Tuesday, 15 November 2016

This mustn't be allowed to happen again

The BBC have a new crusade, word chosen deliberately, this time it's against 'fake news'.

The PM show included a long piece explaining how 'fake news' could have affected the result of the US Presidential Election.

The mainstream media have realised that they have lost their control of the agenda and thus the minds of the electorate. The incessant pro left of centre propagandising by the BBC and others has been effectively countered by the new Alt Right media and the mainstream media have decided to fight back. Their chosen ground is 'fake news' but a cursory look at sights such as mine, and isthebbcbiased would show you how factual the BBC really is.

The Conservative election victory, Brexit and now Donald Trump's victory have left the mainstream media bruised and angry, this sort of result cannot be allowed to happen again. The mainstream media have chosen the weapon that they have chosen to ensure that their views will prevail in the future. We must fight them tooth and nail.  Our democracy requires a plurality of views, the mainstream media does not provide that.


Gary C. Sawyer said...

Sad thing is, the BBC are too blind to see the irony of their doing this on the day they themselves were caught lying over the Brexit memo.

emale said...

Alas, there are still millions out there that regard the BBC as a reliable source of information.

Someone once said that "Truth is the first casualty of war."

The BBC has been waging war on our country and it's Judeo/Christian values for decades and will deploy any strategy, no matter how underhand to achieve its ends. Keep up the good work and thanks.