Thursday, 21 April 2016

A health warning that should be given

I've noted before the terms that EU pensions are paid on, that they can be forfeit if the recipient doesn't support the EU.

Surely in the run up to the EU referendum whenever someone who is (or will be)  receiving a pension from the EU (Peter Mandelson, Neil Kinnock, Nick Clegg etc.) are asked for an opinion on the EU, in the interests of openness it should be made clear that they are (or will be) reciving an EU pension and that this pension may be forfeited if they say anything detrimental about the EU.

Indeed one could argue that in the current climate of financial transparency it would not be too onerous to mention the size of the respective pensions.

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Anonymous said...

I looked it up Kinnock about £67,000 and Mandelson about £33,000 per annum.

Christopher Scopes