Tuesday, 31 May 2016

BBC not faithfully reporting

This BBC report very clumsily hides the truth of what was said.

The first sentence reports what the BBC want the warning to have been:
'The US has warned that the Euro 2016 football championship being held in France next month could be a target of militant attacks'
Damn those militants...
The next sentence is the actual quotation:
'"The large number of tourists visiting Europe in the summer months will present greater targets for terrorists," the State Department said.'
The US State Department says 'terrorists' but the BBC's world view means that they will be referred to as 'militants'. I suppose we should be grateful that they didn't say 'freedom fighters' but I suppose that's only for those terrorists who target only Israelis.

A major difference between the only Jewish majority country, Israel and many of the very many Muslim majority countries

Miley Cyrus - The Backyard Sessions - "Jolene"

Miley Cyrus can sing!

Monday, 30 May 2016

Coastguard rescues suspected migrants off Kent coast per BBC News

This BBC report begins:
'Eighteen Albanians, who are believed to be migrants, are among 20 people to have been rescued from a boat off the Kent coast in the English Channel.'
Surely the word illegal should appear between be and migrants. Else the word invaders should replace migrants.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

A good point re immigration

'Here's a point which both sides in the Brexit debate seem to have completely missed.This past year there has been a record level of uncontrollable migration which has topped 1/3 of a million people. 

Most of them are from Bulgaria, and Romania, do not have jobs and will be entitled to access our benefits, housing, NHS education, and other services.

No one ever seems to have the figures for how much this is costing the UK. If each person takes just £1000 which is extremely low then the total cost of £3.3 billion pa ! 

If, as is more likely they are taking £10K pa each then the total cost is £33 billion per anum !And that's just one years migration! 

If every years migration numbers were put together then this lot must be costing the UK well in excess of a trillion pa!

This is clearly unsustainable but add in the extra social housing which need to be built, and the cost is even higher !Someone urgently needs to address these figure in their calculations me thinks !'

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Labour Reinstate Race Row Corbynista per Guido Fawkes

'Jackie Walker is the senior Momentum organiser who was suspended from the Labour Party for writing that "Jews" were the "chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade" and asking "what debt do we owe the Jews?". She's just been let back in – a Labour spokesman says:"Following the outcome of an investigation, Jacqueline Walker is no longer suspended and remains a member of the party."'
The Labour Party has become even more vile today.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

What are the Occupied Palestinian Territories?

What are the Occupied Palestinian Territories?

Neighborhood Bully - Bob Dylan

Neighborhood Bully - Bob Dylan on Vimeo:

Listen to the lyrics, they're very pertinent to how Israel is unfairly viewed.

Some news re deaths in Gaza that you won't find on the institutionally anti Israel BBC

'Amnesty International said Thursday Palestinian rocket fire during the 2014 summer war in Gaza had killed more civilians in the Gaza Strip than in Israel.

Such deadly attacks on civilians on both sides constituted "a war crime," it said.

The damning report urged armed Palestinian groups to end attacks on civilians in Israel and to protect those in the Gaza Strip from the effects of such attacks.'

Monday, 23 May 2016

A fascinating article on the odd number of planes 'crashing' at sea.

The linked article ends:
'There is only one solution. Muslims cannot become pilots. Will the West get to that phase? No. As I said, only death-toll is the lesson number one that westerners will understand... '
If that offends you then please read the whole article for context, having done that are you still offended? Do you at least see why the article's author says that? 

Harriet Harman showing her ignorance

Sunday Politics London, 22/05/2016: via @bbciplayer
Watch from the hour mark and see Harriet Harman show her ignorance of how tariffs work, the EU exporters could put tariffs on their exports to us if we leave the EU? Then near the end admit that she doesn't recognise any of the seven leading EU figures, she's a senior British politician, even I recognise two of them...

Friday, 20 May 2016

Britain housing the world

'A BULGARIAN family of nine who targeted Britain's soft welfare system have been given a council house just three weeks after arriving here.'
More here weeks but not on the pro unlimited immigration BBC where every immigrant is a desperate but fully qualified doctor...

