Thursday, 23 June 2011

The BBC and the Jerusalem dog stoning (update)

7am and it seems that the page for the original story  has gone '404'. This is not what should have happened. I wonder how many people will see that this story is still the most read Middle East story of last weekend, look for it, get a '404' and wonder why, perhaps they will suspect a 'Jewish conspiracy'. The original story page should link to, at the very least, The Editors article but preferably a proper apology and explanation.

The BBC are trying to minimise this evidence of their willingness to promote anti-Israeli feeling and it sickens me.

If the BBC wanted to prove it was not institutionally biased against Israel it would release the Balen Report. The BBC refuses to release that report and has spent a lot of licence payers money fighting not to; I think we can therefore draw our own conclusions as to what the Balen Report concluded.

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