Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Where does the EU money go?

Can someone tell me where does £55 million of our money go every day. 

Yes we get £21 million back in rebates. Rebates that the EU mostly tell us how we must spend.
So £34 million net goes to the EU. Could someone give me a breakdown as to where this money goes in the EU and who is spending this money.

Any audited figures available?

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Anonymous said...

Only the EU could come up with those opaque categories in the pie chart!

Presumably our UK contribution goes into the general pot. The biggest category of expenditure is sustainability/natural resources - so I would be pretty sure that translates primarily into CAP expenditure...paying for all those olive trees and hill farms across Europe.

Personally my objection to the EU is not the expenditure it is (a) the complete lack of democratic accountability and as Cameron himself said the absence of a demos (b) the EU's inability to control its own borders (c) its wish to incorporate Turkey and (d) the EU's foreign policy meddling which has had disastrous consequences in Ukraine.