Is enough being spent on the NHS? Asks BBC News

The BBC manage to report the underfunding crisis in the NHS without mentioning a key demand factor, can you guess what? 

'... the increase is just a fraction of what the health service actually needs, given it is grappling with issues like the ageing population, obesity and the cost of new drugs. '
Yes, the BBC ignore immigration... 

You can read the BBC article here but not the whole story.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How absolutely lovely...

'A former McDonalds worker was trained by Al Qaeda to become a suicide bomber and attack Heathrow Airport , according to US court papers.

Minh Pham, who previously lived in South London's New Cross, was taught to wear a backpack containing a bomb and target passengers arriving from America and Israel in the west London airport.

The court documents also claim Pham was told to maximise the carnage by coating the bomb with metal bolts and cause as many casualties as possible.

The Muslim convert may face a life sentence on Monday (May 16), New York courts heard.'

What's so top secret at Golden Wonder

Welcome to 21st century London

Is it about Israel, Zionists or Jews? This campaigner told the truth, it's a shame more of his ilk aren't as honest.

Watch from 7:12 and wonder did any of these facts get through to the girl with the purple hair

Watch from 7:12 and wonder did any of these facts get through to the girl with the purple hair.
Probably not but I'd like to think that a seed of doubt has been placed in her head, and that one day she'll realise the truth.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

The fuss this morning from the Remain camp and their propagandists at the BBC is that Boris Johnson compared the EU to Hitler! Did he really? Any more than Tony Benn did in 2007

Tony Benn talking sense in 2007. I wonder what Jeremy Corbyn thought of this at the time.

The fuss this morning from the Remain camp and their propagandists at the BBC is that Boris Johnson compared the EU to Hitler! Did he really? Any more than Tony Benn did in 2007

Friday, 13 May 2016

What an odd idea of 'fun'

'The British supermarket where an international terror suspect was filmed brandishing an assault rifle has been revealed to be a store in a Birmingham suburb.

It came as Hakim Nasiri said last night that he had posed for fun and that the weapon was a fake.'
What an odd idea of 'fun'.
More here but not on the BBC where protecting suspected Islamist terrorists from scrutiny appears to be policy now.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

BREXIT The Movie

You need to watch BREXIT The Movie

Or you can see it here in several parts that will play one after the other...

This is important, you won't get the truth from the BBC, so watch this and spread the word.

Kaley Cuoco regrets wearing quite such a short dress... A Rule 5 Post

Kaley Cuoco regrets wearing quite such a short dress... the dress tugging and cushion placement is quite a clue!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Did I and everyone else just miss this in 2013? John Reid lays blame for Labour's uncontrolled immigration at Gordon Browns feet

"The Treasury insisted on having a free flow of labour because they thought it brought down the cost of labour." - Per John Reid
Think about that and remember it the next time some lefty fool tells you that immigration hasn't reduced wages.

Five questions for REMAIN campaigners including David Cameron

1. How can you possibly control EU immigration into this country?

2. The Living Wage is an excellent policy, but how will you stop it being a big pull factor for uncontrolled EU migration, given that it is far higher than minimum wages in other EU countries?

3. How will you prevent the European Court from interfering further in immigration, asylum, human rights, and all kinds of matters which have nothing to do with the so-called Single Market?

4. Why did you give up the UK veto on further moves towards a fiscal and political union?

5. How can you stop us from being dragged in, and from being made to pay?

But Morocco is different, Morocco is safe

Every so often one or other of my Jewish friends goes for a long weekend to Marrakesh. When I raise an eyebrow they say something along the lines of "Morocco is safe for Jews, it's different from Algeria, Tunisia etc."

In future I'll point them to this article
'Demonstrators in Casablanca, Morocco have marched calling for the murder of Jews. A video captured by MEMRI shows demonstrators dressed as orthodox Jews being paraded through the streets at gunpoint and children being called on to murder Jews.'

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

South African Member of Parliament on Israeli Apartheid

That evil blockade of Gaza

'... the Rafah crossing will be opened on Wednesday and Thursday for a few people with humanitarian needs to travel from Gaza...

