Thursday, 4 June 2015

Peter Mandelson no longer despoiling British politics

In wanting to check a fact, I stumbled upon the following in Wikipedia re Peter Mandelson:
'In October 2008 he left his post as Trade Commissioner to return to UK politics. As a former EU commissioner, Lord Mandelson is entitled to a £31,000 pension when he reaches the age of 65 years. This however is contingent on a "duty of loyalty to the Communities", which applies also after his term in office. The Taxpayers' Alliance, which uncovered the threat to his pension, demanded that he should declare the conflict of interest and either relinquish his EU pay cheques or resign as a minister. 
"When one considers that his new ministerial post deals specifically with business, enterprise and regulatory reform – all areas that are intimately involved with EU legislation, regulation and policy –" the group said, "the conflict of interest is even more stark." Mandelson did not agree that he had a conflict of interests. "He has always had a clear view of British interests and how they are secured by our EU membership," a spokesperson said.[50]'

You can read more about this despicable individual here Mandelson but you'll need a strong stomach.

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