Tuesday 31 July 2018

Jeremy Corbyn criticised by John McDonnell as Labour’s antisemitism crisis deepens per The Times

The Times reports something fascinating:

'Jeremy Corbyn's closest political ally is leading a shadow cabinet rebellion over the Labour leader's handling of the antisemitism scandal engulfing the party.

John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, has met Mr Corbyn to criticise his approach. In particular he is said to have demanded an end to disciplinary proceedings against Dame Margaret Hodge, MP, brought after she allegedly swore at Mr Corbyn and called him an antisemite.

A senior shadow cabinet source said that Mr McDonnell's intervention was backed by many other shadow ministers. "We are not comfortable at all with the way Jeremy has handled this and don't know why we have got ourselves in this mess," the source said. "Strong words have been said to him by people who are close to Jeremy."…'

Is the hard left wondering if it's time to sacrifice Jeremy Corbyn for the greater good of the Marxist revolution? Before anyone rejoices at the thought of the vile Jeremy Corbyn losing the leadership of the Labour Party, his likely replacement would be John 'kneecaping' Mcdonnell. 

Monday 30 July 2018

Bombshell tape shows Jeremy Corbyn ally blamed 'Jewish Trump fanatics' for inventing Labour antisemitism

'One of Jeremy Corbyn's closest allies on Labour's ruling body blamed Jewish "Trump fanatics" for false claims of antisemitism in the party, a recording obtained by the JC confirms.

Explosive audio of Peter Willsman's angry rant - at the meeting attended by Mr Corbyn where Labour's ruling body approved a controversial new code of conduct on antisemitism – also shows he angrily demanded 68 rabbis, who warned Jew-hate had become "severe and widespread" within the party, provide evidence.

He says on the recording: "We should ask the 70 rabbis 'where is your evidence of severe and widespread antisemitism in this Party?'"

Mr Willsman then demands those at the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting raise their hands if they have "seen" antisemitism in Labour and then suggested he was "amazed" that some said they had.

But Jewish Labour MP Luciana Berger called for the party to suspend Mr Willsman and conduct a "formal investigation", after she heard the JC's audio of his rant.

Ms Berger, parliamentary chair of the Jewish Labour Movement, said: "Anyone listening to this recording will be appalled to hear the venom and fury directed by Mr Willsman at the British Jewish community.

"That he accuses the Jewish community of falsifying social media and being "Trump fanatics" in order to deny the serious concerns of 68 rabbis beggars belief.

"Mr Willsman only has to take a look at his NEC papers or the many recent press reports to see evidence of antisemitism in the Labour Party.

"In the past week alone two Labour councillors have been suspended and the Party have confirmed that 252 people are being investigated for the comments they've made online directed at Dame Margaret Hodge MP.


As he continues to speak, amid audible protests from some in the room, Mr Willsman adds: "Let me ask you, let me ask you a question, how many people in this room have seen antisemitism in the Labour Party?

"Put your hands up…  one, two – you've had antisemitism in the Labour Party? I'm amazed. I've certainly never seen it."

In the aftermath of the meeting, which took place July 17, Mr Willsman was the subject of two formal complaints for his remarks  - one from the Jewish Labour Movement and another from a representative of the Leeds community.

But at the end of last week General Secretary Jennie Formby wrote to Mr Willsman to inform him that he would not be the subject of any investigation after he wrote her an apology over his comments.'

Would anyone seriously expect any better from a Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn? 

' Labour activists are being instructed to vote for all nine members of the so-called Momentum slate – which includes Jon Lansman, and fellow CFLD supporters Claudia Webbe and Darren Williams, both of whom have also defended former Mayor of London Mr Livingstone.'

And what finer example of the Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party than that slate? 

More here at the JC but obviously not on the BBC who are still featuring Jeremy Hunt's misspeak because for the BBC anything bad said by a Conservative is appaling whereas Labour politicians must be hidden from scrutiny. The BBC is more and more just the propaganda arm of the BBC. 

As an extra thought, before any Jews think that this focus on antisemitism in the Labour Party is a good thing, realise that if the Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party lose the next General Election then elements of the Labour Party will blame the Jews and this could turn nasty as Jews get blamed for Jeremy Corbyn not winning the election. By way of contrast, if the Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party wins the next General Election then elements of the Labour Party will take the opportunity to show the Jews who's in charge now and that won't be at all pleasant. Either way, it's seriously time for Jews to leave the UK, the future does not look bright. 

'National Disgrace' – UK Rejects Syrian Christians, Refugee Intake 100% Muslim

As seen on Breitbart the BBC definitely not interested in this sort of reporting. 

'The British government has admitted that no Christians were taken among the Syrian refugees flown into Britain recently, with the Home Office rejected the handful of non-Muslims selected for resettlement by the United Nations.
Despite the persecution of Christians at the hands of Islamic extremists in Syria having been declared genocide by the U.S., the European Union (EU) and even British MPs themselves in a 2016 parliamentary vote, the 1,112 Syrians that Britain resettled in the first three months of 2018 consisted only of Muslims.

The Barnabas Fund, an aid agency which supports Christians persecuted for their faith, obtained the figures via Freedom of Information requests after "a protracted tussle with the Home Office", The Sunday Times reports.

According to the data, 1,226 (90 percent) of the 1,358 individuals recommended by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for resettlement in the United Kingdom during the first three months of this year were Sunni Muslims, who comprise around 65 per cent of Syrians.

While Christians are estimated to make up just over 10 per cent of the country's population, only four — none of whom were approved by the Home Office for resettlement — were among refugees recommended by the UN, along with one atheist and 127 (9.5 per cent) people from Shi'ite and other non-Sunni strands of Islam.'

The Islamisation of the UK continues apace, why? 

Sunday 29 July 2018

Barack Obama promises Russia 'After my election I have more flexibility'

"But, but, but Trump's colluding with the Russians" 

Oddly the crybabies who call out President Trump for allegedly colluding with the Russians seem to forget when Barack Obama made that promise... 

Labour Party finally take speedy action over antisemitism allegations

'"You should be aware that any future behaviour of a similar nature to the allegation above could result in further disciplinary action, including the possibility of administrative suspension while the matter is investigated."' 

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Labour Party really took such speedy action against people accused of antisemitism? 

However the above letter was sent to Ian Austin, Labour MP and adopted child of Jewish refugees by the increasingly National Socialist style Labour Party. 

'Austin told the Observer: "Wouldn't it be great if they dealt with the people responsible for racism as quickly as they dealt with the people who are understandably upset about it? I am angry about antisemitism and I am angry that the Labour party can't deal with it adequately."'

More here in The Guardian but obviously not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC. 

Online trolls may be barred from being MP or councillor per BBC News

Two nuggets in this BBC report run counter to the BBC usual narrative that women receive the majority of abusive tweets and that it's nasty alt-right types that are making the majority of the abuse. 