It has been 85 days since the Rafah crossing last opened. In February, 3,561 people crossed in both directions, the only time it was open in 2016.'

That is incredible, this evil blockade of Gaza must be ended. No wonder the protests about the blockade are so loud.

There's one small problem with the above, the actual story is this:
'... the Rafah crossing will be opened on Wednesday and Thursday for a few people with humanitarian needs to travel from Gaza to Egypt.

It has been 85 days since the Rafah crossing last opened. In February, 3,561 people crossed in both directions, the only time it was open in 2016.

By contrast, there are some 7,000 crossings between Israel and Gaza every week.'

Not quite what you'll learn from the institutionally anti Israel BBC. 

Oh Britain

This Sky News report shows where this country is:
'A dramatic terror training exercise has been taking place in Manchester with a simulated attack carried out at the city's Trafford shopping centre.

The exercise began at midnight when a man playing the part of a suicide bomber entered the crowded centre before pretending to detonate a bomb.'
Words fail me

Germany knife attacker kills man in Grafing -per BBC News where 2 + 2 rarely equals 4

This BBC report contains this:
'Some witnesses said he shouted "Allahu akbar" ("God is great" in Arabic) but the motive for the attack is unclear.'
A total mystery

Monday, 9 May 2016

'It's Like a War Zone': TV Crew Forced to Flee Migrant Youths

This Breitbart article is well worth a read.
However there's one paragraph that set me thinking:
'In 2013 the area became famous worldwide when riots that lasted for nine days saw 150 cars an other vehicles set on fire, and a total of $9.5 million of damages. The riots began after a 69-year-old resident of the suburb wielded a large knife in public and was fatally shot by police. '
I consider I'm pretty well up on the news but I'd never heard of Rusby before, have you? Did the institutionally pro Islamic immigration BBC report the rioting?

Israel according to an Arab journalist

'At the end of my trip, I had spent five days between Jerusalem (al-Quds), Tel Aviv, and Haifa. I had visited official state, national, social, and educational institutions and heard from Jewish, Arab, Druze, and Bedouin segments of Israeli. After my experience there, I can now say that in my eyes, Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East, and is a country open and accepting of religious and ethnic minorities. I heard the call to prayer from mosques in various cities – a religious expression that is banned in Europe. I saw Christians with crosses on their chests who had no fear of exposing their identities, a marked contrast to some neighboring states. I saw Baha'i gardens and memorials the like of which exist nowhere else in the world.

Through these experiences, I saw a recently formed state that has become a democratic institution rivaling the oldest democracies in the world. Despite the youth of the new Israeli state, I saw, without exaggeration, a bright flame in a pitch-black region. I realized that without a doubt, the secret to Israeli's existence in spite of all the dangers and controversy that surround it is the democracy and freedom of Israeli society, a society composed of so many different yet coexisting segments and components.

Ramy Aziz is an Egyptian journalist based in Europe. This item was originally published on the Fikra website.'
More here but not on the institutionally anti Israel BBC.

Britain today

There's an article in today's Times newspaper (page 9) that tells of a pioneering technique in IVF.
It's an interesting story but also interesting is that the new father is an Italian chemist and the mother a Polish cleaner. I know this isn't an NHS innovation but...

Friday, 6 May 2016

Interesting priorities on show

This Telegraph article about Jeremy Corbyn deciding not to call for Turkey to join the EU is fascinating for this part:
'Figures within Labour are understood to have been furious at what has been described as a "malicious, naive and incendiary" decision by Mr Corbyn to endorse Turkish accession to the EU, fearing it would damage the campaign to remain in the European Union.'
No worries about the future of the UK or the truth being told, just damaging the REMAIN campaign.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Logic fail of the day

I'll repeat that:
'... "Uncle Tom" is as needlessly abusive as "self hating Jew" don't use this terms. Vote @SadiqKhan'

So Meirion Jones thinks that using the term "Uncle Tom" is "needlessly abusive" but that we should vote for the man who used that term... That seems logical, well for a Labour supporter I suppose it may be.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Welcome to 21st century Britain

This Telegraph article is really rather scary:
'Women should not be allowed to go on long journeys without a male chaperone a British Muslim group has advised followers.

