Wednesday, 3 October 2007

BBC Bias - they don't even hide it now

Why is Gordon Brown's enforcer,Blinky Ed Balls commenting on David Cameron's speech on the BBC? Did the BBC invite any of the Conservative Shadow Cabinet to comment on Gordon Brown's speech?

From Biased-BBC comments:
"Antony Calvert:
Ok here's a classic example of the subtle bias of the Brown Broadcasting Corporation.

After Gordon's conference ramble the Beeb published several comments in reaction to the dull oratory. As you would expect Labour MPs and trades union sycophants were all published. Not a single Conservative politician was quoted, despite many making public comments.

Fast forward to today's Tory conference climax and post Cameron speech reaction. Guess what? 2 Labour MP quotes, one from the laughably dull Ed Balls.

Antony Calvert | 03.10.07 - 5:39 pm | "

The position was even worse about the reaction to the Cameron speech than Anthony Calvert (two posts higher) makes out. After the Brown speech, no fewer than nine Labour toadies were lined up to sing his praises, with Greenpeace and CND mildly in dissent.

With David Cameron, there were just three Conservative pieces of favourable comment, followed by four against - one from Ed Balls, one from David Milliband, one from Greenpeace and one from a pollster whose biography reveals he has spent the past ten years working in and around Downing Street and is writing a book about Blair.

This was a rare example of 'like for like' and should have been entirely even-handed. That it wasn't speaks volumes.
DavidK | 03.10.07 - 5:52 pm | "

Now here are the links to the BBC reasction to the three main party leaders' speeches for Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Menzies Campbell.
As you can see, the reaction to Gordon Brown comprises 5 Labour MPs, 6 Union Leaders, a presentative each from Greenpace and CND but no opposition MPs and just 3 of those reactions were in any way less than completely positive about the speech. The reaction to David Cameron's speech comprises 3 Conservative MPs, 3 Labour MPs, representatives of Greenpeace, the Green Party, Greenpeace, the SNP, Mori, 2 Conservative bloggers and 1 Lib Dem blogger and 8 of the reactions were negative about the speech. The reaction to Menzies Cambell comprised of 6 entirely positive comments from Liberal Democrats. The BBC just do not care any more, the bias is blatant. Either it is directed by the Labour Government or the bias is institutionalised.

The 6 o'clock news continued the BBC policy of doing everything they can to undermine Cameron's speech. After billing it as the speech of his life and make or break for not just him but the whole conservative party, they gave about a 3 minute report - using the most damaging clips they could - carefully edited to take it out of context. Then they moved onto something about ballot boxes being ready on time and a vox pop about holding an election. No other comment at all - analysis - discussion. Both ITV and C4 were much much beter. C4 gave the kind of edited highlights that actually gave some sense of the whole speech - unlike the BBCs hatchet job. Compared with the incredible cosmetic makeover they gave to Brown's terrible effort, Cameron was treated with contempt. And this after a nearly total blackout of important speeches by IDS, Hague and David Davis yesterday. Our state broadcaster is now dutifully serving the government with suspicious compliance. If this is allowed to go on - the BBC will be right about one thing - the future of the opposition parties really will be at stake - they really could be on the verge of destroying our democracy.
Oscar | 03.10.07 - 7:24 pm |"

I am fed up with this BBC anti-Conservative/pro-Labour bias, surely there is something that we can do. How about a poster advertising campaign showing examples of the bias with links to a web site that could show the BBC clips. If the BBC won't be even handed, let us publicise their bias.

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Anonymous said...

There was mention of a BBC Bias advert being produced by 18 Doughty St, but I don't think it ever happened.

It does seem that the whole BBC bias issue is so out in the mainstream by today that I don't think there is any need to publicize it anymore.

The next stage is to do something about it.

My own choice would be to privatize the BBC.

That way they would need to actually mirror the views of their viewers (true impartiality is almost impossible in context) and stay in business, or carry on and die in the market!