Saturday, 6 June 2015

Spain in the Eye of the Storm of Jihad

Thinking of holidaying in Spain or even moving there to get away from the UK?
This article might make you think again... Here's an extract:
'Counter-terrorism authorities are now warning that the Islamic State is actively looking for Spanish converts to Islam who possess gun licenses and who can legally purchase rifles and shotguns. The Islamists are especially interested in converts who have not yet taken on Muslim names and whose official IDs still have their Christian names, so that they can purchase weapons without drawing the attention of police.

At least 50,000 Muslim converts are currently living in Spain. Police say that converts are especially susceptible to radicalization because they are facing increasing pressure from Islamists who are calling on them to carry out attacks to "demonstrate their commitment" to their new faith. "Converts are the perfect breeding ground for Islamism," according to a Spanish intelligence operative.'
More here jihad but not on the is Islamist terrorist excusing BBC.

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