'A joint analysis of tweets in the run-up to the election in 2017, by the University of Sheffield and BuzzFeed News. found that male Conservative candidates received the highest percentage of abuse on Twitter.

Amnesty International had carried out a separate analysis of the accounts of 177 female MPs in the six months leading up to the election and found that Labour's Diane Abbott received almost half (45.1%) of all abusive tweets that were sent to female MPs. '

Don't expect this to stick in the BBC collective memory, the narrative will survive. 

Saturday 28 July 2018

88% of Trump media coverage is negative: MRC study

What percentage of the 'impartial by charter' BBC coverage of Trump is negative? I'd say around 97% and that 3% might just be accidental. 

‘They Spit When I Walked in the Street’: The ‘New Anti-Semitism’ in France - The New York Times

The reality for increasing numbers of Jews in Paris, Marseilles, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, parts of Sweden etc etc etc. And coming to London, Manchester and beyond soon. 

'"They spit when I walked in the street," she said, describing reactions when she wore a Star of David.

France has a painful history of anti-Semitism, with its worst hours coming in the 1930s and during the German occupation in World War II. But in recent months, an impassioned debate has erupted over how to address what commentators are calling the "new anti-Semitism," as Jewish groups and academic researchers trace a wave of anti-Semitic acts to France's growing Muslim population.

Nearly 40 percent of violent acts classified as racially or religiously motivated were committed against Jews in 2017, though Jews make up less than 1 percent of France's population. Anti-Semitic acts increased by 20 percent from 2016, a rise the Interior Ministry called "preoccupying."'

Sad, very sad and just not reported by the BBC who obsess over anyone saying anything nasty about a Muslim but less interested in real attacks on Jews. 

The next paragraph chilled my heart:

' In 2011, the French government stopped categorizing those deemed responsible for anti-Semitic acts, making it more difficult to trace the origins. But before then, Muslims had been the largest group identified as perpetrators, according to research by a leading academic. Often the spikes in violence coincided with flare-ups in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, according to researchers.'

Yes, for the French government, if Muslims are to blame then rather than tackle the problem, just hide the causes. Do you have any doubts that the British government would do anything different? 

More here but obviously not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC, for whom Jews are expendable. 

Paris the city of love?

Paris today, London tomorrow? 

Jacob Rees-Mogg questions Olly 'very oily' Robbins

Jacob Rees-Mogg expertly and silkily questions Olly 'oily' Robbins but the true target is clearly Theresa 'Quisling' May. The BBC would normally love such an attack on a Conservative MP but their love for the EU outweighs everything at present. 

"So much for those "expert" predictions - Trump's economy hits 4.1%... "

So much for the Economist Intelligence Unit and so forth. 

Have you noticed much attention from the BBC on the excellent US economy figures? Of course not: the BBC were behind Obama, right behind Hillary Clinton and in total opposition to President Donald Trump, why would they report impartially now? 

Fake news a democratic crisis, MPs warn per BBC News

The BBC report and somehow keep a straight face here:

'The UK faces a "democratic crisis" due to the spread of "pernicious views" and the manipulation of personal data, a parliamentary committee is set to warn.

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee has been investigating disinformation and fake news following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

In its first report it will suggest social media companies should face tighter regulation.


The report warns that the "relentless targeting of hyper-partisan views, which play to the fears and prejudices of people, in order to influence their voting plans" is a threat to democracy.'

Any recognition by the BBC of the BBC's hyper-partisan bias against Brexit, President Trump and Israel? 

Friday 27 July 2018

Antisemitic incidents remain near record highs, Community Security Trust figures show - Not reported by the BBC

The JC reports that

'Antisemitic incidents are still hovering near record highs, with more than 100 incidents of antisemitism recorded for each of the first six months of this year, the latest figures from the Community Security Trust show.

The statistics, published on Thursday, revealed a decrease of eight per cent in incidents of Jew-hate in the UK compared to the same period in 2017, but at 727 incidents, the January to June 2018 figure is still the second highest figure ever recorded for the period, second only to last year, when 786 incidents were recorded.

May saw 160 antisemitic incidents, the fourth highest monthly total ever recorded. Of the 727 incidents, 59 were categorised as assault, 53 as threats, 43 involving damage or desecration and 544 examples of abusive behaviour.'

No reporting of this by the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC. The BBC seems to be becoming the 21st Century's Der Sturmer, a unofficial propaganda outlet for a political party that is increasingly antisemitic. 

European Union–South Korea Free Trade Agreement per Wikipedia

'... import duties are near eliminated on all produce and there is deep liberalisation in trade in services. It includes provisions for intellectual property (including geographical indications), public procurement, competition, transparency of regulation and sustainable development. There are also specific commitments against non-tariff obstacles on sectors such as automobiles, pharmaceuticals and electronics. '

So the EU can conduct a decent fair trade agreement with South Korea, why not with the UK? PUNISHMENT obviously... 

Description taken from Wikipedia

News not fit for the BBC

A comment on Biased BBC struck me hard, the BBC won't report such news, inconvenient facts are to be ignored by the BBC.

'Emmanuel Goldstein on July 26, 2018 at 6:59 pm

Saw this great post on Breitbart by Cargill55.
I'm sure he would be happy to share it.

No deal is best.
It was always clear there are huge economic benefits from a quick Brexit.
Big business, the economics profession, the state bureaucracy, the political elite , the globalists, the lobbying and polling industries, the media and the Bank of England were self serving liars and propagandists dancing to the political tune that benefitted them.

– We stop paying a net £70billion membership fee over the next five years to Brussels.… .
Every single penny of that £70billion has to be borrowed, added to our state debt of £1.7 trillion and from the first minute adding interest to that debt, a double whammy.

– We can say no to millions of low wage , low skill EU immigrants who are depressing wages of low paid British workers and creating chaos in state services such as the NHS and education .

As many of four million Brits cannot get a job or the work they would like because they are forced to compete with a "virtually unlimited pool" of migrant workers from the European Union (EU), a report has said….

We now know there are 700,000 EU immigrant children educated in the UK at a cost of £4 billion a year.….

630000 EU nationals were given new NI numbers in the year to December, 209000 to Bulgarians and Romanians.

These 630,000 will bring 200,000 dependents meaning the true EU immigration figure is 830,000… They will also add to the birth rate whilst here.

MigrationWatch says Brexit would cut net immigration by 100,000 a year ,… .

NI data suggests the cut would be substantially higher than that and would relieve pressure on hospitals, schools, infrastructure, jobs, wages and state finances.

We now know that 75% of EU immigrants who come here to work and live would have been refused entry by the non EU immigrant point system because they are low paid workers with a median wage of £8 an hour….

We know that up to 45% of EU immigrants take in work or out of work benefits… and low paid EU immigrants now take £3 billion in work benefits a year, 10% of the total paid in the UK, proving they are low paid, high benefit workers

Recent research suggests open borders immigration, most from the EU ,has increased house prices by 20%, making it almost impossible for young British people to buy a property.

