Monday, 27 November 2017

Why do Andrew Marr, Robert Peston and others seem to hold back when questioning John McDonnell?

It seems to me that political interviewers such as Andrew Marr and Robert Peston seem to hold back when questioning the Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell. When I say hold back, I mean even more so than when questioning other Labour Party leading figures.

Why might this be? Might it have anything to do with fear of John McDonnell's possible reaction to strong questioning? After all after a 100-strong meeting about the IRA at pub in New Cross in 1989, a newspaper report read: “Mr McDonnell went on to describe the Lewisham Labour councillors who had boycotted the meeting as ‘gutless wimps’ and joked that knee-capping might help to change their minds.”

You can read more about John McDonnell and his support for peace here, including his defence which is the old one that he has “no recollection of making these remarks”.

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