proscribed in the United Kingdom.

The convicted hate preacher is said to be linked to 15 terror plots dating back 20 years, and is believed to be linked to hundreds of jihadists who travelled to Syria to fight with Islamist groups.

Acolytes of and those with connections to Choudary and his banned terror group have committed terror attacks in the UK, including the ringleader of the June 2017 London Bridge vehicular attack Khuram Butt. Butt was also reported to have attended a protest in support of the murderers of Fusilier Lee Rigby, organised by Choudary.'

More here at Breitbart 

Send Those Who Question Transgenderism to Gulags, Says Student LGBT Group

'The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Plus Society at London's Goldsmiths University suggested people who question transgenderism are sent to such camps, for up to ten years, for "re-education".

"The ideas of [Trans exclusive radical feminists] and anti-Trans bigots literally *kill* and must be eradicated through re-education," the student group wrote on Twitter before deleting their account.

When Claire Graham, a special education needs teacher, asked if their attempts to silence a list of academics who questioned transgenderism was "a bit fascist", the account replied: "Na, we'll just arrange to send you to the Gulag."'

Do read the whole article at Breitbart and fear that a Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott government would be supported by and linked to to such people. The UK really is at threat from such people. 

For the odious people who support the gulags, I suggest reading One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich. Although they'd probably side with the communists anyway, these people are seriously dangerous to the life and liberty of every British citizen, apart from the party apparatchiks of course. 

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Diane Abbott sparks outcry after likening Tory migration policies

I see that Diane 'holidayed in Communist East Germany at the height of the Cold War' Abbott has been at it again, making outrageous claims based on little but emotion and the need to appeal to her lefty constituency within the Labour Party.

'Diane Abbott sparked anger by linking the Government's immigration policies to those of murderous African dictator Idi Amin.

The Shadow Home Secretary claimed Tory ministers were failing to treat migrants as humans – and drew comparison with the racist Ugandan tyrant who expelled all Asians from his country.

The Labour MP also suggested the Conservative stance could lead to children being detained in 'cages' like on the US-Mexican border.'

'Idi Amin, who died in exile in Saudi Arabia in August 2003 aged 78, 'ethnically cleansed' up to 500,000 people in mass executions and tribal purges in eight bloody years in the 1970s.

In 1972, after stirring up hatred against the wealthy Indians who controlled Uganda's economy, he gave them all a mere 90 days to leave the country.

Around 80,000 left in the mass expulsion... '

Maybe in 40+ years time we will read something along these lines:

'Jeremy Corbyn, who died in exile in Iran in August 2030 aged 81, 'ethnically cleansed' up to 300,000 Jews in the expulsions and purges of eight bloody years in the 2020s.

In 2020, after stirring up hatred against the wealthy Jews who he believed controlled the UK's economy, he gave them all a mere 90 days to leave the country.

Around 100,000 left in the mass expulsion; the remainder living as dhimis having first had their property confiscated by the state and forced to wear yellow stars to ensure that everyone in the Republic of Great Britain knew who was Jewish.'

The above is no less likely to happen than the ravings of Diane Abbott, indeed some might argue more likely. 

Friday, 14 September 2018

Man drives car into crowd in France before being arrested

'A man has been arrested after driving his car into a crowd of people outside a bar in southern France while shouting Allahu Akbar, witnesses and local officials said.

The 32-year-old suspect, believed to be a local, sped towards a crowd of about 50 outside the bar at around 1am Friday local time, witnesses said.'

More here but not on the BBC of course. 

Brexit: Carney warns no-deal could see house prices plunge per BBC News

The BBC have been headlining the possible 35% drop in house prices, per the Governor of the Bank of England. This report is still on the BBC business news front page. 

It has been reduced in apocalyptic tone since this morning but still opens thus:

'The Bank of England's governor has warned the cabinet that a chaotic no-deal Brexit could crash house prices and send another financial shock through the economy.

Mark Carney met senior ministers on Thursday to discuss the risks of a disorderly exit from the EU.

His worst-case scenario was that house prices could fall as much as 35% over three years, a source told the BBC.

The warning echoes some of the Bank's previous comments.'

Read on and you find the truth about the story but that's not as in line with the Brexit will be disastrous narrative as the headlines:

' Analysis:
Kamal Ahmed, economics editor

It appears that the Governor wasn't providing the Cabinet with a forecast of what the Bank believes would happen in the event of a no deal Brexit. He was briefing the Cabinet on what preparations the Bank was making if that does happen, including last November's stress test.

It was not a forecast.

It was an apocalyptic test where the Bank deliberately sets the parameters beyond what might reasonably be expected to occur. The major banks all passed the test, giving reassurance that the financial system can cope with whatever happens next year.

The Governor believes that a "no deal" scenario would be bad for the economy. But not as bad as the headlines today which are based on a doomsday scenario that is not actually forecast to happen.'

