Monday, 6 November 2017

Paradise Papers: Tax haven secrets of the super-rich exposed per BBC News

The BBC report gleefully on the Paradise Papers and that John McDonnell will speak on the matter at 15:30. I wonder if he'll be in any way restrained in his reaction since Guido Fawkes has revealed that:

'John McDonnell is going on the attack over the Paradise Papers, insisting: "Where the Tories refuse to act, Labour will end the era of government turning a blind eye to the scandal of tax avoidance by clamping down on tax havens and ending the loopholes".

The main revelation from the leak so far is that the Queen's private estate has money invested offshore. Not entirely unlike John McDonnell's pension investments being managed in Guernsey… '

Somehow I doubt that the propaganda arm of the Labour Party, aka the BBC, will bring that inconvenient truth up when reporting on John McDonnell's words.

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