We also know that 75% of all new jobs are taken by EU immigrants

Meanwhile it's going to get worse through immigration to the EU from third world countries. Europe is set to absorb massive waves of migration "for the decades to come", the EU Commission has declared…..

– We get out of the protectionist and bureaucratic common agricultural policy, allowing us to recoup the £50 billion opportunity cost of CAP membership that we will incur over the next five years, for example by sourcing cheaper food from the rest of the world through free trade treaties instead of applying high EU tariffs.

– We get back our UK fishing grounds, 70% handed over to the EU, gaining us £15 billion over the next five years.

– We set our own trade treaties and exit the protectionist and bureaucratic single market which costs business tens of billions of pounds a year and which have saddled us with a £89 billion annual trade deficit with the EU,… , despite proof that EU setting our trade treaties and the single market are bad for British business.… .

– We will continue to have major foreign direct investment into the UK. The $830 billion Norwegian sovereign fund says it might invest more after Brexit… HSBC will stay , Honda, Hitachi, Toyota, Nissan, Vauxhall will all stay here, Avon has just announced it is setting up its global HQ in the UK so it's not worried about Brexit.

– Neither are 73% of Chief Financial Officers who say Brexit will not affect their UK investment decisions

– As for the City, there's growing consensus there that it will prosper outside the EU! Away from EU power grabs.… . Deutsche Boerse is so relaxed about potential Brexit it wants to merge with the London Stock Exchange.

– We can set our own energy policy instead of following the costly carbon emissions laws set by the EU

The EU is collapsing economically because of a dysfunctional currency, protectionism and bureaucracy, it's got deflation and minimal economic growth, why attach ourselves to,that economic carcass?

So Brexit will benefit Britain economically, business costs will fall, global business will still invest here, food prices will fall, we will get the controlled immigration we need, state spending will fall, we set our trade treaties and we are freed from single market bureaucracy'

Gary Lineker gives Brexit the red card per BBC News

The BBC report and publicise Gary Lineker's anti Brexit comments here 

'Gary Lineker courts controversy over Brexit

Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker has sparked controversy by calling for a fresh referendum on any Brexit deal.

So how did the former England player go from being a football star to a social media heavyweight?'

So the overpaid BBC football presenter gets a publicity boost from his employers and the remoaners get more publicity. Perhaps someone could count up the number of people in receipt of the money extorted by the BBC who openly oppose Brexit compared to them in favour of Brexit. Somehow I doubt that the two numbers will be equal or close. Apart from Andrew Neil are there any BBC presenters openly pro Brexit? 

The sort of misspeak that Have I Got News For You won't find funny

'Let me put this message out to anyone: we are a party that's anti-racist and anti-Semitist… sorry… we're against anti-Semitism.' John Mcdonnell on the BBC the other morning.

John Redwood not knowing the words of the Welsh National Anthem, hysterical to HIGNFY and repeated over and over again. 

John Mcdonnell'a misspeak or verbal slip won't receive similar attention. 

I suppose it's safe to make fun of John Redwood but not so of John 'kneecaping' Mcdonnell? 

Thursday 26 July 2018

The Home Secretary has ordered research into why men convicted of grooming-gang sex crimes are disproportionately of Pakistani origin

The Home Secretary, Sajid Javid himself of Pakistani heritage, has ordered research into why men convicted of grooming-gang sex crimes are disproportionately of Pakistani origin.

So I read on The Times front-page, oddly I can't find any mention of this news on the BBC.

Two predictions:
1. The BBC will go all in on attacking Sajid Javid's reputation, anyone authorising such research must be a racist 

2. Sajid Javid's chances of becoming the next Conservative Party leader have just increased 

Jewish newspapers unite against Labour 'threat' per BBC News (Part 2)

The end of this BBC report ends with a helpful guide as to the differences between the IHRA definitions and the Labour Party's code of conduct. Helpful to the Labour Party that is:

'What are the differences?
Labour's code of conduct was drawn up after the 2016 Chakrabarti inquiry. It followed allegations of anti-Semitism within party ranks.

The code does reproduce the IHRA's "working definition" of anti-Semitism and lists behaviours likely to be regarded as anti-Semitic - but critics point out that it leaves out four examples provided by the IHRA definition:

Accusing Jewish people of being more loyal to Israel than their home country

Claiming that Israel's existence as a state is a racist endeavour

Requiring higher standards of behaviour from Israel than other nations

Comparing contemporary Israeli policies to those of the Nazis

But Labour has insisted that while the examples are not reproduced word for word, they are covered elsewhere in the new code.'

As usual some questions arise:

'... critics point out that it leaves out four examples provided by the IHRA definition'

Critics point out? Are they correct? Why don't the BBC Fact Checkers say if the critics are correct? 

The four missing examples are interesting:

'Accusing Jewish people of being more loyal to Israel than their home country' 

Have any Labour Party members, including senior ones, made such accusations? I have seen several examples reported, but not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC. 

'Claiming that Israel's existence as a state is a racist endeavour' 

Have any Labour Party members, including senior ones, made such claims? I have seen several examples reported, but not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC. 

'Requiring higher standards of behaviour from Israel than other nations' 

This is something that is clearly the case so often from some Labour Party members, the media and elsewhere in civil society. Arab and other Muslim countries can commit all sorts of foul calumnies against segments of their population with barely a report let alone a negative comment but Israel is in the dock for any claimed infraction however minor. 

'Comparing contemporary Israeli policies to those of the Nazis'

Examples of this are easy to find, just look on Twitter, Facebook etc and you'll find this is far more common than you might think. The antisemitic left love making this comparison as for them:
Nazis are evil 
they just know that Israel is evil
they know that making this comparison upsets Jews and that's a good thing

Jewish newspapers unite against Labour 'threat' per BBC News

'The UK's three main Jewish newspapers have published the same front page, warning that a Jeremy Corbyn-led government would pose an "existential threat to Jewish life".

The Jewish Chronicle,Jewish News and Jewish Telegraph move comes amid anger over Labour's anti-Semitism code.

They say the party must sign up to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's definition of anti-Semitism.

Labour says its version "expands on and contextualises" the IHRA definition.

The party added the security and wellbeing of Jewish people was a priority and a Labour government would pose "no threat of any kind" to Jewish people.'

Has any Labour Party spokesperson, or preferable the Labour Party leader Jeremy' friend of Hamas and Hezbollah' explained how the Labour Party version is more expansive than the IHRA definition? 

Clearly the Labour Party do give a priority to the security and wellbeing of the Jewish people, a low priority. 

Wednesday 25 July 2018

EXCL Former treasurer in Jeremy Corbyn's local Labour branch quits party over anti-Semitism

'A former treasurer of Jeremy Corbyn's local Labour branch has quit over the latest anti-Semitism row to hit the party.


In a letter to the Labour leader posted on his Facebook page, Mr Smith-Becker said it was "a real wrench" to quit the party after 28 years as a member.