I wonder if the damage has been done and whether that's what Mark Carney and Phil Hammond wanted? 

Union leader suggests Israel 'created' anti-Semitism row - BBC News

The BBC report, I'm shocked

'A trade union leader has been recorded suggesting that Israel "created" the anti-Semitism row in the Labour Party.

In a recording published by the Independent, PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka suggested the country had created the story to hide what he called its own "atrocities".

Labour Against Anti-Semitism said Mr Serwotka had brought the entire TUC into disrepute and he should resign.

The PCS said he had made the point that anti-Semitism must be opposed.'

One fascinating line in that BBC report is this:

'Mr Serwotka rejoined the Labour Party in 2016 after 25 years. On Wednesday it was announced that had been elected TUC president for the coming year.' 

Coyly the BBC don't say what Mr Serwotka's politics were previous to rejoining the Labour Party. 

Wikipedia provides this:

'Serwotka was a member of Socialist Organiser in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He caused controversy during a speech at the 1985 Annual Conference of the Civil and Public Services Association when he described part-time workers, many of whom were trade union members, as "Scab Labour". He was later a supporter of the Socialist Alliance and then Respect.[13]

In February 2013, Serwotka was among those who gave their support to the People's Assembly in a letter published by The Guardian newspaper.[14] Serwotka attempted to vote in the 2015 Labour Leadership Election, but was among those who had their vote rejected by the party.[15]

In March 2016, Serwotka rejoined the Labour Party after being expelled from it over 25 years earlier.[16] He wrote in The Huffington Post: "Jeremy [Corbyn] is the first Labour leader in a generation who unequivocally supports the unions and his opposition to the trade union bill has been crucial." He added "I have joined to support Jeremy in transforming the party. And I want as many people as possible to join Labour, and to get involved in the fight against cuts where they live. This is our chance to build a social movement and form a government that can offer hope to the millions of people that deserve so much better than these contemptible Tories."[17]'

So he was expelled, something that the BBC omit from their report. It seems that Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party has moved far enough to the left for the likes of Serwotka to rejoin. 

Labour antisemitism row was created by Israel to distract from 'atrocities', trade union boss suggests

From The Independent comes this:

'The leader of one of Britain's main trade unions has suggested that Israel created the antisemitism row that has engulfed Labour over the summer.

Mark Serwotka, who leads the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) and is a staunch supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, told a fringe event at the Trades Union Congress conference that the Jewish state could have "created a story that does not exist" in order to distract attention from "atrocities" he said it has committed.'

They walk amongst us. Don't expect any reporting of this on the VOTE LABOUR BBC. 

Thursday, 13 September 2018

More than 85 per cent of British Jews think Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic

This report in the JC should be headline news on the BBC, but they won't mention it at all.

'More than 85 per cent of British Jews think Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic, according to polling carried out for the JC. A similar percentage believe there are significant levels of antisemitism at all levels of the Labour Party.

The survey, undertaken by polling company Survation between August 12 and September 4, shows that 85.9 per cent of British Jews regard the Labour leader as antisemitic, while just 8.3 per cent believe he is not.

In a recent Survation poll among the general public, 39 per cent said Mr Corbyn was antisemitic.

Among British Jews, only 1.7 per cent believe Prime Minister Theresa May to be antisemitic, with 89.9 per cent saying she is not. Just 6.1 per cent say that Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable is antisemitic.'

Scary, frightening and totally off no interest for the antisemitic, by at least one of the IHRA examples, BBC. 

Report: Warsaw Ghetto Vandal Quits Labour Momentum Speaking Event

The Labour Party haven't had the cojones to disinvite the Warsaw Ghetto Vandal, they had to rely on her pulling out. 

'Anti-Israel activist Ewa Jasiewicz, who once desecrated the Warsaw ghetto and called for the death of Israeli politicians, has withdrawn from a panel event run by Momentum at a Labour Party conference in Liverpool.

Jewish News reports Jasiewicz will no longer appear at the hard-left forum after it was revealed she was also praised by Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn as his "very good friend."'

The BBC won't need to report the pullout as they didn't report that she was to appear in the first place! 

Union of Jewish Students President Hannah Rose quits Labour over antisemitism

Another day, another Labour Party antisemitism story. This time from Huffington Post via the JC

'The president of the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) has announced her resignation from Labour, condemning "the party's complete inability and lack of political will to tackle antisemitism."

Writing for HuffPost, Hannah Rose said: "My position as the President of the Union of Jewish Students means I cannot, in good faith, continue as a member of a political party which has deliberately and recklessly allowed antisemitism to emerge, and even more concerningly, flourish.'

