Friday, 23 December 2016

Comparing BBC reporting on human shields in Gaza and Iraq - BBC Watch

This BBC Watch report should be a must read for anyone who doubts that the BBC is institutionally anti Israel. Do read it all but here's the conclusion:

'So as we see, within less than a month since the launch of the military operation against ISIS in the Mosul region, BBC audiences were alerted to the terror group's use of civilians as human shields on at least four occasions. The majority of those reports were based on information provided by outside sources and – in contrast to the 2014 reports from the Gaza Strip, where the corporation did have journalists on the ground in the relevant areas – the BBC apparently did not find it necessary in this case to find "evidence" of its own before reporting on the use of human shields by ISIS. '

The BBC is institutionally anti Israel as the Balen Report presumably showed which is why I assume the BBC have fought so hard to keep that report secret.

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