He said he had written to Mr Corbyn after attending a protest in Parliament Square organised by the Lewish Leadership Council and the Board of Deputies of British Jews against what they said was Labour's failure to tackle anti-Semitism by some of its members.

"When I encouraged you to listen to the JLC, BoD and other community groups I meant with a view to doing as they ask rather than the opposite," Mr Becker-Smith wrote. "When I encouraged you to take action on anti-Semitism I meant against it rather than to increase tolerance of it."

"You have said that you are not anti-Semitic and I believe you. Merely saying this is not enough though - if you are so often tolerant towards anti-Semitism then this has the same practical effect as if you were anti-Semitic and it is hardly surprising that people like Margaret Hodge might get the impression that you are."

Mr Beckett-Smith said he also had concerns about the party's approach to Brexit, the leadership's "sometimes unthinking support" for the governments of Venezuela and Russia, and attacks by Mr Corbyn's supporters on the mainstream media.

He added: "I am happy to support a party which is a force for good even if I have some differences, but I am no longer sure that the Labour party is a force for good.

"I therefore resign my leadership of the Labour party. The Labour party has become somewhere anti-Semites feel comfortable and where many Jews feel uncomfortable - I hope I can join again when it is the other way around."'

Powerful but, or maybe so, words that the Labour Party supporting and thus borderline antisemitic BBC won't report. 

Worcester 'acid attack': Five men are charged per BBC News - 'West Mercia Police said it would not be releasing the identities of the men who have been charged.'

'Five men have been charged with conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm following a suspected acid attack on a three-year-old boy.

Three men from London, aged 22, 25 and 26, and two from Wolverhampton, aged 39 and 41, are due in court later.

The boy suffered serious burns to his face and an arm at the Home Bargains store in Worcester on Saturday.

West Mercia Police said it would not be releasing the identities of the men who have been charged.'


More here but not much more. 

Tuesday 24 July 2018

President Putin Accuses Hillary Clinton Of Accepting $400 Million Dollar 'Illegal' Donation From Russia

Not something that I saw reported on the BBC. 

Moving antisemitism vote would leave Labour Jewish MPs facing prospect of Rosh Hashanah meeting

'Jeremy Corbyn's request to move a crucial vote on antisemitism to after the summer break would leave Jewish MPs facing the prospect of being asked to attend a rescheduled meeting on Rosh Hashanah.

The Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) will meet on Monday night for the last time before parliament's summer recess and Labour MPs are due to debate a motion that would force the party's national executive committee (NEC) to vote on incorporating the full internationally accepted definition of antisemitism into their own official rulebooks.

If passed, the vote would put Labour MPs at odds with the party leadership, who pushed for the NEC to adopt different guidelines - without a vote - that omit key examples of how criticising Israel can be antisemitic.

But on Sunday Mr Corbyn said he would prefer the PLP debate to be "delayed until September" so more people could attend.

"I also think MPs should get full notice of that issue," he said. "Obviously the parliamentary party is quite free to debate it but, as with all functions of the Labour party, ultimately, standing orders must be approved by the national executive committee and that cannot happen until the autumn."

But it has now emerged that the only PLP meeting scheduled to take place September would be on September 10. Rosh Hashanah begins on the previous night.

MPs return from their six-week summer break on September 4, which is a Tuesday, and with the Labour Party conference taking place later in the month in Liverpool, September 10 is the only Monday that month the PLP could meet.'

Could Jeremy Corbyn be that insensitive? 

Might Labour Party tacticians think this a clever move? 

CST demands Labour 'take action' over anti-Zionist activist's 'disgusting slur' of British Jews. Activist previously quoted Reinhard Heydrich

'An antisemitism watchdog has condemned a prominent anti-Zionist campaigner's "disgusting slur", after he said the "pro-Israel lobby" was exploiting the legacy of the Holocaust to try to silence criticism of the country.

In an interview with an American online news channel, Moshe Machover, a Hampstead and Kilburn Labour Party member also claimed the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs were "driving" an "immense public campaign" in the UK against Jeremy Corbyn's adoption of new guidelines on antisemitism, which has provoked outrage among the Jewish community.

Labour adopted the guidelines in place of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's definition of Jew hate, which sets out how criticism of Israel can be antisemitic.

A Community Security Trust spokesman told the JC Labour had to "take action" using their new antisemtism code over Mr Machover's "disgusting slur" to British Jews.

Mr Machover, a retired Israeli-born Professor, was expelled by Labour in October last year over an article he wrote entitled 'Anti-Zionism is not antisemitism' which quoted  Reinhard Heydrich, one of Hitler's most notorious lieutenants.

But his expulsion, for alleged membership of the Communist Party of Great Britain whose newspaper the Weekly Worker he wrote the offending article for, was overturned, and he has been allowed back into Labour.'

Someone who quotes one of Hitler's most notorious lieutenants seems perfectly suited to membership of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party. 

More here in the JC but obviously not on the BBC. 

Eddie Izzard: Actually funny for once

"his (Jeremy Corbyn's) heart is in the right place, he's a decent guy"

The funniest thing Eddie Izzard has said for years. 

Jewish man attacked in Paris by assailant shouting about Allah and Hitler but don't worry it's not the fault of Islamism

'A 69-year-old Jewish man wearing a kippah was assaulted in Paris by a young Arab man who shouted about Allah and Hitler.

In Tuesday's incident, the alleged assailant hit the Jewish man, pushed him to the ground and dragged him by his hair while shouting "Alla hu akbar, long live Hitler, death to the Jews," the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, or BNVCA, wrote in a statement Wednesday. The call in Arabic means "Allah is the greatest."

Police apprehended the suspected assailant, the report said. A police physician recommended transferring the suspect to a psychiatric institution for observation because he was in a "state of over-excitement," according to the information received by BNVCA.

It was the third time this year that French police sent a man who displayed violent behaviour toward Jews for psychiatric evaluation.

BNVCA said it "again deplores that a violent anti-Semite citing Islamism evades judicial treatment because he presents himself as having mental problems which should not and cannot explain or excuse his actions." Such treatment is "absurd," the group said.


"We do not understand the determination and procrastination that consistently seeks to turn this killer into a demented person, when he is a murderer whose presumed detention doesn't even hide his hateful anti-Semitism," Francis Kalifat, the president of the CRIF group of French Jewish communities, wrote about the ordering of the evaluations.'

More here but obviously not on the borderline antisemitic BBC who are so in cahoots with the allegedly "fucking antisemite" Jeremy Corbyn who leads the Labour Party. 

7-year-old chess champ can’t compete in Tunisia tourney because she’s Israeli

'Schoolgirl Liel Levitan from Haifa is unable to accept an invitation to play in the World Chess Championship because host nation Tunisia will not allow Israelis to compete, it was reported Thursday.' 

Any comments Jeremy 'Iran's Press TV' Corbyn? Would you implement such a policy were you to become Prime Minister? 

