Wednesday, 25 December 2013

From when children weren't treated as passive imbeciles by broadcasters - Merry Christmas

An excerpt from "Pinky and the Brain" season 1, episode 48:

'KS: I am honoured by your visit. Let me show you our assembly line. First, sheets of sheer synthetic sheepskin are slit into several Kicky-Sack shoe shapes in shapely shoe sizes by six sitting sheet slitters. B: I only see five sitting sheet slitters. KS: The sixth sitting sheet slitter's sick. His son Sammy's subbing 'til the sick sixth sitting sheet slitter's back, sitting pretty. P: You're not the sheet slitter? S: No, I'm the sheet slitter's son. P: Well.... You keep on slitting sheets until the sheet slitter comes. Haheheheh! Whooohaaah. [View of a machine labelled "Sheet Slitter Shoe Shaper".] KS: The Shoe Shaper then shapes the slit synthetic sheepskin sheets, and shoots out shoes through the chute. KS: Now, this is Mr. Plunkett, the new khaki sock plucker. (I had to fire our previous sock plucker. He had a bit of an attitude.) B: So, you sacked the cocky khaki Kicky-Sack sock plucker? KS: The second cocky khaki Kicky-Sack sock plucker I sacked since the sixth sitting sheet slitter got sick. [Lights dim. Machine whirs and slows down.] KS: Whoops! Don't worry; just an electrical problem. One of the Kicky-Sack sack pickers will have to flick the plug. P: Not the khaki sock plucker? KS: Oh, _my_, no! The Kicky-Sack sack pickers flick the plug. The khaki sock plucker can't reach the socket over the latex child perambulator fenders we use to line the treadmill. B: It might make more sense to have the sixth sitting sheet slitter's son flick the plug, if the sack pickers and the sock pluckers are behind the rubber baby buggy bumpers.'

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