Tuesday, 13 January 2015

'Not safe': French Jews mull Israel emigration per BBC News whose Kevin Connolly can't bring himself to say certain words

This BBC report on why so many French Jews are leaving France and moving to Israel, manages to avoid the words Islamist, Muslim, and antisemitism. Even the Islamist terrorists who attacked the Jewish supermarket in Paris are just described as gunmen.

The BBC's ability to ignore facts in order to support their chosen narrative on a story never ceases to shock me, although I am no longer surprised by it. Jews are fleeing France because they don't feel safe in a country where massive  Muslim immigration has turned the low level atmosphere of anti Semitism, that has long existed in France, into something far more dangerous.

Kevin Connolly manages to include this short passage in his report, a passage which is a masterclass in BBC reporting:
'It's only fair to point out that Mr Levy blames the media at least in part for the current atmosphere and argues that it has tended to demonise Israel in recent years in the wake of events ranging from the first Gulf war to the first and second Intifadas.

That perhaps is a debate for another time - and it is worth pointing out that France naturally insists that its Jewish population can safely remain there.'
Read that again. What is the 'It's only fair to point out' doing there? Other than to suggest that this claim is risible but the BBC is reporting it as it can't just ignore the claim.

Can you think of a major international media organisation that has demonised Israel and so contributed to the rise of anti Semitism in France as well as the UK and elsewhere in the world? I can, and it's Kevin Connolly's employer, the BBC.

'That perhaps is a debate for another time'. 
Why is that a debate (and Kevin Connolly says that only perhaps it is) that we shouldn't hold now? Surely if it's a reason some people are using for why they are fleeing a European country, it's something that needs discussing. If Muslims said they were leaving a European country because of Islamophibic sentiment, you know that the BBC would be reporting that in great depth. 

Kevin Connolly uses 'it's only fair to point out' to describe the views of Mr Levy but when it's a view that is more in keeping with the BBC narrative then it gets introduced like this 'it is worth pointing out'. Can you see the difference?

'France naturally insists that its Jewish population can safely remain there.' 
Can Jews safely remain in France? Can they do so only if they're willing to hide their Jewishness by forsaking wearing the kippah in public. Can they do so now with French soldiers guarding their schools and synagogues, should the latter be allowed to reopen? What happens when the soldiers are taken away once the immediate threat is deemed to have reduced? 

Britain feels increasingly dangerous for Jews, dangerous enough to have Jews considering their future, but if I was a French Jew I'd be on my way out of that country. 

The reason I'd be citing if I had to flee the UK would be the climate of anti Semitism that the BBC's ceaseless vilification of Israel, and by extension, Jews had helped cause.

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