Justine Greening, the International Development Secretary and equalities minister condemned the advice from Blackburn Muslim Association as "disgraceful" and said such views had "no place" in modern Britain.

Instructions from the association's "Department of Theology" insist that it is "not permissible" for a woman to go more than 48 miles – deemed to be the equivalent of three days walk - without her husband or a close male relative.

It also stipulates that men must grow beards and advises women to cover their faces.

The rulings are contained in a question and answer section of the group's site which offers offer "solutions and answers" to social, religious and financial matters from Sharia teaching, accompanied by the catchphrase: "Allah knows best."'

There's more in the article and more of this to come all over the UK as the country descends into dhimmitude.

What is anti-Semitism? A quiz for Ken Livingstone

Absolute genius and something that lays bare the hypocrisy of some members of the Labour Party

Last day of campaigning ahead of elections across UK per BBC News

There's a fascinating bit at the end of this BBC report

'Labour candidate Sadiq Khan urged Londoners to choose "hope over fear" and played down suggestions he would be affected by the party's recent troubles, saying: "You won't see Jeremy Corbyn's name or Ken Livingstone's name" on the ballot paper.

BBC Newsnight's political editor Nick Watt says Mr Khan plans to keep Mr Corbyn away from his victory celebrations should he prevail and the two men would not be seen together for several days.'

Several days, that'll show people that Sadiq Khan and the man he nominated for Labour Party leader are really far apart...

Note nothing about the 'uncle Toms' comment by Sadiq Khan. The BBC just have to keep that quiet for one more day...

Sadiq Khan MP on Muslim radicalisation in 2009 uses the 'racist' term 'uncle Toms'

Is that the proper language for a prospective London Mayor?

Guido Fawkes claims that  'On LBC at the weekend Khan said the phrase "Uncle Tom" is "racist"…'
Guido Fawkes and The Mail have this story, the BBC will not even mention it as they've a Labour Party Muslim to get into place as London Mayor tomorrow.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Godwin's Law of internet arguments - maybe Ken Livingstone should take note

How to get the result you want from an enquiry

The BBC seem terribly impressed that 'Jeremy Corbyn is to hold an independent inquiry into anti-Semitism and other forms of racism in the Labour Party.'

The BBC report that 'The inquiry's vice-chairman will be Professor David Feldman, director of the Pears Institute for the Study of Anti-Semitism.'

That sounds positive, he must know his stuff.

Unfortunately for Jeremy Corbyn and the BBC some people actually do know their stuff, the Jewish Chronicle for one:

'The man helping to lead Labour’s inquiry into antisemitism is a named supporter of a group which has dismissed allegations of Jew-hatred in the party as “baseless and disingenuous”.

Professor David Feldman, director of the Pears Institute for the Study of Anti-Semitism, was named by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as vice-chairman of the inquiry - led by Shami Chakrabarti, former head of campaign group Liberty - which will look into claims of antisemitism among the party members.

Prof Feldman is a signatory to Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), a group of Jewish academics who are critical of British Jewish communal institutions.

On Sunday, IJV released a statement which expressed concern “at the proliferation in recent weeks of sweeping allegations of pervasive antisemitism within the Labour Party.”

It added: “Some of these allegations against individuals are, in our view, baseless and disingenuous; in other cases, ill-chosen language has been employed.”

IJV continued: “We are equally concerned, however, by the way in which such accusations are deployed politically – whether by the press, the Conservative Party, opponents of Corbyn’s leadership within Labour, or by those seeking to counter criticism of the actions of the Israeli government. The current climate is quickly coming to resemble a witch-hunt, in which statements and associations, some going back years, are being put under the microscope.”

IJV went on to express “dismay” that “anti-Arab racism or Islamophobia” were not receiving the same attention.'

So would it be fair to say that the independent enquiry's vice chairman may have some preconceived ideas about Israel and antisemitism? I wonder if that's why he was picked?

I think that answers my question...

Do take a look through the Twitter conversation and see what you think.

