Monday, 26 December 2016

Mohammed Shami, India cricketer, defends wife against Twitter trolls per BBC News who have to twist this into an Indian issue not a Muslim one

This BBC report on Mohammed Shami's wife's troubles follows the BBC's usual anti India and pro Islam narrative.

'Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami has criticised social media users who have been trolling his wife because of her choice of clothes.

The pacer posted a picture of his wife on Facebook and Twitter on Sunday, with the words "beautiful moments".

But some users told him to "follow Islam" and "ensure that she wears the hijab and modest clothes".


Some people commented that the cricketer should be "shameful" for "allowing his wife to wear revealing clothes"."Shame on you. As a Muslim, keep your wife in purdah


Meanwhile, the story has renewed discussions about women's right in India. BBC Hindi's Iqbal Ahmed has spoken to some women in Delhi to hear their views.'

So is the problem an Indian one? Or is it yet another manifestation of the intolerance of many adherents of the religion of Islam?

The BBC seem to hate India almost as much as they hate Israel.

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