Friday, 3 November 2017

Labour suspends Luton North MP Kelvin Hopkins per BBC News

This BBC report on MP Kelvin Hopkins is full of Labour Party reassurances regarding procedure but light on timelines, fortunately Guido Fawkes provides one:

'December 2015: 24 year old Ava Etemadzadeh contacts the Labour whips office to make sexual harassment allegations against Kelvin Hopkins.

January 2016: Jeremy Corbyn's office receives a written complaint from a regional Labour representative detailing the allegations against Hopkins.

June 2016: Corbyn promotes Kelvin Hopkins to the Shadow Cabinet.

November 2017: Labour suspends Hopkins.'

An interesting question to ask Jeremy Corbyn would be why he promoted to the Shadow Cabinet in June a man who his office had received serious allegations about in January.

Of course the BBC won't ask that question as they are not an unbiased news reporting organisation but more akin to the propaganda arm of the Labour Party.

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