More here 

Jeremy Corbyn lies about Iran and when he stopped taking money from Iran's Press TV

Don't expect the Labour Party's propaganda arm to ask Jeremy Corbyn any searching questions about his lie. 

The more I see of Jeremy Corbyn the more sick he makes me feel. 

Monday 23 July 2018

Margaret Hodge stands by anti-Semitism attack on Corbyn per BBC News

One section of this BBC report on Margaret Hodge's calling Jeremy Corbyn an antisemite and racist caught my eye:

'Labour's code of conduct was drawn up after the 2016 Chakrabarti inquiry. It followed allegations of anti-Semitism within party ranks.

The code does reproduce the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's "working definition" of anti-Semitism and lists behaviours likely to be regarded as anti-Semitic - but critics point out that it leaves out four examples provided by the IHRA definition:

Accusing Jewish people of being more loyal to Israel than their home country

Claiming that Israel's existence as a state is a racist endeavour

Requiring higher standards of behaviour from Israel than other nations

Comparing contemporary Israeli policies to those of the Nazis

But Labour has insisted that while the examples are not reproduced word for word, they are covered elsewhere in the new code.'

Some questions that an impartial news organisation would ask a Labour spokesman might include:

Why did Labour include the other examples from the IHRA definitions but not these four? 

Are the Labour Party examples stricter than those in the IHRA definitions? If not then why are the Labour Party happy with weaker rules against antisemitism?

The future of the UK under a Jeremy Corbyn, John Mcdonell and Seamus Milne government?

I see that the rate of inflation in the socialist utopia of Venezuela is heading for 46,000% per annum. Maybe someone could ask the Venezuela fan boys for their reaction. 

How free speech for anyone not sanctioned by the Left gets shutdown - Lauren Southern receives $68,000 bill from Victoria Police Australia

Be under no illusions, this tactic is coming to the UK. Free speech for anyone not on the politically approved left is coming to an end. 

Toronto shooting: Deadly attack in Greektown district per BBC News

This BBC report is happy to identify the colour of the attacker 'White', I don't recall the BBC being as happy when the perpetrator is of a darker hue. Of course this might be down to the Canadian authorities being happy to be clear that white men are generally bad. 

Sunday 22 July 2018

How to deal with the Biased BBC

Jeremy Corbyn 'felt upset' by Jewish MP's attack on him

'Jeremy Corbyn has admitted he "felt upset" after a senior Labour MP branded him an "anti-Semite" and a "racist" in the House of Commons.' 

'Admitted'? Surely 'claimed'. 

Anyway, who cares if the allegedly "fucking antisemite and racist" is upset. 

Saturday 21 July 2018

I support the Palestinians – and I left Labour this week over anti-Semitism

'In the last three years the Labour party has become the largest organisation circulating anti-Semitism.

It has been enabled by Jeremy Corbyn who has not only refused to fight it but has become complicit with it.

As he is my MP I have written to him several times. In his last letter to me dated April 24 2018, he wrote, "the evidence of my sincerity in dealing with this problem will be in the elimination of anti-Semitism in our movement."

I now understand that what he actually meant was that anti-Semitism would be eliminated by a weaker definition.'

A very powerful piece by, now former, member of the Labour Party, John Strawson. Somehow I doubt that John Strawson will be asked to appear on the BBC to explain his decision. 

More here and absolute silence about the fair claim 'the Labour party has become the largest organisation circulating anti-Semitism'. 

"Is that all?": Ezra Levant at Lee Rigby's "memorial""

Powerful and very moving video, the sort of piece that the BBC would never show. 

Friday 20 July 2018

Why Conservatives are fighting each other per BBC News

The BBC report with glee:

'Why Conservatives are fighting each other

The government is heading towards the summer break, wracked by infighting among Tory MPs.

Eleanor Garnier explains why they can't stop fighting each other.'

Oddly the BBC aren't interested in why senior Labour politicians think that their party leader is a "fucking antisemite". 

Thursday 19 July 2018

Labour antisemitism code could breach Equality Act

'Labour has been warned that its antisemitism definition could breach the Equality Act, as the party battles to contain the fall-out with Jewish members over its new code of conduct.

The Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) will hand the party new legal advice, ahead of a crunch meeting on Tuesday, which advises that the party's decision to exclude some examples from an international antisemitism definition breaches the 2010 act.

The advice, seen by the Guardian, suggests that because Labour has ignored the so-called Macpherson principle – that a racist incident is one perceived to be racist by the victim – when it comes to antisemitism, Jews are being treated less favourably than other groups.

The legal advice has been prepared by law lecturer Tom Frost and confirmed by Doughty Street QC Jonathan Cooper.'

Fascinating piece 

Labour’s antisemitism code exposes a sickness in Jeremy Corbyn’s party per Dave Rich in The Guardian

This article by Dave Rich in The Guardian is a must read.

Here's an extract to give you a flavour:

'Thus in today's Labour party, it is possible to argue that Israel is a Nazi-like state that should be wiped from the map, and that any Jews who say otherwise are probably paid by Israel to do so, and not be hauled up for antisemitism. You may be told that your language is insensitive or impolite and asked to go on an education course, but your anti-racist reputation will remain intact.

All along, the Labour leadership has failed to explain why it feels it can't use the IHRA definition. In taking this position they have gone back on the previous decision of Labour's own equalities committee in 2016 to adopt the full IHRA definition with all its examples, and ignored the wishes of Labour MPs, who endorsed the IHRA definition at a meeting of the parliamentary Labour party on Monday, and the experience of the Labour-run local authorities around the country that use it.

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that the Labour leadership does not want to use the IHRA definition precisely because it addresses antisemitic attitudes that, for years, have circulated and become normalised in the parts of the left where Corbyn and his allies have spent their political lives. They would rather lead a party where it is not antisemitic to compare Israel to Nazi Germany, than lead a party where Margaret Hodge MP, whose grandmother and uncle were murdered in the Holocaust, feels she is welcome.

It has become a cliche to call antisemitism the canary in the coalmine, an indicator of deeper problems and divisions in society. It is not a particularly welcome metaphor: it places Jews in the role of the canary, whose sole purpose is to die so that other, more valuable, lives might be saved. But it does speak to a deeper truth, which is that the antisemitism that has become embedded in the Labour party is not only a problem for Jewish people, and it should not only be Jews who stand against it. This is a problem for everyone.'

It's a strange world where I find The Guardian more sympathetic to Jews than the BBC. 

Is it time for Jews to boycott paying the BBC's poll tax as a protest against the BBC's support for the Labour Party, a political party seemingly led by antisemites or at least people willing to turn a blind eye (or deaf) to antisemite members of the Labour Party?

Iain Dale Cuts Off “Disgusting” Caller Amid Anti-Semitism Row

A Labour Party supporter who won't be criticised by Jeremy Corbyn? 

