Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The BBC happy to broadcast vile insults about Donald Trump?

Watch The Real Marigold On Tour and hear what Miriam Margoyles says about Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. Your thoughts?

Changing the subject Miriam Margoyles says something along the lines of people think she's ugly but she knows she's beautiful on the inside. I have no feelings about her physical appearance but she seems truly vile on the inside.

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Anonymous said...

Margoles' behaviour was appalling. In the first encounter, I noted the polite and gentle reaction of the jewish lady to Margoles' scorn about her supporting Trump. What a contrast to Margoles' shockingly intemperate haranguing of the elderly gentleman. Whatever the circumstances, as a guest in the country club this was not acceptable behaviour, and extremely impolite. What a terrible 'ambassador' for Britain she was. Margoles is truly ugly inside.