Tuesday, 2 February 2016

BBC News in turmoil

The BBC are in turmoil They have expended much effort in trying to destroy Donald Trump's campaign whilst minimising coverage of the other Republican candidates thus trying to ensure that whichever Republican won the Republican nomination could be portrayed as a political minnow when compared to the BBC's chosen candidate Hillary Clinton. 

Unfortunately,for the BBC, not only did Ted Cruz win the Republican nomination in Iowa but Hillary Clinton has at best managed just a tiny win over Bernie Sanders. The BBC have been to so much trouble minimising coverage of the various scandals that have surrounded Hillary Clinton that the British public just won't understand why the American Democrat voters could have turned against the BBC's choice. 

Maybe if the BBC just impartially reported the news rather than trying to push their various agendas and political choices, then maybe they wouldn't keep being embarrassed by people not voting the BBC way... 

updated and corrected 05-02-2016

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Anonymous said...

surely you mean Ted Cruz beat the Donald.