Listen here at LBC

Wednesday 18 July 2018

I was right to confront Jeremy Corbyn over Labour’s antisemitism per Margaret Hodge in Opinion in The Guardian

One part of Margaret Hodge's article struck me:

'The arrogance displayed by the Labour leadership takes one's breath away. A definition of sexual harassment agreed without the explicit endorsement of women would be unconscionable. A definition of Islamophobia that was rejected by the Muslim community would never be entertained. Yet a definition that rolls over the sensibilities of Jews who are the victims of this racism is somehow OK. '

Will the BBC report this article from their favourite newspaper, The Guardian? Of course not, the BBC are shamelessly trying to minimise the possibility of damage being caused to the Labour Party. 

Labour takes action against MP Hodge

Finally the BBC report on the Margaret Hodge / Jeremy Corbyn fracas. The BBC unsurprisingly take the Labour Party line.

'Labour MP Margaret Hodge faces "action" by the party after reportedly swearing at Jeremy Corbyn and calling him an "anti-Semite".' 

Really, is that the wording? The reports in the Huffington Post and others say that Margaret Hodge called Jeremy Corbyn 'a fucking antisemite', why so shy BBC? Trying to protect the Labour Party leader? 

'The alleged confrontation came after Labour adopted new guidelines on anti-Semitism, which were criticised by some Jewish leaders and some MPs.


The code of conduct was rubber-stamped by the executive committee on Tuesday.

It says: "Anti-Semitism is racism. It is unacceptable in our party and in wider society."

But it does not fully repeat the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism.'

The IHRA code is good enough for local councils etc but the Labour leadership know better, or more likely can't bear to give up on their hatred of Israel that they can use to hide something darker. 

'Mr Corbyn's spokesman declined to reveal the precise nature of the action being taken against her but said it would be taken under Parliamentary Labour Party procedures requiring MPs to behave in a "respectful" way towards colleagues and not to "bring the party into disrepute".'

Respectful to colleagues? Are the Corbynistas always respectful to Blairites? 

'The Israel-Palestine conflict, she said, had been "allowed to infect the party's approach to growing anti-Semitism" saying she and other Jewish MPs had received growing amounts of anti-Semitic abuse.

In adopting its new code, the party "chose to make the party a hostile environment for Jews", she said, adding: "I stand by my action as well as my words."

The decision to take action against Dame Margaret has been criticised, with Karen Pollock, chief executive of the Holocaust Educations Trust, describing it as "extraordinary and just appalling".

Former Foreign Secretary David Miliband tweeted: "It is the Labour leadership which has brought the party into disrepute - not Margaret Hodge. How dare they preach about 'respect between colleagues' when this very code legitimises the most appalling disrespect."'

Hard to disagree with the non Corbynistas there. 

'Labour's code of conduct was drawn up after the 2016 Chakrabarti inquiry that followed allegations of anti-Semitism within party ranks.

The code does endorse the IHRA's working definition of anti-Semitism and lists behaviours likely to be regarded as anti-Semitic - but critics point out that it leaves out four examples from that definition:

accusing Jewish people of being more loyal to Israel than their home country
claiming that Israel's existence as a state is a racist endeavour

requiring higher standards of behaviour from Israel than other nations

comparing contemporary Israeli policies to those of the Nazis

Labour says these examples are addressed in the guidelines.'

Where and how are these examples addressed? Perhaps the would be Prime Minister might explain. 

' Mr Corbyn has said he is "committed to eliminating anti-Semitism wherever it exists".

"Prejudice and hatred of Jewish people has no place whatsoever in the Labour Party," he said earlier this year.' 

I call bullshit on that, well bullshit allied with some taqqiya. 

Labour to "Take Action" over Jeremy Corbyn antisemitism claims

Don't worry, the Labour Party aren't going to take action against the man who a senior Jewish MP called "a fucking antisemite". No, they're according to Guido Fawkes 

'Following last night's Commons bust-up between Margaret Hodge and Jeremy Corbyn, in which she called him "an anti-Semite and a racist" and said "You have proved you don't want people like me in the party", Labour have announced they will be taking action… against Hodge. They say her behaviour was "clearly unacceptable". Disciplining a Jewish MP for calling out anti-Semitism… great look.'

That's the British Labour Party for you: beyond belief, beyond morals beyond voting for.

Still not a word on the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC, about this affair. Trying to keep this quiet still? 

Is protecting Jeremy Corbyn more important to the BBC than recognising the Labour Party's antisemitism problem? 

Cliff Richard case

Further to my post this morning, I forgot about the legal costs. Guido Fawkes reminds us that the legal fees may reach as much as £5 million, who will pay that? I'm not willing to contribute a penny, so will the Director General pay? How about one of the overpaid heads of news? 

Bradford Council adopts full IHRA antisemitism definition per The Jewish Chronicle but note two things

This JC report begins thus:

'Bradford Council has voted overwhelmingly to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism in a move its Labour leader said was a sign the city was a place of "welcome".

At a packed full council meeting on Tuesday night, the motion to adopt the IHRA definition was passed, as 80 Conservative and Labour Councillors united to back its implementation - the same day the party outraged British Jews by refusing to adopt the same at a national level.

Ahead of the debate, council leader Susan Hinchcliffe and the Bradford Council For Mosques both issued an appeal for "calm" among local Muslims who were concerned that adopting the IHRA definition would close down criticism of Israel. '

Note that Bradford Council has now adopted a policy that the Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party can't bring itself to, but also that' council leader Susan Hinchcliffe and the Bradford Council For Mosques both issued an appeal for "calm" among local Muslims who were concerned that adopting the IHRA definition would close down criticism of Israel. ' Anyone surprised at that? Somehow I don't think that the borderline antisemitic BBC won't report that nugget. 

Labour NEC defies Chief Rabbi to adopt new anti-Semitism code

'Relations between Labour and Britain's Jewish community reached a new low today after the party's governing body approved a new code of conduct on anti-Semitism – ignoring the Chief Rabbi's warning doing so would send "a message of contempt".

The national executive committee ratified an earlier decision by a sub-group to adopt the code, which includes the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of anti-Semitism but not all of its accompanying examples of contemporary anti-Semitism . Sources indicated the NEC simultaneously called for consultation with community leaders over the full IHRA wording.

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis had described the vote as a "watershed moment" as more than 60 rabbis from across the religious spectrum joined forces in an unprecedented show of unity against Labour's code. The NEC vote also flies in the face of overwhelming opposition from the parliamentary Labour Party. Chris Williamson and Richard Burden were among just four MPs to oppose a motion brought by MPs Alex Sobel and Luciana Berger.

The government, CPS and more than 100 local authorities have previously adopted the full definition with all the examples – and Jewish community leaders insisted it was for Jews to define the hate targeting them.'

More here but obviously not on the institutionally anti Israel, and borderline antisemitic, BBC. 