Obviously not a word about this on the hideously biased BBC. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Another Top Corbyn Aide Working Without Security Clearance per Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes has another piece on Jeremy Corbyn's aides security clearance issues

'Another top Corbyn adviser, Andrew Murray, has reportedly been working in the Labour Leader's Commons office for eight months without the required security clearance. His application has been pending for over a year..

Andrew Murray was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain until he joined Labour two years ago.

A quick glance at the parliamentary pass application form might explain why so many of Corbyn's team have been having trouble. Question 30 asks if applicants have ever been associated with people or groups who have "intended to overthrow or undermine Parliamentary democracy by political, industrial, or violent means?" '

I wonder if any of Jeremy Corbyn's team could honestly not fall foul of Question 30?

Ellie Cannon and her husband will flee the UK if Corbyn becomes PM, as will many other Jews

This Mail article may not be as upsetting to Jeremy Corbyn and his cabal as The Mail might think.

''So we just spent Jewish new year as we always do - friends, family, eating, honey cake, synagogue... And it's all been the same as normal as it has been for the last 40 years that I can remember until last night.

'Last night the conversation moved on from schools, and TV, and work to the subject on every Jew's mind at the moment: Corbyn. 

'And we sat for hours planning with our friends where and how we would leave if he became Prime Minister. We swapped potential passport options.

'We argued on the merits of other 'safer' countries. We discussed when, why, how and where we would make a new start. 

'Do people realise this is happening in the UK in 2018? Two British born, Oxbridge educated professional adults discussing the merits and logistics of fleeing.

'We were all born and raised here. We are mostly third or more generation British. 

'I cheered in my university bar when my Labour vote won in 1997. I have never considered myself anything other than British ( for me being Jewish comes second to that).

'But last night we planned where we're going next. Jews who escaped Europe in the 1930s talked about the suitcases always being ready. 

'It's 2018. The suitcase, once again, is packed.'

My money is that there are many Jews who had similar conversations over Rosh Hashanah. However I also believe that there are many in Jeremy Corbyn's circle that would welcome Jews leaving the UK. 

Maybe they'd rather we stayed and then could be made to pay a fee to stay here, maybe it would be called 'a Zionist fine'. 

The Labour left seem to have made their pact with Islamistm and it seems that now Jews are not as important as the numbers of Jewish voters is tiny compared with the number of Muslim voters. 

Countdown star Rachel Riley reveals online abuse over Jeremy Corbyn criticism per Jewish News (Part 2)

Now there's an interesting line in the report that I posted about earlier today -

'Countdown star Rachel Riley said she has been called a "Tory, brainwashed and thick" for criticising Jeremy Corbyn over the ongoing anti-Semitism row.'

So Jeremy Corbyn supporters are calling Rachel Riley "thick". 

That's Rachel Riley who achieved four As at A-Level before studying mathematics at Oriel College, Oxford, where she was awarded an upper second-class honours degree.

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn managed to achieve two E-grade A-Levels, the lowest possible passing grade, before leaving school at 18.

But it's Rachel Riley that's "thick" not Jeremy Corbyn? Maybe the Jeremy Corbyn supporters are being ironic, not that Rachel Riley or I would understand that being as we're Jewish. 

Are Eurosceptic Tories really ready to move against May? Per BBC News

A line in this BBC report caught my eye:

'However senior voices in the European Research Group - yes them - are adamant that it is not the time to try to oust the PM. It would be "stupid", one told me last night.'

What was the purpose of that "yes them" value judgement? BBC bias front and centre as always. 

Rachel Riley suffers abuse after speaking out about antisemitism within Labour

'Rachel Riley has received a barrage of abuse for discussing antisemitism online and responding by saying: "Sometimes I think it's important to speak up even so. If moderates don't, all that's left are the others."

The Countdown presenter, who has called herself a "non-religious Jew", said on Tuesday "spot the difference between Labour leaders" and compared side-by-side a message from London Mayor Sadiq Khan, wishing the Jewish community happy new year, and a headline showing that Jeremy Corbyn praised as his "very good friend" - someone who wrote pro-Palestine graffiti on the walls of the Warsaw ghetto and called for Israeli MPs to be assassinated.

Ms Riley subsequently tweeted a number of articles on antisemitism in the Labour party, which detailed examples from some of Mr Corbyn's most vocal supporters.

In response to an avalanche of tweets, she said: "Much as I appreciate being called Tory, brainwashed and thick, I don't have any party loyalties, I form my opinions based on available evidence.

"Religion wise, I choose Man United. Life wise I choose the options without intolerance, hatred and fear. #AntiSemitism"

She added: "My genuine worries are that antisemitism is spreading and being actively promoted among some in the hard-left due to JC's [Jeremy Corbyn's] words/actions/inactions. I hope I'm wrong but many replies I've had tonight suggest perhaps not."'

More at The JC but obviously not on the, antisemitic by at least one of the IHRA examples, BBC.