Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Rachel Riley lists the anti-Semitic insults she's received form 'Labour' trolls per Mirror Online

'"In the name of Labour I've been called a hypocrite, lying propagandist, tits, teeth and ass clothes horse dolly bird, weaponiser of anti-Semitism, fascist, right-wing extremist, Nazi sympathiser, Twitter cancer, thick Tory, brainwashed, an anti-Semite, white supremacist, hate preacher, Zio political trollster, not a real Jew, a child bully, conspiracy theorist, a paedo-protector minion puppet who my dead grandfather would be disgusted by."

Rachel Riley called 'Tory, brainwashed and thick' for criticising Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism row
And she explained that the offensive names were tweeted by people whose profiles contained "the red Labour rose coupled with the Palestinian flag and the hashtag of Get the Tories out and Jeremy Corbyn for PM. Along with the standard claim to be against racism in all forms" as their "signature give aways".'

More at the Labour Party supporting newspaper but obviously not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm the BBC where the same vile organisation is guilty of antisemitism under at least one of the IHRA examples of antisemitism. 

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