Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The institutionally anti-Israel BBC in action again

The BBC's coverage of the murder of Jews in a Jerusalem synagogue included an interview with the Israeli Minister Naftali Bennett, here's an extract:

My complaint to the BBC has been submitted:

The BBC interviewer refused to allow Israeli Minister Naftali Bennett to show a photograph of victims of the terrorist attack in Jerusalem in this interview.

Naftali Bennett lifted a photo of the scene of the terrorist attack, depicting a man in a tallis (Jewish religious shawl) lying face down on the floor of a synagogue.

“You know, this individual came this morning to pray,” Naftali Bennett said, pointing at the man in the picture.

The BBC presenter said rather indignantly that “We don’t want to actually see that picture, if you could take that down”

I don't recall the BBC being reticent to show pictures of Palestinian 'civilians' killed by Israeli attacks that were in retaliation for the firing of thousands of rockets at Israel. Why will the BBC happily show photos of Palestinan Muslims killed by Israeli Armed Forces but not Israeli Jews killed by Muslim terrorists?

The reason that the BBC will happily, indeed eagerly, show pictures of the Palestinian dead but not Israeli Jews is that they want to increase  sympathy for the Palestinians and dehumanise the Israeli Jews.

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