Thursday, 15 December 2016

Chinese activist Zheng Churan: 'Hey Trump, feminists are watching you" per BBC News

This nasty little BBC report is just another excuse for the BBC to stir up anti Trump sentiment. It begins thus:

'One of China's most prominent women's rights activists has written a letter warning US President-elect Donald Trump against "sexist behaviour".

Zheng Churan says "feminists around the world are watching" Mr Trump for signs of "straight man cancer".'

What the definition of straight man cancer is we are not informed. To my mind it's rather a sexist notion, that straight men are sick and need curing, although such cures probably won't work.

Of course to the BBC this is manna from heaven as it helps their incessant anti straight white man narrative.

There is another angle to this report that I will try to write a post on later this week.

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