Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Germany extremism: Intelligence agency employee arrested over Islamist comments per BBC News

That rather bland headline to the BBC report could mean that the employee made some anti Islamist comment but if that was the case then this story would be bigger news on the BBC. No, this is a story of Islamist penetration of a major intelligence agency.

Some questions arise from the BBC report, questions that the institutionally Pro Islam BBC won't ask.

'A BfV spokesman did not confirm a report in Die Welt newspaper that the man was suspected of planning a bomb attack on the BfV's Cologne office... '

Did the spokesman deny the report or just not confirm it?

' The man is reported to be of Spanish origin and a convert to Islam.'

No question missing here, just here we go again.

'The BfV said the suspect, who now has German citizenship, had previously "behaved inconspicuously".'

Which makes this all the more worrying surely. How many more Muslims are currently behaving inconspicuously but could start planning terrorist attacks in the future?

'BfV did not confirm which part of the intelligence agency the accused worked in, though German news magazine Der Spiegel said the man was recently hired to observe the Islamist situation in Germany.'

I wonder how many more experts on Islamists are in fact islamists themselves.

'It also reported that the man's family had no knowledge of his conversion, which the publication said took place in 2014.'

Two questions here, what conversion took place, is there an Islamist religion that requires conversion from being a Muslim?

'There are an estimated 40,000 Islamists in Germany, including 9,200 ultra-conservative Islamists known as Salafists, the head of the BfV told Reuters news agency earlier in November.'

How many were there of these islamists pre Angela Merkel's opening of the borders to 'refugees' from Islamic countries?

Do you agree that these are questions that an independent news reporting organisation would raise?

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