Thursday, 1 July 2010

Debbie Harry is 65 today


'Picture This'

'One Way or Another' live

Removed so try this one

'Fade Away and Radiate'

'Call Me'

'Sunday Girl'

'The Tide is High'

Note a rare appearance in a pop music video of me at 3:20

And finally
Deborah Harry & Lily Allen duet on 'Heart Of Glass' Now just imagine the Debbie Harry of 1978 and Lily Allen of now duetting... I think I need a lie down!


Grant said...

" I want to be your number one ".

Debbie, you have always been my number one. Happy Birthday !

LeahC said...

Happy birthday to the sexiest, baddest and most beautiful woman in the world. I love you Debbie! xx

Grant said...

Dear Mr. Goat,

Just had time now to look at the clips. Great !

I was lucky to see Blondie in concert in the 1970s in London. Debbie was dynamite !

Not really part of the punk scene, but just writing and and singing great songs. Simple beauty.

Alas, Mrs. Grant has confiscated all my Blondie DVDs and CDs and holds them in Gambia. Pure jealousy !

If you get the chance , try the W. African equivalent of Debbie. Her name is "Viviane ".

Grant said...

PS. Mr. Goat,

If you have time, please go to Youtube and key in " Viviane Ndour Bamba Ji ".

A great introduction to Wolof music !

Not a sheep said...

I had a look and listen to Viviane and whilst I appreciate the voice, it was just not my type of music. Now back to The Paragons...

Grant said...

Mr. Goat,

It is a bit of an acquired taste ! But I thought you might like the dancing.

Most W. Africans have never heard of western groups. I asked my brother-in-law " Have you heard of the Rolling Stones ?". He said " what are they ? ".

So I may ask, what are the Paragons ?

Not a sheep said...

The Paraagons were a 1960s/70s Reggae band of the old-school. Lovely stuff, relaxed and calypso'ish. They recorded the original version of 'The Tide is High'. They were one of the reggae bands that I listened to pre-Marley.

Grant said...

Ah ! I have heard the original version some years ago.
If you like reggae you would enjoy Gambia !! There is no escape from it there !

Mr.Volcher said...

Deborah I want to thank you for taking away my Virginity back in the mid 90s it was a memorable experience I will never forget for as long as I shall live