Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Last day of campaigning ahead of elections across UK per BBC News

There's a fascinating bit at the end of this BBC report

'Labour candidate Sadiq Khan urged Londoners to choose "hope over fear" and played down suggestions he would be affected by the party's recent troubles, saying: "You won't see Jeremy Corbyn's name or Ken Livingstone's name" on the ballot paper.

BBC Newsnight's political editor Nick Watt says Mr Khan plans to keep Mr Corbyn away from his victory celebrations should he prevail and the two men would not be seen together for several days.'

Several days, that'll show people that Sadiq Khan and the man he nominated for Labour Party leader are really far apart...

Note nothing about the 'uncle Toms' comment by Sadiq Khan. The BBC just have to keep that quiet for one more day...

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