Wednesday 23 January 2019

Labour frontbenchers warn of opposition to second referendum per The Guardian

'More than a dozen Labour frontbenchers have been to see the chief whip, Nick Brown, to issue a warning about the scale of opposition to the idea of a second Brexit referendum.

The shadow housing minister, Melanie Onn, and the shadow justice minister, Gloria De Piero, both of whom represent constituencies that voted leave in 2016, were among a delegation who went to urge Brown not to whip Labour MPs to back a "people's vote". '

More at The Guardian but shh on the BBC who prefer to push as the Labour Party's propaganda arm as so often. 

Hold on I'm repeating this line again and again and again but there's no difference. Why writing this time again when the BBC take any difference of its blatant bias. Read Guido Fawkes and read I'll come back when I have had a conclusion as how to making a difference. 

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