Thursday, 10 November 2016

Is the BBC biased? Post US Presidential Election

The almost always excellent Craig at isthebbcbiased has carried out some analysis of the BBC's post Donald Trump victory coverage. Here's an excerpt:

'That discussion followed a joint interview between Jennifer Lim of Republican Women for Hillary and Hillary supporting Democrat Lisa Osborne Ross of APCO Worldwide Public Affairs - i.e. two anti-Trump guests, one from each of the main parties. 

Later came an interview with Frank Luntz, the anti-Trump Republican pollster (who today said that he no longer feels part of Trump's Republican Party) and, later still, an interview with the anti-Trump Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian who pushed the 'racist/sexist' angle on Trump and made the link to the made backward-looking/racist' comments about the Brexit vote.

Finally, with two minutes left, Fiona Bruce introduced us to the "right-wing" Raheem Kassam of Breitbart. That was the programme's 'balance'. He got 36 seconds. (Jonathan Freedland's had previously got 79 seconds).This - sandwiched between The One Showand Watchdog - was the only news special (outside of the main bulletins) that most BBC One viewers would have seen. That it was so utterly skewed against the winner of the US presidential election ought not to do the BBC's reputation much good.'

You can read more here and experience anti Trump bias all over the BBC.

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