Thursday, 11 June 2015

BBC to be forced to deliver neutral EU referendum coverage as MPs watch for bias per Daily Mail Online

The Daily Mail reports that:
'The BBC may be forced to deliver impartial coverage of the European Union referendum campaign.
Backbench MPs have called for an independent 'impartiality adjudicator' that would sniff out bias by the broadcaster.

The watchdog would report all allegations of bias within 24 hours and have the power to police all output during the in-out vote campaign.'
I admire The Daily Mail for its optimism but doubt that the BBC can be tamed in this way. 

The BBC is institutionally pro EU in the same way as it's institutionally pro the Labour Party, pro the US Democratic Party and institutionally anti Israel.

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Andy said...

The was a time when the BBC delivered the news dead pan. It was impossible to guess at newsreaders' opinions. Today they insert words to give us a clue, phrases like "they claim" mean little without the accompanying sneer. The BBC is broken, it ought to be put out of our misery. It has no purpose other than propaganda, the Ministry of Truth must be laughing their heads off seeing us paying for it all.