My apologies but @truthradical RANDOMLY capitalises words, I think HE thinks it makes him LOOK clever and decisive...

It is odd how so many of these anti-Israel campaigners can't answer that simple question.

Labour has secretly suspended 50 members for anti-Semitic and racist comments

'Labour has secretly suspended 50 of its members over anti-Semitic and racist comments as officials struggle to cope with the crisis engulfing  the party. 

Senior sources reveal that Labour's compliance unit has been swamped by the influx of hard-left supporters following Jeremy Corbyn's election.

The  suspensions that have been made public so far are said to be just the tip of the iceberg.'

I would wait for the BBC to report this, but it's not going to happen as there are local elections on Thursday and the Labour Party needs the support of its friends at the BBC

Monday, 2 May 2016

Labour’s Bank Holiday Timeline per Guido Fawkes - What connects these three?

Labour councillor Ilyas Aziz
Labour councillor Salim Mulla 
Labour councillor Shah Hussain

More details here at Guido Fawkes and links, but obviously not on the pro Labour BBC.

Now if only I could work out what factors link these three... 
Labour Party members - yes
Labour Party councillors - yes
But I think there's another common factor that I just can't put my finger on... Something that might cause them to harbour antisemitic views...

Three Labour Party councillors suspended today, so far, but there's clearly no problem with antisemitism in the Labour Party

Guido Fawkes Guidi Fawkes has now reported on three Labour Party councillors being suspended today. 

If one UKIP councillor is suspended for making a racist remark against Muslims then the BBC will happily cast aspersions that UKIP is institutionally racist. 

Three Labour Party councillors suspended for making what most would see as antisemitic remarks and the BBC are desperately trying to hold the line that these are isolated incidents and that the Labour Party doesn't have a antisemitism problem.

There are local elections on Thursday the BBC will keep this matter as quiet as possible until after those elections, or longer.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

MarrShow: Diane Abbott car crash interview on antisemitism (01May16)

Watch the interview, listen to the excuses of Diane Abbott, ask yourself if you believe her. 

But then ask yourself where Andrew Marr gets the right to just accept that the State of Israel is responsible for the hatred against Jews. Iranians hang homosexuals, Islam must not be blamed. Saudi Arabian authorities let female students burn to death in a school, Islam must not be blamed. Bangladeshis and Pakistanis live as slaves across the Gulf, Islam must not be blamed. BUT Pallywood and the anti Semitic scum of the West exaggerate, lie and lie and lie again about Israel and that's why antisemitism exists?

PETER HITCHENS: Everyone Howls At Batty Ken - But They Wouldn't Dare Tackle Racist Muslims

'As for all those people who suddenly got so exercised about Judophobia, and wildly worked up about Ken Livingstone's batty views on Zionism (standard issue on the far Left for decades), I have some questions for them.

Are you prepared to put the same energy into challenging and denouncing Judophobia among the Palestinians you support abroad, and the British Muslims whose votes you seek here?

Because, if not, I might suspect that you are just using the issue to try to win back control of the Labour Party, which you lost last summer in a fair fight.' 

Good points from Peter Hitchens here  I don't expect the BBC to allow such views any airtime

Nick Cohen nails the antisemitism that has long existed in the Labour Party

'Show me a leftwing or Islamist antisemite and, once again, he will carry a suitcase full of prejudices, which have nothing to do with Jews, but somehow have everything to do with Jews.

The Labour party does not have a "problem with antisemitism" it can isolate and treat, like a patient asking a doctor for a course of antibiotics. The party and much of the wider liberal-left have a chronic condition.'

Don't expect Nick Cohen to be invited onto the BBC to discuss this article...

Don't believe David Cameron and the Remain campaign

The new regulations on mobile phone roaming wouldn't disappear after Brexit.

'Millions of mobile phone customers with an allowance package will benefit from reduced roaming charges in most of Europe from tomorrow, ahead of the blanket ban on such charges from June next year.

The roaming caps will apply when using your UK phone abroad in any European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) country – this comprises all 28 EU member states, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway (but not Switzerland). A full list of EU and EEA member states can be found at'