Labour 'clearly' discriminating against Jews, says senior MP Chuka Umunna - The Jewish Chronicle

'Chuka Umunna said: "For what it is worth, my own view is that the Jewish community has clearly been subject to differential treatment by our party these last few years which is discriminatory. "' 

More here in the JC but obviously not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC, for whom discriminating against Jews doesn't recall what happened in Nazi Germany or Communist USSR. 

Labour and Antisemitism per The Times

'Labour has strong historical links with the Jewish community. Under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn it has appeared perplexingly determined to sever them. Yesterday Labour's ruling national executive committee (NEC) demonstrated, yet again, that the party disdains the views of British Jews and is heedless of the urgency of combating antisemitism. Labour has already paid an electoral price for its record on antisemitism. Those costs should be much heavier still.

The latest incident in this dismal litany is the NEC's formal adoption of a code of practice for dealing with antisemitism. The code is inadequate. Instead of adopting a standard definition of antisemitism formulated by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, and endorsed by governments around the world, the NEC has amended it in unacceptable ways. Hence, excluded from Labour's definition of antisemitism are such actions as accusing Jews of having a "dual loyalty" to Israel and their home country, and describing Israel as being a racist state.

Let there be no doubt: these are unconscionable and antisemitic accusations. As party leader in the 1970s Harold Wilson sacked an MP (Andrew Faulds) from the front bench for uttering the "dual loyalty" canard — a claim that, because it purports to look into human psychology, is incapable of being disproven. The notion that the Jewish state, purely by being Jewish, is a racist endeavour is a preposterous inversion of the truth. For all its flaws and errors, Israel is a pluralist society and a thriving democracy that gives Jews a sanctuary from prejudice and persecution.

How can Labour, whose leaders have included such staunch sympathisers with Jewish values as Wilson, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, end up in such a state? It is a shame and a disgrace, and it should not only be left to Jewish voters to say so.'

Reproduced in full from The Times here  I'll keep an eye out for the BBC reporting this letter... 

MP John Woodcock quits Labour Party per the BBC who still hide the comments made by Margaret Hodge

This BBC report about John Woodcock's quitting the Labour Party includes some sections about antisemitism, which I will reproduce below, but please note the way the BBC introduce the story, following the lead-in sentence:

'John Woodcock has quit as a Labour MP and will now sit as an independent in the House of Commons.

The Barrow and Furness MP, a long-time critic of Jeremy Corbyn, was suspended in April over claims he sent inappropriate messages to a former female member of staff.

He has denied the claim, which is being investigated by the party.'

Anyone who dares to question, or in any way damage the reputation of Jeremy Corbyn will be liable for character destruction. 

' In his resignation letter, he said the party had been "taken over by the hard left" and "tolerated" anti-Semitism.


"Anti-Semitism is being tolerated and Labour has been taken over at nearly every level by the hard left, far beyond the dominance they achieved at the 1980s militancy."

His resignation comes a day after Labour's ruling National Executive approved a new code of conduct on anti-Semitism, which has been criticised by Jewish leaders and some of its own MPs.

The document, drawn up after protests by Jewish groups against Labour's handling of the issue, states anti-Semitism is racism but does not fully repeat the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's definition.

Labour said the code, drawn up following the 2016 Chakrabarti inquiry into anti-Semitism, addressed concerns about alleged anti-Semitic remarks by activists and better reflected the views of Jewish community groups.'

Odd that the BBC can't find space to report the claims that Margaret Hodge called Jeremy Corbyn "a fucking anti-semite". Do the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC, really think that this line is sufficient? 

'His resignation comes a day after Labour's ruling National Executive approved a new code of conduct on anti-Semitism, which has been criticised by Jewish leaders and some of its own MPs.' 

Criticised? Yes that just about covers being called "a fucking anti-semite". 

The BBC's pro hard-left Labour Party bias, whilst ignoring the antisemitic attitudes expoused by so many of that ilk, is clear, obvious and odious. Surely the time is ripe for Jewish organisations to start calling the BBC out for the way its biased reporting is enabling antisemitism. 

BBC - Search results for Margaret Hodge will bear no fruit if you're looking for any report of the claim that Jeremy Corbyn was called “a fucking anti-semite” by the senior Jewish Labour MP Margaret Hodge

The BBC are still not reporting the words of veteran Jewish Labour MP Margaret Hodge who called Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn "a fucking anti-semite". 

Not a word about this on the BBC

Imagine that a Muslim Conservative MP had called Theresa May "a fucking Islamophobe", how large and long would the BBC headlines be? 

But as it's a Jew not a Muslim making the claim (at the BBC Jews are pretty suspect unless they died in the holocaust) and about the Labour leader not the Conservative leader, the BBC are not in the slightest bit interested in reporting this story. 

Sir Cliff Richard wins case against BBC per BBC News

'Sir Cliff Richard has won his privacy case against the BBC over its coverage of a police raid on his home.

High Court judge Mr Justice Mann has awarded him £210,000 damages.

The singer claimed the BBC's reporting of the 2014 raid, which was part of an investigation into historical child sex allegations, was a "serious invasion" of privacy.'

Remind me, who will pay this fine? Will it be the Director General? Will it be one of the ridiculously overpaid heads of news? Or will it come out of the money extorted from the BBC TV Licence payer? I think we know the answer to that. 

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Jeremy Corbyn Told By Veteran Jewish MP 'You're A F***ing Anti-Semite And A Racist'

'Jeremy Corbyn has been told he's "a fucking anti-semite" by a veteran Jewish MP after the party upheld controversial new guidelines on tackling anti-semitism.

Furious former minister Margaret Hodge confronted the Labour leader after the crunch Commons votes on Brexit, telling him he didn't want people like her in the party any more, HuffPost UK has been told.

Tempers flared behind the Speaker's chair, out of the range of TV cameras, as Hodge expressed her anger at the ruling National Executive Committee's (NEC) decision to endorse new rules on Jew-hatred and abuse.


And Hodge decided to take the matter directly to Corbyn, remonstrating with him in the Commons once the key Brexit votes were over.

"You're a fucking anti-Semite and a racist," Hodge told him. "You have proved you don't want people like me in the party".

Several witnesses in different parties witnessed the attack. One said that Corbyn replied: "I'm sorry you feel like that."

A party source confirmed to HuffPost that the account of the exchange was accurate.

"She was aggressive, Jeremy was calm. Other MPs who were there were upset by it," the source said.

It is likely that Hodge will now be referred to the party whips for possible misconduct.'

More here but obviously not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm the BBC for whom the news that a senior Labour Party politician has called the Labour leader 'a fucking anti-Semite and a racist'. Maybe the BBC don't consider that news, more likely the BBC will do anything to ensure that the Labour Party win the next General Election and if that means running interference for antisemites and that some Jews get upset or beaten up by antisemites then that's a small price to pay.

As I've said before, it's time for British Jews to get their possessions together and leave this country, we've no future here. 

