Thursday, 2 November 2017

Business Live: Reaction to UK interest rate hike - BBC News show an interesting thought process

This BBC report on today's includes this:

'Not all economists think the UK economy is headed for a fall.

Neil Mackinnon of VTB Capital, who may well have supported Brexit, says: "As last week's GDP data showed, the economy is holding up quite well contrary to the predictions of the Project Fear doomsters.

"The BoE are likely to proceed cautiously from here though no doubt blaming "Brexit uncertainties" and the next interest rate increase may be some distance away.

"The BoE are unlikely to admit that they overdid it last summer when they threw 'the kitchen sink' at the economy in terms of monetary policy loosening having totally misjudged the impact of the Brexit vote on the economy".'

Remind me when the BBC have ever put the qualifier that someone 'may well have opposed Brexit' when quoting their views of doom and despair to come.

The BBC's anti Brexit agenda is so clear. I'd complain of bias to the BBC but why waste the time?

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