Thursday, 1 January 2015

HarperCollins omits Israel from school atlas

The Telegraph reports that Harper Collins omitted Israel from a map with this explanation...
'...  Collins Bartholomew, the subsidiary of HarperCollins that specialises in maps, said that including Israel would have been "unacceptable" to their customers in the Gulf and the amendment incorporated "local preferences".'
Well they are correct because to a vast number of Muslims in the Middle East, and beyond, Israel's presence is "unacceptable" and their preference would be for Israel not to exist and for no Jews to pollute 'Muslim land'.

HarperCollins's decision to willingly pander to Islamic anti Semitism stinks and I wonder if a Jewish and other right-minded people's boycott of HarperCollins publications is in order... Hit the company where it hurts, in their bank account.

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