Sunday, 28 June 2015

BBC have to apologise to Grant

'The BBC has written a grovelling letter of apology to Grant Shapps for its unbalanced coverage of the ex-Tory party chairman during the election.

Director of News James Harding admits the Beeb made the wrong call over the amount of airtime given to allegations in a left-wing newspaper that Shapps edited his own Wikipedia page as well as those of Cabinet colleagues.

Shapps was subsequently demoted and the story turned out to be false.

Wiki investigated the allegations, only to find no evidence to support the claims first aired by a Lib Dem activist.

Shapps finally complained to the BBC after they all but ignored that crucial development having gone to town on the original story, and now Harding has said sorry.

"We covered it, but apologised for not doing as much on it as he, or we, would have liked," says a BBC spokesman, adding that they had "not apologised for our election coverage".

A Shapps ally says: "Too little too late."The case for abolishing the licence fee and cutting down the BBC's vast, bloated bureaucracy is stronger than ever."'

Now why would the BBC go to town on a story that would show a senior Conservative politician in a bad light? Beats me, it's not as though the BBC acts as the Labour Party's media arm and attack dog.

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