Decent people should now abandon the Labour Party after its National Executive Committee refuses to adopt the International Definition of Antisemitism per Campaign Against Antisemitism

'The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Labour Party has responded to the Jewish community and MP's demands that it accept International Definition of Antisemitism by adopting its own rewritten definition of antisemitism, according to initial reports.

It is for the Jewish community to define antisemitism. We have been consistent and clear in demanding that the Labour Party follow the Government, police, other political parties and even its own MPs in adopting the International Definition of Antisemitism. Today the NEC crossed the Rubicon and defiantly adopted its own deeply inadequate definition.

We have long stated that the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is institutionally antisemitic and unsafe for Jews. We have watched as brave activists fought from within Labour to save their political home from the clutches of antisemitism. Yesterday, Labour MPs finally roused themselves to put up a fight, but after a valiant attempt, they have decisively lost today. The anti-racist Labour Party of old is now dead and gone. Its National Executive Committee, under Jeremy Corbyn, has now defied Labour MPs and redefined antisemitism to exonerate the racists in Party ranks. Now that the fight from within is lost, the time has come for decent people to abandon the Labour Party.'

As not reported by the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC, for whom antisemitism is but a minor inconvenience in the way of a Labour government. 

Article here

Pro Labour Party propaganda and borderline antisemitism here 

Uber Driver Refuses Service For Blacks

If this was a story about three black people being refused an Uber ride then imagine the media response, the BBC would be up in arms about racist Americans emboldened by President Donald Trump's election. 

However as it's about an Uber driver refusing to take three black Trump supporters the media just don't care.

Parliamentary Labour Party votes to adopt International Definition of Antisemitism in full, in defiance of Jeremy Corbyn’s allies’ attempts to rewrite it per Campaign Against Antisemitism

'Labour Party backbenchers have led a successful rebellion against Jeremy Corbyn's allies by adopting in full the International Definition of Antisemitism within the Parliamentary Labour Party, though the vote does not bind the Labour Party as a whole.

The Labour Party's National Executive Committee (NEC) had rewritten the definition in a long-planned attempt to avoid having to take action against certain forms of antisemitism disguised as discourse about Israel which are clearly identified as antisemitism in the International Definition of Antisemitism.

Following an exceptional open letter from 68 Rabbis across all Jewish denominations, backbench Labour MPs have now won a vote within the Parliamentary Labour Party to adopt the International Definition of Antisemitism in full, including all of its examples, which some Labour figures had attempted to argue were not actually part of the definition.

The NEC will meet tomorrow to decide whether to adopt its own rewritten definition, or the International Definition of Antisemitism backed around the world, and now even backed by Labour MPs.'

You can read more about this here but obviously not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm the BBC, where hating Israel has led to being borderline antisemitic. 

Monday 16 July 2018

Record number of EU citizens leave UK - yes that's the headline the BBC choose

The BBC's pro immigration outlook is front and centre in this report

'The number of EU citizens who emigrated from the UK last year is the highest on record, the Office for National Statistics has said.

A total of 139,000 left the country in 2017. The only other year when the EU emigration figures came close was in 2008, when the figure was 134,000.'

Yes emigration is the issue that people worry about. 

' Net long-term migration to the UK from the EU was 101,000 last year, the lowest estimate in five years.'

Just 101,000? Remind me what these levels were pre the last Labour government's decision to open the floodgates to immigrants in 1997. 

'Net migration - the difference between the number of people coming to live in the UK for at least 12 months and those emigrating - from countries outside the EU has risen to 227,000, the highest level since September 2011.'

Immigration from outside of the EU hits a seven year record but that's not the headline figure? 

Sunday 15 July 2018

The four lies and one truth told by the BDS's founder Omar Barghouti

Four lies that the likes of the institutionally anti Israel BBC willingly spread and one truth that the BBC prefer to keep secret from the people forced to pay for their spreading of propaganda. 

More about this matter here

The singling out of Israel from all other countries for criticism, the open hatred of Israel, why? Antisemitism? 

BDS Founder Confirms Movement Is About Ending the Jewish State - “Most definitely we oppose a Jewish state in any part of Palestine... Palestinians and Arabs in general have never, and will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state.”

'Supporters of the anti-Israel boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement claim that BDS is about a two-state solution — and bettering the lives of the Palestinian people. At least that's what leftist college students, progressive activist groups,and most media outlets want to believe.

But if you take the word of BDS founder Omar Barghouti, peaceful coexistence is the last thing that BDS is about.


Any BDS supporter interested in the facts need only take four minutes of their life to know what they've signed up for. If they can put down the protest signs equating Zionism with Apartheid long enough to watch a video produced by the BDS watchdog group Canary Mission, Barghouti himself will clarify that the movement to which they've pledged allegiance is based on lies.

The idea of coexistence or a two-state solution is thrown out the window when Barghouti claims, "Most definitely we oppose a Jewish state in any part of Palestine," adding that, "Palestinians and Arabs in general have never, and will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state."

To hear him describe Zionism as a myth and still believe that the goal of the BDS movement is peaceful coexistence with Israel is a case study in denial.'

More here but nothing negative about the BDS movement on the institutionally anti Israel BBC. 

Saturday 14 July 2018

Country specific United Nations resolutions are bad, unless they are aimed at Israel

It seems that country specific resolutions or even attention is bad at the United Nations, unless they are aimed at Israel. 



Friday 13 July 2018

Sadiq Khan dissembles with cover from BBC

This BBC report repeats Sadiq Khan's words re free speech and censorship:

'London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

He defended his decision to allow the Trump baby balloon to fly over Westminster.

"Can you imagine if we limited freedom of speech because someone might get hurt?"

The UK has a "rich history" of the right to protest, and as mayor he "should not be the arbiter of what is in good taste or bad taste".'

The BBC seem to have forgotten from 2016

'Adverts promoting negative body images will be banned across the Transport for London (TfL) network from next month.

As part of his mayoral election manifesto Sadiq Khan pledged to ban adverts promoting "unhealthy or unrealistic" body images.'

Free speech except when it offends Sadiq Khan's sensibilities? BBC supporting Labour figures at all times? 

Leeds school uses spoons to help prevent forced marriage per BBC News

Can you spot the word missing from this BBC report 

Not too tricky is it? The BBC's desperation to avoid mentioning certain words is palpable. 

Thursday 12 July 2018

Labour quietly reinstated six councillors who posted anti-Semitic messages

'Labour quietly reinstated at least six councillors who posted anti-Semitic messages online, analysis shows, as a party insider told The Telegraph the complaints process is being manipulated by political factions.

Evidence seen by The Telegraph shows senior party members were investigated over posts made on social media, including messages about blood libel, Zionism, linking Israel to Isis and the Holocaust and other anti-Semitic tropes. 

All six were reinstated quietly by the party, raising questions about whether Labour's process for rooting out racism is effective. It is unclear whether any disciplinary action was taken before they were cleared.'

More here in The Telegraph but obviously not a word on the borderline antisemitic BBC.