Friday, 22 December 2017

'Labour Has A Massive Antisemitism Problem, It Isn't Going Away, And Only Action Will Tackle It'

This Huffington Post article makes rather sad reading for any Jew who votes Labour.

'... Clear guidelines such as the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism, adopted by the NEC in December 2016 as a bedrock for disciplinary procedures, remain hidden from sight, part of a problem that few in the Labour Party wish to admit to or own. Meanwhile, CLP committees across the country, ignorant of what the party standard is, bring the party into disrepute by selecting candidates like Luke Cresswell in Suffolk, Billy J Wells in Great Yarmouth and Nasreen Khan in Bradford, all highly questionable and in two cases forcing embarrassing candidacy withdrawals.

A public endorsement of the IHRA definition from Jeremy Corbyn would send a very forceful message that the Labour Party has a zero tolerance approach to antisemitism. It would also reassure Jewish members and voters about his own occasionally questionable position on this subject (he was recently heckled with 'you're a liar' and 'why do you hate us?' at a JLM event). So why doesn't he? Perhaps he feels it is too problematic for him to take a stand on this issue, and that he is too mired in the convictions of his 'Free Palestine' hinterland to ever be persuasive. Perhaps he feels the rule change at conference was enough and he wants to avoid further controversy. Perhaps he just does not want to. '

There's much more but you won't read much about this matter on the institutionally anti Israel and thus, at least borderline, anti-semitic BBC. Just as with the Labour Party, the BBC has allied itself with Islam as a means of bringing about social change in the UK and Jews are unfortunately collateral damage.

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