Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Nairobi DusitD2 hotel attacked by suspected militants per BBC News

The BBC report starts thus:

'Suspected militants have attacked a luxury hotel complex in Nairobi, killing a number of people.

Gunfire and blasts were heard at the compound in the Westlands district of the Kenyan capital, which houses the DusitD2 hotel as well as offices.

The Somalia-based militant group al-Shabab said it was behind the attack but gave no details.'

Keep reading down and further and finally the BBC have to report:

'Who are al-Shabab?

They are a militant Islamist group that opposes the Somali government but has also carried out attacks throughout East Africa.'

If only if the BBC could omit all such inconvenient information from the BBC reports wouldn't it be better for the standard reader? 

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